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Scammers can fake caller ID info

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Your phone rings. You recognize the number, but when you pick up, it’s someone else. What’s the deal?

Scammers are using fake caller ID information to trick you into thinking they are someone local, someone you trust – like a government agency or police department, or a company you do business with – like your bank or cable provider. The practice is called caller ID spoofing, and scammers don’t care whose phone number they use. One scammer recently used the phone number of an FTC employee.

Don’t rely on caller ID to verify who’s calling. It can be nearly impossible to tell whether the caller ID information is real. Here are a few tips for handling these calls:

  • If you get a strange call from the government, hang up. If you want to check it out, visit the official (.gov) website for contact information. Government employees won’t call out of the blue to demand money or account information.
  • Don’t give out — or confirm — your personal or financial information to someone who calls.
  • Don’t wire money or send money using a reloadable card. In fact, never pay someone who calls out of the blue, even if the name or number on the caller ID looks legit.
  • Feeling pressured to act immediately? Hang up. That’s a sure sign of a scam.

Want more tips for avoiding scams? Check out 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud.

If you’ve received a call from a scammer, with or without fake caller ID information, report it to the FTC and the FCC.

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I got a scam call from my own phone number!!!

When will it end?! I am now getting 10 -15 calls a day from my area code and others. Yesterday I started getting calls from my area code but only 9 digits total, had several of those so you can't google them. Today I got a call that said RAJAT. Now I don't know any RAJAT and at this point I don't want too! Of course all of these calls I put a block on but it does no good when they just go to another number. My realtor today told me they get all these calls as well but have to answer them! Total waste of time!

IRS Scam - received a call from 503-468-3932, the message stated this is a final notice from the IRS the nature of the call is to inform you that they have received legal petition notice of tax fraud against you and before this matter goes to the federal claims courthouse or before you get arrested give them a call back at 503-468-3932. Call as soon as possible, I call back and informed had contacted my local police department and IRS office then the person hang up and didn't provide me any information on who they where trying to contact me do that these is a generated machine call that did not have my name, be careful.

I was getting calls on my cell phone starting out as (+1)-229 and a number my area code is 229 but when I answer thinking it was a co-worker because I am a nurse it’s a recording or a telemarketer. I got a call today from +1-229-921-1434 and it’s a recording saying that they have limited calls and cannot accept my call. I keep getting calls to lower my mortgage, add home security system, calls saying I won a vacation and I do not enter for any promotions, calls to lower my student loans, calls saying my computer has been detected to have a virus and I need to purchase their virus protection. All calls with the (+1) I learned are not to answer. I work night shift and have to sleep in the day & my cell rings off the hook but I have to watch it if it’s my mom, brothers, or my 3sons calling me. My family doesn’t call unless it’s early in the morning right after I get off work but I have to keep my cell on if any of my family has an emergency. So I get interrupted sleep daily. When I get the (+1) calls I call back & the calls can’t go through so now I block them on my iPhone. It’s aweful all the robo calls. Many of the calls that I do not know who it is if it is not a recording but a person it has been people with a foreign accent with very poor English. Everyone is right about how these people are able to link into other numbers to make you think that you are answering a local number when it is being generated from another source. Just be cautious of any information given over the phone. I tell my mom never give her information over the phone unless it is a company she is calling specifically to review a billing issue or making a payment over the phone for a bill she does have.

this number 262-889-0828 keeps calling me leaves no name or message, I tried calling it back and it comes back as the number of a closed Police Department in the Kenosha Wisconsin area. I don't answer number that I don't know and neither should any one else. It has to be some kind of Scam! Be smart and don't anser these kinds of calls for your sake and others!

4/16/19 I got a call from a scammer using name Damian Bryant phone 205 331 6412 . I have got so many calls about health insurance it is not funny ! Scammers needs to stop stealing other people name hurting them . NO one answer we do not know . Scammer will not like message on my answer machine when he or she calls again .

I'm not sure if previous messages were sent from this email or another but disregard previous sent messages sorry for the trouble

Today I received a another scammer s call from phone number 716 280 2337 saying that they are from social security and IRS and they are charging me for fraudulent activity and if I don't return their call that they are going to be filled legal action against me and have me arrested I know this is a scammer calling me

Here is another scammer number 1-628-210-4475

Here are two other numbers who say they are filing a case against your relative, with no information on what it's about. First they called my son and wanted his social security number, she was very rude and he ended the conversation. Then they called me with the same jargon threatening they will come to our place of residence and employment. The first number is 281-786-0361 and the number that called him is 855-217-6873

I received a call just like this. They also called my husband and mother in law about me and a case against me. The first was from my former area code and they use my former name from 4 years ago. Threaten to call my employer and come to my residence or place of business. The second is from an 855 number. When I called they want the last 4 of my social and my birthdate. I refused. When I asked them to send me something in writing they said we have your file but need the last 4 of my ss and birthdate to unlock my file. I just hung up. Next call to me was more aggressive with the threats.

I am Looking for a house to rent and some guy text my number claiming to have a house (which he didn’t ) asked me to send money I said No and he then told me to go somewhere to die lol. 1-512-305-1043 is the number

Does anyone recognised phone 02554 721671 - called my uk number - says from Amazon

They called my number @ 10:34 a.m. I didn't answer it I'm on the do not call registry they keep breaking the rules I have had different numbers calling me it's getting very annoying 910-387-9903 called my number from rockingham n.c. They're violating the law it's time to end the calls from different numbers they're trying to get your personal information from you like bank account number debit card number social security number Medicare number to anyone beware of these so called phone calls there are a lot of scams going around

Unfortunately you need great capacity and training to work in the system American and the system internet because we are facining a system full of fraud

How are these scammers able to use different phone numbers and area codes ? The phone companies must have some way to prevent scammers from being able to use this method.I would hate to think that Verizon and others collude with scammers in order to sell call blockers.

Can only a letter like the letter N only show from a spoof call, or does it have to be a number?

I once received a call on my cell that used my phone number on caller ID. These low lives need to be caught, So much out there with so little control. Everything is so easy for the crooks!

516-269-6010 and 917-710-5411 are scam calls. they are trying to steal your identity and money. just block their numbers. even if you tell them to stop calling you they will keep calling. hang up right away and don't stress yourself out.

When will calls with SPOOFED CALLER ID be made unlawful and BLOCKED by carriers? If a call has falsified caller id, I don't want it reaching my phone. At the VERY LEAST, I want to see the
country of origin on my caller id display. If a call coming into my landline is from India (or any other foreign country), I want to see an appropriate CNAME field on my caller id display (i.e. "INDIA") so I can take appropriate measures to block these calls with my own hardware/software. Back in the 80's & 90's spoofing wasn't even possible. Now, with the advent of the Internet and VoIP (Voice Over IP) service, fraud has become rampant. Carriers have the ability right now to detect and block internationally spoofed calls, yet they route the calls anyway to collect revenue. The "Stir/Shake" nonsense does not work as it does not detect international calls. We are now banding together to boycott ALL phone carriers that allow these calls through. NO MORE TOLERANCE!

478-242-0409 IS A SCAM FOR SSI !!!!!!!!!!

I can't find a good location to report spoofing on your site.

Received several calls from Hartford WI, ph. 262-457-7577, stating they from Social Security Administration message
left each time, they called three times before 1000 am, again after 12 noon, the last one at 1426 hrs.

I receive a call at least once a day from a +N on my caller ID. And of course since its not an actual phone number it wont let me block it. Has anyone else experienced these calls?


Robocalls 4 in a row, leaves message

Claims suspicious activity on my social security number

robocall from 816-569-2886 says: Your number is being used in fraudulent activity and press 1 to speak to an officer.

I got 2 calls on home phone with my home phone number. What is this?

Hi this number is from somewhere in Africa +234 812 420 1042 please becareful because the owner is a conman and identity thief who steals people's savings, puts you in debt and causes you problems with your bank and all that.

got a call on my cell from 843-333-2444 it was to lower the interest rate on my credit card. I only have a Visa debit. when I told him i had no credit card on debit he hung up. When I called back it went to a voice mail system.

The number that called me was 213 830-7000

Date: 3-11-2020
Time: 2:11 p.m.
# 1-800-412-8673
Called my home about my Apple account then hung-up on me.
Instead of calling back, I looked up the number.
Glad I did it is a scam...

Received call from 914-863-7816. Once I confirmed my name they asked for my SS# and DOB. Wouldn't tell me where they were calling from.

I received a call on May 27th I did not answer it I sent it to voicemail. The number was (206)587-7172 . The voicemail that they left stated that somebody was trying to make a purchase for $14.10 did I wanna authorize it. And that's all it said I called the phone number back does not accept calls. I call my bank and credit card companies to double check and they said no they will not call you and ask you that information. I did research on the number and it is a Scammer. So do not give them any of your information or name.

I just received phone call from (334) 660-3416 and it was listing as coming from Newvile, Alabama. Normally I don't answer calls coming from an unknown number, but, I did today and the person on the phone asked who did he have the pleasure of speaking with and as soon as I said my name, he hung up the phone. I've heard that this is scammers way of using an audio recording to confirm payments. They used Marriott Hotels name in the beginning prompt, saying that it was a promotional add. Be careful and don't answer if you receive a phone call from this number!

I have received two messages from Olive Garden in Inverness that my table is ready. I did not call for reservations. I looked up the number 513-823-2571, and it's not even a Florida number. Guess it a new kind of scam. I started to message them that I didn't make a reservation but deleted the message and looked up the number to see if it was Olive Garden.

Supposedly BT Transport texted me from (657) 385- 9550 & says " Is this Mary? We tried to deliver a package for you but you weren't home. Please go to "And then there's a link. I'm scared to click on it.

This number is a scam they steal your number and claim it’s with fedex

I was unfortunately hit by a scammer spoofing my bank number. At this time I had no idea scammers could do this and gave out my info. This was about a week before I was to go on vacation. They took half my money from my account. When I called my bank, they confirmed they never called on that day, and that scammers can hide their number under a number you’d normally recognize. She said if you’re unsure, just hang up and call back the actual number that called you to confirm that it’s really them. I was able to get my money back right before vacation started. I’ve obviously learned my lesson and won’t be making that mistake again.

Scam call: 412-465-1921
It claims my SSN is being used in an unspecified fraudulent way....

I had a messege from dhis no +1(832)844-0954 telling me dat he will provide working visa to me in New york (pepsi company)also he told me to pay 300$ for my documentation fee , how should I response to him ?

I'm not sure if previous messages were sent from this email or another but disregard previous sent messages sorry for the trouble

I received a call from my own landline , knew it was a scam. the call back number is 1-712-220-9883. hopes this helps someone.

‭+1 (312) 423-0117‬ spam a robot speaking in chinese

What will it take to stop this nonsense? Scam call 562-273-9675

Somebody is spoofing my number to call others and posing as people from social security. As per my call logs, I never called them. Who can I report this to?

3438013079 just call me and hang up 18 time


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