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Scammers can fake caller ID info

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Your phone rings. You recognize the number, but when you pick up, it’s someone else. What’s the deal?

Scammers are using fake caller ID information to trick you into thinking they are someone local, someone you trust – like a government agency or police department, or a company you do business with – like your bank or cable provider. The practice is called caller ID spoofing, and scammers don’t care whose phone number they use. One scammer recently used the phone number of an FTC employee.

Don’t rely on caller ID to verify who’s calling. It can be nearly impossible to tell whether the caller ID information is real. Here are a few tips for handling these calls:

  • If you get a strange call from the government, hang up. If you want to check it out, visit the official (.gov) website for contact information. Government employees won’t call out of the blue to demand money or account information.
  • Don’t give out — or confirm — your personal or financial information to someone who calls.
  • Don’t wire money or send money using a reloadable card. In fact, never pay someone who calls out of the blue, even if the name or number on the caller ID looks legit.
  • Feeling pressured to act immediately? Hang up. That’s a sure sign of a scam.

Want more tips for avoiding scams? Check out 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud.

If you’ve received a call from a scammer, with or without fake caller ID information, report it to the FTC and the FCC.

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Another scam call from (866) 207-3465

Caller said our son was in jail and stay in for 2-4 weeks if we don't send $1480 .00 He identified himself as Atty. Eric Anderson. He gave the office address:,119 Pine Grove Circle Milford, PA. * I insisted to talk to our son He said that my son was intoxicated with alcohol level of 1.008 and his son was broken.

My son never touch alcohol. So I asked where he was. "PA... " I yelled at him because my son is not in PA. He hung up!! **I was skeptical of the call but my wife was so so worried /panicky when the lawyer Having a driver's license or photo identification card is commonplace for most Americans, but about 11 percent of adult citizens — more than 21 million people — lack a valid, government-issued photo ID, according to a study by the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law. our son was in jail with a broken nose.

We called our son. He lectured us about spam calls.

Add this number too. I have received 3 calls just today. 606-645-0106.

(843) 628-5604

Add 270

I got a few numbers to add. (330)954-6976 (989)425-4032. (419)496-4044. These are IRS Scam calls!

Add 646 809-9698 to your list, they called today June 30,2017 and left a lengthy voicemail saying they were the IRS and something about being arrested etc. other threats.

646-809-9665 is also one

Here's another number to add to the list. 12062121078

Just received IRS scam call. Here's a new phone number for ya. 1-856-861-3621

Thank you for sharing! I am getting so many calls, I have my phone set to block any unknown numbers. Unfortunately for me, I miss calls that I need to get!

new number fake IRS personel - 202-545-6514

You might as well add this number716 371 8724

i got a call today from (404)-551-4252 a friend called the number on there phone and they claimed to be IRS

Received a call today from a number that actually belongs to the FBI office in Vancouver, WA. Three individuals, a woman and two men, said they were coming to kill me. I hung up and they called back twice. No demand for money. The sheriff and Seattle FBI said that they were grooming me to demand money. That these people can get away with threatening the life of an American in America is beyond ridiculous. I say we start fighting back and figuring out who the Hell these people are.

i've been receiving as well and often for quite some time. I finally replied that I knew they were scammers and discontinue calling me. I was met with "you can not find me, I will call you everyday as many times as I want and there is nothing you can do". Seriously? Hate to admit, but it's getting scary.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

Add 919-336-0009. They call under the name FBI, Cory, and UPS but with the same number. They harass my 82 year old alzheimers grandmother daily, who lives with us. She gets so so upset because she thinks she owes them money. We use time warner cable and im hoping we can block them? I dont want to have to change the phone number because she has lost phone numbers of old friends but they have hers. Any suggestions on how to get them to stop calling. Btw its a landline. I have called this number back only to get a busy signal. They call her and ask her to give them money for she has legal papers filed against you! She owes nothing but this upsets her all day and conpels her to want to pay them because she forgets what i told her about her not owing them and they are scammers. I am so angry feel helpless.

Some people use an answering machine to screen calls. That way you don't have to answer every call. If a person starts talking to leave a message, you can choose whether or not to answer.

If the calls are coming from one particular number, you could contact your phone company and ask to block that number. Ask if there's a fee for the service. 

If you get unwanted calls from many different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Research whether the service costs money and whether it’s effective. You can look online for reviews from experts and other users.

347-584-8854 and 213-141-5163 add to list IRS scammers

A week ago I got an IRS scam call that had I name for the CallerID. This week I got another call from the same name. This time they said they were a medical organization and "needed" to help me with my medical condition (that I don't have). I told them to tell the IRS Hi and hung up. Soooo Dumb.

I received a call stating that Netflix never receive my monthly payment and that I needed to upgrade my credit card information. There was an error in the fake Netflix email address. I forwarded to my spam folder.

Here are a couple other numbers. The 800 number is a real IRS number but the scammer sounds Nigerian and it sounds like a boiler room call bank in the background. I reported the calls to FTC and TIG site found on the IRS site. 646-586-9787 and 800-829-4933. Scammers!

I do owe some taxes and thought this voice message was legit. I called the number and got a message stating it was a non working 'life jack'(I think that is correct name) number. It gave another number to call 'life jack'. Just getting that 10 second recording could I have gotten hacked? Could they possibly get info speed in my phone?

866 386 6642 is a scam and her name is Christina. She claims that she is from the state of texas filing department and is pressing criminal charges. I work for the state. The state does not call from an 866 number, and usually any letter is US Mail. Do not give this person your information

I just received a call from this number, they called my Mother and my daughter! I called back but there is only a voicemail

I got a person name Olivia and she confirmed if this was a correct number and said she was from state filing. Then she started to site something and said fraud and I'm like fraud? I asked what are the names of the company who's filing a complaint against me and she couldn't give me that information! She said I would have to call them. So I said let me call you back and get a paper and pen. So when I called back, just a voice mail and no name of the company. This is definitely a scam! I do not owe anything and if it's state, they just take it out from my taxes and send me something in the mail. Don't give them any information!

I have had numerous calls every single day since Dec. when I first got my phone number. What I want to say..The people who scam people are COMPLETE IDIOTS for thinking we would fall for their little lies. I GUESS THEY DON:T have a life...SAD..


And how did you fix this issue

Add # (206)414-1327 and #(256)371-6470
I got scammed $800 yesterday .I realized it was a scam when they asked me for more money saying the amount I owed suddenly went up another couple thousand I know how stupid of me to fall for it . I woke up to that urgent message and didn't think just called them back and got dupped. How I didn't know this scam was happening idk. I now block every unknown number I get. Lesson learned .

Add this number to the list 202-846-0086

Put this number to the list as well. It tried contacting my husband and saying they have a warrant for his arrest if he doesn't pay. 206 312 0068

Shouldn't something like this be illegal? How is it ok or possible for someone else to use possibly my number essentially posing as me until the person picks up the line??? I have called back these spoof numbers and a very annoyed victim answered telling me I had been calling him! This has got to stop. How do I remove my phone number from being available to the public?

This scammer texted me saying they were the IRS. Be aware and do not give them any personal info. I gave them fake everything!!!!!!! Even address!!!!!! The number is tel:(929)-335-3029!!!!!!

Be very aware!!!!!

Latest on caller id spoofing, is they use your own phone number ! The only difference will be the area code.

I know the precautions to take, but have gotten to the point I can't even be sure this email came from the FTC. It is very demoralizing. Thanks for the tip.

Yes its true and running with me

I recieve calls daily from men with thick foreign accents who have the nerve to tell me they are from the US government. Their numbers come in with the area code 202 whoch is Washington DC. Don't be fooled. Hang Up!

Same thing here. 202-444-4444. Thick foreign accent.

just received a call from some scammer saying he was calling from the us treasury 202-568-5894 . I hung up add this to list

Thank you..and they are now hacking into Facebook accounts to read posts,and retrieve personal,address, phone numbers,your picture..

They read about you and your careful...

I receive calls with imaginary area codes. The callers do NOT leave a message. The Jamaican Million Dollar Lottery is back.

from 1-876-357-8331 & His name was "James Carter". That I won in a sweepstakes (which I never entered). & to give him money to retain my prize. I told him don't call this number again & that I didn't enter any sweepstakes & hung up. he called back 3 more times.

Call from 347-926-7308 a NY City number but a foreign sounding voice I had a hard time understanding. Said he was calling for the American Sweepstakes (something) and said I had entered a sweepstakes in January. I have never entered a sweepstakes so I told him he had the wrong person. He said he had an entry from (my name). Obviously this is a sweepstakes scam where they try to get you to pay money in order to win your prize. I hung up

The lottery caller threatened me yesterday.

I too have been receiving,,several times that I am a winnr in this Lottery.....Going on for weeks,,,but a foreign from Jamaica is making these calls

Received a call on April 28, 2016 from a fake IRS. They asked me to call them at 650-479-3053 and the caller ID shows Half Moon Bay, CA. I chose not to answer and they left a robo call message on my cellphone.

I have received calls from 2 different numbers claiming they are the IRS and they have filed a lawsuit against me and need me to call immediately to the number it came through from. One is a cell phone number 740-241-2608 and the other one is from another cell number from CA 310-667-1800. I didn't answer or call back because I know they are scams. The IRS would never call you much less from a cell phone. They would contact you with a letter through the mail. Don't fall for these scams!

After I got the robo call, I called them to ask what kind of company they were and where they were located and they hung up on me. I kept calling them back hitting the redial continuously for 30 minutes to frustrate them telling them I was going to report them. As a real IRS employee, it was fun getting a little revenge!!

This is illegal. Slavery is illegal. And this scamming and scam calls is a form of slavery. All slavery is illegal.


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