Scammers can fake caller ID info

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Your phone rings. You recognize the number, but when you pick up, it’s someone else. What’s the deal?

Scammers are using fake caller ID information to trick you into thinking they are someone local, someone you trust – like a government agency or police department, or a company you do business with – like your bank or cable provider. The practice is called caller ID spoofing, and scammers don’t care whose phone number they use. One scammer recently used the phone number of an FTC employee.

Don’t rely on caller ID to verify who’s calling. It can be nearly impossible to tell whether the caller ID information is real. Here are a few tips for handling these calls:

  • If you get a strange call from the government, hang up. If you want to check it out, visit the official (.gov) website for contact information. Government employees won’t call out of the blue to demand money or account information.
  • Don’t give out — or confirm — your personal or financial information to someone who calls.
  • Don’t wire money or send money using a reloadable card. In fact, never pay someone who calls out of the blue, even if the name or number on the caller ID looks legit.
  • Feeling pressured to act immediately? Hang up. That’s a sure sign of a scam.

Want more tips for avoiding scams? Check out 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud.

If you’ve received a call from a scammer, with or without fake caller ID information, report it to the FTC and the FCC.


I received 4 straight phone calls to my landline from a Buffalo, NY area code number last night around 8:00. Obviously no message left when I didn't answer. Then, got woken up around 12:30a or so to another call from a local number, with a name, Diane Browne. Few minutes later, another call from a different name and number. Checked the missed calls to find out that we received 4 numbers between 11:40p and 1:00a, which utterly ridiculous. We have 2 young children, as I'm sure many of you other folks do as well. But even if we didn't, I'd still be furious that spam calls are now occurring at all hours of the night.

Screw with them.keep them on the line if you have time.I did that for 10 minutes and pissed the guy more calls from them

Some unknown spoof caller has setup a computerized calling routine on my smart phone where by every few minutes I receive calls from different numbers all over the country using anonymous random phone numbers. Is there any way to stop this very irritating scam from continuing. Since around 11:30 AM today my phone has rung with more then 150 robo type calls that go to my voice mailbox.

Keep getting calls from Indians claiming to represent DSHS and wanting to complete information about my medical enrollment (?) Use contact details for my address / location that I know are fraudulent. Call center, very noisy. I wouldn't confirm, told them they needed to stop calling me and that their claims and offers made no sense. They specifically wanted to know who my primary care physician was. Creepy.

They escalated to a more English-speaking 'supervisor', who proceeded to try to obtain the same details. I refused. He finally gave up, called me a jerk and said that he didn't have time for this, said that I shouldn't pick up the phone.

When I returned the call it was to a legit number in TX, guy answered and said hello, this is Danny. Obviously they spoofed the Caller ID too.

Very clever.

I getting calls from people that I called them, what should I do?

You might be getting those calls because a scammer is using technology to make your number show up on other people's caller ID when he calls them.

People see your number, and call back out of curiousity. You could use your answering machine for a while until the calls stop.

I have been getting calls from the medical, hospital, doctor's, drug stores, ECT! I know they are spoofing the numbers most of the time, but I deal with my doctor, Hospital and drug stores! I have to answer! If my hospital, doctor's or drug stores call I need to find out what they need! Now I have to put up with some SOB trying to sell this credit card reduced rates, solar panels ECT! I have tried to report them, but to who? All these places want names,times ECT! I get a least 4 to 5 calls a day! I know I can not be the only person this is happying to?? Why can they not have a number or short form to feel out? Most of all why can these calls not be stopped without me having to pay a arm and leg for some device that really does not stop them WE NEED HELP!

Getting calls from local area code but the 3 digit prefix, 147, does not exist in this particular locale. They're obviously spoofing the caller ID. It is a recording but its also very evident that a live person is listening as "Jeremy" proceeds to tell you that you have recently inquired about a "medical brace" then he asks if that is correct. More obvious is that the idiot is trying to get you to respond...more than likely to get your voice or a positive "Yes" which now you have given approval for charges to your phone. If you get a phone number with the last eight digits being 147-8969, do not answer!!!!!!!

I get these calls regularly, even on my USDA phone at work... The worst and most cynical incident was a call requesting money for families of deceased policemen. I confronted the caller, who referred me to his supervisor. I told him not to call me again, and to use his intel to acquire my address send mailers about what his org does if he wants my donation. The call was from a local number with a name attached in the caller id. Was it a scam? Would a police family relief org do this? In this time of pressure on police departments it is sad that there is another challenge to credibility. A perfect storm of bad exposure for people who only encounter police officers at parades and festivals.

I had a scam call one time & the caller id had my name & number!!!!!!!!!!!

I have opt out of a lot of mail and still get so much mail
and still get a lot of unwanted mail in my mail box just know that it is a shame you have to pay dma money to get your name off a list that you never asked to be added to.I think you should not have to pay for this serice.

I received several calls from this number saying they were the IRS saying there is a warrant for my arrest .The number is 1-229-598-1755 they tell you to call back and I tried it and it won't ring so it's a scam

So your answering machine picks up the phone and now they know it's an active number. No matter what, we as consumers are fighting a losing battle! Most of the calls are dead air. What happens when your answering machine gets full? What happens when you're waiting for a very important call that you have to answer? Why should we pay for this?

Early morning call! This morning my phone rang at 4:36 am, waking me from a sleep, I answered it because I didn't want to wake the house and because it could have been a sick freind or family member. Of course it was scam, robo voice said "Hi, this is Todd from the fullfillment center and want to tell you your fullfillment care package is ready"... I looked at the caller ID and hung up. NOT HAPPY! I usually get 4 or 5 scam callers a day, I have an answering machine and block the ones I don't know, but calling at 4:36 in the morning is too much! My message on my ansewring machine states if "If you are calling to sell me something, want a donation, or tell me I've won a cruise, take me off your list, otherwise leave a message." I'm on the do not call list on home and cell phone, but it doesn't work. How can we get rid of these callers?? Or better yet Sue them?? Fedup

Add: 301-885-9511

I just received a call on our land line with a caller ID of our local hospital. I answered immediately thinking someone was hurt or worse. No. It was some company selling home security systems. This is getting really low.

Spoofers in Grand Rapids, MI are using actual cellphone numbers to call you like 10x in a day for auto warranty junk. They use active numbers and seem only to ramp up the calls if you opt out.

312-788-9341 and other numbers close to it keeps calling. Every time I say hello they hang up. They now have a robocall. Saying it's the government.

1-844-258-9620 calls a relative of mine trying get info then tell them to have me call number and give a reference number. Call they say is this so and so. Trying to get you to say yes. and after I stated how can I help you they want personal info to verify was me. I laughed said not that dumb.

Just got a call from this same number and gave me a number and reference number to have me give when I'm available. Said they need to verify a good time to drop off a certified letter put of my county. I havnt lived here long enough to receive anything certified.

Just a note on compiling any list of numbers: Other than the fact that a given number may be may in frequent use for a while and may be recognized by others who have been called by the same scammers, the number that appears on your caller ID has no relationship to the calling party or to any actual telephone service. It is generated by computer software, and can be set to any value that the scammer chooses. Keeping a list of numbers is kind of pointless, as numbers that are blocked too often will simply be changed to something else.

Well they are at it again!!! Just got a call and voicemail 2 different times today from 202-239-8713 Washington, DC. When I called they back I said the government doesn’t make calls . They told me I was a liar and I was gonna go to jail.

I get call from scammers using phone numbers belonging to my neighbors this problem has been reported but phone company says there’s not much they can do being these calls are made by computer . As high tech as we are today I think something could be done about it they just don’t care they won’t even take care of the telephone lines anymore if the phones service gets interrupted it’s days before they repair it . I don’t want scammers using my number to get other people’s private information.

I get call from scammers using phone numbers belonging to my neighbors this problem has been reported but phone company says there’s not much they can do being these calls are made by computer . As high tech as we are today I think something could be done about it they just don’t care they won’t even take care of the telephone lines anymore if the phones service gets interrupted it’s days before they repair it . I don’t want scammers using my number to get other people’s private information.

I get scammers calling using local cell phone numbers and they are blocked but when I call the number back the person who really owns that line will answer and act surprised.

Its not an "act" when we get these calls from the people getting scammed. The scammers are using our numbers. It doesn't help that when the people who are getting scammed call us they are rude and swear at our receptionists. We try to explain whats going on and they swear at us and then hang up.

Don't even bother adding #'s to these lists! These guys rotate thru numbers so they don't get caught. And the DNC list???...Ummmmm, these guys are scammers and don't obey DNC laws!!! DUHHHHH!


Keep getting phone calls three four times a day from 386 575 9700 they never leave a message and this has been going on for months. How can I stop this.?

You can block the number or have your phone company block it - AT&T told us they know about it and there is nothing they can do - they are "working" on it but figure by the time they find who is using our number, they will move on to another number.

caller ID shows 202-792-7565. Called my cell phone (on do not call list). Leaves message saying, "You are being summoned to a federal grand jury. Help us help you. Please call 202-792-7565."

I got 3 prank calls in two days and it is the same caller but he uses a slightly similar phone number. WHAT DO I DO?????

What about a person texting his number as someone else? So that you will answer. Is that legal?

Got a few calls that come up on caller ID as the
Local hospital. Not cool.

I got a call and it had the number of our county court office. The message said to call 844-424-6214. Total bill collector scam!!! They have called before trying to scam me. The only reason I called was because it came from our county office. THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!

I am another victim of phone spoofing
I reported several times my landline
Also my cellular. One caller insulted me.I have the recording.

This is a new one for a call on my cell in the middle of the day from my husband. When I answered it was NOT my husband and was someone wanted to sell security systems. I've had a lot of junk calls "local" numbers but this is the first time it's been an actual contact.

add 202-897-0530

This is a scam. Do not answer. Once they realize it’s a working number they will not stop calling you.
(423) 281-5490‬

SCAM ALERT 315-233-5920: This is the public number of the Apple Store in Syracuse NY, but it's being caller-ID spoofed by scammers claiming your iCloud account has been breached and asking you to call back a different, toll-free number, or stay on the line/press 1 for a "support adviser". This is a scam to access your computer or gain personal information. Do not answer, do not return the call, do not call number in message. Call ID says: 315-233-5920 Apple Store in Syracuse NY, being caller-ID spoofed Call type: Scam

+78401360021 i get too much calls from this number... And its really annoying.. Is it a scammers number.. AND how they get my number

Answer the spoof calls with the name of a business. They will remove u from their list. It will take a while, but I started this a few weeks ago and already see fewer calls.

Answer calls with a company/business name. I started doing this a few weeks ago and already see fewer calls.

+519 26011310 unknow sends you messages in whatsapp

i got a call and answered it was a prerecorded message allegedly from my cars leasing company. i called the number back immediately, and it was a sweepstakes. my biggest question is, how do they know who you do business with?

I keep getting phone calls from my area code and then 407 numbers. I "answered" one (not saying anything) and was forwarded to an obvious call center in another country, but I tried calling back and was actually calling another person. Like some girl picked up and got really upset when I didn't answer back to her. I keep blocking numbers left and right and I have a Google pixel so if it's been reported as a scam number it'll pop up saying such.
I just think that the whole number being the same minus the last 4 digits and being sent to another person and not a call center is extremely weird and figured I'd see if it's happened to anyone else.

Hi my name is edna and this 843_507_0304 wanted me to aend money to Africa and said i would go to jail for porn but i dont do that stuff

The robocallers have won. They spoof a different number every single time so it is pointless to report the numbers and to put them in some scammer database.. I’ve tried the robocall blocking apps, but they cannot block a spoofed number so the apps are pointless as well. Donotcall registry doesn’t help either. My cell number has been on the registry since 2009 and I still get 3-5 robocalls a day from a spoofed number. I feel like my phone has been taken hostage and I have no recourse at all. Nobody is helping us.

So I see that u can receive scam calls from random area codes and numbers, but What I need to know is can they pull a number from your phone using it to pretend that they're someone u know like a family member? Because ive been getting really strange phone calls from " my mom" and its definatley not her voice. They even hang up on me randomly. Is this possible and if so what should I do aboit it?

Recently have begun receiving calls from my favorites like my parents. When your dad calls you answer the phone. How do you protect yourself when the incoming call is supposed to be from a trusted caller.


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