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Scammers push people to pay with iTunes gift cards

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One thing we know about scammers — they want money, and they want it fast. That’s why, whatever the con they’re running, they usually ask people to pay a certain way. They want to make it easy for themselves to get the money — and nearly impossible for you to get it back.

Their latest method? iTunes gift cards. To convince you to pay, they might pretend to be with the IRS and say you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay back taxes right now. Or pose as a family member or online love interest who needs your help fast. But as soon as you put money on a card and share the code with them, the money’s gone for good.

If you’re not shopping at the iTunes store, you shouldn’t be paying with an iTunes gift card. Other payment methods scammers might ask for include Amazon gift cards, PayPal, reloadable cards like MoneyPak, Reloadit, or Vanilla, or by wiring money through services like Western Union or MoneyGram. Government offices won’t require you to use these payment methods.

If you get targeted by a scam like this, report it to the FTC at

Want to know more about avoiding scams? Read 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud

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Yes, I was scammed for $100.00 for an iTunes card, so I did the research on Scams for 2018. WOW! What an abundant amount of information on all types of scams going on. Hey everyone! We have to REMEMBER the INTERNET is just like Disney Land. We normally use the Internet for educational purposes etc. There are people who don't have a life. They pray on others, who are caught up in their own life and caught off guard falling for scams.
EVERYONE WANTS a quick fix, whether it is in finance, love and romance etc. Say to yourself this is the REAL world, not the fantasy world. Do your RESEARCH BEFORE advancing to the next step, for example-buying an iTunes card. Think and ask yourself questions. Be aware of RED FLAGS!!! Who in their right mind is going to give you their real name and other information on the internet. These scam artists are hiding behind a computer screen. My scam involved a guy who used someone else's picture, who was linked to Facebook, which I will NEVER have a Facebook account. In my opinion, Facebook is a Soap Box. These people ask you for simple information as in: location, job, marital status, hobbies/interests, etc. They are gaining your trust. They take your pictures and information you send them etc., and use them posing as you in another scam. These people should be held accountable for their actions. This guy said he needed an iTunes card to download forms he needed for his computer. This happened in KIK Messenger. One day on my KIK account a 33 year old white caucasian male asked to start a New Chat. I hit the Chat button. Red Flag #1 his 1st, 2nd or 3rd day on KIK. Conversation went on and I in return asked, How do you know me? He was looking for a nurse friend of his and came across my name. Yeah right? I told him I was married and older than him, which that didnt bother him at all. I said I am happily married. He changed the subject. His name he gave was John Lucas went to UCLA in Los Angeles. Originally from Egypt. Just so happens that Facebook account of John Lucas 33 from New Egypt, New Jersey and is a Construction Engineer. RED FLAG #2 as the conversation goes on a few English grammar words are out of order. RED FLAG #3 was an iTunes card for $400.00. RED FLAG #4 on the 6th day of conversation I get another New Chat on KIK Messenger, this time a handsome clean cut guy 19 years old and only 2 days on KIK. The conversation between these two guys were very similar just a different location, job etc. I'm used to hitting the BLOCK button lol. I know exactly what they are up to, but this is a serious matter and something needs to be done. Sometimes I think the IRS, FBI etc., think these are petty issues going on. For example, It's just like you have a situation at work and you go the chain of command route and your Supervisor responds with, "I understand what you're saying", "I hear you", "What can I do as the employee to make things better?" And you think OMG, really? These people in a Supervisory, Manager and Administration positions secluded themselves in their offices. This is soooooo unreal, but this is reality in today's world. At least you have LIVE people in front of you and not BEHIND a computer screen being anyone they want you to believe they are stealing other peoples pictures and information they get from you.

Hello all,
could someone please explain where do you buy these gift cards that scammers request. Do you buy them in official Itunes store or some other website??

I have a person I just met on social media. She asked me if I can buy an I tunes
card scratch the back off take a picture and send her the picture. She was looking for 30 dollars worth. Am I in danger at all if I do this?

If you send her a picture of the codes from the back of a $30 iTunes card, she takes over the value of the card. You lose $30.

Thank you. That I dont mind. Just making sure there is no other way for me to lose out.

If I choose to buy a iPhone card for let's say 50 bucks. I scratch off the back and take a picture of it and send it to my friend she can only use it for the 50 dollars. Correct.

Has anyone ever heard from Michael Brainfield?

I was contacted by a military guy who said was in Japan. He lost his wife to cancer and has 2 small children being care by an uncle. He said he was adopted, is an only child, and lost his parents in a car accident when he was little. He says he needs iTunes to keep in touch with me because he’s fallen in love and doesn’t want to stop talking to me. I sent him a $50 iTunes like an idiot and 3 days later he asked for $100 in iTunes because he needs to reach out to his children who he hasn’t spoken to in months and it’s worried something may be wrong. I am not falling for that crap anymore. By the way this scammer’s name was Troy Anderson

So... my mother got scammed big time . the name of the guy is Mike Wolson - he claims to work on the oil rig somewhere in London and was provoking my mom to buy I-Tunes for him so he could use it for cash to send to his daughter or whatever. She only bought it once and thank God she told me about this because I caught on time. But since she really doesn't understand much English and due to her naïve personality she have thus guy her 2 credit card accounts which he deposited 400-500 dollars so she could buy more I-tunes . I have no idea what to do next . Should I report it to the bank? He is calling my mother like non-stop . I need to stop this somehow !

Just blocked someone on Instagram, claimed to be with US Army, serving in Kabul. Very knowledgeable until"she"asked for a iTunes card. I'm aware of the scans and blocked account. It is Sarahyeonans620. BOLO!

I have been speaking with a guy who says he lives in New Jersey and will be coming back to the US for Christmas but arrives on the 23rd of December. We share photos and he has a son 13 and his name is Andy Nash. As we talked I informe him that I won’t send money or gift cards to anyone not playing those games he said he would never ask for any such things from his woman. The starting Monday he has asked for me to send him 2 iTunes cards for $100 each and would pay me back when he came to get me. I informed him I couldn’t do his for personal reasonss. He keeps saying I’m afraid I’ll lose you if I can’t talk with you everyday. I told him no I would be here when he comes home on the 23rd of December. But he says he can’t survive without talking to him daily.

Scammers are all over the internet. Around every corner I swear!
I met a guy on the internet a year ago. He said he was an engineer for Off Shore on oil rigs and was headed to one the next day in Scotland. Said he lived in Oklahoma and goes by the name John Raymond. Anyone familiar with him. Wouldn't surprise me. Wife died 5 yrs ago and has a 14 year old daughter home with a nanny.
It took him a while before he started asking for money. Then he told me he made a mistake counting the material he was using on the oil rig and he had to buy the extra material himself. He needed money to help buy it as he was due to leave the oil rig and he was going to come here when he did so he wanted to get the job done so he could leave. He needed about $7,000 all total. I sent him money. He didn't get the job done so signed another con tract and stayed several more months. He finally left and said they were flying him to L.A. to Headquarters to get his money and some belongings. While there he had Shell cash his check so he had a suitcase full of money. At the airport when they scanned his suitcase and saw all the money they arrested him for money laundering. Took him to Men's Central Jail where supposedly
still is. I've called the jail a few times and no one there by that name. Name not on the roster either. He says his case is different so he is not listed, etc. Now he needs a few thousand to get out of jail...for his being there so long. Also wants me to send him itunes so Wallmart can change the card into girlie things for his daughter. And wants itunes so he can send emails on his phone.
Think he is a scammer? Of course he is. I've just been an old fool.
I've told him what I think and he argues with me about it. B ut I think the time has come to take hookups off my phone and say good bye.

On fb there is a thing going around saying that tyler perry will pay you a 100,000.00 for holiday if you are chosen well my boyfriend was picked as a winner but they need a itune gift card of $100 to pay for shipping. Could this be a scam

I want to know what all steps need to be done? There has been someone scamming my mother for the past 6 months. She is disabled, they contacted her originally saying she quaified for a grant then after she sent the original amount they wanted they began threatening her, her children and grandchildren. I just found out 3 days ago while she was in surgery and they called her phone demanding the money and threatened to blow her house up. I went to the local sheriff dept made a report said there was nothing else they could do, then filed with the attorney generals office, and FBI said they won’t touch it. As of now my mother is out over $7000 $3000 in money gram which she did keep all records of $3000 in iTunes cards which she has records of and $1000 in google play cards, that not counting the $3000 they overdrafts her checking account and the $14000 worth of income turned in under her ss number in the past 3 months. So now her disablilty is being cut and I want to know what other steps I need to do.

If someone is using your mothers Social Security number to earn income, she is a victim of identity theft. Start by going to to report the theft, create an identity theft report and learn the steps to repair problems with her Social Security number.

You can help her file the report. You or your mother can also call 1-877-438-4338 to report Identity Theft to the FTC. She will get a list of steps on how to check and protect her credit records and accounts, and how to contact businesses where her information might have been misused.

The scammers may have your mother's bank account number. She can contact her bank and ask them to change the account number. She can also call the MoneyGram customer line at 1-800-926-9400; explain what happened, and tell them she has transaction records.

If you need more information please send another comment.

I met this man through POF dating site he told me he was a military doctor and was retiring by the end of December 2018. In Kabul Afghanistan. He said he needed an iTunes card to file his retirement papers. Is that possible. I haven’t send anything yet.

there is a guy goes by the name daniel edweirdo says he is in the army at drum army base ny who is asking fir an itunes card to lead so we can video chat

He is claiming to be in the Army in Nigeria. On a secret mission. Gone for a year. Divorced with a son & daughter. Lives in Tennessee. Says he is German Mexican. Asks for itune card because his minutes almost up. Believe friend request was from Instagram. Did hangouts now on WhatsApp.

Do you still have contact with him? What is his name?

I have someone who is trying to scam me. Said she needed iphone gift card to add minutes to her phone. You can't add minutes to a phone with an iPhone card. You can only use the card for a iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or for an Apple Music membership. He/She (whoever it is) may try it on other people. Names used was Julisa_brown12 on instagram and BrendaClara. Also uses errors in English. Didn't get the iPhone card for hem. Be aware of these people. Look out for pretty faces trying to illicit sympathy from you.

Hi good day.. I want to share something.
There is this one man who sent money to me via Western Union. The money is from Germany, so he told me to buy an iTunes gift card first as a verification for them to send the last 3 digits of numbers as my MTCN to be able to get the money through western union.. Is this a scam or not?
I am hoping for your clear response. Thank you so much!

Matthew Vincent recently asked me to play a game on words with friends. Then asked me to chat on hangouts. After 2 days of chatting he needs an iTunes card so he can talk to his daughter. I didn’t get him the card. Hopefully he doesn’t get anyone’s money.

I have a guy telling me to buy either a amazon gift card or an I tunes gift card then he’ll send me money to my CashApp using the card.... is it a scam?

This person want me to buy him a 100dollars iTunes gift card for stupid itunes. He say he love me and want marry me. I thank this guy is scamming me because first he asked for a 50dollars iTunes card. And tell me to come over there where he lives. It fake prince Sebastie from Luxemboury Don't give him any money are iTunes card.

Hello I been asking to get a Amazon gift card to get into a famous music group for 50 dollars and they. Want the card info and my signature what should I do thank you

Does the name BENNETT PRINCE TAYLOR or BENNETT TAYLOR or TAYLOR BENNETT ring a bell with anyone. All of these comments reminds me of what he has done and still trying to get me to do. He supposed to be in Nigeria Africa. Wants ITUNE cards, WU, MoneyGram, now he says he sent me a package and the first cost was $150 then decided it was going to cost another $250 more so CUSTOMS can release it and the custodian will get it and deliver it to my door after I send him another$250!!! He's going to marry me when he get leave, I don't care or love him, always trying to make you feel low...and stresses you & demanding on doing stuff for him. He sent me a $5000 necklace plus $2000 I can have for me. Tried for me to give my bank acct # and charge card...BUT I DIDN'T! I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GUY....HE HAD MY MIND & HEART WRAPPED!! At night & especially the weekend when I don't hear from him he says he been out with the patrol team. WOMEN & MEN GET OUT OF THESE TRAPS THEY HAVE SET FOR US!!! CUT THEM OFF! I'VE found the less I communicate with him the MORE MY FEELINGS FOR HIM LEAVES WITH GOD HELP!!! THEY ARE HABITUAL LIARS, MANIPULATORS DEMONS!!!!

Never fall pray to scammers once you pay they keep pestering you for more and more they will never leave you alone just block the number

I think we are talking about the same people who star falling in love and then ask you to send them a gift card, they keep falling in love every day and then they ask you to give them your account number online to want to send you money according to so that you keep them for when they come to see you. He has my email and phone number, what can those people do with my information??

It's easy to see now how Bill Gates is so rich. You cant convince me that there is nothing that apple and microsoft can do. They make it to easy for the scammers to get by with it because of the stupid policies

For me i'm a lot like the rest of you guys there is this guy who claims to be someone named Peter black I found him on grindr and we forwarded our chats to google hangouts. then later he said that he had a mission over in Afghanistan, Kabul and he was staying there less then 3 months and gave me this whole speech about his parents along with his brother and sister died in a car accident. now that he said he is in love with me he wants me to go and give him an I tunes gift card because he is out of space on his MacBook and needs an update.

Man know keep asking me to buy him data if not do will not able to talk me and he keep pushing me to buy for his data and not if he tell me the truth or he is from Africa he very controling not what do I’m on the autism Spectrum is truth or not have what ad never ends !!! Want man who treat me right

I am so happy I did a lot of research and calling. This guy keeps ordering me to buy him an iTunes card so he can send me money with PayPal. Yeah, I asked a couple cop friends and there's no way, in any country, iTunes is used to pay on PayPal (as in to send money to someone.) And this guy is supposedly "rich" but wants me to buy him a card? Hmm... Yeah big scammer.

VL Thank god I catch my self quick a guy pose himself has one of
Nigerian actor try the same thing with me, claims he was filming a movie and he need a calling card for his 1phone then he change to iTunes gift card. Luckily I catch on quick he insisted that I buy $100 to $200 iTunes gift card and send the codes to his phone.

I have a go fund me account right now in order to get some help with the cost of surgery for our 14 month old pup. I’ve been in contact with this person who says if I send a Walmart to Walmart or $50 iTunes card I can pick up a donation amount from a western union. If I’m not giving out any bank info how could they really scam me othervthen take a lousy $50 when they say they can offer us the full payment for our pups surgery of $9000. Anyone heard of this? They say the $50 is refundable it’s just to prove we are real!!

I meet this girl online she's from America we are talking at the moment she said she would come to Queensland to see me for two days I said I will hit her a ticket she then said can you get a steam $100 card or $100 I tunes card is this a scam how do you pay for a flight on a I tunes card

Please please don’t answer her it is a scam. It’s best not to send her a thing. If you heard her voice on the phone that’s the best way to get to know her or video chat her. Without asking her to prove she’s real. If she stops texting you or messaging you then you know she isn’t real. Please be safe out there.

I just learned from my two handicapped nephews that they have been scammed for nearly $2000 (that I know of ) by some unknown woman. iTunes is complicit in all these scams. They could care less who gets hurt. This keeps happening over and over. Apparently all you need to get cash is a piece of paper with a number that has been given to you over the phone or internet. Apple should be smart enough to invent a procedure to prevent cash payments to someone not in possession of the actual card. People that cannot afford to have their money stolen are suffering while Apple keeps on smiling all the way to the bank

Honey please are you there honey
I was trying to take a picture on my cell and it's shows honeyI just get to talk to sassy about it honey he said I have to get a gift card to do that honey..
This one is trying everything to get something out of me.

I have this guy wanting a iTunes card from me a 500 dollar iTunes card. His name is Tony Craig a civil engineer that is the name he is going by. I met him online and he had been writing me all kind of love letters. Now that his job send him down to Cape Town , South Africa, he is asking me send $500 dollars I tune card. I didn't give it to him because this seems like a scam. His number is 13462581634 if you come around this fraud be careful. He claimed he lost his phone. It's all a scam.

I also have a guy named Adam Smith saying he works for Exxon Mobile and wants iTunes card for $500 to activate his account to send me money. Yeah right.Scammm. I have had other's too same stories I have read. Big scams.

from google hangout Adam's daughter Cindy asked me about iTunes card she need download I just met her on yesterday then she asked me about iTunes card for she need. I believe that scammers. I don't want give her iTunes card. so should I be block them from hangouts ?

my scammer claims to be borka georgi, a Bulgarian living in queensland. reckons he works in mining with gemstones. met me through academic singles dating site, moved to email then WhatsApp. typical loving responses, even showed me pic of his mother and daughter allegedly. wife deceased. he did send a video so his face matched his pics but the voice was out of sync. next thing I know, he is flying to johanessburg and needed either a vanilla card or iTunes card so that he could check on his mining! very insistent, really needed it, very important to him. I looked into it, had alarm bells ringing like no ones business, told him we don't do vanilla cards, so he asked why I didn't get him an iTunes card, wanted me to get a 100 dollar card and send him the codes. he would get it on his phone when he landed in johanessburg! I told him he could get a card at the airport, anyone could have got that for him, needless to say, haven't heard from him since, this was Friday the 15th march. I have reported him to the ftc, the dating site and facebook, will see what happens.

You guys be wise
Even those guys are scamming their fellow citizens talk more about you Americans

Someone said they are sending me a paypal but i must send them a google play worth $50 to receive the money. I feel like it’s a scam

This guy says he will deposit the money in my account as soon as I register with the 150 worth of google play cards?? I am eight months pregnant and really need the money but also I don't want to loose 150 dollars !!! Should I do it or not is it a scam?

What is his me ? And does he mention a company?

At first I wanted to make a purchase online and they requested the ITunes card for payment, I got the card and was going to meet the person for the purchase. They wanted to verify before and asked for the numbers, that is when I put on the breaks, Now I have a $100 gift card, how can I get a refund or spend the money on anything else.

I get women who ask for itunes catds or steam cards i tell them i cant get it right now. As for the ladies dealing with the poser saying he is military over seas get a current photo with timestamp on it and ill deal with him he is a fake person

This girl wants me to send her a $100 iTunes gift card to activate her phone. Is that true?

Not true at all. Stay away. These girls are gold diggers. They’re probably rich as hell and we’re barely making in it .


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