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Avoid a debt relief scam [fotonovela]

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a couple and their daughter

Maria and Rafael are thrilled that their daughter just graduated college and they’re ready to celebrate with friends and family. Abuela even made her famous tamales for the special occasion! At the party, Maria and Rafael beam with pride.

Soon after the festivities wind down, reality sets in and Rafael starts worrying. They have to start paying back the money they owe for their daughter’s college education, but he’s been out of work for months. What’s he going to do?

Maria thinks she might have the solution: a company she heard about on the radio promises it can lower the couple’s student loan payments and help them get rid of their credit card debt. But it could be a scam. Read our newest fotonovela, Maria and Rafael Learn the Signs of a Debt Relief Scam, to see how the story plays out. Sorry, no spoilers here!

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We did this a few years ago and found out we could have just gone thru the CC companies, instead of paying an outside vendor. Total scam!!! Thousands of bucks!

Is it necessary to write about tamales at a special celebration? Why not biftec? This is not much different from other ethnic food stereotypes. You can do better with this gratuitous stuff.

Maybe you've never made tamales. A gift of love...take forever to make.

Nice fotonovela, with beautiful artwork. But I don't understand why Maria didn't try to get a job. She looks far from helpless.

Just let me know when scams are going around

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This is Fraud

I believe I have been scammed twice. Paid a fee twice to 2 different companies who claim I could get my student loans forgiven. I spent a total odf $1100 and it did not make a difference but did increase my interest. My student loans are in consolidation and were from the beginning.Relieve Student Loans is one of the companies and Student Loan service is the other one

This is important information for law enforcement. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

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