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The FTC gets Rachel the Robocaller… again

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Have you gotten pre-recorded sales calls from Rachel from Cardholder Services? Or Bank Card Services or Credit Assistance Program? You’ve been reporting these illegal calls, and the FTC continues to take action.

Today, the FTC and the state of Florida announced a lawsuit against Life Management Services, a company that the FTC says is behind hundreds of thousands of these calls.

According to the FTC, Life Management Services swindled people out of their money by offering two types of phony debt relief: credit card interest rate reduction services and credit card debt elimination services. The company promised lower interest rates or government funds to pay off debt, and asked people to make initial payments ranging from $500 to $20,000. But almost no one got the help that was promised.

This is one of six recent FTC cases that focus on illegal robocalls. How does the FTC build these cases? One critical tool is the FTC’s honeypot -- a large bank of phone lines designed to attract robocalls. That lets FTC investigators interact with robocallers, record the calls, and make undercover purchases. The FTC uses its honeypot to identify companies placing illegal calls and collect evidence of their illegal activities. It was particularly useful in the Life Management case announced today.

So, what do you do if you get another unwanted robocall?

  • Hang up. Don’t respond in any way. Pressing buttons to get you taken off a list could result in more unwanted calls.
  • Block the caller’s number. You have a few options for blocking unwanted calls, including call-blocking devices, mobile apps, cloud-based services, and services provided by your phone carrier.
  • Report it to the FTC at or 1-888-382-1222.

Read on for more info and tips about robocalls.


I used to get numbers that were completely unreal. They were not usable in any country! I did not answer.

Thank you, FTC, for staying on top of this. It's such a relief to finally be rid of these obnoxious calls.

Got several calls claiming I had won $15,000,000.00 dollars because I had answered a survey from Walmart. I called Walmart Headquarters and they said they are not offering any money!!

OK RACHEL the robocaller is not stopped. The calls have increased. This number 754-212-1095 called me June 13,2016 and again yesterday. A man said he was from the police benovelent...asking for donations to help the victims families and could he coubnt on me to give a small donation? I told him he was a scammer and police do not call people and ask for money. Line went dead. Well he called back the next day. I did not answer. I noticed however the caller ID had changed...instead of Deerfield Beach, it said V61519123900654, which when plugged into my browser, does not exist. Also looking at other people's comments , they say it isn't safe. IT IS a SCAM. Beware people. It is NOT SAFE.

I've been reporting all my calls and doing a lot of research on this stuff, but I haven't seen anyone say they are getting voicemails. I can't be the only one getting voicemails from these people asking about lowering interest rates. Also, at the very end of the voicemail, a robo voice says "Goodbye" in a REALLY SCARY and CREEPY voice. Like it sounds like it's straight from a horror movie. Has anyone else gotten voicemails like that? Here's the whole voicemail: "This is your final notice. Please press the number 1 on your phone to speak with a live operator and lower your interest rate, or press the number 3 to discontinue further notices. Thank you, have a great day." Then it goes silent for 5 seconds. After the silence, a really creepy robot voice says "Goodbye" and then that's the end. I am forever haunted by that scary voice that says "Goodbye"......and I'd really like to know if anyone else knows what I'm talking about and has heard it as well!

I have received daily Voicemail calls some lasting up to 33minutes. I have now begun to file complaints but expect very little relief since the wheels of justice are slower than the turtle-walkng. i'm on DO NOT CALL but that is a joke and has been for last 8-9 years.I'm elderly and disabled so I leave my phone in various places in my home and have to get to it when it rings in case my children or grandkids call (often) add another 4-6 these rubbish scammers harassing me early mornings, mid-day, late afternoons--nightmare!

It is about time. Enough with these scammers.

"Rachel" continues to call. What she has been doing recently is to spoof phone numbers that differ from my own in the final one or two digits. She's probably trying to get me to answer because I think it's a neighbor calling. Occasionally she will spoof my own number and use the name on my phone listing as well. It looks like I'm getting a call from myself.

Getting a call a day from the "IRS" saying there is a warrant out for my arrest for taxes owed. Do not respond to any of these calls, but they continue to annoy me.

Thank you FTC. Rachel's calls have annoyed me so badly that I think you should throw her and whoever is behind her to the alligators of Florida.

Will please get "Dave, the air-duct cleaning guy", with the ugliest voice I ever heard. His number is always blocked. At least the southeast Michigan residents are well familiar with his annoying messages.

Got a call from Rachel today, on a Saturday no less, I guess your action has not done much good. These are very annoying people and irritating. Please keep trying to get rid of this type of people.

One morning I'm still asleep as I had gone to bed late, it was Rachel at Card Holder services...I was so steamed that I picked up the phone and did press 9 to speak to a live person. When they answered did I want to lower my rate of interest, I said no, I want you to take me off the call which the girl yelled "ah shut up" What kind of company would ever hire a customer service rep and say that!!! I'm tired of Rachel's annoying calls. Especially when you don't even pay interest on a Credit card ever!

Very pleased that this company was caught and shut down. There are many more scams out there since this can be so lucrative. While reporting to the FTC is wonderful, the telecom providers should be obligated to report fraudulent activity as their customers make them aware of it. Before learning of the FTC I used to routinely call my carrier about these calls and they would only try to sell services.They would never gather information about the call ro record it let alone report it.

It is even worse when your number is spoofed, as happened to a small business owner I know. He received many furious calls since they thought this handyman's Mobile phone was the source of the robocall. He had no choice but to caught his number. This has all but destroyed his livelihood. Bring the telecom's in to work on a better system for addressing customer needs, and working with the FTC will only help everyone involved.

Almost 3 1/2 years have been getting calls from these criminals. They are just sticking their tongue out at the lack of enforcement of their criminal acts. This is not rocket science. Telephone companies should be REQUIRED to block calls that are from bogus numbers. A simple computer program would have the telephone company drop calls that are placed with spoofed numbers. Easy, would not cost much and would bring JOY to hundreds of thousands of us locked into these crazy criminals via our telephone company which we pay every month for service. I am not paying Cox Cable for criminal services so why do they let criminals have free range with our numbers? It's time the DO NOTHING Congress get their A in gear and free us from these criminals.

I am so upset about all these calls, I usually do not answer them but always wonder it may have been someone trying to reach me as both my parents are elderly and ill. Today I answered and it was a "Rachel" call. I have so many blocked numbers. This is such an abuse, to call peoples personal phones for scans and unsolicited sales. This is actually very stressing. I wish there was a way this people could be stopped, as well as those who sell phone number and e-mail listings. I am upset. Sometimes the calls are 3, 4, or more times a day, intteruoting me at work, making me concerned. Hope it stops!!!

I receive lots of robocalls..I have this idea for slowing them down at least. Answer the phone but do not hang up. Yeah, don"t. Since the roboters dial hundreds or thousands of phone numbers at once, if all those people just let the phone lay there for the time of they're blog and more while they wait for you to respond, they can't dial more calls during that time. So hundred or thousands of phone calls can't be made by them during that amount of time. Might slow them down a bit, bite into their profits?

Great idea , am going to give that a try

I'm reading this less than an hour after having gotten ane reported one of these calls. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and would like a portion of the $10,000 fine for that call.

I got a call from Rachel last week - so they aren't shut down. Rachel almost always call from a number with the same exchange as my number. In fact she has actually called me from my own number. Please do more to stop them it is annoying and I block the number but after being called by my own number I may be blocking real numbers that they are using.

Good luck and please get Rachel away from the phone!

Is this case related to another case(09203190) against JPM Accelerated Services Inc., et al.?

How is it possible for several companies that are not related to use the identical voices and messages?

Or, is it really that the FTC and the State of Florida are UNABLE to prove that the companies are related?

This is a different matter. For information about JPM Accelerated Services Inc., please see these FTC documents.

I'm still getting daily calls (sometimes 3/day) from Card Holder Services, and I'm getting extremely cranky and frustrated. If I decide to write my congressman, and If I wish to send a copy of the letter to the FTC, to whom do I send it?

You can send your letter to:

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Um looks like u didn't get everyone in the group of the Rachel from card member services fraud scheme! They called my house today. Didn't u just put them in jail? Next time take there calling technology including the stuff they are using to spoof numbers. Also found another spoofer that keeps calling my house, the number is 302-351-8495 the caller id says America zee news.

I continue to hear from "Rachel at Cardholder Services" all too often. She/it called yesterday. So is the FTC going to shut down the entire filthy scam OR NOT??

If you got Rachel, why did I just get another call from her, this time spoofing a local number?

It is time for a do not call list for "all". my business gets 1500-2000 calls a year from google verify seo's, credit card processorswe we have better things to do than argue with lowlife telemarketer, I'm am sick of this bullshat! this shat is a royal pain in the arse make one do not call list for all. period I repeat .. period.... period...............period PERIOD!!!!!!!!!! and secure our telephone service I do not feel you people are not addressing critical services phone banks, privacy, and credit information and it is time to put Putin in his place........

what about Enhanced Recovery? heard of them they threaten to have you arrested for financial fraud they call everyday even tho I blocked them I can still see who calls under my missed calls list on comcast I think this is a scam but I need to know?

Here's what you do:

You tell them you're interested. Give them a fake name and lead them on as long as possible. If you do not have time ask them to call back.
I did just that and they did indeed call again, having not checked ANY of my fake information.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them today while waiting for an appointment.
I told them I made hang gliders and led them down a path of blarney and palaver of made up addresses and bank details. So much fun.
I even got a call back when my fake email came back to them. So I gave them another fake one and told them to try it at least 4 time to make sure it went through. :D

If just a few hundred people take the time to do this every day the problem will be eliminated, since it will not be worth their time to try to sift through the phonies.
Yes, we should also report the numbers afterwards.

The FTC is fighting a losing battle.
They need our help.

Well done!

well today august the 18th at 11:00 am i received a call from rachel credit card services. i have received over 80 of these calls. non stop.
they now spoof their number to look like its coming from my city. they even called me from my own cell phone number.
apparently they are back at it. well that didn't last long FTC...

Must be my year, while I was in the middle of this B#%&S?@! I fell for an IRS scam.

I gave up on any real action being taken on these people. I bought a police whistle. When I get these calls I press the button for a real person, tell them "listen very carefully. I am on the do not call list" and immediately blow the whistle as loud as I can. It works great. Was getting calls daily, haven't had one for months now.

I like your idea, but would add that a prelude to the whistle should be talking very low so as to get them to turn up the volume on their headset:) I am going to buy a whistle.

Rachel called again on August 25 from (480)792-3164. It was really depressing to hear that sickeningly familiar robot voice. And to know that this was only the beginning. Ugh. again.

I did not see any scams about them "giving" you a free Government Grant. They offered me $9,000 for $250! They said I was a good citizen, paid my bills on time, etc. I have started telling them that I know its a scam and I am turning them in to the Federal Trade Commission of the USA! They still call sometimes but its a different person. I am disable and sometime I like to play with them and make them think I fell for their scam. Most of the time I block their calls.

i keep getting calls on my cell phone from "Rachel from card services" from about 65 different phone numbers each of which I have blocked, I have told the operator to stop calling me, the operator hangs up, I got 2 calls today and I am sick of it.

Sorry FTC, but "Rachel" doesn't care; the calls continue & by spoofing valid personal numbers showing up on Caller ID. Would like an update on the fraudsters behind this illegal marketing process. Thank you!

Got Rachel again this morning. It is clear that real criminal penalties are needed. FTC lawsuits are simply "the cost of doing business" for these criminals.

The best you can do against these people (to my knowledge) is to simply get them on the line and waste their time, to keep them from trolling someone who doesn't know better. It can be a lot of fun too.

EXACTLY! It's like prank calling in reverse

Anytime you get a robocall from anyone that you are not expecting, simply hang up. IRS, XYZ Services, etc. are all fraudulent. Any unexpected calls with a human regarding anything financial - get their name (and company name) and tell them you are on the do-not-call list, and if they call again they are in violation and will be reported. Getting their name allows you to keep track, if you are so inclined. Finally, for the Microsoft calls - I tell them almost immediately that I know it is a scam, and that they are being traced at this moment. They usually hang up immediately and don't call back for quite some time.

I joined the Do Not Call List several years ago. I worked great until about 6 months ago when I started getting solicitations on my cell phone. You let me down, FTC.

Put them in jail. Another gov dept not getting the job done !


If the FTC got Rachel, why am I still getting calls from her AND her friends witht he same message.

Just got another call from Rachel at cardholder services. I thought FL shut them down??? Call was from (239) 431-7949. If the AG and FTC can't shut them down, maybe we need to call the Canadian Mounties!

Just received a call...again.....from Rachel. Same old BS. I pressed 1 to speak to someone, and told him everyone who still breathes in America knows this is a scam. We need the phone companies to offer "white-listing".....NOT call blocker BS. But they won't because that would cut into their profits. We are just cattle......

Do your job FTC!

Lies, lies and more lies! This week, I have received three per day, from different numbers, but I think Rachel, Microsoft and now VISA Rewards are from all the same people, looking for trouble at every turn. And I have just about had it, had it, and, in fact I have simply had it, matter-of fact, I have had it. And did I mention that I have just about HAD IT? Well, yes, a thousand and ninety-nine times YES!


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