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The FTC gets Rachel the Robocaller… again

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Have you gotten pre-recorded sales calls from Rachel from Cardholder Services? Or Bank Card Services or Credit Assistance Program? You’ve been reporting these illegal calls, and the FTC continues to take action.

Today, the FTC and the state of Florida announced a lawsuit against Life Management Services, a company that the FTC says is behind hundreds of thousands of these calls.

According to the FTC, Life Management Services swindled people out of their money by offering two types of phony debt relief: credit card interest rate reduction services and credit card debt elimination services. The company promised lower interest rates or government funds to pay off debt, and asked people to make initial payments ranging from $500 to $20,000. But almost no one got the help that was promised.

This is one of six recent FTC cases that focus on illegal robocalls. How does the FTC build these cases? One critical tool is the FTC’s honeypot -- a large bank of phone lines designed to attract robocalls. That lets FTC investigators interact with robocallers, record the calls, and make undercover purchases. The FTC uses its honeypot to identify companies placing illegal calls and collect evidence of their illegal activities. It was particularly useful in the Life Management case announced today.


So, what do you do if you get another unwanted robocall?

  • Hang up. Don’t respond in any way. Pressing buttons to get you taken off a list could result in more unwanted calls.
  • Block the caller’s number. You have a few options for blocking unwanted calls, including call-blocking devices, mobile apps, cloud-based services, and services provided by your phone carrier.
  • Report it to the FTC at or 1-888-382-1222.

Read on for more info and tips about robocalls.


I have been receiving these calls for years!! 6+ at least. I have blocked the numbers, I have asked to be put on do not call list. There is no stopping it. I even had an operator proposition me!! How do you press charges on that? At one point I was getting calls hourly. I even told one of the operators that their phone calls drove the owner of the phone to commit suicide. THEY STILL CALL even when I ignore them. The new operator is Heather. She is the fourth generation of name for these horrible people. This is not the first time the FTC has said they are doing something about this. If I ever meet Rachel or Heather I will not be nice to them, I AM SO TIRED OF THE YEARS OF HARRASSMENT!!!!!!!!!! The sad thing is, the FTC will not get them and the calls will continue.

Had another call from Rachel this morning. You ain't fixed nothing.

Received a call today 1/17/2017 from Rachel at cardholder services. I guess FTC is not putting enough pressure on these companies to stop. Fine them enough to bankrupt the companies and corporate officers. Advise employees making the calls this is in violation of the law and let them know they may be subject to fines as well.

At least a third of the US population wants less government regulation, including President Trump. So, there is a good chance that the little that the FTC does will stop, and no new initiatives to stop scammers will be allowed. I hope that that third of the population will be happy they got what they wanted: lots more Cardholders Services robocalls.

Nomorobo works well for reporting a 10-digit phone number, but today Rachel called me again and the caller ID did not include area code. I could report it if someone could tell me what area code these calls usually come from.

Just hung up from Rachel. So annoying. How about putting some people in jail. Or publisher the owners address. Vthe public will take care of the rest.

The more numbers I block the more calls I get from the robo-machines. When will it stop because I'm sure there is a limit to how many numbers my phone servicer will allow blocked. Also eventually the list of blocked numbers become so long that cell services will not be able to block all. So how about those of us that are now receiving multiple robo-number calls per day getting a part in the $$$ that is sued against the so called company that is making the calls?

I received calls today from two different numbers and have reported them online.

How do you get rid of these scammers?!?

I received a call from card services. The person on the line already had the first 4 digits of my credit cards and after telling them an exp date, also had my balance info and last payment made and next payment due. Then they offered me 0% interest account that would transfer my balances for me to pay off. For a 1 time fee of 10% of my total debt. Is this a scam?

I get 3 calls a day and have been getting them for years! I don't have Caller ID so I let all calls go the answering machine. What a shame that I can't receive calls without the fear of telemarketers.

As a frequent recipient of these nuisance calls, it MUST be worth the scammers time to continue-as it's been occurring for years! Wondering what happens when a person indicates interest in whatever is being offered...and exactly what "these people" are getting out of this "program"! Tempted to push "1" to find out!

My approach is to go through the dial menu and get to a real person. Then I answer their questions with lies and when they ask for information I say I have to go find it, put them on mute and just put the phone down. I figure we all should try to waste as much of their people's time as possible to drive up costs. Sometimes I act like I cannot speak English very well, respond in an Eastern European accent, etc. If you have the time, just keep them on the phone to cost these scammers money. If you are busy, hang up and waste their time when you are not busy.

These calls will not stop. Even if the FTC shuts down the current offenders, the next ones are already up and running with an even "better" way to scam the people. There is too much money in the game that the scammers can make with this scam.

your local phone company is really the party at fault. they provide the spoofing service, with no restrictions, to these rip off clowns. Why, because the phone companies are making a dollar to sell this service. There is no legit reason why call spoofing should be permitted or even offered. None. The only way this will goo bye-bye is 'put pressure on the phone companies' Congress should pass a law regulating the phone companies Spoofing Service. Until then, people are going to keep getting ripped off by the millions while the low life phone companies make a dollar.

Most of them are obviously the same entity. Notice the 469 646 spans multiple cid names. Almost every day between 10:30 & 11AM. But not limited to those times. LOCAL RANKING 4696464167 LOCAL RANKING 4697193022 LOCAL RANKING 4698561010 MARKETING SOL 5123614744 MARKETING SOL 6826284781 MERCHANT SVCS 4702056061 ONLINE UPDATE 4694547722 ONLINE UPDATE 6826284567 ONLINE UPDATE 4696464415 WEB RANKING 5125984112 WEB RANKING 6822671918 WEB RANKING 4696464163 WEB RANKING 5129801011 WEB SERVER CO 8172039011 WEB SERVER CO 9032131034 WEB SERVER CO 6822671916 CVG DPT 4696464485 DALLAS TX 4699989405 MAPS VERIFY 4807390923

She's back. "This is Rachel at cardholder services calling in reference to your current credit card account. There are no problem currently with your account. It is urgent that you..."

This company is spoofing my cell phone number and calling people in NC so it looks local. I am getting hundreds of call from people who have "missed a call" from me. This is Illegal and constitutes harassment.

If you continue to get calls and want to change your number, contact your service provider.

You also can file a complaint with the FTC at under “Scams and Rip-offs” and then “Imposter Scams.”

I get more than a dozen of these calls every week... why can the phone companies not block users who are spoofing their telephone number? I already block anonymous calls, have my number on the do not call registry, so I should get none ofthese calls... but the system allows them to fake a called ID and so they go through. The solution to this problem is not honeypots and investigations, it is effective caller id verification at the telephone system level and the judicious use of call blocking features.

changed landline to only ring for 5 numbers! All others get message that I am blocked. WHY? Because I'm under 2 yr contract with a bundle from VerizonFIOS and cannot disconnect it.VZ and other ISPs should code check the caller ids before putting the call my boss's secretary, a gr8 Gate Keeper. Hubby at USPost OFfice gets calls on a gov issued cell he uses only for work :solar panels, Marriott vacation vouchers, Rachel, auto warranty, lower interest on creditcards we don't have! Ridic, as the kids say.

Didn't stop them long. Been getting calls for the last two months on my cell phone. It doesn't do any good to block them because it's a different number each time. Do not call and reporting to ft is a waste of time and tax dollars

You are not having enough fun with these criminals! I always answer these calls (1-5x per day), unless I am busy with something important like work or life. I grab my family's phones when they call. I always press (1) to speak with a rep - and that's when the fun starts!

Remember - these are CRIMINAL GANGS, but sometimes the call center rubes are just working a minimum wage job and actually think they are helping people lower interest rates, etc. So I always engage, and be nice. Then at some point, I offer that fact that they are working for a criminal organization. Sometimes, they don't realize that. Often times they do, as they begin cursing at me.

It's so much fun! I view my 5 min/day I spend on the phone with these idiots a public service, as that is 5 minutes they won't be ripping off my grandmother or some other unsuspecting person. And once in a while, I get the call center person to believe me and understand that a 'real company' doesn't 1) Lie on their recordings (pretending to call from my bank or from "Visa/Mastercard" 2) spoof their caller ID, and NOT give me any real number/address to look them up or call them back; and 3) violate the federal DNC list on a minute-by-minute basis

Keep up the good work!

Rachel is baaaack! Now uses a local persons real name and number. Promised over a year ago that the call was my last chance to be helped. If only. And the beat goes on.

I have put my same number on The DO NOT CALL list at least 12 times. It does not stop!

There does not seem to be any stopping these calls. I have been getting them for years, always from different Caller IDs.
When I'm not busy I press the button to talk to a representative and I make a sport of keeping them on the line for as long as possible. There are so many amusing ways to do this. It can even be therapeutic for me at times. And that's at least one or two less little old ladies that they will get through to.

I get a live person on the line and start applying for a loan or whatever with bogus info. it makes them spend time and energy and hopefully money for nothing. I also start a conversation sometimes to engage them and then slowly shift it to something crazy, like can you help me with my mob debt. or are you willing to participate in an FBI survey? Its a fun and satisfying way to hit back.

Suing them put them in jail then people will think twice about starting another one. Dummy phone numbers your suing a dummy company that the really one will just start up a new one try and get them to roll over on the Top company.

Nomorobo is helping a lot. I also don't answer ANY call I don't recognize

Rachel calls continue and they're getting trickier - using phone numbers that start with our prefix or are of defunct businesses in our town - where the business name shows up. Come on - get on them FTC!

The problem is that there are numerous people making these calls. Anyone can get the software to set themselves up as "Rachel" or whoever. Even if you succeed at shutting them down, others pop up. And the calls are placed through the internet, not actual phone lines that can be traced.

I usually take the call and make up data to waste their time. I asked the last guy who tried to figure out what was wrong with my credit card to keep me on their list so I can waste their time. :) He suggested some physically impossible things and hung up. I hope my new card gets here soon!

We can send a man to the moon but we can't stop Rachel from Cardmember Services. I've been getting calls from them for over 20 years, I've submitted complaints to the FTC, I registered my phone numbers in 2003.
I don't know who I'd like to sue the pants off more, Rachel or the FTC for acting like they can help.

Well this was a year ago and I have seen ZERO relief from these calls. The FTC is pretty much worthless with these. For every one you catch after months and months of wasting time 5 others are already operational.

I got tired of all these telemarketers calling, and when you tell them that your on the do not call list they don't listen and still call you. So one day I had HSN on and they had a machine that you can block unwanted callers. So. Now I screen my calls and block the ones I want. I would highly recommend to purchase one. I even tell them that they will be blocked and that they are not wanted. So far I have blocked over 100 calls.

I'm getting them from Heather.

The FTC gets Rachel the Robocaller… again, did not help- she called again this morning. and yes I am on the do not call list!!!

One wonders just how effective the regulatory agencies are. This problem is not easily solved, but we have the electronic tools to identify many of these callers, and the incidence of these calls is rising, not falling.
It is a big problem nationally, with literally billions of calls made daily. If our government cannot handle ths we have to wonder just what they are capable of handling.

To stop robo calls, use a VOIP service and don't allow operator calls to ring through to your phone. That way anyone who wants to ring your phone needs to know your extension, or else they go to the operator's voicemail.

Sure.. so everybody throw away their cellphones and opt for VOIP....

Still getting calls from Rachel 2 to 3 times a week. I called her back and got an answer.

Been receiving calls from "Rachel" several times a day for almost 5 years now. I've called the FCC. I've filled out web form reports. I've worked with my wireless carrier (Verizon) and nothing helps. The volume of calls never stops. I usually just don't answer any call that I don't recognize...but then I end up missing business calls from clients. This is so incredibly annoying and it is stunning to me that the FTC is completely powerless, toothless and/or incompetent to stop them. They are ill-equipped to solve a technology problem with engineers that only understand "telephones". A telecom engineer cannot catch these guys. The FTC needs to invest in true cyber capabilities that can track these guys using networking and mad hacking skills to take them down and put them in JAIL where they belong.

Still getting this exact call. The number that shows up on ID is not the caller's number.

Have been getting these calls for years, have been reporting these calls for years. Keep putting my number on the Do Not Call list for years. Today, Rachel changed her name to Heather.

It is now August of 2017. Am still getting phone calls and the calls come on all different numbers. Are we supposed to block 30 or 40 numbers????
When are they going to stop these calls??

Saw news last week (August 2017)the person in charge of the Rachel ROBO calls were fined again and they have been told to stop the calls. I got one the very next day. ?????

I receive at least 3 to 4 calls a week, sometimes twice in one day. They call from different numbers so it is not easy to block all their numbers. I agree it is about time someone with authority does something to stop these calls.

Rachael and now Veronica have called me hundreds of times. I registered at do not call, I called the number back and cussed them a blue streak. I filled out the forms on the FCC website and when i contacted them and asked what they were doing about it i was told "well, we dont do anything about it" THEN WHY AM I FILLING OUT FORMS!? "well, that is so that if anything happens in the future we have documentation" LIKE WHAT? THEY MIGHT STOP ON THEIR OWN? So the government hires more people with our money and "creates green jobs" or some classless action lawyer files a suit and he gets $1M and i get $1. any way you slice it the public pays the bill and the scammers, lawyers and public servants get the money.

I get at least3 calls a day ,and Im on the dont call list . I block calls and they change #s. Im sick of it !

You know there really isn't any way to get rid of these calls except don't have any kind of phone, land line or cell. You have to go off the grid to get rid of them. The government is helpless to get rid of them.


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