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The FTC gets Rachel the Robocaller… again

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Have you gotten pre-recorded sales calls from Rachel from Cardholder Services? Or Bank Card Services or Credit Assistance Program? You’ve been reporting these illegal calls, and the FTC continues to take action.

Today, the FTC and the state of Florida announced a lawsuit against Life Management Services, a company that the FTC says is behind hundreds of thousands of these calls.

According to the FTC, Life Management Services swindled people out of their money by offering two types of phony debt relief: credit card interest rate reduction services and credit card debt elimination services. The company promised lower interest rates or government funds to pay off debt, and asked people to make initial payments ranging from $500 to $20,000. But almost no one got the help that was promised.

This is one of six recent FTC cases that focus on illegal robocalls. How does the FTC build these cases? One critical tool is the FTC’s honeypot -- a large bank of phone lines designed to attract robocalls. That lets FTC investigators interact with robocallers, record the calls, and make undercover purchases. The FTC uses its honeypot to identify companies placing illegal calls and collect evidence of their illegal activities. It was particularly useful in the Life Management case announced today.

So, what do you do if you get another unwanted robocall?

  • Hang up. Don’t respond in any way. Pressing buttons to get you taken off a list could result in more unwanted calls.
  • Block the caller’s number. You have a few options for blocking unwanted calls, including call-blocking devices, mobile apps, cloud-based services, and services provided by your phone carrier.
  • Report it to the FTC at or 1-888-382-1222.

Read on for more info and tips about robocalls.


Here it is February 2018. Got a call from Rachel!!! I guess they like to pay fines.

They are piggybacking off legitimate numbers. I called the number back and the guy had no idea. I record all calls. Saved them for future reference.

Now she’s VERONICA from card member services

The FTC is doing NOTHING they can not do anything about SPOOFED NUMBERS. get an app to block these calls.

nothing will be done the FTC is getting sloppy not to interfere , you pay for minutes on your cell phone robo callers steal your minutes that's a crime ! they steal your money think about it .

Just got a call from 740-520-3228, and immediately the robocall said "It is Rachel from Card Services .....".

The never ending saga of Rachel the robocaller.

Rachel is still at it - 512-357-3767 was the number used today.

The phone company can stop these calls. Let's see - 10 landlines installed and 12,000 calls per day. The phone company knows EXACTLY what is going on.

I am still getting calls and I have received for this week. What can be done to stop these calls from credit card services?

I've received more than 30 calls over the last several days from these credit card scammers. I dutifully report them to bother the FTC and the FCC (the two agencies coordinate inconsistently) for all the good it does. The callers spoof both my area code and NXX, which, if done with fraudulent intent is a federal crime. But, the feds do little to shut down these scammers (mostly based in India). The FCC could instantly end these calls either (1) by requiring screening by telephone companies through database services like NoMoRobo or (2) mandating that all telephone companies offer simultaneous ring as an optional feature, which would allow consumers to protect themselves. Likewise, the telephone companies that carry these calls could instantly shut them down -- a call center in India that makes a couple million inbound calls to the US is not a legitimate business.

Just received the call for the 1000th time - so obviously the FTCs actions have not been fully effective.

Certainly applaud thee efforts though.

I get calls from Rachel constantly, the caller ID comes from different states or areas. There must be some way to stop this!!!!

The above don't mean diddly. I just got another phone call from Rachel at Cardholder Services. Until the FTC stops fining these people and gives the victims the right to a class-action suit against Cardholder Services, the company will just pay the piddling fines, relocate, and continue business as usual. Or the FTC could put the employees of this telemarketer behind bars, but they won't.

So pardon me if I don't applaud the inadequate and useless actions of the FTC. If I paid taxes based on the effectiveness of various departments of the Federal Government, the FTC would get zilch from me.

So, this update was published in 2016 that FTC was stopping Rachel at cardservices. It's 2018 and I'm still getting calls. Why can't you guys figure this out and shut them down???

I have received hundreds of these calls spoofing my area code and first 3 digits of my prefix. Clearly the FTC isn't doing jack OR the company is scamming enough money that they just pay the fines and keep scamming.

They are not going to stop and our authorities are going to file it under , I just don't care . Phone companies could fix it but there is not enough money in it !

I can’t stop these stupid calls from coming in but I did figure out how to stop them from making my phone ring! iphone has a DO NOT DISTURB feature. Turn it on.
MY phone rings fine for people in my contacts list. All other incoming calls go directly to voice mail. If I am expecting a call I check messages frequently. Otherwise once a day is sufficient. The robocalls can be easily identified where they leave messages and easily blocked easily deleted. I also block and dele All numbers who don’t leave messages . Legit calls with legit messages get responses. It’s an annoyance but my phone ringing all day is way more annoying!

well they're at it again as I just now at 9am MST got a call from them

Called at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day using a locally spoofed number.

Got a robo from Card Services, NA. My tactic is to transfer to the live operator and keep them on the line for about 10 minutes feeding them false info. It is personally satisfying knowing that I tied up their operator and kept them from bothering another person. The FCC and phone companies do not help.

Continue to receive on multiple phones with high frequency.

I get robocall from card holds services 4 to6 times a day on home and cellular phone. I can not block all the numbers because I have got calls fro my own number. and friends numbers. It needs to be a Felony to use someone else's number. with a 15 year prison sentence. The Government can record your call but can't find these Idiot

If FTC can't do anything what good is their section of Government?

I get these calls about credit card services everyday, I have gotten 9 in a day but mostly 3-4. They are always from a different local number, I am on the DNC list. It is so annoying that I am ready to get my phone disconnected, I also get them on my cell phone. I sure hope they can be prosecuted for it.

As all the others who are reporting, continuous robo calls from Rachel an Veronica. Reporting does no good. Unlike a lot of the people reporting , it costs me minutes on my cell plan and that makes me angry. I believe that constitutes theft on their part.

Shes baaaaack, 4 calls today.

I just reported Rachel. Looks like there is no enforcement in view of all the posts.

Three years later and "Rachel" is still at it. What happened FTC? I actually pounded through to a live person this time and told them to stop calling me, their response was, "Shut up, shut up" and then they put me on hold and then hung up on me. You can't block their number because they are constantly using different numbers.

Get these calls three times or more a day. Can't block because each time is a different number. Tell them I am filing a lawsuit and they hang up.

They sue these companies we get nothing. It our time and phones they are calling .

You can report these numbers until you are blue in the face. They keep coming, most of the time they are spoofing local numbers from friends family and other businesses. I'm tired of answering. There has to be a better way. FTC. Do not call list. Robokiller, nothing works. Every last minute on my cell phone bills are incoming telemarketers. So basically I'm paying close to 300 for my family to get spammed.

If we could get credit cards that were specifically tagged as "bait" I think we could end these calls in a few weeks..... A card that can be traced to the illicit callers.

A few weeks ago I got one of these calls and begged the guy if I could call him back because I really needed his service. Told him I was on a ladder with my cordless. I wrote down the number but never called as yet. Calls come from Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta. The number he gave was 800-847-2911. Not sure how real it is.


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