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Has your cell phone fallen for a smooth operator?

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When you adjust the settings on your mobile device to keep your location private, you expect your location will be private. Right? Maybe not. An FTC case announced today alleges a mobile advertising company secretly tracked people through their devices, regardless of their privacy settings.

The FTC says InMobi tracked people using information from the Wi-Fi networks connected to or near their devices. Why? So it could send them location-based advertising — ads that display on a mobile app when the user’s location suggests they’re likely to buy, such as when they’re inside an advertiser’s store.

InMobi gave app developers software to display the ads in their mobile apps. The problem? The FTC says InMobi didn’t clearly tell the developers the software would track location even if someone didn’t consent to being tracked and had set a device to deny access to its location information.

The FTC says the deception prevented developers from accurately telling people the information their apps would collect, which ultimately prevented people from being able to choose to only install apps that would respect their privacy preferences.

InMobi’s network reaches more than a billion devices worldwide through thousands of popular apps, including children’s apps. The case is the FTC’s first charging a mobile ad company with deception and with violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which requires online services to get a parent’s consent before collecting information from children.

The settlement requires InMobi to destroy location information it collected without consent, and respect people’s privacy settings. It also includes a $4 million civil penalty. InMobi must pay $950,000, and the rest will be suspended based on InMobi’s financial condition.

The law requires that companies tell the truth about the personal information an app will collect. The FTC has information about using privacy settings and guidance to help businesses comply with the law.


YES but then the best thing to o is to buy a new one it is cheaper then getting the cellphone repaired

Act. Privacy. Thank. Go. To fix. It

On Tuesday the 21st, (The start of the calls)I received the latest phone calls. The next call came today. The guy on the phone sounded like he was from another country far away, with an accent tbat was very strong. Anyway he called and said that I owed some money and the police were on their way to pick me up. I needed to pay $8,900 past taxes and if I payed the $8,900, it would cancel them from picking me up. I in no way am able to pay. He is going to talk to his supervisor. He will call me back. I admit, I was SCARED. Somebody has to stop him and others from receiving the calls.

Why didn't you hang up.

I have received at least 10 Calls a day from these people. I've tried blocking them, but it will not let me block them. They are saying the same things to me. I just laugh and hang up considering I work in the legal field and know a scam when I hear or see it. Things are only going to get worse, and something needs to be done regarding this and ID Theft, which I've had 4 times, plus extortion of $10,000.00 last year. Good luck to everyone.

I have to say that it seems incredible that the only fine this company got was so low and that some of it was suspended due to its financial situation? Why are these people only getting the Proverbial Slap On the Wrist? I hold the app. Developers and phone service providers as guilty as this company. Being so familiar with this type of fraud and or lies, why they didn't they do what we are always told to do, which is make sure that the company you are dealing with (especially when it comes to security and the rights of their customers) may not do, or provide, what it says it will .I believe the phrase is due diligence.

I applied for the do not call list and it seems like I am getting more now than before.

None of your suggestions has even made a dent in our junk calls. Especially disruptive and dangerous now as my wife just returned from the hospital after a subarachnoid hemorrhage. If you know anything about aneurysms, survival rates are low and the risk of stroke continues yet for weeks. Every light, noise or distraction of any type can trigger a stroke. This means an unwanted solicitation call actually could trigger a stroke and kill or cripple her in an instant. We have every blocking device we know of including yours. None is effective. And what happens if the above scenario occurs? Do I need to be writing down EVERY number off our caller id in order to pursue them, and what is that going to do and how?

10 wheeler is there any reason that you can't mute the cell phone or lower the sound. Airplane mode could help. Don't want any thing more happening to your poor wife. I keep mine on mute and it vibrates. It seems to work for me.

Go to your nearest appliance store and purchase a call block if you do not have one on your phone. If it is a number that comes up anonymous caller, private caller, no name, just hit CALL BLOCK and they can no longer get through to you. In fact, the phone will not even ring. It will just come up "CALL BLOCKED".

some sent messages say your money is taken and you do not entry America.they say .so what to do.


Many of these calls will call repeatedly repeatedely.

All of you have given google perission to peer into your life simply by buying an android phone; adding your email and purchasing an app. You all seem to be okay with your privacy being jeapordized. Let me ask you this? Would you be okay with a complete stranger peering into your bedroom window while you have sex or sleep or give your children a bath? I think not. You have all allowed this to happen. And here we are FREEDUMMYS

Wheb Nothing works..when you realize what is the become totally shocked..I believe in my conclusion I am added to a WiFi account ..Saved WiFi access points using exchange accounts that reverse appearance with music player application..and steals upgrades by the updates ..I only appear online until I have to does not register on social media sites. WiFi activated accesed explains as "saved access" incinuation of usage on a new unlimited mobile premium account..Required as a standard feature ..Advised by device manual to activate turning WiFi off while connecting data plans..activated NY request adding devices to the plan..Looks like my devices are preadded ..WiFi is activated without option..interfearance hacks pin access codes are required by the carrier to access information on your account that does not verify to match upon online direct Mobile access sign in..Account conspiracy to multi net advertising..only displays account derails in mobile device..without signing in..this device is not concerned about your mobil sign in verifications..and will only function when adding a google account..when you reset..the device has no knowledge of your exsistance refuses true back up and your looking at WiFi..skip to sign in process warns of intense online activity with liabilities (Charges)...when I am paying for a premium registered account..I have to be out on unactivated mobile in a reset? ..I have to go to a process after my phone was registered to add a google account because I have no right to access direct server..I have to open pages by pop up system options to use apps making choices how apps open using dual system USB interfearance? .

Deleted Google, Facebook, Twitter on iPhone to bolster security concerns and issues of malware and black AppStore software. Don't click email links or download third party apps. Still I have concerns with this phone device deleting unwanted softwares after resetting. Changed email address, , passwords, and location is private


Mark aka Frustrated

I am having this issue as well, I went off Facebook because of hacking issues shortly after A forgiener male called said I won all kinds of money. It was my first response to push record on my phone. This man said he got my number off Facebook NO possible way since I closed my Facebook page down and I got a new number. I let that man know I was recording him and he was never to call me again. He went by name Mark Carter and said his boss was Mark Zimmermann and they got my number off Facebook. I still have that recording and extra copies because I am always having phone issues even when I don't own computer.

I just had a message from a romance scam asked me for $1000 to get home to see his daughter and he said that if I didn't give him the money, I would lose my job and my family, friends and boyfriend!

I have a small company that uses ATT cell coverage. Someone managed to open a Sprint account in my company name and charged 4K in phones and service. We were never sent any notices or bills until it went to collections. Even though I filed a police report and answered all the questions, the amount they say my company owes is over 9K. Now I have to hire a lawyer to fight this! The oddest part is that Sprint would not release any information to me about who opened the account other than a name. This is just wrong that I am being asked to pay for the poor SOP Sprint uses in their store.

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