How to avoid imposters: 4 videos you need to see

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A person pretends to be someone you trust and tries to convince you to send them money. They’re called imposter scams, and scammers use all kinds of angles to make their stories sound believable. If you — or your friends and family — haven’t been targeted by one yet, it’s almost certain you will be.

To help you recognize and avoid these types of scams, the FTC has four new videos on IRS imposters, tech support schemers, online dating con artists and “grandkid” scammers. Check them out at or in Spanish.

Here’s a sneak peek:

While you’re at it, check out our four new articles on imposter scams. The articles are part of our Pass It On campaign, which encourages older adults to talk with family, friends, and neighbors about avoiding common scams.

Have you been targeted by an imposter scam? Let the FTC know by filing a complaint at But don’t stop there. Help your friends and family avoid imposter scams: you can post the videos on social media, spread the word about, and order free copies of the articles at


I think my identity is being used by a lot of these scammers and fraudsters. Identity theft. But not sure sincerely Monica

Great info, thanks for providing. I've added the FTC email address for scam messages and just forward all the crazy Nigerian scams.
Thanks for all that you do!

Yes been many scam people sending things can we post the videos on our social site?

Yes, it you may share these videos.  All videos and information from the FTC is free to share and link to.

You can link to videos from your social media page, or you can add the videos directly to your page.

Go to the Imposter Scam page to see all four videos. Each video has a "Share" link in the top right corner. Click the "Share" link and you'll see how to add a link, or embed the video in your page.

PLEASE tell folks about the current MICROSOFT scam. Like a dummy, I bought it hook, line and sinker. Thankfully, I called my bank to stop the charges. It was WELL over $600!!!!!!!!!!!

We've heard that lots of people are getting calls from scammers pretending to offer tech support. You'll find tips in this article about Tech Support Scams.

Please share the link to the article ( - or information from the article -  with your friends and others who may not know about the scam. All FTC information is free and in the public domain, so you can share as you wish.

This is a great service you are providing. I always tell my clients to be aware of those scammers. I re-send this e-mail to all my list. Thanks for your information.

It's great that you're sharing this information. Thanks!

You could encourage your friends to subscribe to get Scam Alerts and Consumer Information Updates themselves.

And, you can order free copies of information to share with friends and neighbors. You can get tips about imposter scams and other issues like credit, debt and identity theft at

A little irreverence is necessary. Don't be too afraid to challenge authority legitimate or otherwise. Fear has its limits.

I think I've just been scammed!! I answered a post to A Rose Williams. On Instagram. Her post said send $100 get $1,000 and the more you send the more you get. So to see if it was legit I sent $100 by western union.

She then told me I had to send a transfer fee to release the money, but by the time she told me that the western union closed so therefore I couldn't sent it till the next day. I sent it. She I turn told me the banker Denzil Millier flipped the money that morning and could now get $3,000 instead of the $1,000 but needed to send the release for the money and I could no longer get the $1,000 because it's already flipped.

Needless to say they've done this several times using the same banker at the western union as well as 2 others. now that Ive told them I won't send them any more money they are saying I can't get any of the money that they promised me unless I come up with another $250. What do I do because I'm freaking out!!! They are still contacting me and I'm still trying to get my money, but i will not send anymore money to them.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

You can also report the scam to the wire transfer company.

I have gotten 2 calls stating that they will garnish my pay for not repaying a pay day loan. I have never had a payday loan. so what so I do/

This FTC article has information about what to do if a fake debt collector contacts you.

I have received multiple calls from IRS scam artists. They would speak in really thick Indian accents, and would use western names like Paul, Michael etc. Then I started to get prerecorded voice mails by a female and now they just left me another prerecorded voice message in males voice. In this message they stated that someone will soon be coming to my house and that I should have ID prepared. Asking to call back @ 206-432-4360. Has anyone else received this voice message?

206-432-4360 calls my wife and I. I actually spoke to a person once. First they tell you to give the case number then they ask you to provide some sort of personnel ID like confirm your SSN or confirm your birthday. I explained that I recognized this scam and then I reported this to the FBI via their website, but the calls began again.

Unfortunately my mother in law was scammed in the midle of the night. They claimed her grandson was in jail and needed money wired immediately. She was devistated.


This is really nice

i want to report this guy ladies be aware, he is know as christopher marino, michael donati, christopher moretti, he is a scammer i met him at

Can you tell me more. I think I know him. Please share.

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