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Learn how to fight fraud – at your library!

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Book lovers flock to their local library to pick up a favorite classic or the latest bestseller. But today library visitors also want and need a whole lot more. In addition to providing traditional services, librarians help diverse groups of people navigate a complicated world, including how to avoid scams.

As for scams, there’s one thing we know for sure: we’re all consumers – and we’re all targets for fraud. Scammers are good at what they do. They’re professionals who know how to create confusion and prey on emotions to throw people off-balance just long enough to take advantage. Our job is to give people a heads-up so that maybe they don’t get knocked off balance and they don’t get ripped off.

 What does that heads-up look like? It depends on the topic and the community. The FTC wants to help librarians help all their patrons. That’s why we asked legal services lawyers, librarians, ESL teachers, military counselors and others working in various communities: What kinds of scams do your folks experience? What do they need to know? What’s the best way to reach them? Then we developed resources to address those needs for: people with challenges reading English, older patrons, Spanish-speakers, identity theft victims, new arrivals, and families looking to start a conversation with kids about digital literacy and living life online. Coming soon are tips and tools to address the particular consumer challenges military families face.

 We’ve gathered these resources in one convenient spot, It’s a great place to start exploring ways to fight fraud. Librarians can:

  • Use the content in library programming.
  • Order free copies of bookmarks and other print resources.
  • Add information to your newsletters, sites, or social networks. We have about 100 videos – they make great snackable tips for your social media!


Take a look around – we’d love to hear what think.


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Thanks I'll try once I get this bank loan hopefully I'll be able to get my investment funding and see the truth of it all

I would like to add your blog to my social media site. How do I do that?

How can I get info to place on my fb post about scammers the ones you are talking about now

You can copy the URL of a blog post and paste it into a Facebook status update to share it. For example, the URL of this post is

You can also subscribe to get Scam Alerts and Consumer Information updates from the FTC.

Can't see a recaptcha

Thank you.

Thank you for the information.

To:the,and our states legislatives bodies,federal bureau of investigation,it's a lot of documents and personal information use in libraries from the library of congress to state and local government libraries and fraudulent activities is a major issues because of spyhackers and terrorism corruption

I have gotten about 10 calls from IRS Impostors. They told me they have a warrant out for my arrest due to I owe tax money. They want me to send money so I will not get arrested. I looked these numbers up and they are impostors of the IRS. Here are the numbers: 202-754-9732 and 202-754-8368. I never sent any money because I was told this is a SCAM!

Send info to me at the way u normally do. I,m full of,questions Thx You.,

I'm still receiving calls from a company that is stating that they are MICROSOFT and my computer has is full of viruses and they are the people that fixed it before?

I was scammed by SUPERIOR TECH and they stole $600.00 from my Visa card. They called again and offered to give me my money back if I sent them $1200! I am not an idiot but these people are still in business. Any chance of getting my money back or at least stopping them from the same scam.

Please tell law enforcement about the company. Report what happened to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

If a scammer has your credit card or bank account number, he can misuse your accounts. Contact your credit card company or bank to report what happened and ask how to keep your money safe.

Often get the Microsoft call--all they want to do is get inside my computer to relieve me of important info.
There is also a scam which locks up my computer says I have virus and to call this number immediately. I just use the on/off button and it goes away.

Many person was cheated by Valuebasket around the world. they are rauders and making all in "white goves". After read this article and many other at net i now it's way to cheated people is SCAM. Unfortunatelly Police never did catch them till now. Valuebaskt frauded at Spain New Zeland Australia Poland even Russia (I suppose) Now they are at liquidation process and victims of this fraud not belive so can get away our money at undelivered goods:-(

Thank you.

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