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New limits on telemarketers

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Scammers want your money, but they don’t want to get caught taking it. That’s why fraudulent telemarketers ask people to pay with systems that deliver a quick, anonymous cash payout like cash-to-cash transfers or cash reload card PINs. However, it’s now illegal for telemarketers to ask for payment by:

  • cash-to-cash money transfers — like those from MoneyGram and Western Union
  • PINs from cash reload cards like MoneyPak and Vanilla Reload

The FTC amended the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) to ban these practices starting June 13, 2016. If a telemarketer asks you to use one of these payment methods, he’s breaking the law.

The amended Rule also bans telemarketers from calling to ask for your bank account information and using it to create a ‘remotely created check’ that you never see, or sign. If a telemarketer you haven’t done business with calls to ask for your bank account number for any purpose, say ‘No’ and hang up.

You have other protections under the Rule, including:

If you hear from telemarketers who don’t follow the rules, hang up and report them to the FTC.

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Good I hope this stops them from calling all the time

Reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission Nothing happens. I still it calls from over a year ago or longer

I haven't as of Mon. 27th 2016 received any calls of any kind. Peace at last. Maybe now I can use my landline again. Thank you so much. What a blessing.

I am happy the FTC is taking additional steps to protect consumer from telemarketers or con men and women. Now make it a felony to call a consumer stating you own the IRS and using the IRS name.

You must be living in a dream world. 90% of the telemarketing calls I get violate at least one of the rules you have outlined. Most of the calls violate two or more of the rules. How about a little enforcement.

I so agee. My phone limits the amount of rejected callers so I get these calls all hours and I am on the do not call list. The warrant calls need to stop.

I agree with you! I somewhat laughed and said, yeah, getting crook telemarketer/IRS fake agent/Utility fake representative, to follow 'the new law', what? Kind of like asking prostitutes and drug dealers to file a tax return on their income. ha ha

This bunch of laws will go uniforced just like to law about talking on phones while driving. There are so many laws that go uninforced

Thank you, thank you!!

I have been getting calls on my caller id that says private. Today I answered it and a recording told me it was the IRS and i should call 202-754-8449 to resolve this matter. The area code is in Washington and I know it is a scam so I wanted to call and tell them to stop. I called the number and I got a recording try your call again. Why send out a recording to call a number and it is not in use?

They just want to talk to you when THEY call; not the other way around. A way to keep you from tracking them, that's all.

This is awesome! Thanks FTC!

What are they going to do too the telemarketers that are not in the US? A majority of them that call me barely speak English!

You have to do your part too. You have to put your name on the Do Not Call registry yourself. You aren't automatically exempted from sales calls just because there are laws that apply to them.
Also, for the laws to be enforced, you have to report the lawbreakers to the FTC. I would bet most haven't. How does the FTC know who to enforce the law on if no one bothers to take a couple of minutes to report the call?
Furthermore, if you have ever done any business with the company calling you, they are exempt from the restrictions.

I have received scam/telemarketing/fraudulent calls from these #'s and it keeps happening. I am on do not call list and i renew it each time but these #'s come through.

617-947-7532 531-600-2002,630-869-1375,617-829-4511,508-930-6653,617-502,5630,404-891-5626,617-500-2301,617-682-7682,617-209-7830,267-688-0257,352-302-1779,360-324-7407,508-812-4438.

I blocked these,and looked them up on reverse phone lookup.But can FTC do more about these #'s if they know where they are coming from? These are robocalls and live callers sending these calls.

Buggy, is that a smartphone your using full-time? If so what type, what's the OS? What blocking feature came installed you use, or did you have to buy one & download it. I've been hounded relentlessly on my cellular "nonstop" & it's gotten to the extreme the past, oh say 5yrs or more. We have been strictly all cellular, no landline, since 2010. Our phones have been registered on the DNC since it's inception, say 2003!!!

That doesn't stop them! I get calls from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days a week! Spoofed. I won't answer it & I get a LOT of repeat offenders even AFTER they've been told STERNLY to DO NOT CALL, that I've been registered on the DNC Registry & to remove me from their call list ASAP & they are breaking the laws set forth that they are MANDATED TO FOLLOW BY TCPA&FCC,but they just shrug it off.

One Telemarketing scam in particular calls from Detroit MI, same person same scam, over & over like a broken record. I don't pick it up but it goes to my VM, wasting my cellular minutes that "I" have to pay for, not "them" but I will ALWAYS get a VM partial recording from them when I don't pick up that ALWAYS starts with "congratulations you have been one of the lucky few who have been chosen to participate in a sweepstakes entry....." blah, blah then it gets shut off. It's an illegal Telemarketing robocall! I've reported it, numerous times! Has anything happened? Not that I can tell. They have continued to call & eat away at my cellular plan minutes, every single day, usually more than 1x!

But they are not the only ones. But they are the worse.

I have an android phone. Just got it. We have Consumer Cellular so they don't provide blocking services. I have OS 5.1. I've used the phone app to block. They get through. I've downloaded the few apps compatible with my phone OS & they get thru. I tried changing my phone# & within 24hrs I kid you not I was being harassed & hounded by Telemarketing calls! I had my original cellular# for so many years & decided if they were going to hound me no matter what ph# I had I might as well go back go my old#. Besides it was becoming such a pain in the ##S changing all my accounts updating my info.

But these telemarketers can't be stopped. They are a cancer that is too evasive & no cure available. Whoever can, if EVER, can put a stop to these vile dispicable hounds of telephony Harrassment, then that person should run for president of the USA because that in my opinion would be a mighty grand & impressive feat, astounding actually.

In other words: I'll believe it when I don't "hear" it anymore

in reply to jg 1462: yes a smartphone, yes, it has blocking /manage blocking features already installed,talk to your service provider, see if they have a phone with those features,keep your number, I just keep adding the #s to the block list, not much you can do at this point other than that and reporting the #s to is not an easy fix for anyone, consumer or for the FTC, they are trying but I think consumers will have this trouble for a while. Just be smart, don't call them back,don't engage in conversation if it is a live person,use a good free antivirus approved by consumer protection,be wary of apps that look at all your info,be selective who you give your # to,and just deal with it as if you were in the woods at night with a bunch of mosquitos- try to use repellant!

Buggy I get almost all those # today 02-25-2017 I keep reporting every number with no luck. They just keep making new numbers or I get spoof calls with my hone number. I have even blocked my home number from calling my home. LOL WHAT IS Federal Trade Commission going to do about all those calls? It's getting pretty bad when they call at 4:30 am. Please help

Why hasn't the government made the use of false numbers and spoofing phoney caller ID information illegal? It seems that if the phone companies prevented phoney information from being transmitted into another's Caller ID, most of these calls would come to a stop. I've been barraged with two to three of these unwanted calls everyday. I'M FED UP WITH THEM. I don't purchase anything from a phone unless I happened to have called them first.


I have had similar experiences to all the above. And I have many of the same questions posed here and would Love ANSWERS! Here's a novel idea FTC....How about responding to THESE Replies!!!

You'll find a lot of information in the articles and blogs on this website, and at

You could read about getting calls from your own number, learn how a robocall works, read up on the FTC's enforcement of the Do Not Call registry, subscribe to scam alerts.

BreardBoy61 | June 28, 2016 | reply (I AGREE w/BreadBoy61) Why hasn't the government made the use of false numbers and spoofing phoney caller ID information illegal? It seems that if the phone companies prevented phoney information from being transmitted into another's Caller ID, most of these calls would come to a stop. I've been barraged with two to three of these unwanted calls everyday. I'M FED UP WITH THEM.

Government should REQUIRE all telephone providers MUST stop transmitting false information to one's caller ID. The companies know immediately that a person is transmitting a invalid phone number to my caller ID and the call should be terminated with a message. "Number is not in service or has been disconnected, please enter a valid phone number." We are just about to jettison our land line because it is almost unusable because of spammers and criminals. On second thought if a few 100 thousand people terminated their land lines, the telephone companies might just figure out a way to stop these criminals from harassing us.

I tried reporting with FTC by phone and made an online account. When I went to sign in with temp password, I couldn't get through.Made another call to FTC..was told person who took info put in wrong telephone # and I had to use another email address to start another account.Really? i use only one email address...why is this my problem? FTC Representative was very impatient and angry with me when I questioned this..I was intimidated by this person on phone and I don't want to call again because of their angry impatient behavior with me.

I'm sorry you had this experienc with the FTC complaint center. You have the option to report a problem by going to

Voice mail is a good screening method -- most scammers leave no message. If uncertain (caller ID indicates a possible real call) I answer then hang up if no voice is heard immediately or a suspicious voice is heard.

What about spammy texts? Some ba***rd texted me at 3:15 AM, waking me advertise handbags on sale. I am on the DNC list. But this was not a voice call. It was a text. Do I have any rights?

This FTC article has information about text message spam.

thanks for useful information

Toothless laws. It is the legitimate companies that endlessly break the laws (and fund your political candidates, judges and their lobbyists write these weak laws) that need your attention. When will you make the penalty so harsh that no one will dare call a person illegally? I'm talking life without parole and 100% forfeiture of all corporate AND personal assets. I see you just let Ms. Clinton off the hook. Pathetic.

Great Converts US.Gov. it's an action that makes feel a little bit more secure.

I found a way to get rid of some of these callers.
I put my phone on " forward " TO A LOCAL NUMBER POLICE STATION .
My calls are down quite a bit since doing that.

In reality, these telemarketers don't care about the laws, they just care about not getting caught, because as long as they haven't been shut down, they can always get away with what they are doing.

Thanks, and am always prepared to maintain advice from the FTC about fraudsters.

I agree with hating the callers. And I do report them to the FTC and FCC and I also warn email spammers from legitimate websites who fail to unsubscribe me that I am reporting them. These are sites such as big magazine publishers and clothing sellers. It is amazing that threatening to report them does cause them to stop emailing me. As to why there are not more investigations or why isn't something "being done" about these scammers, a large part of the problem is that no money has been appropriated or not enough to actually enforce these rules/laws. Get with your Rep or Congressman and demand that THEY do something, as they are really the only ones who can provide the FTC and FCC with the resources (Staff, legal fees and money) to enforce the laws they pass.

I had money scam.It was a lot of money.i dont give them money anymore.why they not run away. they still online and talk to me anytime.why is that ?and what can i do .who can i report to get them .and how can i make them pay me back?

You can report a scam to the FTC. Go to and tell us what happened. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

If you send another comment here to say what happened, we can give you some ideas for getting help.

is it ok if those scammers read my comment?

I already report to FTC .HOW DO I KNOW they recived my report or not?

After you report to the FTC online, if you give your email address, you should get an email from the FTC saying we got your complaint. If you report by phone, the person you talk to will tell you the number of your complaint.

After sent them money many time,because they set up story,they made me crazy and stupid. Do i still need talk to them for police easy to do investigation or stop talk to them? because they still talking to me more even i don't send them money anymore

Also, opt out of third party disclosures with any businesses you deal with that have your info, even utility companies, also NEVER RESPOND to telemarketers, look up the number on white pages reverse phone lookup,register all #s with do not call registry,look up info on consumer protection agencies about what more you can do,and e patient, it is a long road ahead of us and these scammers will try to find other and many ways. Be aware and vigilant and seek knowledge about it to stay on top of it.

after scammer got my money from wire transfer . i call him he still pick up the phone or he call me right back .his viber number always say he online.can fbi,ftc,or police track him easily?
the scammers even they live in another country. but what they did in th usa they robbery , don't use gun or knife ,they use internet phone or mail.. they steal money from american people . they laugh because we could't get them.they make us lose our house our car and some want to die because our mind keep think about how we going to live no money because we sent them all.think about the story they been set up.the strap, they are very professional..we feel like we lost our life .i hope govenrment will do something to protect people from the usa . track them down and return money to us

Until the FTC gives phone companies (carriers) the go-ahead to analyze incoming calls that originated from a computer (voip in technical terms), the scammers will continue to spoof Caller ID's and cover their tracks. If the FTC did this, the carriers could block those computer calls. It's not that hard to do.

This won't do jack. The telemarketers will figure out a way to get around it and the regulators will look like idiots again.

As for me for scammers and thouse who violate the DNC list (my number is on the the DNC list), I try to waste as much of their time as I possibly can. I tend to go along until they ask for any personal information and then I tell them that I need to go to the bathroom and ask them to hold. Then I just keep them on hold endlessly (and I play the most boring music that will put an insomniac into a coma) checking the phone in twenty minute intervals to see if they have hung up or if they are still holding. If they still holding, I just walk away and continue my normal routine while they are still holding. I have done this a couple of times (even though it never made it last like the five or ten minute mark), so far it did reduce the call volume a lot.

I’m glad something is being done, they wake me at 5or6 am at times I like to leave my phone on at night in case of emergency but now I have to turn it off I’ve had so many calls from them that I don’t answer the phone and I’ve missed some very important calls got tired of running to see who it was also I was wondering is it illegal for them to steal other peoples numbers I got to local numbers that I called back thinking that they were business and it turned out to be a private number they are stealing private numbers now from people , it’s maddening !

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