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Scammers say “Help Wanted”

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Criminals don’t like getting caught. So, when they want to send and receive stolen money, they get someone else to do the dirty work. Some scammers develop online relationships and ask their new sweetheart or friend to accept a deposit and transfer funds for them. Other cons recruit victims with job ads that seem like they’re for legit jobs, but they’re not. Law enforcement calls the victims ’money mules.’ If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

Scammers post ads for imaginary job openings for payment-processing agents, finance support clerks, mystery shoppers, interns, money transfer agents or administrative assistants. They search job sites, online classifieds and social media to hunt for potential money mules.  For example, if you post your resume on a job site, they might send you an email saying, ‘We saw your resume online and want to hire you.’ The ads often say:

  • the company is outside the U.S.
  • all work is done online
  • you’ll get great pay for little work

If you respond, the scammer may interview you or send an online application. He does that to collect your personal information and make the job offer seem legitimate. At some point, the scammer will ask for your bank account number, or tell you to open a new account, and then send you instructions about transferring money.

If you think you’re involved with a money transfer scam:

  • stop transferring money
  • close your bank account
  • notify your bank and the wire transfer service about the scam
  • report it to the FTC

If you’re looking for work, check out the FTC’s tips about jobs and making money and warning signs of a job scam.

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I got two checks in two weeks wanting me to cash, go to Walmart buy groceries, keep so much and send Money order to address. I tore them up.

This sounds like my work at home invite I got in the mail today . Was it products quantities view to review Walmart products? I get to keep 500.00 as my pay.

got a phone call from 775-372-0899 said his name was Ignam Paul and I was to go to Google hangouts and Pham Bart was gong to interview me, they send me two checks which I made the mistake of depositing and they closed my account for fraud, Ive been trying to file a police report I m putting a identity theft alert on my credit report and next is SS admin to report the theft, I have also reported to IRS. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

I received a text from these people as well. The persons name is Mrs. Tammy Goldberg. She has requested that I use Google hangout to proceed with interview process. I haven't done that yet, thought I would research the number first. Thank you for providing me with this information.

Did they ask you to take a questionnaire and then say that you scored really high on the questionnaire?


the website they gave me online-data-entry. com

I received an email from Romania to work for their "European real estate" company. They were anxious to send me money as soon as I gave them personal contact information. I did not and you should not either.

Thank you for this information am especially concerned in regards to buying portable oxygen online.

An individual is presenting themselves to public has the IRS. I have been holding for over 30 minutes for an IRS response. The calling number is 217-730-1633

Check the FTC website for the latest scams you will find the IRS ones listed on there. Please file a complaint with the FTC. Our town residents are getting hit really bad from these IRS scammers. The FTC can't catch them if we don't report them.

hi all get is scammers saying there doctors working for united nations saying the are in the us army asking for presents like top of the range mobile phone gold neckslaces and much much more saying the want to marry you you buy your self a wedding dress and get dumpped.

I met a guy online and he said all the right things that I wanted to hear. He was in another country trying to get here so we could meet.
He introduced me to a friend of him that lives here in the states. His friend wanted me to receive credit cards with my name on it to shop for high end laptops and ship to my boyfriend so he could help someone and get paid. The credit cards were stolen information but since my name was on card I thought they were legit. I also received over $35,000 worth of equipment to be shipped out to the country where boyfriend was for a friend of his. Shipping labels was emailed to me so everything seemed in order. I was also asked to get a cash advance from some of the credit cards sending the money to another country.
I was arrested for credit card fraud and identity theft. I had no idea how to obtain someone's identity and the credit cards came from companies that issues them with my name on them. I learned a good lesson from that experience and how far a scammer will go to deceive you.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out there. Avoid Job offers from WARE HOUSE TRADING SA out of Switzerland, but now in uS too. Their scam is putting money onto your Credit Cards via a Wells Fargo account in your name, and getting you to go buy thousands of dollars worth of i-Tune cards, sent them the numbers and then they reversed the payments made from Wells Fargo to my credit cards leaving me overdrawn and in debt for $8,300 and closing the WF account.

Please report your experience to the FTC at information will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

They are now calling themselves General Commerce GmbH. They had a job for a procurement manager on that I applied for. Exact same scam, they got me for $1000, fortunately my credit card company shut me down with my 2nd attempt to buy more Best Buy gift cards.They are very good and very convincing that you are enabling people in Europe and Asia to access American goods that they are unable to purchase due to foreign currency. I Google for General Commerce GmbH in Switzerland, and it does exist, but has probably no connection to the filth that is ripping people off!

This information needs to be published in all social media. I'm a senior citizen and got scammed by a 'romance' scam. These criminals are experts and convincing so please alert all citizens.

I have received several emails with trying to recruit me as an employee. I have NOT applied for any jobs! I just delete the email. I never open the email because of the possibility of it carrying viruses. IF I WANT OR NEED SOMETHING I WILL GO TO THEM, and NEVER EVER will I respond to emails or phone calls when they are unsolicited by me!!!

Bank personnel need to be aware of money laundering. I know for a fact.

I thank you for all your great work and for making it available to the public. God bless your efforts.

I had two individuals contact me for similar part-time work using legit companies overseas within 2 months. These criminals are getting desperate for victims.

A friend of mine got got her identity stolen after she applied for a job & gave them her social security number. One wouldn't think anything amiss since employers use our SS numbers to withhold for taxes. She should not have given the number until after she got the job. Later when she went to file her taxes, she discovered someone already used her number to file a tax return to get a tax refund. Another friend of mine was hired as a "Secret Shopper" . When she went to deposit her check, her bank account number was stolen.

Thank you for sharing this information. Sorry to hear about what happened to your friends.Applying for a job to only get your SS no# stolen is really scary.

I got a " check" for almost " $20,000.00" for the position I applied to as a secret shopper! I did NOT apply for any such job...I knew it was fake but took it to a bank. They said you didn't try to cash in his did you? . Heavens,NO. I called the Sheriffs a department to report it. They would not take a report unless I lost money! Did you loose money? No but thought you might want to warm the general public. No thanks... But hey said..nice huh?

I am happy to receive all your comments. Thankc

My daughter, while in college needed extra cash and found this Secret Shopper for Wal-Mart online at which we found out was fake. They sent her a money order and told her to shop for certain items at three local Walmart. While shopping she should take notes of the store and get the manager to sign off on her notes. Well we did everything they asked. Even had one of the store managers tell us they know about this , and to let him know if we needed anything else. We waited three weeks before we touched the money order that was deposited into her account. And was told each time we called the bank to make sure this wasn't a scam that everything was ok. Well three weeks after that we owe the back $2000 for a $900 money.

Please report this to the FTC at, and to the money transfer business you used. When you report to the FTC, the information goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I am not sure, but I think this scam is going around again. I signed up to be a secret shopper. I was sent a Postal Money Order. I am to fill it out with a legitimate company name (I looked them up) however their name gets used in a lot of scams.
Because of reading posts like this, I did not want to deposit it. I had not planned to deposit Money Order but to cash it at the Post Office, and then use cash to purchase as requested the Visa Cards. The next step is to send proof of purchase, with pictures of the front and back of cards. How do I find out if it is real or scam?

I was also used in scams unknowingly to send packages to another country. They told me they were sending raw gold to buy the stuff. They are always coming up with new scams. And they can get credit card info from ppl in USA who work in stores that take credit cards and they copy the info and sell to ppl to do this. They buy any personal information they can to rob ppl. And steal their identity. Mine as stolen and I have fake tax stuff on my taxes and ibhave not been able to work since the 90s. Dint trust no one. Period

I got contacted by an individual who stated he is working as ship engineering and the ship he is working had no Wi-Fi signals because we was in the middle of the ocean. He asked me to contact his son (12) in Africa, and gave me his email address.
This sounded suspicious. So, I responded to him that I have decided not to contact his son. a few days later he sent me another message stating that he is unable to communicate with his son because he is working overseas, and he had no way to communicate. he insisted that his son needed money to buy food and he asked me to send his son money. I responded that if he is able to send me a message, He is also able to send his son a message.
I reported the incident as a scam to the Facebook and they removed from the social media.

A very similar story to mine

I just hang up on these clowns and cut them off in the middle of their threats. If they keep on calling, I report them and the phone numbers they are spooling to the police.

I got a call saying I'd won some money from Publishers Clearinghouse - and that I needed to give my account number for deposit. I said "How STUPID do you think I am? - (1) PCH would contact me directly, in person, if I was a winner. (2) I wouldn't give ANYONE my account information and (3) PCH would NOT have someone with a strange accent calling me. I told him to go to hell and hung up - but copied down the number and did a reverse look-up online, it came from Kingston, Jamaica. I called FCC and gave them the info, they thanked me and said it was, indeed, a scam call and the number was possibly a throw-away kind of phone.

My mom in law had similar. I went online and THE real PCH said they DO NOT CALL WINNERS IN ADVANCE. That the PRIZE PATROL just shows up with your check. I know that there's a lot of false and mis-information out there, but do your research!

I feel that any company that asks for an upfront payment before even getting the job is obviously fake. Also, I feel that if a job listing such as working at home making so much just by having a computer with internet access while sounding good is mostly fake as well. I almost fell for this Casting 360, but then realized it was fake especially if someone calls right away and doesn't even ask for a resume. Fortunately, they didn't ask me to give them any money, but that was mainly because I pretty much knew what they were doing by then, and I haven't talked to them since then let alone get their emails. In reality, if there was a way to audition for movie extras, there would usually be places holding open auditions and they would cost nothing to attend them and try out.

I received a job offer from Sandvik based in Sweden wanted me to work in the United States as a collections agent or Corrections assistant

they sent me two checks wanting them to be deposited to my own checking account withdrawal then withhold $50 for each check for myself then take it to Safeway or another store and pick up a special package and by the package with the money that I have received which package did not sell for more than $500.

I was to receive $81,000 a year which sound extravagant. I need to know as soon as possible if this is a scam I still have the original Chex as I did not send them in because I ended up in the hospital where I got thinking about this and wondering if it might be a money laundering scheme please let me know as soon as possible

If someone you don't know sends you a check and asks you to deposit in your account, then withdraw money to buy things there's a good chance it's a scam.

If you think you’re involved with a money transfer scam:

  • stop transferring money
  • close your bank account
  • notify your bank and the wire transfer service about the scam
  • report it to the FTC

If you’re looking for work, check out the FTC’s tips about jobs and making money and warning signs of a job scam.

I had a guy reply to an ad for a dog sitter saying he was moving to our town and was having his dogs shipped here. He sent a cashier check and then wanted me to cash it wire money to someone and pay shippers but never would give me any information about the shippers or where he was moving to or even the vets name who was taking care of the dogs in the other state. All he was considered with was the check being cashed and wiring this money and paying for these dogs to be shipped to me. The only problem was that everything kept changing day to day. The dogs were from one state and the shippers from another state pretty far away. So I just reported it instead of even trying to cash anything. I don't believe there are any dogs even. Just trying to Scam money out of innocent people.

Hello out matter how desperate you are and no matter how lonely, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!!


It unfortunately doesn't eliminate you completely from being a victim of stolen ID or credit card or what have you, but DON'T MAKE IT EASY for these scum of the earth people to lure you into ANYTHING!!

They will prey on your heart, soul and manipulate you into pity; they will suck you into their "victim" status (feel sorry for them because they have no money, no love, no hope, lost everything, bla bla bla) - anything to pull your emotions into their tangled web and then suck your bank account, your retirement and your life from you, smiling all the way to THEIR bank.

Wouldn't you want to be someone who missed an opportunity to help directly, or would you rather be the one who lost everything with NO HELP available TO YOU? There are avenues for help. It's never easy to climb out of a financial hole whether you put yourself there or someone tricked you into falling in.

You can only report what happened and hope the FCC or homeland security can at the very least prevent someone else from being completely victimized and their life's work erased and taken from them.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, people, do some research and find at least 3, better 5, references to support the validity of your assistance, donation or help.

Do this for anyone or any charity claiming they need your assets to survive because of a poor kitten, puppy, child or mother who doesn't have anything. Research everything - call the city administration where you live, call the government and ask for the number or person who can help you figure this out. Call a friend or family member you trust! PLEASE!!

Does it make sense to risk both you AND the person you want to help having nothing?

It is so disheartening to think there are so many people in this world waiting or searching for you to take advantage of. It makes us sad. However there are also many people and organizations who want to help and they DON'T ask for cash, cashiers checks, money, assets, bank account numbers, credit card or social security numbers.

And keep an eye on the young people and even more often aging parents, relatives and loved ones who have lost the ability to keep themselves safe from scams due to disease. This includes dementia, Alzheimer's, mental illness or other verifiable disease process that hampers the ability to make rational decisions.

Direct YOUR help and support to those good-hearted people who want to help. Help them find a valid and reliable way to direct their kindness.

Please please spread the word.

I received an offer to send 2 millions USD in cash for charity from a person stating that she is under cancer medical treatment. Unfortunately, i did provide my personal information of phone number, address by sending my CV (No bank information provided).
Then via email, she sent me a document mentioned my name as the receiver of the money and requested me to follow the instruciton of some one call the agent of "diplomatic service", who bringing a package of money here to my country. That agent called me at my nap, requested me to pay the so called "customs clearance" money. But before I could ask for more information, the phone call was cut off and could not connect when I tried to call back, the number then became invalid. So, i think I have just been through a scam, right?! This has just happened for 4 hours only.

Yes, this might be a scam. If a stranger sends you a check and tells you to deposit it, there are risks for you. If you deposit a bad check and withdraw money, and later the bank learns the check is bad, you must repay the bank. If you tell the scammer your bank account number, he can take your money.

If you know about a scam, please report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

my live in girlfriend just got a "work from home job" re-sending out packages to foreigners. I watched her today as she opened (supposedly to inspect) three boxes containing mundane items like two sets of windshield blades! Seriously? and a cooking pan and cover....supposedly she will be paid $2500.00 a month..(my concern is she wont be paid for thirty days) and the fact that these items are so common, that we are both waiting for the hook! the company is T.S Company. Has anyone here ever dealt with this company?

I just got the exact job opportunity. From the A.S. Company. Found a scam report on them that they were stealing identities. Fraud alert & credit. We've been scammed-i knew it was too good to be true. Exactly why i usually stay off the internet. SAD SAD SAD

Hey there!
I'm sorry your girlfriend ended up in this situation. Often scammers target those seeking to work from home, or really any kind of employment. I tried searching for T.S Company, and nothing came up. What's happening here is likely a reshipping scam, and the packages she got were purchased with what I'm guessing were stolen credit cards. Has she reshipped the stuff yet? If not, then she needs to take it to the post office and report it to the postmaster. She should also talk with the attorney general's office, because there might be others in your area who've fallen for this scam too. If she has reshipped the stuff, then she needs to refuse all future deliveries and go no contact with the scammers. When she refuses those deliveries, she can tell the mailman or the delivery driver that these packages came from a scammer. Lastly, she should contact the credit bureaus and have them either do a fraud alert or a credit freeze for her.

I found a job offer on good ol craigslist offering 480 a week to allow an advertising sticker for some energy drink to be put on my car, I contacted them and in a week had a check for 1790 I was asked to give the remainder to a fella for the work it would take long story short the check was bunk and I came to this conclusion due to it not being excepted anywhere and they had no reason just couldn't except it. The company on the check was Huntington aluminum in Indiana I checked it out and they actually exist.

well i thank you alot for your help ftc,but i have been scam before in my life i help a guy to do some thing on the net and he settle me back, to me that is a kind of business hmm okay please i need help

I answered a ad for for a stylist/admin assistant position. This individual is very aggressive. Especially when I said I wasn't comfortable handling money. He presents himself as his own business owner for a textile company. He wanted me to send money to multiple individuals via money order. I looked up the address of the person who sent me the check, Kelly Jennings at Kirby Designs, Inc. it is a scam!

I have worked for several at home agencies and I pretty much know which lists to use while searching for at home work. Still the occasional scam pops up. Has anyone heard of Money 20/20? I was contacted and "interviewed" via hangouts. I am supposedly hired BUT I need to have a bank account so that I can deposit a check to purchase a laptop and software needed to perform the job. Everything I find online seems legit. I cannot find anything negative about them but I still am wary. Anyone heard of them?

I got the exact same job offer but from a company called Anglo Arabian.

I just recently received an offer to work as a mystery shopper. After reading about all the scams that has happened, I firmly believe this person is tiring to take me for a fool...."scam me". I'm going let him go just so far then I'm going to nail his privets to the wall !!


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