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The IRS doesn’t want your iTunes cards

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If anyone tells you to buy iTunes cards to pay the IRS, qualify for a grant, get a loan or bail out a family member, say “No.” They’re trying to scam you. The only place to use an iTunes card is at the iTunes store, to buy online music, apps or books.

People have told the FTC about scammers who called and demanded iTunes cards as “payment.” Bogus “IRS agents” told people they owed back taxes and would be arrested soon, unless they bought an iTunes card and gave the code to the “agent.” Phony “government grant” officers called and promised a big payout, after the person bought an iTunes card and read the code to the “grant officer.” Other fraudsters told people their grandkids were in jail and the only way to help was — you guessed it — to buy an iTunes card and read the code over the phone. All the stories were false.

There’s a reason scammers insist on getting iTunes cards: Once you tell a scammer the code from the back of an iTunes card, he takes control of the value on the card. He can use the code or sell it. After a person redeems the code, you can’t get your money back.

If you gave someone the code from an iTunes card and you think it was a scam, call Apple Support at 1-800-275-2273 right away (you may have to spend some time on hold). Tell them what happened and ask if they can disable the card. Also, go back to the store that sold you the card and talk with their customer service staff. And if you hear from someone who wants you to send an iTunes card, please tell the FTC.

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Someone by the name of Nelson Marquis according to Caller ID has called me three times. Another one was an Amber F. when I answered said he was from Microsoft. Hung up on him. They are spoofing the phone numbers and names of Facebook. Both of these people were on Facebook. Beware they are very clever.

My call was from the IRS and I should return the call to 347-855-7994. They said "It was their last call"...think that is true?

No don't believe them cuz they said that to me unfortunately I got scammed for 240.

Bob July 12th

They tried it on me today and as soon I heard $4,000.00 in ITunes cards I knew it was a scam. Some supposed-ed Federal agent was going to be sent to my home right away. I said come on over I am waiting for you. so far no one has arrived.

It is at least a 3 person scam. First someone calls and says they have an arrest warrant in your name. Then they tell you to call case agent at 347 650 2985 ext 105. The person says there is a warrant for your arrest and if you want to cler it up today please hold On and he will call the federal DA. he comes back and says zzi must go to dollar general store, a local chain store, and buy 4000.00 dollars worth of ITunes cards. supposedly there is a 911 operator monitoring the call. I asked to speak to her, she picked up and I asked why Iam I buying Itunes cards for the IRS. She said that if I didn't there would be a car sent to arrest me. I told her to send one over. Still waiting for it

Good for you Bob! That is one elaborate scam - rock on for not falling for it and for calling their bluff.

I get calls several times a month, but today for whatever reason I called the number left on my voice mail. I told the man that I did not want to go to a trial before a Grand Jury and asked him how I could take care of this matter with the IRS. He told me that it was very simple. All I had to do was to give him my SSI #. I told him that he should already have that information, and that I am an IRS Audit Specialist and he hung up. People need to never give ANYONE any info on the phone, EVER. I waited 5 minutes and called that same # again, but my number has been blocked. PLEASE alert all friends and family about this type of scam crap so no one gets financially damaged by these IDIOTS. Here is the # that called me all month. 1-845-809-0004. Feel free to contact them and tell them that you have called the Federal Trade Commission and they will be contacted by the FTC soon. Maybe if we ALL give them a dose of their own scare tactics, they just might stop. ------until they think of a new scare scam. Don't just roll over and let them continue. CALL THEIR BLUFF and report any info and phone numbers. Protect yourself, family and friends. REPORT REPORT REPORT. and don't be afraid to scare them with you own creative scare scam.

I was just called by the IRS telling me I owed them money and i'd better get in touch. Didn't call back. I looked up the number online and discovered it was the number of a woman in Phoenix who died of Altzheimer's at age 91 in 2005. They changed the spelling of her first name a little. Shameful.

Scam number keeps calling me claiming to be IRS (646) 357-1742

Just received a call from an imposter phone #3047869489 with the name IRS officer John Adams. I asked for the address of mine on my tax records and he said I am asking too many questions and to be ready for an arrest in the next 45 minutes for taxes due. He also said this was the last call and communication I will ever receive and my Driver licence will be cancelled and house attached and I will be in Federal Imprisonment.

i had the same call but my "officer " was jane williams. and the county sheriffs were on their way to arrest me. SO i asked her" well how exactly will they do that when i haven't even given you my name?good luck with that lady! she swore at me then hung up the phone.

i got a call from "steve martin" who sounded like someone from india, i hung up and then got a call at 230 in the morning with a voicemail from phone number 201-685-8584 i called the number back in the morning and an indian woman and she said it was the U.S. department of treasury and that i was a criminal and would be arrested. i asked for what and then she hung up just thought everyone should know.

Sounds like what happened to me except his name was "eric martin" started with an email. I don't know how they got it and then a phone call. I would be arrested for a debt that I had not paid. Had an accent that sounded like he was from India.

I received a call yesterday afternoon from the "IRS" legal dept. stating that there was a criminal lawsuit against me. Foreigner proceeded to give me my case #93271 and that Officer Daniel Wiseman was handling my case. I told him that I had not received anything from the IRS in writing regarding the case. I told him that I knew it was a scam and to not call back again. Then I hungup. Today I received a voice mail from a Officer Daniel Wiseman from the Legal Dept. of the IRS. saying."This is in reference to the criminal lawsuit filed against you. Case# 93271. Please call 202-459-4681. The moment you receive this message I need for you to return the call. This is a time sensitive issue. Don't disregard this call. If I don't hear from either you or your attorney. Then the only thing I can do is to wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you. Good bye.

I called the ph# 2024594681 back today. Talked to another foreigner. He knew who I was by his caller id. He gave me my case#93271 and proceeded to state that I needed to take care of this Criminal lawsuit now or they would freeze my assets, banking, cc, everything. He stated that between 2011&2015 I had illegally and knowingly put info on my taxes that was not correct. He stated that if I paid him $5000 by credit card right then that they would drop the case. I told him that he was trying to scam me and that was not going to pay him. I also told him that I had not received anything about the law suit by certified mail. He proceeded to tell me that I had signed two certified letters and that they were right in front of him. When I told him that I never signed any certified letters and that I wanted proof, of my signature on the letters, that is when the phone went dead.

I had just finished a legit IRS audit. Very emotional. They are very intimidating.So, when I got the call, of course I thought real. They had my address, DOB, and I gave them my ss#. I stopped short of getting itunes cards. didnt sound right. How will they scam me??

IRS SCAM phone number (202) 386-6492!! IRS will never call you & threaten with arrest, imprisonment, lawsuit, etc... They send certified letters. If it was a "criminal case" you'd be contacted by the US Attorney's Office--they are the ones that handle IRS criminal cases. DONT SENT ANYONE MONEY or give iTunes gift card codes.

to anyone reading this - if you get one of these bogus calls - just remember - IRS will not make initial contact phone regarding a tax issue - but - if you are interested in checking out where the call came from - use the White Pages reverse lookup on the internet - I found that my caller's phone call was from a cell phone, and that it was associated with a location in Saginaw Michigan. That was more than enough information for me to have when I called the number back just to have some fun with who ever answered the phone. Interesting how fast they hang up when you make then aware that you know that they are big time BOGUS!

I get calls from 202-856-9856 and 253-289-6017 regularly and have them blocked on my phone. They tried to tell me I owed back taxes and were extremely rude. I told them I know it's a scam and reported them to the IRS and the hung up on me but still try to call me. Idiots! I kept calling them back just to mess with them and then one guy called me back swore at me and hung up. I told him to get a REAL JOB!

i was scammed by someone claiming to be from the IRS they said i owed money in back taxes and if i didn't pay i would loose my house my job and be arrested from the local sheriff's department.I was told to go to the nearest store and purchase itunes cards (i had no idea what a itunes card was I thought it was a way to transfer money) I did what I was told in the amount of $11,985. I was scammed they got the numbers from me off the cards and the money is gone to them and I have a huge bill to pay and no help from anyone.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

If you give someone the codes from an iTunes card, they take control of the value on the card. He can use it or sell it. Once someone redeems the codes, you can't get your money back.

You could contact Apple Support at 1-800-275-2273 and ask them to disable the codes from the cards, if the codes haven't been used yet. If the codes have been used, you can't get your money back.

Please report what happened to the FTC at

I got a call today- telling me that the IRS was suing me and that there was an immediate warrant out for my arrest. (thoughts of a scam go out the window when you feel like you are going to be arrested in the next 5 minutes). When I told them that I was a very honest person and would have never made a known error on my taxes, they agreed to make a payment plan. He stayed on the phone with me until I drove to an "approved government provider" (Walgreens) and told me to go inside. Once inside, he told me to get the itunes gift card and that is when the red flags went up. Scared me so much I had to call the police department to make sure there wasn't a warrant out for me. So very scary and sad that honest people have to be threatened by this nonsense!

Loan Shuttle Limited ...

1st Recieved Email -
2nd Recieved Phone Call -
3rd- Loan Approved
4th - Purchase ITunes Card
5th- Rang them to inform them that I was suspicious of activity
6th Michael and Simon are one person, then followed up by an Indian Lady saying she was the direct lender

Michael told me to go to hell when I questioned him about his activity.

We lost over $35,000 a month ago. Beyond devastating. They said they were IRS agents and that we had outstanding tax charges. They are very aggressive and draw you into a state of causeless fear. All of the money was sent via iTunes gift cards. Now we don't know where to find the money to buy my husband's daughter a flight ticket to visit us from overseas.

I'm sorry to hear this. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You may also want to report it to the company that runs the store where you bought the cards. You can usually find a customer service or complaint department for a company online.

Loanshuttle.   Scam prentending and makeing you feel like ther a proper company even sent me a pre contract to sighn scammers

You can report a scam to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Recieved avoicemail said from IRS say there is a case against me to call back phone number 206 701 7400 Icall back The person at the other end have very heavy accent, sound like india.,could not uderstand himat all . Finally he hang up.

My mom received a call from her "grandson" who called her "Grandma." Well, her grandchildren do not call her that, so she knew right away it was a scam and she hung up. Also, her friend got a phone call using the "I was in a car accident, please don't tell Mom and Dad but I need...etc" to which she also replied "You're not my grandson" and hung up. And the scammers know if "Mom and Dad" are told, they will realize it's a scam, and the scammers won't get their gift cards. Thank goodness they were smart enough to realize they were about to be scammed. I also deal with this type of scam through my job. It is sad to see how often people fall for it.

help me plzz

received phone calls from 562.640.5958 and 213.709.1148 saying they need $11780 to resolve the "IRS" matter or would have to fight a lawsuit in DC and if I lost the case, I would owe $90,000 in fees and penalties. Hung up when I was quiet for a few seconds.

My wife just received a call and was told the exact same story as TX. The number that we received the call from is 213-275-1506 out of L.A. California. We are currently working with apple cooperate to see if there is anything that we can do to recover the money before the numbers are activated

Received a call today from 509-282-8001, left a message, rob call from irs, saying this is the final notice from irs and they are filing a lawsuit and to call them back at this number.

reading your messages i feel as if i did the right thing all the while hearing the idea of getting 40,000 dollars (which in the beginning was 14,000) in grant money for a one time in a life time. i didn't find anything wrong till they made sure i went to Walgreens to give them a itunes card. while they try to convince to stay on the phone till it happen i made it here to this site. one question after another lead me to another site .which has more questionable detail and does not apply any typical government issue so i hope this helps to question proto call and good luck believing

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give about the scammer will help law enforcement with investigations.

Received a robocall from 321-574-8094 originating in Melbourne Florida saying was the IRS and this was my last warning before a criminal complaint is filed unless I call back. Have received this scam call before and block the number but invariably, I receive additional calls weeks later from a new number although always from a Florida area code. I'm sure this scares the heck out of some folks and can only guess how much this guys have scammed from victims, particularly the elderly. These people are crooks and need to be prosecuted.

Just got a phone call saying if I didn't call back in 24 hours I would be arrested and put in jail, this cLl was from "IRS". The phone was scratchy and hard to hear and when I asked for more information he asked why I was interrupting him He said his name was Jamie Harrington. The call back number was 202 241-0454. The calling from number was 202 241-2346 said from Washington Said from 2006 to 2014 I paid the wrong amount on taxes, well I've been on disability since 2006 and keep saying he would just download my info to the police and quit interrupting.

The IRS will never contact you by phone, only by mail and if the IRS claims you owe them money then you still have your right to due process and they usually give you at least 30 days to either pay it or contest it. So if you get phone calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS, it's definitely a scam and hang up.

I got a call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent. I asked him if he had any family -- parents, kids, siblings, anything. I then asked if he thought that they'd be proud of what he was doing.

He hung up on me, which saved me the bother.

They called me yesterday and said that I owed over $4,000 to the IRS. They were extremely intimidating and upset me to the point of tears. They said that if I did not pay immediately, a local sheriff would come and arrest me. The whole ordeal was very distressing. After they demanded I go buy an itunes card, I realized that this was ,in no way, legitimate so I hung up on them. Luckily, I did not buy the iTunes card so they did not get any of money but this was still a very upsetting experience. I hope they get caught and arrested soon.

If these people do call me, I will tell them that they will be arrested in the near future for impersonating the IRS, which is clearly against all federal laws.

If anyone gets a call from this number (310) 897-9571, Don't's Total BS!!!!!!!! My mother doesn't owe the IRS anything!!!!

My husband just got ripped off $500.00. I highly encourage everyone to file a complaint. Maybe you won't get your money back but something has got to be done. I firmly believe Apple needs to do something as it is giving a bad name. In addition Apple can track these cards, I believe.

I am on the do not call list and yesterday and today I received a call saying they are from the IRS and a warrant has been issued for me. I did not call but if you would care to look into it the number is 1-844-599-9460. I'm 77 years old and really don't need this.

Just a few days ago I got a call from (225)304-7262, which is said to be in Denham, CA. The call was an automated message claiming to be the IRS and mentioned that I have to pay a certain amount in taxes or the IRS will sue me for refusal. I didn't believe that call for one second especially since the IRS never makes phone calls and only notifies you of taxes through certified letters only. If the scammer happens to use an automated call, don't bother to respond to it in any way or form, because they will know that your number is active and only bother you more even if you pressed to be taken off their list. The real IRS would give about a month to dispute the claims and even help you find a way to pay it all off when these guys won't even allow for that.

Was called by (202) 406-6710 and told because I lived a good life with no criminal record or bankruptcy I had been given a grant from the government and I was one in 1500 people to get this grant. I was told I needed to call 315-294-9463 and talk to Stephanie Williams to set my pick up at Walgreens. Called THE Number AND Was Asked To buY ITunes Gift Cards at Walgreens and at this point I hung up and the original number called me back asking if I had called.

I said yes and this is a scam please remove my number. I was then asked how I knew it was a scam. I explained that you never have to spend money to get money when it is a "grant" and if it was real they could mail me a check. Person on the phone got angry and started asking how much I was asked for and why I didn't want my money and I just hung up. I answered one call like 3 weeks ago from an unknown number and this is the 4th number to call me multiple times like this. I have started an automatic reject / blocked numbers list.

I got scammed also out of more than $6500. the men that called have very heavy India accent and asked for ITunes cards. They are also impersonating Western Union company as well as Federal Government Grants. I should have listened to my sixth sense that this was a scam, but now I can't make up the money I was scammed by. Don't be fooled by their indignation on the phone, they are still paying you.

Please report what happened to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

888 382 1804 is the number they called me from. I called it back as well.

As far as I'm aware, it's not against the law to ask for payment over the phone by gift card whether you're a scammer or legit. Telling the potential victim to wire money or use a prepaid debit card are.

The only place to use an iTunes card is at the iTunes store, to buy online music, apps or books.


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