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Month of the Military Consumer

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Servicemembers and their families make many sacrifices to keep the rest of us safe.  They face unique challenges, including the stresses of deployment and frequent moves.  Unfortunately, scammers see those sacrifices as an opportunity to create confusion and drum up endless varieties of trickery to separate military personnel from their money.  

That’s why the FTC, the Department of Defense, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Servicemember Affairs, Military Saves, and many other partners work together on Military Consumer, an educational initiative designed to help servicemembers, veterans, and their families navigate the marketplace and spot and avoid scams.

July is the Month of the Military Consumer.  We hope you visit and follow us on Twitter: @MilConsumer.  These resources provide servicemembers with information about managing money and credit, dealing with debt, and steering clear of fraud.  The information comes from the FTC and dozens of federal, state, and municipal agencies, consumer advocacy groups, and military support organizations.  Please share it with military families in your community and through your social networks.

And, after July, keep coming back. is getting a new look and feel, with short-and-sweet tips designed especially for a military audience.  We’ll provide consumer protection basics, plain and simple, to help servicemembers and their families keep up while they’re on the go.  Check it out this Fall!

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hi its true scammers steel us army ids and there not in the us army but come from accra in ghana.

I have been contacted by a lot of them

I am my sisters caregiver during her lung cancer, She is 3 years in remission. She also had a failed bunionectomy at the VA Hospital 2 years ago still causing her severe pain sometimes she cannot walk on her left foot. Needs the right foot done but does not want the same Dr to do the surgery. She get Botox injections at the VA in her neck and shoulders every 3 months due to severe pain. Right now she is having severe stomach pain even though her EGD done last was normal. She has a respiratory problem now and is scheduled for a lung CT July 28 2016 at the VA. She was honorably discharged with 100% disability. They are reducing her Vicodin pain med each month and wont replace any kind of pain med for her so she does not know how she will handle all her pain. She does not do street drugs and has never abused her Vicodin. This will be something I cannot help her with so I am pleading with anyone that can help her keep her monthly dosage of Vicodin.

She needs the outside of her house painted and the wood is beginning to rot since painting needs to be done and she keeps getting cards and brochures on her front door and we cannot afford to pay anyone to help her have the house painted. The privacy fence for her house is falling down and we have tried to fix it but to no success. I cannot believed these things are happening to her with no VA help to take this stress away from her. She worries constantly who she can get to repair and paint the house and I am afraid she will choose a scammer to get it done and I hope she does not try the black market or the internet to get pain medicine. I am her sister and her caregiver and I cannot understand why out veterans are having so much difficulty in getting our Government or someone at the VA to help her with the her home repairs. She purchased this house in 1998 and is not behind on her payments. She is a very honest person and tries to hide the pain she feels from me. Can anyone help her?

The federal government has a website to help people with disabilities. The main website is

There is a special page that lists federal and state agencies and resources that help people with disabilties get home repairs.

You might want to use the Benefits CheckUp website to see if you or your sister are eligible for extra help to for medication, health care, food, and more.

Received a message just now that the post I just made was submitted for review, I really appreciate that. I forgot to mention her central heating and air conditioning had been failing for years and repairs were done but as of 2014 the central heating and air conditioning does not work anymore and she cannot get a loan from anyone to replace the unit. We have 9 fans in our house and 3 portable air conditions since 2014 but the house temperature stays from 84 to 92 degrees in our house 24 hours a day. If anyone can help, please email me, I am her sister , her caregiver and I live here with her. My email address is

I'm a 14 yr. Veteran- I didn't receive a discount!!!!!!

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