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Online shopping: Tips to keep close to your wallet

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Online shopping makes it easy and convenient to search for — and buy — the must-have items on your wish list. Before you buy, check out this video for tips on avoiding hassles, getting the right product at the right price, and protecting your financial information:

Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Confirm that the seller is legit. Look for reviews about their reputation and customer service, and be sure you can contact the seller if you have a dispute.
  • Pay by credit card to ensure added protections, and never mail cash or wire money to online sellers.
  • Keep records of online transactions until you get the goods.

Want to know more? Check out more ways to ensure hassle-free online shopping.

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These tips are very helpful!

Good advice for those whom shop on line. Thank you.

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Very helpful information. Thank you!

Well put together video! Great job! Core basic's that a child can understand. I will get this one out to share. Thanks for your help and work.

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In 2015 I started a layaway plan with JeenJewellers. My total price was $974.00. I paid $450.00 towards my ring. I decided to cancel my order and give them 14% that I agreed upon. And they sent me email saying that I'm not getting a refund. Is this legal? And what if anything can I do about it? And who to contact? I am at a loss over this.

The financing agreement or contract you signed with the seller should have information about what happens when you cancel an order. You could also contact your state Attorney General’s office to ask about your rights, or report the company.

thank you for advice and information , are very helpful .

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It is really nice to provide such information and Tips.

I like your advice it is very important to keep the above mentioned points in a mind while online shopping. Thank you so much for guiding.

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