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Twitter chats for the military community

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July is Month of the Military Consumer — and FTC’s @MilConsumer is hosting a series of Twitter chats for servicemembers, veterans, and their families.

On Wednesday, July 13, @MilConsumer and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office will chat about identity theft and imposter scams. Ask your questions about what to do if your identity is stolen and how to steer clear of imposters.
Join the conversation at #Milchat #Identitytheft: July 13, 3pm Eastern, 1pm Mountain.

On Thursday, July 14, @MilConsumer and the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection will chat about choosing a college, managing student loan debt, and avoiding debt relief scams.
Join the conversation at #Milchat: July 14 at 2pm Eastern.


Just got a robo call from Trump campaign wanting me to donate. This phone has been crazy today with unwanted calls. Just when I thought things were getting better. I got one at 10:30 last night. Guess I will got to FTC and report them.

It's not Trump's campaign doing that. I haven't received any robocalls on my phone. It's probably a scam. There are a lot of imposters out there.Check for the original origin and location of the messages

I'd be overjoyed at anyone joining me in setting up a Foundation with the sole purpose of paying student debts. It's embarrassing and sad that this country can't put ALL their young adults through college.

I am in the process of moving from Alaska to Florida and am looking online to purchase an RV to live in for a few months when I arrive. I had a saleswomen at a dealership refer me to an online site to look at an RV that me the criteria I listed. The RV was listed at $8,795. During back and forth emails she told me the RV costs $11,090. When I questioned the cost she said her sails manager had been out for 3 days and when he returned to work he freaked out about the cost of 3 new trade-in and increased their sales prices. She told me the price had been updated on line. I have a screen shot of the lower price. can the dealership ask me to pay the new higher price or do they have to honor the first price they showed me. I fell in love with the RV and the original purchase price was such a good deal. I'm afraid if I push too hard they will deny financing or make sure I pay a higher interest rate.

You may find the information in this FTC article of help — Are Car Ads Taking You for a Ride?

You also may want to contact the state Attorney General in the state where the dealer is located.

Thank you so much for the information, good luck!

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