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How to spot a car wrap scam

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Have you seen ads promising easy money if you shrink-wrap your car — with ads for brands like Monster Energy, Red Bull, or Pepsi? The “company” behind the ads says all you have to do is deposit a check, use part of it to pay a specified shrink-wrap vendor, and drive around like you normally would. But don’t jump onto the bandwagon. It’s only easy money for the scammer who placed the ads.

How you spot the “offer”

You might see an ad on a job board or on social media. Or someone might send you a message — maybe because they saw your profile or resume on a job site.

How the scam works

The message says you’ll make a couple hundred bucks. But when the “company” sends you a check, it’s for much more than that — a couple thousand dollars. They tell you to deposit the check, keep part of it as your share, and wire the rest to another company that will wrap your car.

Weeks after you wire the money, the check bounces and your bank tells you it was a fake. The money you kept as “your share” disappears, and the money you wired is long gone — no getting it back. On top of that, you’re on the hook for paying your bank back for the fake check. And, of course, no one’s wrapping your car.

How you can tell it’s a scam

If you get a message urging you to deposit a check and wire money back, it’s a scam. Every time. No matter the story. And if this were a legitimate car wrap opportunity, wouldn’t the company directly pay the car-wrapping vendor, instead of asking you to do it?

Has this happened to you? File a complaint at — select Scams and Rip-offs, then Counterfeit Checks. Want to know more? Read our articles to learn how to spot variations on fake checks and money wiring scams.


Had a offer from David Greg for a Calvin Klein car wrap paying 500 a week, sounded to good to be true when check arrived we call bank to verify and it was a fake. Check was for 2650.00. Was to wire 2100 to person to install wrap and 550 for us.

This email was sent to me and original offer was via texted to me. Text: Put small decal on your car and make $500 weekly. Apply on our website below: /zfrmz. com SGfnH9z2Eor puDiO uEPW Email: Sylvester Livingston form CHARDONNAY WINE CAR
On Nov 1, 2019, at 3:08 AM, Agagaggsf afaffafaf Vagsggsga agaf <tisa726262728@ wrote:
Hello Jones....Good day...This is Sylvester Livingston form CHARDONNAY WINE CAR DRIVE. Thanks i got the information, And the adds are typically vinyl decals and the specialist that will come and place the add on your car fund will be include in your payment , also known as "Auto\wraps a week i will let you know when the payment is issued out to your name and the exact day and time that the payment will deliver to you and the day that the specialist will come and place the add on your car thanks..

I just was delivered a 4800.88 dollar check from A company that supposeably hired me to agree to a decal wrap on my jeep. Theyve been telling me all week to be prepared to deposit this check. I was told i would get paid 500 a month, so im like excited , that will make my car payment, right? I asked them if they could call me cause we havent decided on how long this project last. I havent heard anything. so damn it, I was hopeful this was legit but now im not going to cash it . bummer. what do these people have to gain if i end up blowing the funds and paying my bank back?

Called on car wrap for Aquafina Water. A check arrives and its from RLA Home Builders??? Who are they. Since when do home builders pay you to wrap your car for a water company. Check was for $3800 and we were to deposit it in the bank. We keep $500 and send the rest of the money to the company that wraps your car. ???
No we did not follow the letter directions in the priorty mail envelope. Please do not fall for these scams.

Did any of you receive a contract before the check?

I got a check today for $2500. I’m suppose to deposit it and text back. It’s suppose to be from bud light car decal department. I have not done it

We just got a check from Aquafina for 4,590 they said to deposit the check take 500 for my self and give it to the car wrap tech we didn’t do this because there are three different address one to national ink and stitch second Johnson smith co third is Aquafina that rang a warning bell the name on the letter is Charles Quick hiring manager car decal AD team Aquafina should I throw the check out? What should I do

I just got that scam check and I'm bee thinking it's to good to be true and what happens now I got second check and put in bank and bank calling me

So today my daughter let me know she was going to get several checks and to watch for them. Knowing that nothing comes for free red flags immediately stand up. So she gets several checks in the mail one of them was To do the auto wrap for Kronik Energy. The check was 2980.00 from Downey Federal Credit Union in Downey Ca. The next check was supposedly from Dr Pepper to do an auto wrap. The check was for 3500.00 from First Bank, no company name on this one. Both have the same scam, you have to pay somebody who is going to come and put the decal on and you get $500 out of the check. Everyone beware the scam is still alive!!!! Of course she isn’t going to be depositing the checks!

I just got this. I’m confused as to why they’d want me to pay the contractor. So I decided to do some research and found this page.

This is Mr Frank from AMP ENERGY DRINK ADVERT ON YOUR CAR you filled online. The full details already sent to your email. Check your email. This is to let you know your weekly payment for the advert is $400 and the rest funds goes to the Specialist coming for the wrap installation. Please get back to me when you receive this message and deposit the check. Acknowledge this message by texting back once you got this text.

From my email.
Welcome to the AMP ADVERT DRINK advertisement program, A specialist
who will install the decals on your vehicle has been allocated and
your payment will be scheduled. You will receive your payment along
side with the money that will be paid to the national car specialist,
This is to afford mutual relationship between you and the specialist.
A payment of $3600.90 will be mailed to you, You are to take out your
first week's pay of $400 and send the rest to the specialist Walmart
Via money order at the Post Office Or Wire Transfer, being payment for
the installation and removal of the decals after the program. We need
you to confirm the following

How long do you intend to carry the advertisement on your car ?

two(2) months
three(3) months

Do you drive everyday ?

One of the numbers that calls is 702-983-1481

Just got this!
Hi, Would you allow Amp Energy Drink to place Advertisement decal on your Car or Truck and get 500 dollars weekly? For more information go to drivewith ampenergy. wixsite.

Capri sun a scam as well
Sent me a check for 3,850 and told me to keep 1,050 and pay the wrappers. The rest
You get Check and they tell you to pay the people rip it up don't cash it people are lazy these people are afraid to work for a living

I received a check yesterday delivered by Fedex for $4100! It was for having my truck wrapped for BUSCH BEER LOGO (1-3 months). I thought it was a blessing in disguise because I am behind on property taxes and am probably going to lose my home and this would have paid off what I owe ! Luckily, I showed my son what I had gotten and he said DO NOT DEPOSIT THE CHECK, IT IS A SCAM! It was a check from Pinnacle Bank and the company name on the check was THE EISENHOWER FOUNDATION out of Abilene,Kansas...just going through my emails and saw where I had received another email telling me that they require an Upfront payment of $800 for "THE SERVICE I AM RENDERING"!!! Of course I emailed back and questioned it and said I shouldn't be paying you for something I am doing. So, come Monday, I will be reporting them and contacting The Eisenhower foundation to inform them of whats happening.

This is happening to me right now. His name is Michael Loe. He’s offering $600 a week for Snapple advertising on my car.

I got a check for 4, 950 dollars. Saying they want me to deposit the check. And they want me to take out 2950 dollars for the technician/ installer.
First of all I know that this is a scam because, checks don't take 24 hours to clear and second no one is going to pay you 2000 for something that hasn't happen yet!

I jist gor one from napa the check is from an Arizona bank told me to deposit take mind make out sensitive info send copy of deposit and if I do that in 24 hours the next week they will send a 200 dollar amazon card with my weekly check and the installer will email me whwn an where to meet for the install an i will meet an pay and that the money covera uninstall as well an its a 10 week campaign. Got a phone number email and an afdress anf it came by ups

Just got an offer from Haagen-Dazs ice cream to shrink wrap my car. I wish there was some way to get this check and be able to rip the scammer off. So tired of scammers on Craigslist also

I'd like to inquire if the Carabao energy drink $500 a week pay to advertise on your car, is a scam. Thanks

Now they're using 'Calvin Klein' to get you to shrink wrap car

Has anybody had one from a Izze Sparkling Juice company.....? I just received a package and enclosed was a check. Which was to be deposited in my account for 24 hours. I saw the link on Facebook and filled out the form. Since then I've been being texted as if I stole something from them. I had no clue of the package being sent because the site that I filled out the form on didn't let me finish it. Has anyone else had this company try to scam them?

I got a text from some guy named Jeffery kamal saying that he’s the HR manager for izze sparkling juice and that I will get $400 do decal my car and that they will send a check and get my $400 out of it and transferred payment to the decal specialist that will put the decal on my car

I recieved one from them, but they are not telling me to wait 24 hrs, they are telling are telling me to wait until the check clears with my bank then do as informed after...

Amp Energy Drink is attempting to scam again. I have a check waiting in my box. I'm not in hurry to get my mail because I know its fake. Should I report this to my sheriff office? Would it do any good?

I received the same offer in an email, they sent the check, I deposited it through bank ATM and then the next day I logged into my account and it showed the deposit then a deduction, when I called the bank the first time they advised I did not endorse the back of the check and they were mailing it back to me. Well I never received the check back call the bank again and no one could give me an answer. After several calls and about three to four weeks later I finally got ahold of someone who told me that the check was not legit or was printed incorrectly that I should contact the company and have them check their checks and if it is an error to issue another. The Energy Drink company said the numbers were correct, which I could tell they were all incorrect routing number are always 9 digits and this was much longer and then where the account number goes had 10 digits. He tried to tell me that is how their bank does corporate accounts, I told him I thought it was fraud with other choice words. The guy then said he was sorry and didn't understand why my bank was having an issue but there is another way I could get paid and have the wrap placed on the car. The guy explained they can western union me the money that he was going to send me the code via text and not to share it with anyone but him. So I was supposed to send the code back to him in a text however when I received the code it was for google, not western union, he was trying to get access to my google account. He continued all day today asking for the code and I kept telling him I had not received one from Western Union yet and he tried to tell me that was from Western Union and advised that their authorization codes are provided through google. Still have not told him the code. I can see how it could be a scam to get access to my personal information for identify theft, however because I am a Protection Investigator, I am playing this one out to see how far they will go and if there is a different angle or scam besides just ID Theft. Anyone have the same encounter? The reason I am wanting to find out if there is a different angle is because my 26 year old son was charged with a felony for cashing one of these types of checks because he took it to a little store by his house that cashes checks they waited until it cleared their bank then gave him the money, but is bounced several weeks later by then he didn't have the money to pay the store back and the store turned him in to the Police and he was charged with uttering a fasle document. My son really thought it was a good check it wasn't for a car wrap or anything like that it was something he sold on craiglist (which the person never picked up the dirt bike either).

'contract @ peette aand coffeecar advert. They offered something, got $4,800.88. UPS envelope, looked legit. Chase cashed their check. I was suppose to forward $3,700, to the decaler. I checked my account, BEFORe I sent their money. The original check was STOP payment on it, and was removed. True story.

Really construction wrap is another...

Was contacted by scammer fir AMP energy drink offering $400 a week. When I asked for company credentials they replied the company would get back to me. Scammer name Richard number 612- 314-5785.

I just got a text from a guy saying he is the CEO of McDonald's and said that his name is Kevin for got his last name any how asked me to put a decal on my car of McDonald's McAfee on my car for 400 a week and and said that they will fed ex me a cashiers check and some legal papers to be signed and i was to take the check to the decal guy and he is going to put the decal on my car and give me 400 in a check and i was to mail this kevin guy a copy of the check that i recived and the send in the legal paper work to the CEO Kevin and sign the papers to have a legal contract with McDonald's to drive around with this decal on my car for 6 months and get paid 400 a week for doing so is this fake or real i really want them busted if its fake so what should I do i have not gotten the check yet so what do I do to do the right thing and keep me from getting in trouble with the law and my bank

Just got an email from someone who offered me the opportunity to wrap my car for a McDonald's McCafe promotion. I guess it's probably a scam but we will see

I got an offer from someone claiming to be hiring manager for Minute Maid. Said they will pay $500 per week for me to let them advertise on my car. Haven’t received a check but I am told that when I do I should take out my $500 and the rest used to pay the retailer for wrapping and unwrapping my car. I’ll let you know if I am contacted again.

Is this a scam

I reviewed a text ask me to use car wrap from Kai perfume oil they would pay me $500 a week so I fill out info so nxt week I received an email saying I’m sending you the tracking number of a check we sent you when I came home there was a package on my doorstep I opened it and a check was in there for $4756 open it and later that night someone called and asked me did I I told them yes they asked had a deposit I told them yes which I had not deposit it at that time I figured out that it was a scam so they text me back and asked me when was the funds going to be available I told them the next day I had to look up the bank the fraudulent company and at that time the address or the The routing number on the check did not match the bank that was on the check so at that time I knew it was a scam I asked them why would you send me a A $4000 check and I was the only get 1000 and send you the rest I told them I was going to scam them and keep all the money they responded by saying the FBI is going to come get you I said no I’m the FBI and I got you never have to hear it from them again I burn the check soBe aware of what’s going on there are people out there that’s doing some of everything to try to get money from you everybody be blessed

I just got one of these today for Aquafina. Thank goodness I read this first. The are doing the same thing with putting advertisement on your car and if you reply you're interested, then you get an email about the check you're supposed to forward on. I replied I was sending their email and number to the FBI.

I had it happen to me last week from Izze sparkling juice. The only messed up part was I believed it and I got the check. Took it and cashed it not at my bank but at a friends store and they only did it cuz they knew me and I sent them 580.78 and was able to keep 400.00 for my first wks pay. 2 days ago my friend came to me and said it bounced. I have to pay all that money back. I will never do that again and if it does happen again I will b giving the check to the proper authorities.

Got a text from josephbake32 @ “ Get pay with your car,bike or truck, put our company decal on your car and get pay weekly $500, Text back if you are interested.”

Happening over here on Australia. Bloom Drink Inc offering to pay for wrapping your car. Email address was from delmont eaadverts.

I got an offer and check on way to me. I didn't have to pay nothing up front. How do they benefit from the scam if it is one?

Yes it just happens to me this month two scammers from Redbull energy drinks and Rockstar energy drinks car wrap, they both sent sustainsion amount of checks but i didn't fall for it, i did my research, i found out that they were scam artist. I didn't deposit these checks into my account. i have a investigator mind i always do Google search.

However good it may look, it's a scam. I've been unemployed for a while and thought this would make a decent income until I can find ongoing employment. WRONG! Not only am I on the verge of losing my home, the bills continue to pile up. I was told by my bank that the check was fraudulent and was sent back to the back where the money order was written. Since it was fraudulent, I'm still not clear who cashed it but I'm now on the line for over $4800; which in my financial position at this point and at my age, not sure what I'll do.
As the ole saying says, If sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Just be careful who you deal with.

I just got a check for $4800.88. And a letter saying everything the above article said from a company called "Peet Tea and Coffee Company"... Totally a scam gonna throw it all in the trash now. Thank you very much!

Don't trash it. Send to your local FBI office

I got one from gas monkey energy drink.

This just happened to me. Got 1check thru FedEx and the 2and came in USPS. Unfortunately I deposited first check and sent the money. I have the other 1 right here in my lap. I got a text from the person this morning and I asked him why he was scamming people. Now he won't answer me. Figures. I filed report and now I have to go tell my bank to pull that check and I will pay this back. Trust no one.

I recently received the text message. I previously received a different scam, about being a secret shopper. I feel sorry for individuals who believe. Both I turned over to the police. I didn't cash the check because I felt uneasy aww bout both. It's Christmas tree and con artist are on the rise.

Just got one from bang energy drink

I just got an email about getting blue bell ice cream on my vehicle. Says I can make 500 per week. Is this a scam I've been leery about it

Thanks for the information. My son received a check for $3000 and I received a message that I had a check coming for $1890.
I'm glad to see the warning signs on your page.

NEWMONT ELKO WAREHOUSE SCAM. AMP Energy Car Wrap. $500 a Week. This company sent me a Check for $2,585.00. Wanted me to cash it Immediately. And wanted me to do so using my Cell. I Think I'll Just Keep the Check as a Reminder.

TAB COLA energy drink- TAB ENERGY DRINK. 400.00 week plus 2000.00 to fix paint if damaged . Sending today.....I am always skeptical, but thought Coke would be legit. I guess not. Sad, to rip someone off already having problems.


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