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Pet food that makes your dog live longer?

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Dogs are more than pets — they’re furry family members. If you thought you could help your dog live 30% longer just by choosing different dog food, would you pass up the chance?

That’s exactly what ads for Eukanuba dog food claimed it could do. But according to an FTC settlement with Mars Petcare US announced today, it wasn’t true.

The Eukanuba ads in question claimed that a study done with Labradors had an unexpected result: dogs in the study that had proper care and ate Eukanuba dog food were living exceptionally long lives. At ages 16 and 17, they were “still full of vitality.” That’s no small gain in dog years.

But in reality, the study cited in the ads showed no difference between Labs that ate Eukanuba and the general Lab population. Under a settlement with the FTC, Mars Petcare US won’t make health claims without scientific proof to back them up. And the company won’t claim studies show the health benefits of its pet foods unless they really do.


So are they going to get fined anything for or did they just get a slap on the wrist?

You can read the press release for details about the settlement.

Nice Job

Eukanuba dog food has NOT been the best or even near the best in my experiences with dogs for the past 40 years or so.
Different breeds of dogs excel with varying food brands.

Many dog breeders and kennels have avoided Eukanuba foods for many years due to various reactions and dog feedback.


Are they the same "MARS" that makes candy bars etc. for human consumption? I wonder what may be up with those products.

It is well past time that advertisers should be required not to make false claims. And the pet food industry is the worst offender.

Eukanuba foods are nothing but a big disappointment...

There are so many gourmet, hyped and expensive dog foods today.

Are there studies showing *ANY* dog food makes dog live longer?

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