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VW owners, get the facts!

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You may have heard that Volkswagen has agreed to a settlement with the FTC that will provide up to $10 billion to owners and lessees of VW and Audi 2.0 liter diesel cars. VW claimed 500,000 cars had low levels of harmful emissions, but they were actually much higher.

Did you know that VW will buy back affected cars for thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value? That’s compensation for VW’s untrue emissions claims and for the trouble of replacing the car.

And if environmental regulators approve a modification to the cars, people who own or lease will have the option for VW to implement the modification and get money in compensation.

If you own one of these cars, visit At the site, you can enter your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and find out how much you can get. Or you can call 844-98-CLAIM and ask.

It’s particularly important for you to get this information if you’re considering selling your car. Potential buyers may offer what sounds like a good deal, but it’s still less than you can get for a buyback under the FTC’s settlement with VW. Whether it’s a private purchaser or an unscrupulous dealer, those buyers are just going to turn around and sell the car back to VW for more money through the court-approved buyback program.

If you participate in the buyback program, you can use the money for anything you want. You don’t even have to buy a car with it. If anyone tells you something different – for example, that you have to buy another VW or Audi car – they’re lying.

And don’t let anyone pressure you by saying you need to “Act now!” You don’t. You’ll be able to submit a buyback claim until September 1, 2018. Buybacks could start in late Fall 2016, and emissions modifications will begin once approved, so you have time to consider your decision.

If someone makes you an offer for your VW or Audi car, or suggests limits on the buyback program that don’t exist, please report them to the FTC. We worked very hard to get a fair deal for VW and Audi owners and lessees, and we don’t want anyone to undermine it.

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Well, I just learned that my 2014 Passat TDI has been removed from the eligibility list. It has a manual gearbox. They will not honor the settlement and indicated that I will have a restricted use vehicle that cannot be registered in the US.
Really, no recourse? I will file my own claim and ask that all VW TDI vehicle owners join a new class action if necessary.
Love the car. Wanted to keep it "after the repair". Can't keep it. Can't sell it. Can't use it.

Hi, I recently purchased a 2014 Jetta TDI and I’m just finding out about this scandal. When I put my VIN number in it states it no longer considered in the claim. And now my car is making unusual electrical sounds on the engine. I don’t know what to do now.

The expectation that VW can handle the work necessary to process 500,000 cars for buyback in a couple of months is unreasonable. I have a 2010 TDI, I received the offer for buyback a couple of weeks after submitting the paperwork and plan to drive the car until the summer of 2018 and then sell it back. VW is compensating you for your trouble, stop whining about it.

Be careful. I got in a wreck and my car was totaled-- I cannot get a straight answer about anything from VW. Basically I'm screwed.

My car was also totaled and not my fault. This happened in November, a month after I did my buyback claim. After the insurance company deemed the car a total loss, I contacted VW. They promised that a supervisor would contact me in three days. Nothing happened. I made a minimum of 20calls, each time explaining the situation and letting them know I am no longer in possession of the car. Each time I was told to wait 3 days. Even after all this, I received a letter with a buyback amount at the end of December. I called again. They said my portal had to be reset. I waited.....and nothing happened. Yesterday, i was told that they can't reset my portal because it would completely disqualify me since I am now applying as a seller. According to them, that deadline was on the 18th and I missed it. Of course I did!!! I wasn't applying as a seller since I owned an operable car on September 29th, day my claim was submitted. According to them, because the car was totaled after I filed a claim, they don't have a resolution in place to allow my status to change. I asked if I'm still going to receive the restitution, WHICH THE WEBSITE CLEARLY SAYS I AM, and she says I should but not until a resolution is passed. My thing is that I'm sure they must have taken into consideration the fact that this could happen. That's why they have it as a question in the FAQ! How is it that there is no resolution for my situation???

They have had 6 months to prepare, and they knew exactly how big the job would be. It's not rational to pretend they were blindsided by the huge numbers.

I submitted my paperwork which was approved in mid-November, and it's January and there's no word whatsoever. My registration is due to renew in January, and so far, there has been NO compensation for my trouble. In fact, I'm paying this car payment every month that they dawdle, and now the expensive registration for which I won't be compensated. I'm so glad it worked for you, but don't tell those of us for whom it's NOT working to shut up.

We have had our completed buyback offer since Nov. 28th. When we go online to schedule our appt. at the dealership we get an error message and it won't let us schedule. We have called 4 times re: this and really getting the run around. They say it is an IT issue and will need to refer it to IT. First they told me it would take 2-3 days to get resolved...never resolved...then 3-5 days to get resolved and it never happened...third time they wouldn't give me a time frame. Each time I ask to speak to a supervisor and they say they will call me back within 3 days--no call. Today they told me that the platform works best with firefox, last person told me works best with Safari...I informed that we have tried both, 4 different computers, 3 different networks---IT is NOT our problem! My husband is convinced it is a run around to slow the cash flow--if we can't get our appt. we aren't taking their money. This is SOOO frustrating!!

tntcos- I am stuck in the same error loop hell. Every time I call the call center, I get the same run around, try different browsers, try a different computer, oh- we can unlock your account, we'll escalate this to the IT dept. - each time told to wait 3 days. Now they're telling me that I need to do a "portal reset", which means re-entering all my information from the beginning. I already signed the offer acceptance letters for two different vehicles, under two different email accounts. How is it that both accounts are having the same error problems? At least now I'm getting an error code on the splash screen, error 8602.. Good luck.

On 11/17/16 we received confirmation VW had received our documents and were reviewing them. Now 49 days later we have not received any response. If you attempt to contact VW Claims you sit on hold for hours--hours each time you call. Is there a recourse that forces VW to honour their commitment of 20 days to respond? Once loyal VW (we have owned 4) now pissed off customer.

I have also got run around on the paperwork. I am a traveling nurse and put the car in storage and did not renew my tag as the car is stored and paying full coverage insurance on it. They said because my car wasn't registered between sept 15 and whatever date they gave as deadline that I am not eligible. Based solely because I did not have it registered while I was working on the opposite coast driving a rental car. I am now back home registering the car. Have bill of sale from 2011 and they are still saying I don't meet the doc requirements. What do they do when our soldiers are deployed? Automatic rejection if car in storage? Submitted my paperwork 4 times. Asked for reset for new info. No reset. Asked to speak with supervisor, none available.

They aren't stepping up. I was going to buy a replacement VW. After all the crap runaround, not a chance. My documents have been in final status since November 21. Still no final offer letter. Can't reach a person and chat kicks me out. If our computer system worked like this, we'd be out of business.

I also have provided above and beyond documents required also received the two $500 courtesy cards where they documented my vehicle and person and have denied my claim ... never a call back (requested 3 times) from a supervisor etc.

today I contacted the EPA and a lawyer to see what I can do

this is total snake oil, which walnut is it under

I'm having the same frustrating difficulties others are reporting. They've "not received" my fax, successfully faxed 28 days ago, their upload mechanism won't accept more than one document or a folder, and they have not yet reopened my portal, as the promised.

My car was totaled in November, two months after I filed my claim. For months they ran me around. Said the portal couldn't be changed but that a supervisor would contact me within 3 days. I heard that about five times. Then it went to two weeks....twice. Finally spoke to a superviser who said simply upload my first offer letter to the portal and write on every page that car was totaled. I did this in February. In march I was sent a second offer letter for just the restitution. I mailed it out on 3/17 and saw that they received it back on 3/20. April 12th I logged in and my status is at completion. I was supposed to receive an email from JP requesting banking info. So far nothing. I got a hold of the JP chase office taking care of claims. They've said that they haven't received any instructions from VW. Today, I was told I should get that between April 22-24 because the letter needs to be approved by the judge in order for them to pay. According to them, payment should be received by end of next week. Unbelievable!!

I'm in a similar situation. I've been trying to fax information stating my insurance has taken over the title of our car but they always say the information provided is not enough. Did you ever get your payment?

I would like to know if I can possibly get my timing chain replaced. I read that there is a lawsuit regarding this issue, in which my 2012 Volks Routan is a vehicle that is identified to have this serious issue. I have had multiple issues with this Car and have had to already file complaints with Volkswagen of America
Please advise

To everyone that replies to the buy back offer.. I have filled out all the paperwork! I received my offer.. although i did not get any compensation for the 1500,00 i paid for extended warranty which i think i should have been.. I have had all my paperwork completed since the judgement.. For everyone that is buying that you have to go online and print out the paperwork and have it notorized.. Done this twice! Kicked it back because in the printed out forms comes on European size Paper.. First time they kicked it back.. Each time mine u I have had to pay $30.00 for Notary and Priory Mail with a signiture.. So her goes! MAKE SURE U SHRINK THE SIZE TO FIT SO THE BAR CODE ON THE BOTTOM IS READABLE! They will send it back if u dont.. THEY DONT TELL U THAT! They just kick it back.. They are delaying all this because they have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY ARE COLLECTING INTEREST ON! OUR MONEY THAT IS DUE TO US! Take copies of the initial offer right away! Because once u send it u can get another one! I was smart and copied the offer letter! I have spent at least 2 full days trying to get my money! And my car turned in! STILL NOTHING! Good luck!

Thanks for your guidance. Have you gotten any payment for the extended service contract? We gave our car back yesterday and the representative recommended we go to the original dealer and request money back (our extended service contract was written by VW). I'm not sure we will get anything and look for any guidance/experience.

Well, they processed my claim with someone elses yesterday by mistake and now we are waiting here in limbo for our EFT transfer from the bank. What a ridiculous mess

VW has done a disservice to the world with this environmental scandal. I am really pleased that you caught them on it and are making them own up to it. It won't reduce the environmental damage caused by them, but it should encourage other corporations to play within the rules.

"It won't reduce the environmental damage caused by them."? They are still one of the cleanest diesel cars out there. If you are looking at "environmental damage" caused by cars and trucks, don't throw all the blame on VW, there are far, far worse cars and trucks on the road. Yes they lied about how clean the diesel is, but I think your statement is very misleading, very misleading indeed. I do however agree that other corporations will have hopefully learned from VW's mistake, and not lie about emissions in the future.

VW Whitewasher, by omitting the necessary qualifier from the end of your sentence, you are whitewashing the matter. "If you are looking at "environmental damage" caused by cars and trucks ... there are far, far worse cars and trucks on the road." All of which either are heavy duty trucks (Commercial trucks such as dump trucks and tractor trailers, or pickups in the 250, 350, 2500 or 3500 series) for which the same emissions standards do not apply or are cars or light trucks which came to market prior to 2006 when the new low sulfer stringent EPA emissions standards went into effect... So, then, perhaps your statement is half true and these Volkswagens are cleaner than diesels built in the 1930s and 1940s. Congratulations on making that irrelevant point!

He is only stating a fact about the current VW settlement. Yes, I agree that the problems with past vehicles were worse but here the discussion is about VW and what they did to conceal emissions regardless of how minimal the environmental damage was.

Nick, If you research the CO2 levels of most cars are higher and new model mid-large (heavier) SUV's approach the same NOx levels. This is not comparing the EPA standard of parts per million but the volume of emissions.

Hats off to the EPA and FTC for good negotiating!

I more worried what that modification is going to do to my car? future engine damage? fuel consumption? I paid for diesel consumption, I better not start getting mpg of a gas engine. Whatever they are giving wont be enough. If I get the money, I still wont take my car for vw for the modification. There are worse cars on the road and its not the consumers failt.

You don't get the money unless you get the car fixed... at least, that is how the current agreement is laid out. They won't give you any settlement cash if you don't fix the car.

You can get money through the buyback. VW will buy back affected cars for thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value. That’s compensation for VW’s untrue emissions claims and for the trouble of replacing the car.

If you participate in the buyback program, you can use the money for anything you want. You don’t even have to buy a car with it.

I'll have to run the numbers again, but it sure doesn't seem like "thousands of dollars more than their current replacement value." It seems more like dealer trade-in value + compensation, which brings it roughly up to private resale value (pre-scandal).

While I guess that at least gets us out of the vehicle without totally losing our shirts, I'm not sure I'd consider it all that great of a deal. When I bought my TDI, I paid many thousands of dollars more to get the diesel, with the idea that it would last much longer. I'm not sure I'm going to be compensated for the loss I've taken, in that regard, compared to other vehicles I could have bought instead.

Agreed. I feel like I am not getting a fair deal. The dealer sold me a used one Sept 19. The 2013 I bought new got T-boned and totaled, so I had to buy a replacement used car of the same thing. The day after they were told not to sell new or CPO. Guess they get away with it because mine was not CPO? Now I get half restitution and they are offering me $3000 less than I paid for it. And now I will have to pay up big time to get anything with the room, MPG, and mileage, because the only thing that comes close is a Mercedes or BMW. Everything else is smaller and this is why I traded my Jetta TDI on a new Passat one year after buying it new.

Wow, well the dealership sold me a 2013 diesel Jetta on sept 29, so I get less because it was after sep18. I am guessing it was wrong of them to sell it to me since they were aware of all of this by then. Thinking maybe I need to get my own attorney and sue the dealership.

I agree. The scandal broke only 3 weeks after I purchased what was a green, responsible, and fuel-efficient car that would make sense due to a long daily commute. On top of this because the settlement and fix has taken so long, I have added extra unneeded mileage that I will now be "dinged" for.

Mary, Actually you won't be "dinged" for mileage. In the settlement they give you credit for 1047 miles/month and subtract that from the day you sell it back until Sep 18, 2015. And after subtracting the miles, they give you the value on Sep 18th 2015 plus 20%, plus restitution. My guess is you're getting well over $20,000, probably closer to $25k. You should go to - you'll get the exact amount of your offer.

Unless, you are like me, and you drive far over the 1047 miles per month that they allow. My VW is currently sitting so I can get as much back as possible, and I already bought a new car (NOT a VW).

I agree! Ive put on about 25k in the time since the scandal was found out. I have service paperwork from the VW dealership a month after the announcement and I'm hoping they will backdate from there!

Yes you will get dinged for milage.. I have a 1st generation 2012 Passat TDI with 127,000, and I am having so many issues" because of the milage" as a matter of fact, they will clock your milage when you take your car in for (Buy Back/ Fix) and adjust your compensation ..

I'll be lucky if they pay the remainder of my loan off. If you are a VW owner ... Be aware that once you pass 120,000 mark, you might as well consider yourself disowned. You can please or case ask to speak to supervisors but they only thing you'll be told is , "We're sorry you're going through this but unfortunately we can't help you".

If you've experience what I have on Turbo, AdBlue heater, air bags and a few other things and have over 120,000 but have had better luck than I have with VW of America .. Please let me know

There is a recall for the AdBlue heater and a process to get a refund for the cost, I had to replace mine 6 weeks ago and got the notice a week ago. I have the receipt so I'm hoping to get the refund...$1027.00 is what I paid for a VW dealership to replace it in Florida.

The others are right... 1047 miles per month is not anywhere close to typical city driving to work... I'm more than double that and that's just for work. We have a bigger more comfortable vehicle that we use for travel as a family and anything that is of greater distances.

It really is B.S. as while yes my loan for the vehicle will be paid off... I will not get a cent to put towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle... the "extra" is taken away due to mileage.

I agree, Dave. Most of us bought TDI's BECAUSE we drive a lot of miles and want to reduce our fuel costs.

I'm being "dinged". Am being offered half of what I paid for the car 3 yrs ago. A $5K ding for the mileage. The car had 76k at 3 yrs old. I've doubled that seeing as how I bought the car to commute. I have to put in part of the $5001 to pay off the car. There's more headache with this car than anything I've ever had before.

I agree. I knowingly put myself in a contract with VW to purchase the car with the assumption that it would be paid off in march of 2019 . We don't make a lot of money so we moved somewhere cheap so that we could save for a home we plan to purchase and not go into it with a $400 car payment to worry about in addition to mortgage. Now I have to consider the fact in 2019 my car may not be able to be tagged. So either buyback or mod emmisions? Well the emissions modification has people worried the reasons they bought their TDI may be compromised, And the Buyback compensation is based on national averages.. In my opinion it should be specific to TDI National averages since TDI are purchased for commuters and the like Perhaps there is a higher annual mileage average for the TDI line and it would be muddled by a national average based on all vehicles and result in a lower compensation amount.

Bottom line is if I accept buyback I will have paid $18,000.00(28k purchase price and still owe 10k)to drive my vehicle 150,000 miles over the course of 3.75 years and will have nothing to show for it other than a few points higher on my credit score. Had I known this before sep2015 I would never have purchased the car!

If you are in a similar situation I would like to know your thoughts.

Bridget do you know the % off of Msrp sticker price of the 2015 TDI Sel Passat they used for the settlement amount? I understand they used that as there wasn't a NADA for the 2015.

For information about the VW calculations, go to or call 844-98-CLAIM.

Will we have to claim the restitution amount ( the ~5K or so) as taxable income?

A tax professional in your state should be able to answer that question for you.

In NYS at least, money awarded by means of lawsuits are non taxable

I leased my TDI 2012 Sportwagen 4 years ago from a dealership that ended up getting my lease through a bank, my lease is up 9/30/16, what am I to do... I would like to lease a Subaru from the same dealers that own the VW dealership ?

You can check your eligibility at The site also has answers to frequently asked questions. You can call 844-98-CLAIM for more information.

It says I am not eligible for a buy back! I understand the bank should receive the buy back, however I have an open ended lease and I shouldn't have to pay at the end, since VW will buy it back at an over valued price. Does anyone know about this kind of situation ?

You can terminate your lease early and take a restitution payment. There is no buyback on a lease.


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