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Data breaches and you – a new video

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Another data breach. And this time, it’s your personal information. Take a deep breath. Then check out this new video from the FTC.

The video walks you through the steps to take if your information was part of a data breach:

What if your Social Security number was exposed? Or an online login or password? Or your child’s information? Relax. covers all that and more. Like:

  • For Social Security numbers – Order a free copy of your credit report at Make sure there are no unexpected charges or accounts.
  • For an online login or password – Log in to your account and change your password. If you use the same password other places, change those too.   
  • For a child’s information – Place a credit freeze, if that service is available in your state. A credit freeze makes it hard for someone to open new accounts in your child’s name. To learn more, visit

After a data breach, our big fear is that someone will misuse our exposed personal information. If that happens to you, go to to report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan. Because recovering from identity theft – and data breaches – is easier with a plan.


Thanks for information concerning data breach. I am doing all you has offered how to protect my personal information. I am going back to using "cash for many purchases". Thanks again.

Great Job! Awareness and education are key in achieving information security!

I just have allot hacking in every email l had on the past and every single profile l have on social media they always is someone From other States trying to change my passwords settings in every single Phone l had always in some how is connected to third partys wish l dont know who they are but are making my life to difficult and l am the one always paying there consecuences by been expose my life on the media and nobody is been able to help me on this movement and l cant can do it by myself specialty when l dont know what are the steps to take because l had try on the past but l get threads and is been some violance several Times l had experience when l has been people around me seeing my difficultys and nobody step forward to help me and l hope that l could find organization can be able to help me and such matter my information is valuable to me but my life is precious to me and l have all the rights to be recognize in this Country like everyone else.

if you have ever been kind and given a phone or other electronic device away more things than you can name happen. It is a nightmare. They have your passwords which I didn't even know were recorded somewhere. The phones can be linked together and can even be used to clear one another out remotely. The best advice is to get a new phone and learn how to operate it yourself. Cancel all your cards and delete all social media accounts and start over with information only you know. lock up passwords and bank cards. Good luck!

Oh boy, been there & done that with no difference. I didn't give access to my devices, they were remote hacked, i have gone through dozens of email accounts, phones, tablets, laptops & tech support. Yes, routers, passwords and social media gone. I lost documents and priceless photos I can't retrieve. The cops & feds were less useful than geeksquad. And it continues, I'm broke!!!!

You didn't know about the factory rest option on your device to wipe it clean? I do that to all my old phones. For computers, there is software to wipe hard drives clean. Delete does NOT remove data. One of the best ways to destroy personal data on PCs is to remove the hard drives, and take a sledge hammer to it.

Someone i knew set up my email address and password Plus Facebook account also and is getting into my Facebook account via email address and i have tried to set up a new fb account but dont know how to delete excisting accounts or email address and i have a abi so not very tech savvy and i know he is still getting into my Facebook accounts as certain ones have been online and i know he is because he has commented things i never sent or said

Everyone should read this.

this all hit me when I was analyzing my data in my Verizon account. they were hacked 1.5 million customers. Imagine how many contacts each of them had .I begged for there help an was treated terrible 4 devices ruined. I got a 900 bill out of it

Fraudulent CC applications are running rampid. Please be aware!!

I have a great solution for this: I have gone thru the "opt-out" process to minimize my junk mail. That does NOT stop my own credit card providers from mailing me ads in the form of checks I can cash (good fraud opportunity here) for a loan, etc. I called this credit card company of mine and complained about their ads that invite fraud in my mail box (empathizing FRAUD several times) and strongly asked that they cease these mailings to me. The mailings stopped immediately. Just because a company can legally mail you an unwanted ad, doesn't mean you can't talk them out of it, if you mention the right words.

I believe my iPhone has been hacked! I get several friends request daily, but they are already on my friend lists. People are asking me why I'm sending them friend request knowing I'm on their list. My server keeps flipping back and forth for no apparent reason!!! How do I check this all out? Please help

If you think someone has hacked into your email account and is sending messages from your account, watch this FTC video about hacked email.

This video has tips about what to do if you think someone has installed malware on your phone.

I get tons of messages that my loan Application was Denied at this time Someone else is applying under my name!

You can get help with identity theft at You can report identity theft and get help responding to problems. The site explains how to put a freeze on your credit, and who to contact about the theft.

What/Which software is needed to See/Play the video?

Perhaps you shouldn't use Brightcove for your videos, which requires that tracking blocker services, such as Ghostery, be turned off to watch. use that service in order to show a security video?

That's a big problem with many of those offering "security services" including awareness training. They still depend on particular versions of Java, they don't protect their product or their users with commonly acceptable security practices, etc. That said, this is good content.

I have had my bank account breached 4 times in the last year and a half. Recouping the funds isn't always an easy task and no guarantee. Last week was the most recent and it was at the same time Wendy's restaurants were breached.I was not part of that breach but a whole separate one by Sony... I purchased a $9.99 gift Pack for my son's Playstation...Sony kept hitting my card for $39.99 until all my funds were depleted. Not only am I still trying to get the funds back but they cancelled my son's subscription.They tell me it's because the charges were disputed at my bank. REALLY? not only did Sony commit fraud but they canceled a paid for subscription belonging to a child. So, Sony can offer a product to a consumer and take it away after its paid for? In my opinion this is clearly 2 counts of larceny and 18 counts of fraud. 18 is the amount of times they charged my bank account.As of yet, The regional manager has yet to return any of my phone calls..
Broke and defenseless.

I trusted a friend and we had exchanged emails for a while. I found out that he hacked my files and bank account through Dropbox. He said he did not do it and somebody used his email address and name to hack my account. How can I file complaints against him?

If you're concerned about stolen personal information, go to You can report identity theft and get tips and information to help you recover from identity theft.

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