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Empowering Latinos to know their rights and avoid scams

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Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the contributions so many Latinos have made throughout history. It’s also a time for us to celebrate you for the vital role you’ve played in helping Latino communities avoid scams.Hispanic Heritage Month badge

In the past year, you:

Thank you for being an informed consumer, and for helping your community!

This Hispanic Heritage Month, and year-round, we invite you to order publications and share them. The cost of the publications and the shipping is on us! That’s right, they’re free.

You know where to find us, so please tell your friends they can visit us and find free tips at, get free email alerts, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and watch our videos on YouTube.

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Thank you !!! You are Fantastic. Good bless you

Thank you!


Thank you for this information

This is as offensive as having an article praising northern European communities for using FTC resources to avoid scams. Why can't we all settle for being Americans?

A suggestion: I think FTC should publicize the scam alerts more through television media, schools and colleges, community resources, banks,churches,hospitals, public/private gatherings,stores,etc... for people of Hispanic heritage...not all have access to even know about what the FTC does and may not know of its existence at all.Maybe it will help others and cut down on the amount of complaints, fraud and loss.I didn't know about what FTC could do to help consumers and the alerts available until I started looking up scams, fraud, ID theft online.Knowledge is power and it might help others avoid disaster with education of these fraudulent activities.

It's great information for our community!

please need help just recently got scammed out of lots of money

To Anti racist commenter: Not all Hispanic communities have access to this information and may be isolated from the mainstream of english speaking news/articles.Some need interpreters, and maybe some just aren't aware that these resources are available. Not to be offensive, just to inform and communicate knowledge that alot of people of all backgrounds may not be aware of maybe because of language/accessibility/isolation of community barriers.This information is to help anyone of all backgrounds,and sometimes it is easier for some people to read this information in their original,ethnic language, especially for some who may not have mastered the english language completely or need interpreters to help them.

The FTC's consumer information is also available in Spanish at

You can read this blog post in Spanish at :Empoderando a los latinos a conocer sus derechos y evitar las estafas.


You can report a scam to the FTC at

Well I thought it was very tasteful and appreciate the FTC taking initiative to make an added effort to break communication barriers. I speak perfect articulate English but my Spanish hasn't been updated since I was 8-9yrs. Tell me I'm mis-used a pro noun in place of the adjective and call it gibberish... The latin temper will flare!Anyway, my brain is so fried from reading everything in English and still confuses me, I have a high IQ too! So kudos, education is what will prevent "ignorance" except when its refused. Every Hispanic is quietly desperate for you to offer to help expand the customs of this country. Help those that help themselves...

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