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Refunds for One Technologies’ not-so-free credit scores

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The FTC will be refunding nearly $20 million to people who were misled by One Technologies about getting “free credit scores” that weren’t so free. The money comes from a 2014 settlement with One Technologies. According to the FTC, the company misled people by advertising free credit scores without making clear that people would be enrolled in a credit monitoring program — and charged $29.95 per month.

The FTC is mailing checks this week through the refund administrator Analytics, LLC. The FTC previously mailed claim forms to people who were charged for these credit monitoring programs. To get a refund, they had to return their claim form before the deadline. Check values range from $90 to $150, depending on how much money each person lost. Anyone who gets a check has 60 days to deposit or cash it.

If you have any questions about your refund, call 844-828-4441, or visit the FTC’s One Technologies refunds page. And remember, the FTC never requires people to pay money or give personal information before they cash a refund check.

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Thank you for doing this!!!! Honesty is the only policy

That happened to me but with TransUnion. They do the same thing.

I never received a claim form!!!!!

Same happen to me but with Experian

im with experian at present when i signed up it said free credit score not reading the very small print im now paying 14.95 per month did you claim your fees back or was trying to claim a waste of time please respond

Thank you for all your research and work on this. I felt bullied into this whole system of being fee'd to death. When they finally were going increase my monthly payment to $100, I couldn't believe it. That's when I quit and gave up my business. Everything I made went to fees. I'm so happy these dishonest crooks are paying the price.

This is a pleasant surprise, most of the time there is never a final outcome to these cases.

The same thing happened to me with TransUnion they're willing to cancel the account but not talk after 1:10 2995 he they never mention and then charge you 1995 7 Days Later offering free credit score and then you don't get to look at the credit score also your score and more did the same thing I have not been able to get in touch with him yet

Wow, I actually received a refund, but had to verify on this website that it was not a scam.
Thank you, always great to see our government is doing their job for the consumer.

I did the same thing. I had to verify the check I received today was not a scam either. I honestly don't remember filing for this, but apparently I did since I got this check. Thank you for all your hard work on this also. I can't trust anyone anymore when we get stuff like this in the mail. Too many bad people out there.

To whoever got this going and got our refund thank you and God bless!!

Thank you so much,I got my check today. Like others I came on here to double check.

I received a claim form with a claim number on the deadline date. I filled the form out and mailed it the next day after the deadline date. Will I receive a refund since I was assigned a claim # ? Thank you FTC

You can call the information line at 1-844-828-4441; press 0 to speak to an operator. The operator should be able to confirm whether you were included in the refund mailing.

Thank you for the check , could not have come at better time !

Nice job going after false and deceptive activities, greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!! What a wonderful surprise in the mail. Yes, thanks to God. Won't HE do it for those who love HIM?? Blessings to the FTC and other agencies looking out for us.

I really appreciate this it was unexpected but I do remember being charged years ago but just left it alone due to me going on there site to receive my credit score Thanks!

I was sceptical also about this being ligit until I got on this FTC page. Thank you so much for helping people that gets scammed.My belief in people has taken quite a hit lately. This helps.

I am the recipient of one of these checks. I have been a victim of identiy theft so often that I was skeptical. glad I decided to visit this site. So I am cashing my check. Thanks FTC!

Just found out about this!! Don't remember getting a form. Hope I can still make claim !! Claim # xxxxxxx Pinxxxxxxxx Thank you!!!!

I got my check today.. I'm so happy I got my money back from what had happened to me I submitted my claim form n finally got what shouldn't have been taken from me back. thanks so much FTC for getting my money back...

i want to thank you for this refund i don't remember sending form for this but i do remember getting scamed with quote free credit score then getting charged for it thanks

Thanks for the refund!

Thank You for the Refund, Taking the Family To Sushi at the Coast (N.W. Coast) Hope who ever did all the leg work kept their fare share, Going tomoro to see if check is truly real like web site says. )Once you get scamed No matter How much or How little you lose trust, I'm Hoping our system did me right !

Thank you for doing this! Made sure it's legit.

I too recieved thi check in the mail this past weekend i filed complaint about these people debit card had to change my card.thank you.

Thank you ftc & agencies for getting our money back that was stolen from us I too got my check on the 29th but I also had to check your site to make sure it was real!

I received my check on Saturday, 10/01/16. Thank you for doing this. I was so livid when Scoresense took almost $100.00 from my account without my knowledge! Sincerely,

I just received my check today, had to verify it as well as I remember filling something out, but most times I never get anything back from those, so never thought anything into it. This couldn't have come at a better time actually.

Thank you I receive a check today also!! Had no clue remembering this but I must of did it!!

I just received my check. I was feeling the same way had to check it out before cashing my blessing.

Thank you so much. I was agrivated trying to get this company to stop charging me. The reason I initiated the credit report was because of fraud and then scammed again. This is great and fill a little relieved that something was done. Thanks to all that accomplishes this defeat for us.

I just received my check and had to check if it was legit. Thanks,came a good time.

I am another one sceptical about the check especially since my identification has been stolen in the past. I hope this site truly confirms the validity of the check. I'll find out tomorrow or sometime thereafter if my bank takes it back from my account.:-$

Was the check legit?

I received my refund check yesterday - a pleasant surprise since every other refund I've been involved with resulted in a check for less than $5.00. Once I received a check for $0.03!!!!! Seriously?!? Thank you for your hard work and diligence! I appreciate it as I am surviving on a small disability check and supporting my young grandchild too. Blessings to all who worked for justice for us!!!

FTC, I'm glad to hear you are going after one of the many not-so-free credit score companies. There are many more out there.

Every company that asks for a credit card number, is a scum bag in my book. There are only a handful of of honest companies that do NOT ask for a credit card number, and actually give a free credit score. I discovered my first one over 2 years ago.

New in the market, are credit card companies and credit unions, letting their customers access their FICA score free any time they want from their Internet account. I have this kind of truly free access with 3 of my credit card issuers.

For those consumers who want a copy of their true FICA score free, look for a credit card issuer that offers this new benefit.

I posted a question last week and never saw an answer so I'll ask again, is it too late to file and get a check?

If you have any questions about your refund, call 844-828-4441, or visit the FTC’s One Technologies refunds page.

You can still submit a claim, but we can't guarantee you will get a refund. We will review late claims after this distribution is complete. If there is still money available, we will issue a second round of checks. If you have questions, please call the refund administrator at 844-828-4441.

I received a refund check dates September 28, 2016 but due to a change in address I just got the check recently. Can I still cash the check. Claim #21xxxxx Thank YOu

I also had a change of address and just opened the mail that contained the refund check. Claim #12xxxxx. Please advise on how I can claim the refund. Thank you.

They apparently haven't stopped their little scam yet. Today, I got an email for a FREE CREDIT REPORT from One Technologies.......

Does anyone know how to get a refund and stop them from taking $39.99 for something that I never would have agreed to! I'm so frustrated. I live in Wisconsin. Email me at thank you in advance!

I just went through hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys and lost everything… Started searching for bits of money that I could save in my account and came upon these transactions of $39.95 every month… I called the company and complained. It showed in their computers that whom ever opened up the account, logged in that one day, realized I had crapped credit, and never log back in because they can’t use my credit… But then a few months later the billing date had been changed… Those were the only two “activities” on this account… I have been paying for my membership for a year! Yeah, I was stupid and wasn’t paying attention… The company has given me five months back, but now I’m still fighting for the seven other months but they keep denying me.... after getting off the phone with one of the managers today, I asked him what my membership included… Why did my identity not get protected if that’s what I was paying for? And now I am fighting the company that was supposed to be protecting my credit… This is ridiculous… Now I’m waiting for corporate to call me… It could take up to another 48 hours…

I just discovered they have been charging my credit card $29.95 since 11/2014 ($1227 total) but were actually monitor a different person's credit, unknown to me. Different name, different address, etc.

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