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Voicemail from an IRS imposter?

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You get a call or voicemail from someone claiming to be from the IRS. You’re being sued and this your final notice, the caller says:

Don’t panic. And don’t return the call. It’s a scam.

Here are a few facts about the IRS to keep in mind if you get a similar call:

  • If the IRS needs to contact you, they’ll do it by mail first.
  • The IRS won’t demand personal information like credit card or Social Security numbers over the phone.
  • The IRS won’t threaten to arrest or sue you, or demand that you pay right away. The IRS also won’t tell you to use a specific form of payment like a money transfer from MoneyGram or Western Union, a cash reload from MoneyPak or Reloadit, or a gift card from iTunes or Amazon. Scammers ask you to use those ways to pay because they’re hard to track or cancel payments.

If you or someone you know receives a call like this, report it the FTC and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). Include the caller’s phone number, along with any details you have. If you’re not sure whether a call is really from the IRS, you can double-check by calling the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040. For more, check out this IRS imposter scams infographic. Share with friends and family. They may get the call next.

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but it's so much fun to play with them - by the time I get through - they are cursing at me and they hang up - it just makes it fun!

Me too! I got a guy with an Indian accent and I kept telling him to repeat himself because I couldn't understand him! Then I told him to go ahead and release that arrest warrant he was holding and that I expected the police at my door within a day or two. Then I asked him if people actually fell for that nonsense..then he hung up!

I got the same guy!!! He was so angry with me!!

Same here. I told him I couldn't understand a word in English. I hung up on him.

This one too 214 400 5051 phone

I just received a voicemail stating there's a warrant out for my arrest, called the number back because it was a digital message and an Eastern Indian male answered stating "thank you for calling the IRS" I hung up then blocked the number 206-596-0619 a Seattle number. If you call any government agency, it's always an automated system never a live agent at all, you have to press the number according to what the subject is you are calling about! These damn crooks are the ones who need to be arrested!

I received a call saying the samething from this phone # 1-202-810-5546! I'm so sick of this BS with people who can't even speak our language!!! It's so hard to trust anyone these day's. Please for your benefits just block the number.

as well as 206-462-3072

I got a voicemail saying”5960507 I repeat 5960507 Thank you”then it ends, and it was talking fast to. It was hard to understand it

me too how funny I started talking like him and irritated him back.

Another number is 417 313 0062 (missouri)

844-720-2364 another number I called it back and it's an Indian claiming to be on a federally recorded line and he's not authorized to mail anything and the papers are filed in court
We should be able to sue them!!!!

I always call them back. Then I say, "I'll pay this right away...let me get my credit card." Then put the phone down for 5 minutes. Come back on the line and say, "hang on I'm still looking for my wallet." Then I practice piano for 20 minutes in the background until they hang up. :)

Does anyone know if 513-449-6790 is a fraud? They just called and I had no idea what they were even saying due to there heavy accents.

888-276-6856, is the number that called me and said I was under federal investigation and I needed to call that number back. It was an officer Ryan but it was an automated message not even a real person! I'm guessing it's a scam..

I got a call from the IRS they left a voicemail saying I was being SUED by the IRS for TAX fraud. When I called back it was an INDIAN guy which I couldn't understand. It was from a TEXAS phone # (432)299-0061. When I called it back it only rang. I have called the IRS many times and the system is all automation. When I got someone on the line the picked up and said "IRS." Please people out there! Don't get scammed by these FOOLS!

Same thing just happened. Texas number. Middle eastern accent. Ive called back many times. They blocked me I guess.

"officer Ryan",with Indian accent, called me from (281)220-338 claiming to be the IRS. Totally a scam. I called back I told him this was. The IRS and he laughed and hung up.

'Officer Ryan' has found a way to fix his accent by leaving a digitally recorded voicemail from the Houston, TX 281-220-3389.

The same voicemail i got. From officer ryan!! I didnt believe it when i heard it.

Got a call about 20 min. ago saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Didn't recognize ph # 954-507-1306. I just called them back & it's a call center in FL. Indian guy with a very thick accent asked for my name. I told him they just called - they have my name! I told him I had reported them to the FBI & IRS. He said 'no, no, no, they can't do anything.' I then told him the police were here & wanted to talk to him. I laid down the phone & he hung up about minute later. Scumbags!!

I got a girl and I got loud with her and kept asking her what it was for and she just kept saying want to settle out of court or not and I just kept asking what it was for and she finally hung up on me

Same thing happened to me! I got the same person as on the recording, the only difference was the number!!

That's it ... it was an Indian accent. There was one who was a woman from this country who offered me her badge number. I had read somewhere that you can trip them up by asking for a badge number! The scammers must have read that. The real IRS would send you certified mail that you would have to sign for at the PO before busting into your bank account (which is what this guy was threatening me with).

I just got one on my mobile leaving a message to call 504-535-1500 which I saw was a Louisiana area code. I knew not to call back on the number they had called so I used my work number. The fellow that answered had an Indian accent and said he was "jacob" LOL, I asked for his IRS badge number and he said GS1748. I asked now what city are you calling me from, he said Washington, DC "miss" and I asked why the Louisiana area code and he said large call volume "miss", LOL. I asked now, who is your supervisor, and he said, "miss" you are wasting my time. I said, this is just a big scam and he hung up. If if doesn't sound like American English, it is not the IRS!!! "miss" LOL

I do not remember the last time I laughed so hard. Almost busted a rib. Uncontrollable laughter.Good.

We have receuved the same caller as you did. We get these calls sometimes 3 or 4 times aweek. I'm sick of them. These idiots must think that all Americans are stupid that we don't know they are scammers. I knew this the very first call they made. What I can't believe is why we can't do anything to stop this. We are just as sm
art in technology as these foreign countries are.

Had 3 of the same IRS messages in a row and then a final one (all on our answering machine). The last one was a woman with a thick accent telling us that we are going to be arrested and the sheriff (we do not have a sheriff in our town!) is on the way to our house if we don't pay up. She repeated a number to call (844-757-0824) and then said if we choose not to call she can only "wish us the best of luck"! I truly hope people are not still falling for this crap. We have gotten these calls non-stop for well over 2 years. We NEVER answer our house phone for this very reason.

Got same call from woman called number and told them I'm calling IRS to verify claim was told we can't help you if you hang want to do this the easy way or hard way.i said the hard way and hung up.

I got the same voice mail two days in a row with two different call back numbers I never return the calls call back number 1-989-244-9335

These people just keep calling. I finally returned the call after numerous calls from them . . . 3 times a day . . . It scared me so much that I hung up and called my tax people because I was told to get a lawyer to meet me at the courthouse when the police arrested me. I am still getting these voice mails. How long will this continue?

Have fun with 1-855-652-0568. Another Indian accent that you can tell is reading a script and telling you local police are coming for you. When you ask for IRS fraud call center number or print out suddenly the call gets dropped.

I received a call from the indian guy called Ryan.the number he called from was 775-419-0877

Same guy ive never heard of the IRsS calling before sending paperwork in the mail scared me to death geesh!! They called me OfficeeKelly Martinez but with Indian accent gave me Badge number Case ID and Arrest Warrant number called from1(339)777-7988

Got a call from 2022310232 saying I had a federal arrest warrant and to call the number and a irs agent will be expecting my call.

The first time I got a call like this, I was genuinely concerned. However, I've now received at least 4 or 5, over the past 2 years. To your point, It's incredibly fun to screw with these jerks. I try to keep them on the line for as long as possible and once, I told them that the police were at my front door and they wanted to speak with them. Of course.... they hung up. FUN!

In the past 2 days I have received 5 calls from these guys. Like many I don't answer the phone if I don't know the caller. I guess they figure if you get enough calls you would believe them. I thing the FTC should reach out to all news agencies and have them report this on a regular biases to make more people aware of the scams. And in all languages.

I watch the news so I was heads up on it already, Thank GOD, And what? ME, BELIEVING ANYONE just calling me saying, this is the last warning from the IRS!!!? UMMM, I a disabled Veteran, hello! SO I KNOW for a FACT I don't OWE any money to IRS!!! WHAT A SCAM!!! I don't answer phone calls from numbers I don't know anyway. Suggestions to everyone, if you don't know the number, let the answering machine pick it up. Register your numbers on do not call list .gov. I registered mine after three and a half years, after getting all the @.#. Calls. Should take up 30 days to take affect. If they continue file complaint with numbers on hand. GOOD LUCK

This is real cute to read these complaints but it's a serious situation , can you imagine how many older people have believed this its so sad I've even heard if you agervate them they will call the police with a disturbance to your house that's terrible. They are setting in a cubecal in a office off shore and getting loaded on people's hard earn money this world is getting horrible and it seems like they get by with it . Craigslist I believe is a big scam as well you just can't find a honest person out there...seriously wanna strangle someone legeslatives!!!!

I agree Bluegrass Girl--It is very serious and sickening that it continues to go on and on. I haven't seen too much information about what is being done to stop them. Sadly, that information seems to be scarce. I received my 3rd one today, so now I feel like a pro, but that first time, I got scared until I caught on. I could easily see it working, especially for our elderly. They used the word "lawsuit", which is when I knew for sure it was a scam since the IRS does not file a lawsuit against you when you owe them money. I think it is worth noting that Indian Americans do work for the IRS and an agent may have such an accent. The woman who left the voice message today spoke perfect English. With that said, I enjoyed giving them a piece of my mind today, although it was short-lived as they did hang up on me. That they hung up on you is also a great indicator that it is a scam!

I have messed with them too. One time I told them I knew it was a scam from go after being on the phone for 45 min. He said "Are you calling me an idiot?" I laughed and said "I guess you could say that!" He was not happy with me. I have messed with them several times. They don't call me anymore :(

I know it's fun but these IRS recordings scare the s@&t out of the elderly and there in lies the problem! Our elderly parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc are getting robbed by these a$$h@£€$ and you're playing with them! Something has to be done about it but what? Do any of you have a solution? Instead of playing around with them, get them to divulge something important! You're intelligent, come up with something!

i have realized these are scams for some years now. However it is becoming bothersome. i hate robocalls, getting off the couch and listen to an idiot message for about 5 seconds, then hang up. if i report it i am certain our inefficient government will do nada. i was thinking of reverse phone lookup on the caller id and then doing something PERSONAL but many of these have blocked their caller ID or given false ones. Any ideas on tracking them down.

I've started blocking the numbers on my phone when I get a scam call. Then I guess they realize that I'm blocking the numbers because then the caller I.D. # starts coming up as 222-2222 or 1111 and for some reason even after I block those odd numbers they are able to still call me using the same number.

It is almost impossible to get any help, the real number to report them at the IRS gives you a number to call.The mail box is full, you can't leave a message.I called the FBI, the IRS , and the Dept of Justice, they are overwhelmed by all the complaints.Their recording says that they are aware of the IRS imposters and they are going after them.They called my wife and they scared the daylights out of her, she almost sent them 4K.Her calls were from 305-407-1406,I called them 20-30 times a day to mess with them(Indian guy thick accent) now the number is disconnected

I called the Indiana Attorney General's office.
They filed a complaint and also gave me contact information for

They now have an 866 number. I got the call today and they scared the crap out of me. We called our police dept and reported it.

I had the same thing today, scared me to death!! Heavy Indian accent, and he was not nice at all!!! it was from 202 number!!

I got this same crap scam call today from the 202 number they finally must have realized after months i blocked their other number. Ive been getting these calls for 2 years! They also call my family members, how they get our cell phone numbers is what i would like to know. And nothing will ever be done about it unfortunately.

I just got a call today claiming to be the IRS and they said it's going to file a lawsuit against me and I might be going to jail it scared the crap out of me it was from a Florida number 941 548 2199 I have a woman


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