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Voicemail from an IRS imposter?

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You get a call or voicemail from someone claiming to be from the IRS. You’re being sued and this your final notice, the caller says:

Don’t panic. And don’t return the call. It’s a scam.

Here are a few facts about the IRS to keep in mind if you get a similar call:

  • If the IRS needs to contact you, they’ll do it by mail first.
  • The IRS won’t demand personal information like credit card or Social Security numbers over the phone.
  • The IRS won’t threaten to arrest or sue you, or demand that you pay right away. The IRS also won’t tell you to use a specific form of payment like a money transfer from MoneyGram or Western Union, a cash reload from MoneyPak or Reloadit, or a gift card from iTunes or Amazon. Scammers ask you to use those ways to pay because they’re hard to track or cancel payments.

If you or someone you know receives a call like this, report it the FTC and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). Include the caller’s phone number, along with any details you have. If you’re not sure whether a call is really from the IRS, you can double-check by calling the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040. For more, check out this IRS imposter scams infographic. Share with friends and family. They may get the call next.

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Here is an overseas cell number that say the same thing but with a female recording. The number that came up on caller ID is V601171817000850. I am not even trying to call that one back!

The longer we "play" with them the less time they can do this to someone else.

I call the number they gave me twenty times a day and play an alarm that will bust your ears,

If you know specific people you are concerned about, there is a website, I think it's nomorobo that allows you to block robo dialed calls. Most cell phones have call blockers, but this is for landlines.

Nomorobo is for cellphones too. You have to pay for this service, but it does work!

Also, if you have an iphone you can block the number without having a special service.

I just reported the number marked United States(747)777-8536. Called me twice. I told him IRS only contacts by mail. He said my mail was returned to sender. Man had a very thick mid eastern accent, I could barely understand him and kept asking him to repeat what he was saying he got irate with me. I told him that I was hanging up and for him to have a blessed day. LOL

I'm with you on that, I'm worried about my grandmother, and mother who live together. We need to stop this!! They are getting somebody, I personally don't want it to be my family!! Or any body without knowledge, of what's going on. :(

All we can do is report them to the FTC each and every time we get a call. It may be an inconvenience but it's the only way. Report each and every phone #. They need to be stopped. The more reports the FTC receives, the better chance they will have to catching them.

I do the same thing with all these scammers, one thing is to put them on hold then hang up about a half hour later, if they are still on or not.

My mom would always give the phone to my brother with autism whenever sales people or scammers would call. He likes talking to them, and they never call back-it's a win win!

Agreed I did the same... I called them back (knowing it was a scam) and I acted panicky. I said " what amount of money can I give you to make this all go away", I'm already on trial for murder, and this will really put me in a hole"...he was very confused and got upset with me and hung up. BTW, it was an Indian male, sounded maybe mid 30's.

Guy from India called me today. Claimed he was from IRS. He asked if I had had any traffic citations, filed bankruptcy, had foreclosure, or been arrested in past year. I gave him fake info and then told him I had been arrested for murder and he kept reading his script. Got angry when he told me I had two choices--pay 4500 dollars or take my chance with being arrested. I said I want you to send the police and release that warrant because I knew from the moment you called it was a scam. HE got mad that I wasted his time.

OK, so I’ve received several calls from the “IRS”. This latest call was from “Dennis Fowler”, who has an incredibly thick Indian accent. So I decided to have a little fun of my own.
I said: Oh, Dennis! Thank heavens you finally called. I am so excited. I’ve been waiting for you to contact me. So, please tell me exactly what I need to do to be completely ukfayed by you. Shall I tell you my social security number and the numbers of my husband and children? Shall I send you my checking account and bank routing numbers? Shall I send you my car keys and detailed instructions on how to get to my house? Oh, I am sooooooo excited.
And then, you know what? HE HUNG UP ON ME! How rude.
Apparently Dennis, with the incredibly thick accent, doesn’t share my excitement. Devastated.

great reply. keep calling Dennix!

I received two calls for the past two days from the following numbers:
928-323-1186 & 843-325-5853
I called back just because I was curious and you can hear the background where it sounds like a call center and the young lady that answered did not speak English clearly. When I questioned her she jumped to the arrest warrant story. What has this world come to so sad I am sure that others have fallen for this scam and there must be something that can be done to stop all scams period

I got a call this morning from 509-570-5131. Same spiel. Filled out on-line reports with the IRS and FTC.

the scams are too much

We have received these calls three or four times a week. The ones we get now are a recording. First few we received was an Indian accent man as well. My husband told him when he could speak good English then call and of course he hung up.
I'm really fed up with these calls. We've gone to the police department and they say they can't do anything about this. I can't believe that something can't be done to put a stop to these calls. I'm very disappointed with the government right now because of this.

I 5 calls from them, and just to mess with them, I asked what my options were to get these 3 charges resolved. I got the 3 steps, or conditions, from "Officer Jonas Clark", badge #161839 in Resttitution, and was told that payment had to be made by an accepted voucher through approved stores like Kroger, I could not discusss it with anyone and I had to give them a cell # and stay on the line the entire time, to "prove I was an honest, tax-paying citizen". After stalling, telling them my cell was dead an I would have to find one from another household member, I gave them the number for the IRS fraud line. I said, "you just got caught!" He said, "you think you are the smartest person in the world, but get that out of your head. You are not smartest person. We are smarter than you! I will put you in jail for 10 years! Come Christmas, you will be crying!" At least that is what I think he said, in his thick Indian accent. I told him I wasn't the smartest person, but wasn't the dumbest either. Here's to all you other "Smartest persons!"

We get 2 or 3 of these calls every week. I'm fed up with them. I'm going to buy a whistle and keep by my phone and when they call blow it as hard and as loud as I can and I hope I bust their stupid ear drums.

I did the whistle thing but they hang up FAST!!! Then I knew my hubby had a old siren and it did work for a while but now its starting all over again so I must get it out of the basement again,,,,make some more of them deaf LOLOLOL I really hate saying that but I cant even write the dirty things on here that they said to me. Our police department said they cant do a thing??

you might have too much time on your hands.

I have recieved 8 calls from these scam artist they've called from these phone numbers:1-347-906-866,1-202-683-7463,1-202-864-2237,1-252-325-5132,1-914-336-4567,1-304-810-8706,1-347-906-8666,1-252-251-0714.and I have recordings of their voices. If it would help in the investigation I could send these recordings to the proper authorities.

I just got one from 276-250-3039. The same thing as they have a warrant out for my arrest.

I think it is so funny that they use American names. I got Officer Mike and Officer Shaun 1-612-223-5933, 1-702-803-9727

I received a call from 4693515039 today and she asked my personal information. Also told if I don't provide I'll be arrested soon. I know it's scam so I didn't encourage the talk so she hung up!!

So i also got a call, i told them i could only pay cash, so he gave me an address to go to. Good ole smart phone i Google the address it was a dollar general, oh it was fun after that

I have been receiving voice mail and messages from someone with a thick accent sounds like from India or something. Anyway he says he is working for IRS and is going to file a complaint with a lawsuit against me. And I need to pay 5993.00 or it was going to court. And that you can go to jail for 5 to 99 years.

Add this number to your list of IRS "were suing you" scams..... Straight out of India lol (201) 948-1227

I just had the sae scammer call me from 773-269-3251
I knew it was a scam but I had to call back and mess with this idiot. He hung up on me too. How stupid do they think Americans are? These people prey on the innocent senior citizens. This was my first phone call scammer I usually receive an email on a weekly basis from these jerks.

At the beginning of the call they ask you if you want to speak to an attorney, I said "Yes" and then they hung up. I haven't received a phone call from them since!

I played with the publisher clearing house guy. Even got the account and routing number for the account and gave it to the bank manager and local police.

No fun playing with an automated message. I miss real live telemarketers.

I received the same call from 314 207 6256. I hung up cause I knew it was a scam and I couldn't understand a word. These scammers are dumb.

Hi guys, here is a new number to play with 202-570-7801. Comes in on my cell phone as "IRS wants to talk to you". The clowns when you call them say that they are from the FBI. Please everyone annoy them (I just did for 20 minutes :)).

Hi I got two calls from IRS saying if I don’t call back by a number they will take me to jail they called twice and it was a recording should I be worried ??

The real IRS does not call and threaten people.

I just got a voice mail pre-recorded saying this “ this is tax five investigation You’re receiving this message to notify you that the IRS has issued arrest warrant against you right now your physical property Are being monitored It is very important mannered that you get back to us in this legal manner , my direct call back 831-200-0746

When I call this number back granite it’s 8 o’clock bow but no one answers it doesn’t even ring

I just got the same call today form a 3158880978 saying the IRS has issued a warrant out for my arrest and the police was going too be here too arrest me within an hour!

I was scamed and they took $2000 dollars from me. My employer at the time was part of the scam. In addition they gave me fake garnishment papers and took another$3800 for a bill I was not being garnished and kept all the funds. I an RN and the board of nursing said in July 2017 the very day the companies admistrator pulled and reviewed my nursing license I also had a hold put on my RN license the same day. When renewal came up they took me off the schedule and gave me info on contacting the state for taxes. 8/I owed nothing The 2011 year had been lost claimed the state Rep and I would need to pay $1300 down to release my license. It doesn't stop there. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office about 3 weeks ago but have not received a letter they promised me. IAM being stalked and my identy stolen and can not find anyone to help me. The

Get help with identity theft at You can report identity theft, create your report to law enforcment, get letters to contact the credit reporting agency and others and create a personal plan to recover from problems caused by the theft.

Just got this call this week... SO lame.

I get these all the time, I have even been told to stay where I am because they will be there in 4 hrs to arrest me

I have had two of these calls. If you want, I can forward their return phone number and the voice mail msg they left.

Please share the phone number. I'm consistently receiving scam calls about my computer and windows operating systems.

My Cell has caller ID which they spoofed as the IRS on 9/30 from #202-239-2566. I called back the recording to screw with them and the guy with an accent would only play 3 minutes. I put the number on facebook and invited others to play with him.

I have received multiple calls like this from different #s. The most recent was from 305-407-1406. Am I really supposed to believe it is the IRS calling me on a saturday afternoon!!!!! My boyfriend has gotten the # from me and keeps calling them back every few hours to cus them out, LOL! He's having fun with it.

I am getting these calls sometimes 3 a day threatening to shut down my computer if I don't believe them. I also just got a voice mail from the "IRS" yesterday. In May, I got a call from an Indian sounding man who said he was calling from Chase Bank and could get me 0% interest for life for $1995. I am soooo sick of these scammers.

I have saved the phone numbers as well as the voice message. Spoke with my 1st one, after abt 8 calls/voice msgs, to find out who keeps calling me. He wanted my personal info, which I said he should already know if he is calling abt my fed income tax. Then he says if I don't cooperate, the authorities will be dispatched to my residence within 45 minutes - then asks for my address!!!! Told him I would be home! This was reported to FTC in Sept 2015 with name and phone number of scammer. If FTC receives this information from EVERYONE who reports the scam, they should be able to track down these people with the help of the FBI. I'm sure the phone numbers are being scrambled whereas the number appears to be in one location, while the caller may be outside the country. Since last year, I can't count the number of calls I have rec'd - some days there are up to 4 a day.


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