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Voicemail from an IRS imposter?

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You get a call or voicemail from someone claiming to be from the IRS. You’re being sued and this your final notice, the caller says:

Don’t panic. And don’t return the call. It’s a scam.

Here are a few facts about the IRS to keep in mind if you get a similar call:

  • If the IRS needs to contact you, they’ll do it by mail first.
  • The IRS won’t demand personal information like credit card or Social Security numbers over the phone.
  • The IRS won’t threaten to arrest or sue you, or demand that you pay right away. The IRS also won’t tell you to use a specific form of payment like a money transfer from MoneyGram or Western Union, a cash reload from MoneyPak or Reloadit, or a gift card from iTunes or Amazon. Scammers ask you to use those ways to pay because they’re hard to track or cancel payments.

If you or someone you know receives a call like this, report it the FTC and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). Include the caller’s phone number, along with any details you have. If you’re not sure whether a call is really from the IRS, you can double-check by calling the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040. For more, check out this IRS imposter scams infographic. Share with friends and family. They may get the call next.

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Had calls from the same man, James and some other guy. The woman who called was abusive, used the worst foul language. India or subcontinent or Middle Eastern accents. When I said the police was listening, the number was redirected to a website with arabic henna designs.

# was 775-253-4841 when i told them my account had about 2 dollars in it he said let me call you back. And they also couldnt provide me with any information or said they have "attempted" to contact me via mail twice and i was going to be arrested.

i just got it again too, we called back and lit them up, then advised the call was being traced and recorded by the police, they swore a bit and hung up.
no government outfit will call you and demand things from you

Never ever listen to these creeps and please tell all your elderly family members. They fall to easily to these people

Received a voice mail message on 9/30/16 from 631-343-3867 (a Long Island area code) threatening me with a summons before a grand jury for (unnamed) violations of federal law and a warning that this was a "final attempt" at contact. The guy did not identify himself as being from any specific government agency. He sounded like a twenty- or thirty-something East Coast American male (no foreign. Southern, or other obvious accent, in other words). I did not return the call but reported the details to the FTC.


I keep track of their phone numbers and others who call, stay on the line without saying anything then hang up. They are trolling to make sure the number they reach actually has a person attached to it so that scams can continue to be perpetuated. When I see a pattern of these calls I answer the phone and quickly press the # key. That makes it appear that they have reached a fax line. Also, many telephone providers (I have used Cox, Century Link and Verizon) provide the ability to block numbers. Of course, many of these groups will change their numbers to get through. I just add those to my list. It's simple and efficient. These people do not respect the federal Do Not Call registry but it still doesn't hurt to get on it. Phone: 800-Do Not Call

My brother says this isn't the best phone# for him and asks them to call him back at this no. and gives them the local police no.

I love your idea Smarterthanthem2!

I'm retired and have recently taken up the hobby of answering some telemarketer calls to exact revenge and keep them on the phone to collect data for reports to the FTC.

someone called, said that they were the final notice from IRS. Lawsuit against you. To get information on your file call 512-813-7390.

Received call from recorded message claiming to be IRS....855-663-6676

call from 360-928-6308= recorded message from IRS saying "final notice, you are being sued by IRS for unpaid taxes. Totol BS!

My numbers are 509-723-0121 and 323-454-1078.

Just got a voice mail from guess who no not the great pumpkin the IRS on voice mail lol the number they said I should call back cause I am being sued, number is 202-241-2421 beware it's a scam! October 24,2016

I have been getting these stupid calls since August.... I don't answer... I don't call back. Hell, I can't even get anybody in this great nations gov't to help do anything about it or take a simple complaint. I still have every voicemail that has been left, every phone call that has come in from these fraudulent scanners and will keep them as long as need be. I'm getting to old for these stupid childish games these idiots wants to play......So I guess I may have to go to the next step and let the crazy southern out and start answering some and really throw a monkey wrench in their day, wheel, plan...... Whatever..... This crap has got to stop now!!!!!! D. C. Don't seem like they want to help the taxpayer get this crap to end. My husband says I have a big, loud, nagging mouth..... Well, if any of you fraudulent scanners are out there reading this, and you want to dare call my number again..... GO AHEAD!!!!!! GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT!!!!!! YOI WON'T LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR WHEN I GET THRU TALKING..... HELL..... YOU MAY GO DEAF AND MUTE BY THE TIME I'M DONE TALKING!!!!! SO WHAT I'M SAYING SCAMMERA IS..... GO AHEAD AND MAKE MY DAY.... I CAN DAMN SURE RUIN YOURS!!!!

When this call first came in through the answering machine, my teenage son heard it and called me at work in a panic. I just started laughing. He said, "Mom, this is serious. They're going to arrest you!" I told him, "First of all, the IRS never calls. Secondly, a few years ago, due to an unclear tax credit, all adopting parents, including me, got audited, and lastly, my tax returns are so simple it's a joke."

I like having fun with them, asking for badge numbers and such. And emote fake shock and fear. But I never got to a point where they asked for specific payment. They always ask for my attorney's information.

What can they do with that?

I Love to mess with these jerks. To date my best reply was to ask the idiot caller what he thought were the chances that he called a real IRS agent? Please note: I did not claim to be an agent, just asked what he thought about his chances of calling one. DO NOT Claim to be what you are not.

I have noted that most of you noted that the caller and voice mail were with an India type accent. The first three calls I received were from a woman who spoke perfect English. Asking that I return her call with a case number. The recording also stated they had mailed several notices to me over the past six months. (A Lie) When I called back I read the case file backwards, a oriental man pretended to look it up and said my wife filed a complaint against me for back taxes. I asked when, "four months ago" Not that they have been trying to reach me for 6 months. I explained that my wife has been dead for 5 years. Even with that he still insisted that she called.

If at all possible, don't even answer the phone. If you have voicemail and caller ID, let any unknown calls go to voicemail. If it's important, the caller will leave a message. I know some of you say it's fun to mess with the callers. I say you are better off not answering the phone at all. Once they know there is a live person who will answer the call, you will get more and more calls, from them and from others.

My husband keeps getting calls from 844-358-8953. They leave a message saying the are from the IRS. I know the IRS if there was a problem would send us something in the mail. I assume by certified letter. What can we do, who do we contact to get these parasites off of us?

Got a call a few days ago from 631-402-9589 (Islip, NY), then today from 760-248-0469 (Lucerne Valley, CA). The recording today said to call the first number I listed.

Same recording stating this was my final warning and I was being sued by the IRS.

I received a call from 202-470-0077- was given a officer badge number, name, IRS warrant, and case Id....I realized it was a scam when I told I could go to Alaska.

2 hours later received similar text from another 202 number. Caller had slight Indian accent with English name. Reported to IRS and FTC and Ive been on no call list for 12 years!!!

When I get these calls, I tell them I work for the FBI and that I'm tracing their call, and recording evidence for prosecution. After they hang up quickly, it seems to reduce the call-backs. Sure, I'm impersonating the FBI, but tit-for-tat, I say.

I got the same guy too. Indian accent, possibly. One of the many caller Id's indicated Washington DC. I really hope they catch this particular guy and shut him down, as he is extremely invasive, extremely aggravating.

They called me non-stop and I reported the matter to the IRS. The last call they made, I told them that the FTC will come for them... after that no more call. But wait... they'll tried again!

I just received a call from a certain Jeffrey Myers with badge number # 76912-DC. He informed me that I have a case filed against me by the IRS for tax evasion. He further informed me that a letter was sent to me June 26, 2015. I informed him that I did not receive anything and he has to send another letter. He then pressed me how I would like to settle my outstanding balance. I told him I cannot think. He again said somebody will come arrest me in 40-60 minutes. When I told him I will get back to him he hung up. Tel #: 650-245-5095.

210-519-0438 A San Antonio number that is living message about contacting local police regarding income tax owed It was a recorded voice but I would have loved to talk to them... Funny...I work for IRS.

got a call on a Saturday 1/21/17 from internal revenue they said I was being sued with the voice message for me to call number 1-(844) 335-1174 when I call lady with deep accent picked up and said hello so I pursued to ask her you call for me someone left me a message said I was being sued no she said then after that I said one who are you she said oh I'm with the IRS Internal Revenue I said okay how can I help you then you can hear whispering in the background in the room is full of people so at this point I kind of laugh but I didn't know if it was true or not so I asked her can you tell me a little bit more about it she was person Civ of asking me for my name and address case number I told her I didn't have a case number so I asked her can I speak with her supervisor she said yeah you can hear her Whispering she wants to speak to the supervisor so I thought at this Point some guy gets on the phone hi pronounce his name with id said he was officer whatever he was his name say he was with the IRS joke really and if it is true they shouldn't go about doing things this way really very scary and very disappointed.

The number they called me from was 6468446975

My husband got a call on 1.27.17 , he didn't recognize the number, but listened to the voicemail today. Scam IRS call # 646-883-3085.

I got one - 301.458.7065 and they actually answer if you call back. I put up 4 craiglists ads for free couches, car parts, massages, and jobs. (sorry to anyone who got their hopes up). I called them back like 25 times until they wouldn't even answer and just picked up and hung right up. They must have caller ID too. Idiots. However, thank the FCC for allowing phone spoofing and not prosecuting this type of scam.

I keep getting calls from 202-570-7458 scam!!!

209-643-8943 is another number to add. Same fake and foreign info as above.

I just received 2 calls today from the following number: 202-930-2463. The first v/c left was very grabbled and I couldnt understand it. The next one was from a female computer generated voice stating that she was Officer (couldnt understand what she said) from the IRS and that they had received an Arrest Warrant with my name on it and I have a pending lawsuit. Told me to call the # they called from. I did, and some little Indian man picked up and I asked who he was and he hung up. I tried several times to call it back after that, and it sounded like a call center in the back ground and then it said the caller was not avaiable.

I've received three calls in three days from the following numbers: 347-518-1709, 347-761-3343, and 347-758-2604. All the same taped IRS scam message from "Officer" Johnson.

I just got a call from (214) 200-4610 voicemail from Rose Mary at IRS saying arrested warrant has been issued if I don't call back their coming for me blah blah blah.

Rose Mary called me to but wanted called back at 305-508-4444

I got the same call but from this number +13605629305 saying if i dont comply that i would be arrested and my property would be taken away. Thing is I don't own any property or have anything under my name. Im not even an adult and working yet

I just got one from +1 (202) 660-4171. They're using automated machines to leave messages now but the English is still broken and incorrect. Scared the crap out of me and then I realized that the IRS would not be calling or texting me to pay them money.

Probably same scam, I called and said this call would be recorded, and I did record it. The number was one 714–592–3417, I asked for his IRS employee number he gave me IRS1293P6, I told him that it is not a valid IRS employee number and who he represents, then he hung up. I'll just block this number.

I find it odd that they do NOT know that the IRS uses the mail. Honestly, I think the IRS needs to make all it's contacts via mail.

The latest number I received this type of call from is: (516) 269-8318 in NY. It was a robomessage and said I and my surroundings are being monitored. I refuse to actually call back and play with them... but if I did :) I would ask them for the reference code on the corresponding piece of mail they sent me.

844-312-7487 just called me filling a suit and issuing a warrant for my arrest.

Caller said they were calling from the treasury dept.about my past taxes. There would be an arrest warrant with the sheriff if I didn't take care of it now. He was nasty right off so I told him go ahead. 716-222-2546 listed as a number in Holland,NY. Then I told him to send me a letter With the details and he claimed he did.

I got a call from a New Jersey telephone number 201-948-1227. I answered and was greeted by an automated voice message claiming to be "officer so-and-so" from the local sheriff's department. This automated message claimed I had committed tax fraud. I know this is completely false, as I filed online and the IRS approved the taxes already.

So I called the number to man with an Indian voice claiming I had committed IRS tax fraud. He asked for my name and city where I live. Suspicious, I only provided my abbreviated first name and last last name. (I didn't spell it out for him.) I also gave him the city and state, but didn't provide a zip code or an address.

I asked him specifically what fraud they were alleging I had committed. He simply repeated the same thing he said before and said I needed to write down some information. He then said if I didn't write this down, he could contact the Sheriff's department and have them come talk to me directly.

I was bottle-feeding my 2-week-old child and had no way to write anything down, so I asked if it was possible for them so send me the details in an email. The Indian man stated he could not send any emails and then threatened to had the Sheriff's department "Show up at your door and take you away in handcuffs."

I responded to his threat by immediately demanding he provide details of his allegation of specifically what fraud they believed I had committed. Then he immediately hung up.

A quick Google search quickly revealed the Tax Imposter Fraud and led me to this page.

the phone number they were giving us for the scam was 844-840-3093. Is there a place we can report the number to?

I received a message yesterday from 409-202-2521. Same old crap. Last time they are going to contact me. IRS is now going to sue me. It' a same that someone who is scared is going to get scammed. I say don't answer and don't call back, lets' take the control back and just make sure everyone you know is aware of this scam so they get NOTHING!!!!

Just got a VM from 626-532-8714, and It was the same recording in this post -above.

312-661-5540 just called me twice today and asked me to call back right away.


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