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What to know about paychecks

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Getting your first paycheck is a big deal. But it also can be a surprise when you see your employer took out money for different taxes and benefits. Why does that happen? And is there anything you can do about it?

Read the new article about Your Paycheck at It tells you what you need to know, in a plain and simple style. 

The article answers questions like:

  • Why do I bring home less money than I earn?
  • Where can I cash my paycheck?
  • What is FICA?
  • Why might I use direct deposit?

The site also tells you about other ways to manage your money, and you can order free copies of materials. Each topic has a one-page article giving you the steps to deal with that issue. Order as many copies as you want, and we’ll ship them to you for free.

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Please send me 5 copies. thank you

I have been recovering IRS scammers call. It need to stop I am reporting it to you hoping something. Will be done .the phone numbers they used to call me today. Is 205-456-9098 205-456-9098. 352-556-1675. Thank you maybe this will help

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