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The FTC fights international scams

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If you have a phone, you’ve probably heard from an IRS imposter — someone claiming you owe thousands of dollars and better pay up immediately, or else terrible things will happen. In the last nine months, more than 111,000 of you reported calls like that to the FTC, and dozens wrote blog comments about callers with South Asian accents posing as IRS agents. Your reports provide crucial information to law enforcement about scam tactics, trends and locations.

The FTC aggressively sues scammers who operate across borders and target people in the US with imposter schemes. For example, a federal court recently temporarily shut down and froze the assets of a tech support operation that directed people to call a boiler room in India for computer help, then pressured them to spend $200 to $400 for useless repair services. That case was one of a dozen similar cases brought by the FTC.

The FTC also works with agencies worldwide to boost cooperation against cross border scams. Next month, staff from the Commission’s Office of International Affairs will meet for the fifth time with industry, trade groups, law enforcement and tech experts to continue efforts to thwart fraudsters operating in India. A recent police raid on nine call centers in India shows the benefit of collaboration.

If you get an unexpected call about a “tax debt,” remember: if the IRS needs to reach you, it will send a letter. Don’t give the caller any financial or personal information, and don’t send payment by money transfer, debit card or iTunes card. Hang up, and report the call to the FTC and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).


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I also turned complaint on this matter and then on one where companies are loaning money against the veterans compensation but the payback on a 4,000 dollar loan over 5 years = 21,000 and out of the 4,000 dollar loan we only received 2,625 dollars. They hurry you will all the paper work and have you call the VA to change direct deposit. Then when you can't pay they call all the time.
Company is FIP dba Lump Sum Settlement.

Thank you for telling the FTC about this. We want to have your report at

It's wrong for anyone to trick veterans and take their payments. If you have questions about your pension, visit the VA's online benefits portal or write to the VA Regional Office where you applied for your military pension. There is no cost for the forms and no fees to apply. Learn more about Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits.

He claim that he is FTC manger..I known phone start wit 876...646..from JM(WI) or from India...and work online...

I am victimized by Indian scammer by fraud mails more than 30,000 USD which I sent them through Western Union.I noticed later that the Western Union staff are also involved in this scamming.I wrote to you and send their address and phone but nothing has happened till now.

A Scammer is bringing a large amount of Money suposed to be for Me so He says butI find out He brings Large sums of Money in to the USA it Will happen tomorrow 11/6/16 My number is 503 xxx xxxx

I had a Dave Thompson stating that I have won

Got a call asking for my husband by name ( he has an unusual name) from an East Indian accent.I said is this about microsoft computor problems..(had so many of these) No ,it answered to BUY YOUR HOUSE! I hung up. is this a new trick(international money laundering?)

what we need is cooperation from our telecommunication companies. There must be technology that can stop or bring spoofed calls to the light With out their ability to hide they have lost most all of their power.

I got scammed by hr 911. co I was to do a survey online, I called them and told them if I choose the face cream it will only be $4.97 and you won't be taking anything else out of my checking account. They wound up taking $88.97 out of my checking account. Without my permission. I have called and 3 times they said they would put my money back and they have not put it back. I can not use the cream. It breaks my face out bad. Cream name is called Re Viv phone number to this place is: MARKET MAX HELP@ MARKETMA OH $88.95.. If anyone can let me know on this page what to do. It would be of great help. The website is www. hr911. co

You could call the company again to say you want a refund, or call your bank and explain that the company took money without your permission. You could report the company to the FTC by calling 1-877-382-4357.

I keep receiving calls from Ryan management group,,saying something about Metro processing,, saying I owe for a loan,and its like a person/robot voice ,,they keep calling saying he's gonna serve me at my job or come to my did kinda scare me..I don't know what to do..I don't know if its a scam.. And he's saying he's gonna contact county district something if I don't return the call..they saying this loan is way from 2009..and they want me to get a debit card to pay..I'm not sure what to do..somebody help

The calls might be from a fake debt collector. Fake debt collectors may: 

  • want you to pay for a debt you don't recognize;
  • asks for personal or financial information; or
  • use high pressure to try to scare you into paying, or threaten to report you to law enforcement

This FTC article about fake debt collectors tells more. It also has tips about what to do if a fake debt collector calls you.


Ignore this caller, they are trying to get your CC info and steal money from you. Just dont call them back ever, they will not come to your house or job they are fake and prob calling you from India or some other country ! Dont worry you will be fine !!

What is the FTC doping about US companies running scams in Europe. Free trial of Diet pills , you pay only postage for sapmle and behind the scam they take 80.00€ per month for pills that are actually not medically approved and are dangerous. These companies are breaking so many FTC guidlines, P.O Boxes used for returns, full terms and conditions are not provided at time of ordering, full company name is hidden, contact numbers difficult to contact and when you get through (within 24 hours) they refuse to cancel order. If FTC wishes to contact me I have already left messsage for AD of Internationl Consumer Protection. BTW, the contact that did take a call is from Texas, (I think) and has a connection to the Dominician Republic (I think). I can provide his name if contacted. Not all scams are based in India. One of the scams is run by a company whose US parent company is based in Nevada and their Customer Returns are in Oregon.

I received a block on my PC that directed me to call a number to fix it..I did and before I knew it that had control of my PC,,the company is Smart Byte Assist,,,International...I spent $ 200 but now worry they have my personal info off my computer. does anyone know if this is a legit company or should I shut down my PC

I get call all the time saying the IRS is suing me for back taxes well I happen to know I pay my taxes on time and so I said let them sue me and I will sue you.
Another one is I owe money to the yellow pages and when I did pay money they didn't do what they said I did not get a release in mail or email. They called beck and tried again saying that was only a payment and it restarted my add for a business I had closed in 2010 tried to tell me that the add had generated 700+ people to my site I asked them how can this be when the site has been closed for years. Then they gave me what they call credit for 3 years said they had checked and that was the length of time since I had been on the site. I found a site call collection bullies and reported it to them about 2 weeks latter I received a call saying they had been shut down and I would be getting my money back that person is to call be back Wednesday 10 @2pm. The company saying they were from yellow pages just changed there name and started calling again A Mr. Stone he got very angry saying I owed that money and they were going to be paid one way or another he also said they were going to take the money from my account at the bank. I screamed back at him you had better not and said goodbye and hung up. He called right back and asked if we got disconnected or if I had hung up. I only said I told you good bye so goodbye and hung up again, it was about a week when he call back I told him he wasn't getting any money because I only got 400+ a month and I had to pay utility bills Medicine and what SS didn't at my doctor out of that he sounded confused I said I'm on a fixed income out of that 400 I have to pay telephone water gas trash + doctor and meds count it up and see what I have left. I couldn't even pay my water bill this month they are threating to turn it off. He said I will see what I can to for you. I'll call you back, he hasn't as of yet.

is this one true I'm not believing ref# WL/00804516088 batch # Star/1000000422 wanting me to cone to claim my winnings David Calos or lawchamber on tel#01134612426070 email:davidcarlos. chamber           and come to Madrid,Spain to sign the legsl papers in person the lawyer will get 25,000.00 usd ment for their setvices. get 4,200,000.00 out of 85,756,420.00 I can also pay to have it delivered to my home bank.

This is a automated voice message they leave your cell phone, saying that you are under criminal investigation by the IRS they give you a fake case # and you are then told to call them back at this number 864 214-9371 immediately and ask for a Johnathan Edwards. DONT FALL FOR THIS ITS A SCAM !! Because the REAL IRS would send you a certified letter and or have you served by a courthouse adminstrator to your home in person. They would NEVER call your cell phone and leave a automated message!! Also this caller never gives out YOUR name which also means that they really dont know WHO they are calling ! They just want your CC# over the phone to settle a fake IRS debt. I never bothered to call them back either because I already knew its a scam.
Caller: FAKE IRS caller
Call type: Prank call

I had a call this morning and it was a recorded voices of a man stating that I own the IRS for child support and back taxes the I own,the area code was 915 from TX. To call them back I call back and I call back and I can't even understand the woman on the phone she ask me for my S.S# and my ID number for my Taxes and if I don't reply I go to jail . I told her IRS only contact you by mail not phone and I hang up. So right away I block the number.

I got the Windows 10 scam call with a foreign accent voice. He said there was a problem with my pc and he could fix it, I asked what was wrong with 10, asked more questions, then said "Oh wait, I don't have 10, I refused the free upgrade". Listened to him screaming profanities as I hung up the phone.

Also got the one asking for Claire, same mail voice with no foreign accent, after awhile of saying no Claire here, I finally said, hold on she's coming thru the door now, waited about 2 mins, then said "Sorry, there's no one named Claire here, just wanted to see if you were stupid enough to wait". Same guy still calls occasionally asking for Claire and sometimes Emily.

For those who are unaware, phone companies will sell lists of your information. I know for a fact that the original Bell South, now owned by AT&T did. I was sent a form to fill out from Bell South to keep my info private. Read the tiny print on all correspondence carefully. Also had a problem with AT&T adding things on my bill I did not have, asked for it to be removed, but they kept adding it back on so I dropped them.

Basically I don't answer the phone anymore as the only calls would be about medical transportation and doctor visits. Don't have caller ID or block number, so I research each time to be sure it wasn't important, never is. People need to be more cautious, never call these numbers back and research carefully. Warn all your family members about what not to do, especially if there are elderly members.

I want to this scammer to stop and should blocked all his site from his phone sothat cannot do any bad thing....


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