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Online or on paper, get the latest FTC identity theft info

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Looking for information on dealing with identity theft? The FTC has new and revised identity theft publications that reflect features of that make it easier to report and recover from identity theft.

Here’s what’s hot off the presses:

  • Identity Theft – What to Know, What to Do gives an overview of identity theft and steps to recover from it. If you’re teaching people in your community about avoiding and dealing with identity theft, this is the publication to order.
  • Identity Theft – A Recovery Plan, formerly Taking Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft, is a comprehensive guide for victims of identity theft. This booklet includes to-do lists, forms, and sample letters – all of which you also can find right away at  

All of these publications are available in bulk, free of charge, at Be sure to read, download, order and share them!


You're doing a great service to people. I always read what you have to say.

It happened to me.

I wish more people knew about these and that companies and institutions would provide these to employees.

Easy to recover. Starts with positive outlook and perseverance

I've been receiving calls from individual's claiming to be with the IRS, and when I start asking personal questions, they get hostile, one caller threatened to kill me, and my family. They have called twice from different numbers. How can I find out where they're calling from, and have them arrested for terroristic threats?

Some one stold my inheritance my taxes my little girl's identity and filed bankruptcy and slandered me with lies all over the medical bureau iam not happy...

Go to to report identity theft and get help repairing problems caused by the theft. You can get a personal plan that lists steps to take, and pre-printed letters and forms to send to creditors and other businesses.

Ive hadidentity theft, Ive reported it to the police , did as my bank said, I have gotten nowhere, my bank has not refunded about 7 thousand dillars, bank manager doesnt believe it , he is on my side that is. My car caught in flames, Ive tried to get s car but my credit is bad. Ive paid credit cleaners , I now think that even they are fske .please help I have had the worst years of my life , I cant say anymore, all I know is that the more I try to help myself on my iphone , the worst it goes. My identity theft is still happening at the bank ,even ehen my account was changed.It is all an ugly big mystery as I try to get a hold of our gov. It is impossible, I have no control .....please help???!!

You can also report identity theft at This is a government website. The help is free.

When you report at, you will get a personal recovery plan. It will show you what to do to fix problems with credit reporting companies. You can print out the letters to send to creditors to explain the identity theft.  You can make a secure plan online to keep track of your progress.

I have gained a lot of knowledge since receiving these publications. I Pass them on to friends as well. I too have gotten calls, saying I will be arrested for 6 months. I have talked to local authorities & they said to report any IRS related calls to the IRS. I was caught in a recent scam & because of quick action by myself & my daughter I was able to recover before damage was done. The legitimate company registered my complaint & took action as well.

I got the same calls . I told them they spam both denied they weren't with IRS.

I was getting call everyday ,telling me I own over a thousand dollars,and then they start sending me letters I had to sign for saying I own money,I don't file taxes,it been so many years I haven't file are old money to irs.but I want u too know I thank u very much for what u all are doing.

Can a complaint be filed against members of a cult disguised and operating like a church? I know of one that claims to offer members protection and wants access to member bank accounts to pay tides. Is this ethical?

If you think a person or business is not complying with tax laws, you can report fraud to the IRS. If you think a person or business is taking money from people without their consent, or tricking people into spending money, you can report that to your state Attorney General’s office and to the FTC at

Your information has carried me to a lifetime of "free and informative info" rather than having to"pay when services rendered". To all whom haven'y taken advantage....its your for the liking. Get the REAL experience. Thanks a bunch!

Please also report any scams to your local BBB. Many times, if there is a pattern in an area, the BBB will work with local Media sources to disseminate the information to the public via news print, audio/visual, and electronic social media.

These publications can be ordered and provided to interested parties quite easily. You never know when information easily obtainable can help improve the life of another. We need to realize that we all need to be involved in the education and awareness that can benefit not only ourselves but also friends, family and clients. We can not sit back and wait for others to provide all the information people need to have access to. We have the right and the obligation to be involved citizens. We are so fortunate that these updated materials are available to us, courtesy of a government and it's various links and channels and departments who truly want to help it's citizen members. Let's celebrate and share information with those who need it handed to them by someone they know and trust, since often times it is the friend who is the maven who makes a big difference on how word is spread and progress is made.


The other day I was on facebook and a post show up about a popular celebrate that said he had died. I clicked on it to see more and it took me to a page that said my computer was infected, Microsoft was in the background. I immediately shut my computer down.

What if my wife filed for us without my consent and now keeps making excuses saying our money keeps getting held up for some reason or another?What am I able to do about it?

What did your wife file for you?

I notice that the books on Identity Theft Recovery are no longer available. Is this due to budget cuts? I worried that might be the case with Republicans in control. I am a volunteer doing tax returns and we've experienced an increase in ID theft and theft of people's tax returns and I've been handing these books out. They are popular. I do have the tear sheets but they do not cover all the detail of the books.

Good news! The publication you want -  Identity Theft - A Recovery Plan  - is available at along with other free publications about identity theft, credit, loans, privacy and health. Thank you for ordering and distributing it to people who need the information.

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