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VW buybacks and lease terminations to begin

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Earlier this year, the FTC sued Volkswagen for falsely claiming that its diesel cars had low levels of harmful emissions. A federal judge approved the FTC order that requires Volkswagen to provide up to $10 billion to owners and lessees of VW and Audi 2.0 liter diesel cars. Here are some pointers for people who own or lease a 2009 to 2015 VW TDI Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat or Audi TDI A3.

  • You have until September 1, 2018 to submit a claim. You can change your mind about which option you want until you bring your car in to VW.
  • You can submit a claim on, or call 1-844-98-CLAIM to request a paper claim form. In order to complete your claim, you will need certain documents, including the vehicle title and proof of registration.
  • After you submit your claim, VW has 10 business days to tell you whether your claim is complete. If your claim isn’t complete, VW will tell you what you need to do to complete it.
  • After your claim is complete, VW has 10 business days to review it and confirm that you’re eligible.
  • After you have been confirmed to be eligible, VW will send you an offer letter. If you accept VW’s offer, you will sign the letter, get it notarized and return it to VW. After VW confirms that it received your letter, you can schedule an appointment. You will be able to choose from different options. If you choose:
    • buyback, you will be able to schedule an appointment that happens within the next 90 days.
    • lease termination, you will be able to schedule an appointment that happens within the next 45 days.
    • an approved emissions modification, VW will notify you when a modification is available for your vehicle. Once a modification is available, you will be able to schedule an appointment within 90 days.
  • If your car was drivable on September 16, 2016, but isn’t drivable on the day of your buyback or approved emissions modification appointment, you’re still eligible for some compensation. Visit or call VW at 1-844-98-CLAIM for more information.
  • You can choose to get your buyback or lease termination payment by check at your appointment, or have it deposited electronically to your bank account within three banking days. If you have a car loan, VW will apply your buyback payment to the loan and pay you any remaining amount. If, at your buyback appointment, your car’s mileage is more than the expected mileage range from when you submitted your claim, your buyback amount could be reduced. If that happens, you will get a check within three banking days.
  • When your buyback or approved emissions modification is complete, VW will give you an itemized receipt that shows the amount you received and explains any adjustment, such as mileage or a loan payment.

You can use the buyback money however you want. You don’t have to spend it on a car from VW or any other manufacturer. If anyone offers to buy your car outside the settlement, or pressures you to “Act now!”, walk away. If you see something that doesn’t seem to follow the terms of the settlement, please report it to the FTC.

Note: We edited this post on October 26, 2016 to clarify which payments you may get by check at your appointment. On November 17, 2016 we added information about offer letters and clarified appointment scheduling.

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i also purcahsed a new car and im still paying on my jetta wth

My fellow Saluki. Was your final offer mailed or emailed?

Becky Small- To be very clear:
Please stop posting the ten day processing! VW is not complying!! When we call the VW claims line they are telling us they have 20 days and there is nothing we can do about it. I filed a complaint with the FTC, but that is not going to pay my car payments. We seem to have no reprocussions. We are stuck driving cars being punished for miles and paying more payments to VW. Unbelievable.

I been getting jerked around also, phone line is a joke and the chat is also, i for one will never buy a vw or buy a vehicle from any dealer that has a vw franchise as well as other vehicle i.e. Kia, Hyundai

On October 28, 2016 I submitted all of my driver's license, registration and bank information on settlement website.
On November 8, 2016 all of my information was accepted and I was told I would receive the final offer in 10 days
On November 17, 2016 I called to check the status. The message on Volkswagon's Settlement Website had then changed to it would take 30 days to receive the final offer.
I called my dealer and begged for their help. I explained that based on the information VW originally gave me, I purchased another car. I explained because of my job I could not be without a vehicle. He said he understood and would call the dealer line. Mike from VW Dealer called me back and said that I should be receiving my offer within the next days. I was so greatful I thanked him.
On December 1, 2016 I still had not received my final offer. I called the settlement line again. I begged for help. I explained that this was financially devastating to me. I said because this had taken longer than 30 days I was paying insurance on two cars and I was making two car payments. I even told them I purchased another VW product. I begged for help. On this day the rep at the settlement told me the auditors were reviewing my claim to ensure I was getting the best deal. I told him what are you talking about. The numbers are what the numbers are. He said your claim is still being reviewed. Please note this call took place on December 1st.
On December 8, 2016 I called again. Again I sat on hold for over an hour. The rep was nice and told me that she was escalating my claim.
On December 14, 2016 I called again. This time I was told that my deal was signed off by the final auditor on November 17th. Hmm, why did the rep on December 1, tell me they were still reviewing my claim.
I hung up and called right back. This rep was short with me. She told me they are backed u and I would get my offer when I get it. I just need to be patient. I explained that I submitted by paperwork on October 28th and it was approved on November 8th. She explained to me that if you took all the holidays out VW still had time to send me the final offer.
I hung up and called back later in the afternoon. This time I begged to speak to a supervisor. I begged the rep, I said I know you have people calling you all day complaining but I need your help. I explained everything again, and after an hour and fifty minutes I was told that my claim was added to list of people who should have received their offer. She also said that I needed to schedule and appointment to have a supervisor call me back. She said that I would receive a call within 48 hours.
On December 16, 2016 I called VW Settlement again. I cried, I begged and asked the rep to please think outside the box. I told her this is my only avenue and I need you to advocate for me. I said this delay is going to be financial devastating to me. It's Christmas and I now have two car payments and two insurance payments. I said I can't afford this. I said I made financial decisions based on the information that was given to me on October 28th which was I would have my final offer in 10 days. I said you tell me my offer was signed off on November 17th doesn't that lead you to believe there is something wrong with my claim. I said there has to be a way to force the e-mail. 50 minutes later she gets back on the line and said log into your portal. She said my supervisor said they just sent you the final offer. I cried and thanked her and said you have made my Christmas. I logged into the settlement portal and there was no step 17. She said ok let me go back to my supervisor. 20 minutes later she comes back and says I'm so sorry they said they can't do anything. I said please you have to help me. She said I'm so sorry, that is why I've been gone so long. I've been trying but she said they won't do anything.
I don't know what else to do but ask the FTC for help. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I don't want this to effect my credit. Let alone all the money I am losing paying two car payments and insurance. I can't do this.

Stacey, I am in the exact same boat! I was told in October that I could expect my offer 10 days after documents were approved. My documents were approved on November 11th (just a few days after yours). I purchased a car based on the information provided and didn't want to risk damaging the VW. Now, I have two cars, two insurance plans, two car payments and have no idea how I'm going to pay for it all much longer. Had we received the right timeline from the beginning, I would not have purchased another vehicle. Thank you for going through all the effort with VW's claims line. I am sorry to hear they didn't do anything to help. Please post if you hear anything from them and when you do get your offer. I'm hoping I'll only be a couple days behind you. I'm at 31 business days since my documents were accepted.

We are in the same boat, we have been stuck on "step 17" for over a month

I keep asking to speak to a manager or lead. I have been told I will get a call back in 3 days. No call back in 3days. Called asking to manager the said they will connect me then they hang up. On my third try I was told the manager will call when ever they can and doesn't know why I was told 3 days. There are no managers in the customer service building. They are in a different building. I can't get any solid answers. One day everything is approved next day it's still being reviewed. I need answers. I need real answers. I told them their useless. Their job is to give us the run around. They said my job is to give information. I told them your information is never correct and is never the same information. I'm just going to keep calling. Trying to call the lawyers with vw. Again told to leave a message and that they will back to me when they can. It's all a BS run around. I went to VW dealership the representative couldn't get me answers either and he was walking around with nothing to do. I don't think anyone has received an actual offer letter and been able to schedule an appointment.

After about 60 days I finally got the ok to schedule an appointment for the buyback. Thing is that the only settlement dates available are over a month away - second week of February. There are about 12 dealerships within a 25 mile radius of me and it's the same for all of them. I think VW wants you to pile on the milage so they can pay you less. Crooks!

Can anyone tell me precisely what a "Proof of Government Issued Vehicle Registration is? I called twice, was put on hold to "talk to the supervisor" and after holding for a long time heard someone pick-up then hang-up the phone then couldn't get back in. I have sent them a couple of documents but they get rejected. The state of Texas says I have szent the correct documents.

I send my tag registration for 2016 and that worked

I received email notice that all my uploaded documents were approved on November . I have not heard a word since (now 12/28). I was finally able to speak with a live person (Sheryl) today on the 1-844-98-CLAIM # provided. She stated there is "no time frame" for issuance of formal offers. I asked about the 10 business days after approval of documents agreement and Sheryl stated that was never the agreement, the only agreement was that formal offers would be made by 2018!! Bridget Small, will you please comment on this statement. Thank you.

Please clarify which statement you're referring to.

VW confirmed that I'm eligible as of Nov 21....but, still no word, here on Jan 12....Is this normal-long wait times?, anybody

Yes I have completed all paperwork the soonest they can get my car in is the end of February ....That is two additional payments I have to make until the car is gone.

I have filed paperwork, received an email that it was approved back in September. Still waiting for offer. Car had 23000 miles, now almost 25000 miles at which point the posted offer will drop; almost paid off also. I assume they are waiting 4 me to pay it off too, to offer me less as well. Have called but, can't get thru or, they take my info and don't return call. Any suggestions?

started buyback process last october.went to vw dealer yesterday march 16,2017.there for ten minutes,got a check and walked away. allready bought a new patient,they will take care of you.

LET ME TELL YOU THIS IS DAMN JOKE!! They bought back my 2015 VW Golf wagon on the March 29 - and i received a check for 1100 3 days later but they still haven't paid the loan to their own finance company yet!!! So I still don't have a car and when I call their claims number - where of course they know nothing about anything - I am told they sent the payment to a PO BOX and noone signed for it - so they have to wait to reissue a check and stop payment on the current check - and that this has been happening a lot due to the checks being sent to a po box for VW FINANCE COMPANY not the physical address - you would think they would know this since it is a part of their own company - but when I ask for a letter stating I am not liable for the loan - I am told they can't give me a letter and I should continue making payments on a car they bought back almost 3 weeks ago - somewhere along the lines - i feel like i got ripped off big time

Is the 10 days that vw has part of the court order? And after approvel we can make an appointment asap?

VW is allowed two 10-day periods.

  • After you submit your claim, VW has 10 business days to tell you whether your claim is complete. If your claim isn’t complete, VW will tell you what you need to do to complete it.
  • After your claim is complete, VW has 10 business days to review it and confirm that you’re eligible.

After VW confirms that you're eligible, you can schedule an appointment.  If, for example, you're doing a buyback, you'll be able to schedule an appointment that happens within the next 90 days.

They are taking a month to review documents uploaded and faxed. It is slow and they denied my license as it has holograms and is not legible when copied. That is the point of the NJ DL...It is not mean to be reproduced. They took a month to knock it down and I changed the format and resubmitted. Its been a week and still waiting for approval. This is a very slow frustrating process.

I've been waiting about 3+ weeks for the digitally submitted documents to be approved. It's frustrating being at the mercy of these criminals.

Although VW may have accepted your documents before October 25, VW is permitted to take 10 business days from November 1 to say whether your claim is complete.

And, after your claim is complete, VW is permitted to take 10 business days to confirm whether you’re eligible.


It seems that it is backwards that VW determines eligibility after documents are approved. I thought eligible cars were dtermined months ago based on model and year.

I totally agree!!! If we were not eligible a long time ago then why give us a goodwill package? They took all our infos a very long time ago... trying to just trick us so they can have more time. I think they need another lawsuit for lying. They told me 20business days from submitting the claim which i did back in october but still didnt recieved an email or mail although it was reviewed. Anyways why 20 business days?

I'm sure a ton of people share my same concern but I was told that VW was determining my eligibility on November 1st but I haven't heard anything else since then. Is it true it will take longer for those of us that have a loan through VW credit? It doesn't seem fair that they tell us 10 business days and then we don't hear back.
Thanks in advance.

I provided docs in October. Just received my reply on Nov 15th stating "We have reviewed the documents you submitted as part of your claim with reference number ____. Currently, your application contains all of the necessary documentation to determine your eligibility. We are now determining your eligibility and will inform you whether you are eligible to participate in the VW/Audi Diesel Emissions Settlement Program. Based on the ten day rule and factoring in holidays, I would assume to hear back no later than Nov 2nd.we will see...

I received that same email from them on October 31 and have not heard anything yet. Based on the 2 10 day periods I went ahead and ordered a new car from a different car maker. Because VW has been so slow and I have no information I will now have 2 car loans open at one time! When I call the claims number they just have a canned response that it's taking longer than expected and operators have no more information.

Who are we supposed to turn to for help?

i was given a care packet after i was told i was eligible, then went to activate it and the cards were denied. they have botched this whole thing, just going thru the motions to make it look like they are trying. wish i could stop payments and have them cover it.

I submitted my documents Nov. 3rd and was told it would take 10 business days to review my documents. It has been over 10 business days. Today is the 19th and VW now is telling me they have "no estimate on when they can have the documents reviewed." As others have said, isn't this part of the agreement in court? I feel left in the dark and have no idea when this will be resolved

I was emailed on 10/27 that my docs were accepted and I'd receive an offer in 10 biz days. since then ive been told>>> doc rejected same doc not rejected offer coming tomorrow if i call again theyll reset my portal, which will put me at the back of the line email coming tomorrow (10 days ago) this is beyond frustrating. I want to file a lawsuit simply on the fact that they are not in compliance with the settlement agreement!!

Just wanted you to know the claims portal have removed the words "within 10 business days" at step 15 of the claim process. They're clearly delaying and no one on the phones there even has access anymore to our actual claims. It seems the only help is to email class counsel.

A judgment is great, but enforcement is equally necessary.

It took 22 business days for our documents to be approved via upload directly to the VW Portal. We are now hung at Step 15 and VW has been ZERO help when contacted, claiming that though our documents have been approved, they must now determine our eligibility. Wait, wait, wait. I'm approved but need more approval? At what point does the FTC/EPA/CARB/US legal system determine that VW is noncompliant? How many complaints will it take before VW is forced to adhere to the schedule set forth in the judgment? Again I say that a judgment is great, but enforcement is necessary. I'll add this: It's necessary because VW has proven it's untrustworthy. Without that enforcement, the judgment in favor of the American consumer means nothing.

Regardless, with every day that passes, I'm more and more determined that I will never, EVER buy another VW product again. They're reprehensible, blatantly arrogant, openly unrepentant and in word and deed continue to show open disdain for the American consumer by failing to adhere to the ruling. Thanks, but I'll spend my money elsewhere.

Now to get rid of the blasted Audi Q7...

yes- i noticed that as well. i had captured the original wording and uploaded to another forum that I am on. Then late last week, I looked again on VW online claims portal and noticed that they had conveniently removed the "within 10 business days". Jerks.

Do they really think that deleting that part of the statement takes back the fact that they said it to begin with? This is absurd. They are taking care of paid off vehicles as priority over those that have loan/bank involvement.

Our Golf TDI is a 2015 and is paid in full. No lien holder, and our documents were approved three weeks ago. No further word from VW.

Update: Today is December 14th.....still no word from VW on an offer. It has now been 5 weeks since docs we were approved and no further word. The Diesel is paid off so its not complicated.I have already bought a new VW with a $600 payment that I would like to get rid of if we could get our buy back completed. This is absurd!!! I am a fool for buying another VW.

I submitted my documents in October and they have been under review since nov 3rd. They are well passed the 10 day requirement they gave me. I called them and they won't give me a timeline on the phone when this will be resolved.

I too am still waiting. I sent all forms 2 months ago. Meanwhile I am still putting on themilage. Is that what they are waiting for? More milage means less money. That's bull. Come on. We need enforcement. We need help.

It has been 16 business days since I received the email saying my document were complete. Not exactly what I expected from this. Why are we being made to wait? What kind of professional BS is this?

My documents were accepted on Nov.2 and the portal indicates that they are determining my eligibility - now December 8. No information on claims phone line or FAQ in portal. Is there any re-dress?

Thank you Bridget. When they aren't complying what do we do? My documents were accepted 11/1. And nothing. And all I am told is to be patient by VW reps.

All my documents were approved the same day I uploaded. That was 5 days ago so we will see. Has vs actually bought any of the vehicles back yet or is every one in limbo at the moment?

I submitted our documents on Oct 4th and they are still under review.

Right there with you all I called the other night and got a big run around saying they have 20 business days to review the documents then you will get a letter to sign and notarize then turn back in. my question is why did that put this claim website out there for us to submit documents if they didn't start looking at them until Nov.1st. Very frustrating as you are trying to line up buying a replacement but don't know if it's going to be one month or 6 months. Seems to me they need more resources/people to expedite this process

I submitted my documents on the first day that it was possible. That was back in September. I called on November 1st and was told that I had made it through the first review for eligibility but that VW had a third party reviewer to ensure that the data is valid-yeah. I feel like we are all getting the run-around. How long can they possibly string us along?

Under the FTC Order, a Court Appointed Claims Supervisor has certain power and authority to monitor VW compliance with the settlement process, and shall review several aspects of the claims administration process.

If one received a "goodwill" pkg worth $1000 from VW why would VW need 20 days to decide whether that person was eligible for buy back, they already had our pertinent information. Now they need to do it all over again. The goodwill Pkg didn't take 20 business days. They already know who is eligible!!!!!

Because your status may have changed since the goodwill package was given. The car may have been sold or damaged or is otherwise undriveable etc. This is huge money and remember they are processing hundreds of thousands of cars. I hate VW (but love my TDI) like most of us do, but we have to cut them a little slack on the enormity of the task they are undertaking. That said, I will never own a VW again when this is over. Never.

Looks like your are busy.
My complaint is that the offer letter clearly states in paragraph #1 that you are to return BOTH the signed offer form and the signed release. I did so and now they are asking for all 7 pages of the offer to be returned. I have done that twice and am still waiting. My title, license, and registration were submitted 10/12/16-accepted 11/2/16. Email indicating offer letter was available came on 11/16/16, but the letter was dated 11/7/16 (9 days earlier??) The website said nothing about sending all pages in one document so on my upload I did not get the opportunity to send a second page. I subsequently Faxed two pages and had since sent all 7 pages twice. Who can solve this problem? I would like to see who tested their website for user friendliness. What a joke!


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