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VW buybacks and lease terminations to begin

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Earlier this year, the FTC sued Volkswagen for falsely claiming that its diesel cars had low levels of harmful emissions. A federal judge approved the FTC order that requires Volkswagen to provide up to $10 billion to owners and lessees of VW and Audi 2.0 liter diesel cars. Here are some pointers for people who own or lease a 2009 to 2015 VW TDI Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat or Audi TDI A3.

  • You have until September 1, 2018 to submit a claim. You can change your mind about which option you want until you bring your car in to VW.
  • You can submit a claim on, or call 1-844-98-CLAIM to request a paper claim form. In order to complete your claim, you will need certain documents, including the vehicle title and proof of registration.
  • After you submit your claim, VW has 10 business days to tell you whether your claim is complete. If your claim isn’t complete, VW will tell you what you need to do to complete it.
  • After your claim is complete, VW has 10 business days to review it and confirm that you’re eligible.
  • After you have been confirmed to be eligible, VW will send you an offer letter. If you accept VW’s offer, you will sign the letter, get it notarized and return it to VW. After VW confirms that it received your letter, you can schedule an appointment. You will be able to choose from different options. If you choose:
    • buyback, you will be able to schedule an appointment that happens within the next 90 days.
    • lease termination, you will be able to schedule an appointment that happens within the next 45 days.
    • an approved emissions modification, VW will notify you when a modification is available for your vehicle. Once a modification is available, you will be able to schedule an appointment within 90 days.
  • If your car was drivable on September 16, 2016, but isn’t drivable on the day of your buyback or approved emissions modification appointment, you’re still eligible for some compensation. Visit or call VW at 1-844-98-CLAIM for more information.
  • You can choose to get your buyback or lease termination payment by check at your appointment, or have it deposited electronically to your bank account within three banking days. If you have a car loan, VW will apply your buyback payment to the loan and pay you any remaining amount. If, at your buyback appointment, your car’s mileage is more than the expected mileage range from when you submitted your claim, your buyback amount could be reduced. If that happens, you will get a check within three banking days.
  • When your buyback or approved emissions modification is complete, VW will give you an itemized receipt that shows the amount you received and explains any adjustment, such as mileage or a loan payment.

You can use the buyback money however you want. You don’t have to spend it on a car from VW or any other manufacturer. If anyone offers to buy your car outside the settlement, or pressures you to “Act now!”, walk away. If you see something that doesn’t seem to follow the terms of the settlement, please report it to the FTC.

Note: We edited this post on October 26, 2016 to clarify which payments you may get by check at your appointment. On November 17, 2016 we added information about offer letters and clarified appointment scheduling.

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That seems unfair/illegal for them to keep the interest when it is VW's fault the car has not been paid off yet. What's to stop VW from taking months or even years to pay off the loan? If I had not called, would they even bothered to try to pay it off?

I did everything I was supposed to do, and yet being penalized... Who can we complain to, since the call center does not care?

I agree with you "2013 GOLF Orlando". I think this is intentional and they know that there are no repercussions for their "mistakes". You may want to register a complaint with the FTC. If you do, you will not receive any feedback from them as a result.

VW is giving me the runaround. How can I contact the settlement monitor to complain?

anybody out there having a problem getting the overpayment back from VW credit? they told me 10 days 2 weeks ago. I called them back yesterday, they told me Mar. 25, MORE VW B.S., does anyone with oversight look at the aftermath of VW's irresponsible behavior???

Trying to get relief out of this BOONDOGGLE is futile, there is NO HELP.......ANYWHERE!!!

Nearly three months have elapsed since turning my car in on 12/20/2016 and after sending the payoff check to the same wrong lender twice, today, 3/16/2017, VW has finally paid off the loan. It took a half dozen calls to the claims settlement hotline, plus two additional calls to VW Corporate headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan to have this issue resolved. I would recommend that anyone dealing with the slow payoff times, or learning of VW sending out the check to the wrong lender, contact VW Corporate to voice your concerns about continuing payments on a car you no longer own. In addition, I contacted my lender to inquire when I'll see the overpayment credited back to my account. Their response was that the payoff has to 'sit' in the loan account for five days before they'll credit the overpayment back to my checking account. So in five more days, I'll finally relax knowing this whole VW debacle has been resolved. I hope everyone facing similar circumstances sees a much speedier response.

I applied for a buyback as soon as it was announced in late October. In late December my status was mysteriously changed and they now required my death certificate! I called and said I had not died. I was told they changed my status to "alive" and all was good. HA! So, I remained dead until late January when someone had the foresight to reset my application to #3. I began the process all over again and was told I was no longer "dead" and my application had been approved and was sent on to a "third party" to approve the offer. I called last week and was told the "third party" had it and all parties were waiting for the approval. The person who answered said there was nothing anyone could do. So, still waiting for the offer. I paid off my Jetta Sportswagen in September and bought another car -not a VW- and am waiting! I have loved VW since my first one in 1965. No more! Anyone know anything about needing the "third party" approval? That was the first I had heard of this entity. Thanks.

We did the buyback and took our 2014 back to VW in Logan, Utah. Our car looked spotless and the VW advocate stated they didn't have our check. Really I shouldn't have left my car because I don't have my car or the check. They said it would be 3 business days to get it back. Well it is past that date and I call and they keep telling me I have to wait or my claim to be processed. Well it is processed on the site and states it settled, but its not settled.
They have no one to talk to besides the girl that answers the phone. I feel like I am getting scammed. I will never deal with VW again.

It took writing to VW Corporate to achieve resolution in this long delayed process. I would recommend contacting VWCustomerCARE @ Write a coherent letter with a timeline of events and VW will respond in a short time. I never received a single response from their settlement team and have to credit VW Customer Care for finally getting my 3 month overdue loan payoff.

OK, I got my deal approved in December and turned my Passant in Feb 24. They didn't adjust the payoff of the car for the additional three months, even though it was with VW Credit. But wait, it gets worst. The "check" didn't get from VW Corporate to VW Credit until March 10. When pressed, they admitted it was a transfer, but still need 17 days to let it clear. They also explained they needed to make sure it was posted right, they get so many checks they make mistakes. But this already posted to my account and they start by saying, congratulations, you account is paid off. Next, after the 17 day hold, 2-5 days to cut a check and 7-10 days for the mail.

Does anyone know the regulatory agency that monitors loan companies?

Leased a 2009 Jetta thru VW Credit. Bought another VW product before the and ended the lease In 2012. Keyed in the VIN# and response back was NOT eligible. VW knew about the fraud for Jettaa 2009-2015. What about those that paid into lease over three years? on a VW that was NOT clean? We even were mailed a 2.0 Diesel Emissions Settlement booklet with a letter signed by H. Woebcken, and am now receiving correspondence about Bosch settlement (software). Are we REALLY ineligible or was there a problem with the online website?

I turned in VW on March 10, 2017 they Paid off my car loan on March 13th, 2017 but to date I still do not have my Buy Back Funds in my account. Has anyone had this issue? Even the folks at J P Morgan Chase could not help me. It has been 10 days since I returned my car. What crooks they are holding on to my money.

After nearly 5 months from paper submittal to buyback, the buyback process went smoothly and the check was given to me that day, in the agreed to amount, as promised. It took less than 1 week for VW to payoff my loan. I'm finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, and I'm hopeful the process is being streamlined for everyone else involved.

I'm on the last step... Has anyone navigated the final Chase Payment being blocked? I've been waiting over a week to get the payment unblocked because I entered my phone number wrong.

What happened to EFT? Not sure why they needed my banking info if they still needed me to go to a 3rd party website.

I would appreciate any help, I wish this nightmare was over.

Same thing happened to us. Called the Chase EFT number, 1-855-267-0428. They unlocked it and made sure we could submit everything. Money in the bank next day.

I am having that problem now.

Not following the 10 to pay your loan off rule that the VW Rep said at my turning in on March 7th. My loan is still unpaid and I was told by the claims number that it "should be done sometime next week", which is the first of the month again! Turned the car in feeling good but now I am getting that pit again....Just wish VW followed the rules and did what they are supposed to in the timeframe given.

I chose the fix option. What happens to the extended warranty that I purchased when I bought the vehicle? Is that now no good being that with the fix I get an extended warranty cause I feel like I should get my money back for that?

I received an email on 3/17/2017 from Volkswagen saying that certain buyback were not completed during February 3 - February 5, as intended. It doesn't say why, just that it wasn't completed as intended. They go on to say that they will be sending my lender a letter to explain that it was VW's fault that they did not pay the lender off sooner. Supposedly, they will pay off my lender this week, according to the email. Here's hoping, but I am not holding my breath. I called my lender and the VW claims center yesterday and today, no payoff has been made. VW has the check right now in Auburn Hills, MI, but it is awaiting authorization... I was told by the call center agent today to call back tomorrow and possibly Sunday to check the status of the check.

Very confusing considering last week they told me that they had already mailed the check, but to the wrong address. I can't trust anything VW tells me. Still, I will be calling them tomorrow, again, to see if they have mailed the payoff check and try to get tracking numbers, etc. I stopped asking for a supervisor, as I am never allowed to speak with one anyways and they don’t call me back.

I have also been in contact with the lawyers handling the class action lawsuit and did get a response, but still no payoff has been made. The lawyer said she hoped to help speed things up and I gave her the address to send the payoff for the lender, but so far no payoff has been made. I am simply tired of making payments on a car that I do not own anymore, especially when VW has no good reason as to why it hasn't been paid off to date. It’s been almost 2 months since my buyback.

I told my lender (VW Credit) that I would NOT make a payment on a car that I no longer owned - before the payment was considered "late". Even though they called my wife to say the payment was late after several weeks, they told me not to worry about credit rating. I will be infuriated if they screwed that up to. I believe we all should double check on this as I believe VW is enjoying giving us one last dig in the side (or wherever)!

How'd you find the contact information for the lawyers. My buyback was on 2/17/17 and I keep getting the run around in regards to my loan payment status. Right now having that car loan for a car I don't have is screwing me out of my home loan, for a home I am currently under contract on with a closing date of 4/25/17.

i turned in my car over a week ago and when jp morgan emailed me to accept payment i didn't know i was suppoed to enter my phone number without hypens and i was blocked for three has been five business days and i am still not unblocked..calls don't seem to help..

My lender pay off check is still in Auburn Hills, MI, where it has been sitting since 3/20/2017. I was told this morning that VW has 5 business days from receiving the check, to actually mail the check to my lender. VW Auburn Hills received the check on 3/20, so the call center supervisor told me they have until end of day today to mail out the check to my lender. All that was offered was a "sorry" and a promise they would call back today with a tracking number, once they have it. So now I am waiting for a call back with a tracking number or the call center supervisor said they will escalate the issue. Apparently, being two months late with sending the lender pay off doesn't constitute an escalation at this point, to VW. They still don’t seem to understand why it is so terrible to be paying for a car that you no longer own.

Today, I had to call 1-844-98-CLAIM because the supervisor yesterday (3/27/2017) did NOT call me back with a tracking number for the lender pay off check, as she PROMISED. I spoke with a different supervisor this morning and was told that the payoff check is still sitting in Auburn Hills, since 3/20/2017. She is going to send an escalation email to the team, but she refused to keep me updated. I asked to speak to someone in charge and was told that there was no one else higher to speak with, that she was a supervisor, and I could NOT leave a message for anyone. I’ve tried calling everyone that I can to try to get this resolved as quickly as possible, to no avail. There is no call center manager to talk to, at least that’s what the supervisor said today. Her boss doesn’t take calls and doesn’t have a phone number. I was told the call center cannot even call the escalation department, they can only email. I asked repeatedly to talk to someone who could actually help me and get this resolved, but was told all that could be done is for the supervisor to send an email to the escalation team and they will work it when they have time. The supervisor flat out told me that they are really behind in processing, even in the escalation department. She would not even give me an estimate of how long this will take. I’ve never felt so ignored or been treated like gum on the bottom of a shoe. After I got off the phone with the claims center, I was crying and I felt so bad that I called VW customer care in Auburn Hills (1-800-822-8987), to try to reach someone higher up that could understand the urgency of the situation, and I was told there to talk to the class action lawyers, which I have already been in contact with for a few weeks. I am getting nowhere with 1-844-98-CLAIM. Worst customer service EVER! I have filed a complaint with the FTC, no response, but someone needs to document VW's dirty tricks. I'm STILL PAYING FOR A CAR THAT VW PURCHASED FROM ME on 2/4/2017 and it feels awful!!!

Yesterday- I turned in my car for buy back. I was told that since I didn't have the original wheels, I would have to buy them through the dealership so that they can process everything. There is nothing in the settlement paperwork that states. It's not even on the check off list. Anyone else experience this? Dealership stated it's not them but corp, of course it is. I call the claim line and I am getting the run around. I need to know, is there anyone else dealing with this? And if so, what did you do about it?

The car can not be turned in with a donut or spare tire on it. Needs to be alloy rims. Also no winter tires (studs)

I just called my lender and, magically, my loan is paid off! VW is super confused and told me that they didn't even mail the check yet, as of this morning. I called my lender twice today to make sure they got it right. They said it has been paid in full as of March 23, 2017. Why doesn't VW show this? All these phone calls to them and they really have no clue what is going on. Does the right hand really not know what the left hand is doing?

Process is finally complete, Starting October 11, 2016 - March 29, 2017. Turned car in March 7, 2017 and they just paid my lender off March 29, 2017. Lender of coarse is charging me additional fees & an early payoff penalty which I never knew existed. So, basically I am getting back half of 1 payment of the 3 I made after VW obtained a payoff in January. VW drug there feet so bad on this, I purchased a GM and will never own a VW again!!

After months of waiting, I finally had my settlement date. However, its been 2 weeks and I have not been paid yet. This has been extremely frustrating. No one ever knows anything when you call 1-800 no service. I have reported to the FTC not much help here also. We are just at there mercy. How long has it taken others to get there final payment after you turned in the car?

Had the Chase email in 3 business days, now the lender payoff did not happen in the promised 10 days, that took almost a month.

I turned my car in March 15. Never received email from Chase. Called Claim Cntr 3/20, was told I'd have it by end of the week. Called 3/24 and was told I needed to send letter & voided check & would have money 1-3 days. Called 3/29 & was told because it was to a business account it would take 5-7 days. 4/4 is new target date. I had a loaner Jetta that I was going to buy but returned that to the dealer because I have finally lost faith in VW and wouldn't voluntarily give them more money when they haven't followed through on their payback promise which was originally that we'd have a check or EFT at the moment we handed over the keys. It seems like they're just making this up as they go along. In the interim, I have no car and no way to pay for a new one. Thanks VW!

Turned in car on 3/15, still no EFT. It'll be three weeks this coming Wednesday. I don't understand how they can keep changing their story. I am just furious at the run-around that I have been given. Do we have any recourse?

Finish! My buy was completed today as the money was deposited into my account this morning. I only had one issue which I took care of with a phone call other than that things went pretty smooth. I did not expect things to happen quick so I am a happy customer. Once my paperwork was approved I had an appointment to turn-in in just 2 weeks. We turned in on Saturday Apr 1, Monday Apr 3 I got my email from Chase, today Apr 5 my money is in the bank. It felt kind of bad turning in this car which has been very good to us. I will consider a VW again in the future, maybe the New 2018 Passat. Good luck to all.

I have been more than patient, waiting over a month for my money to be deposited into my account. No one seems to know why, today I get an email stating my check has been cancelled. I called the hot line and they told me my claim needs to be inputed again. No time frame given. When I brought back my car I had it paid off. The difference between my buy back amount and what had been the amount I owed at the time I did my paperwork that check was being sent to VW Credit. I called them and they told me the rules had been changed and now they were told to send the check back to VW. Now I am told I will not get this money until I receive my initial buy back electronic deposit. This makes no sense, it is nonsense! There has to be a course of action so that VW understands they cannot treat their customers like this, especially after being dishonest with us in the first place. I recommend do not ask for electronic deposit, take the check.

I would rather deal with being bumped from a United Airline flight than deal with the VW claims representatives about my VW settlement!
VW-BLATANTLY NEGLIGENT in areas of record keeping, processing, and customer service communications with customers. Case and point:
An accurately completed paper settlement claim form was faxed in February with supporting copies of current license, registration, and title (bought outright with no liens). I have a fax verification of all pages successfully sent and received to the proper fax number.
A written quote from the VW Settlement Web Site “From the date you submit all of the requested documentation, Volkswagen will review your documents within 10 business days and determine whether all required documents have been received.” Really?
After waiting over six weeks with no response I contacted the VW hotline for assistance at 1-844-98-CLAIM and several times since. VW can only confirm that the claims information has not yet been entered into the system by the claims team to generate a claim number. Without a claim number, there is no assistance they can give me. When VW representatives were asked if paper forms were logged in or recorded when received by VW, I was once told no, they are in a pile and may take 3 months or more before being processed. None of the VW representatives knew how to contact the department that receives paper claims or were willing to find out and communicate. None of the VW representatives yet to escalate or talk to a manager. Some of the VW representatives stated I could only remedy the situation by using the online claims portal or re-fax. Neither of these options address the real issue here and the online claims portal is not an option for me.
I really feel for the others that have a worse situation than mine.
I see the FTC is no help at all here. I will more than likely highly discourage anyone I know out of ever owning a VW.

Like most others, we waited four months to finally get an appointment for the buyback. We received the ORIGINAL buyback amount with the explanation that the VW CREDIT loan would be paid off plus an overpayment of almost $1700.00 and the overpayment amount would be reimbursed to us. That was on 3-29-17. It is now 4-17-17 and VW CREDIT hasn't sent a reimbursement for the overpayment and said it may be as long as June 1st. HOW is it legal for them to hold our money hostage for two months for no reason? VW CREDIT is now the NEW PROBLEM for the FTC to investigate! They are CROOKS, plain and simple!

Like many others, we waited four months to get our sellback date appointment. That was on 3-29-17. It is now 4-17-17 and although we received the buyback amount as an EFT from Chase (Mistake! – get the check instead) our settlement specialist told us that VW Credit would reimburse us the almost $1700.00 overpayment amount. We’ve been waiting for 2 weeks for an EFT or a check from VW credit for the overpayment and this morning when my husband called VW CREDIT they said it may take up until June 1st for the reimbursement of the overpayment. FTC Needs to also INVESTIGATE VW CREDIT for holding our reimbursements hostage for two months. VW is full of CROOKS! I will never buy another VW!

Like so many others here, we too went through the process as directed and yet VW is screwing us as well. It's now been 8-weeks since our settlement and VW has shorted us over $7550. We paid off out VW Credit loan back in January (7-weeks prior to settlement) and we had no idea that A March 4th settlement would be an issue for VW, as such they choose not obtain an updated balance for our loan which had a $0 balance. Settlement day we were surprised not to have received the $30k buyback as disclosed and documented in their own Transaction-Receipt, they choose to only pay us $22k and then sent a check to VW-Credit for a load that had a 0$ balance on it for over 7-weeks. During the VW Buyback Settlement we were told and ensured that the $7550 would be returned to us within 10-business days and yet here we are nearly 8-weeks since they took our car, title, and all this time and still we are short $7550!

I have an attorney friend of the family and a client of mine who is looking into this for us and I told him that I want to receive compensation for both the lost monies with interest and all the time that we have clearly documented that we have lost on trying to recover what was rightfully do us.

I suggest that all of those that have been wronged, shorted and otherwise stolen from form a group and collectively go after these guys.

For me I intend on seeing this to the end and in addition I'm plan visiting all the local VW's for test rides with my kidos whenever we have a free hour. We of course won't be buying anything, just go for a pay-back ride!

I got my settlement claim approved, turned in my car, but now I cannot get the eft payment. I have made a lot of calls to the VW number and supervisors have talked to me. Where do I go to get my money? They have my car and I have an email link that does not work.

I guess I should be grateful that I received my settlement claim based upon all the other posts here. My issue is they need to add $840 to the settlement for was never done and today I was told too bad so sad. It has been 2 months of going back and forth this these folks...its just a bad situation all the way around. I will never again by a VW.

We followed every step of the process. Vehicle was turned in on April 6th at the drop off dealership. It is now May 9th, and no money. We filled out the EFT form for a business and faxed in on April 7th. VW confirmed it was received. They have given us nothing. Their customer service for this court settlement is worthless. Each time we call the rep states the previous rep did not file the complaint to escalate the money pay back. VW has our vehicle, title, and we have nothing. I think a second class action lawsuit should be filed. Will now contact the attorney that handled the lawsuit against VW. I hope they can help.

I had mine titled in a business also. It took just over two months to get paid. Good luck.

We finally got everything completed. It took just over 5 months total. Countless calls to 1800 no service and a FTC compliant. . It took 2 months just to get the payment after the car was turned in! If I had to do it again I would opt for the check and NOT the eft. I will never buy a VW product again.

I have had multiple problems. My car was totaled after September, 16th 2016. I was told I need to resubmit my claim. As 4/20/2017 I was told that I was approved for restitution of 5500. A representative told me I would be getting my check with 14 business days. That has long since passed. I was told 5-7 business days to for their "investigations team" to get back to me. That has come and gone. Now they are telling me there are multiple claims against my VIN and my whole entire claim is under review. The representative told me I am may or may not be getting a check and that there is no determined timeframe. I am fed up and don't know what to do.

Does anyone know what happened to "up to 30% Buyback amount towards forgiveness of auto loans"?? It was in initial documentation but I don't see it anywhere in settlement docs

We are looking at buying out 2014 TDI at the end of our lease. We like the car and are over miles so it makes sense to buy it for our daughter. We still get the settlement check and eventually the fix. I was also told by VW that if their fix does not work, they will still buy the car back? Thought?

Anyone received the Bosche settlement yet?

Nothing from Bosche here. Pd cash for 2013 and 2014 Jetta Wagens, wanted emis mod and my settlement cash but no emissions modification in sight for these vehicles. They're shady so of course they won't come up with a solution for emissions mod for as long as they can delay-they keep millions of $ in their banks gaining interest the longer they delay everything.

I turned in my paperwork and it was accepted on January 17, 2017. Now that a modification has been accepted (8 months later) the amount the was offered in the beginning is reduced by about 1500.00. What the heck is going on? I feel like I've been screwed yet again.

They are rejecting my claim since the Audi dealership set up my lease through US Bank not Audi financial. This seems very unethical. Anyone else have this issue?


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