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Do population changes mean changes in fraud?

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The U.S. population is getting older and more diverse.  Who are the consumers of the future? How will scammers try to trick them? 

On December 6, 2016, consumer groups, advocates, researchers, marketers, and government agencies will gather to explore the demographic changes expected in different communities, and discuss the impact of these changes in the marketplace.  Understanding how these communities are changing is important to combatting scams.  What can the government and consumer advocates do to prepare for the challenges ahead?  At the Changing Consumer Demographics Workshop we will explore these and other questions.

Mark your calendar to join us on December 6. The workshop is free and open to the public, and will be available via live webcast.  Watch this space, or check out the workshop page for more details and the complete agenda, which will be available soon.

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The FTC is not handling the fraud the banks are currently doing to the public. I have reported to the FTC how Bank of America had committed fraud on our loan account while completing the modification they offed us. (Reference No. 70845350 & Reference No. 70845631) MHA housing initiative has a pay-for-success incentive program for the banks. So currently Bank of America and the investor are both currently receiving incentive funds from the government, on a fraudulent modification that Bank of America fraudulently completed with us in 2013. Until the FTC takes action against banks who are currently defrauding their own customers as well as the government. I find it difficult to believe the FTC plans on doing anything serious about the fraud that will occur against the public consumer in the future.

I too am disillusioned about expecting any progress against fraud by the FTC. They sound good but when you report something you get a robot's reply with a canned answer meaning we will file your report. Thanks. We can't do anything but thanks.

This sounds very interesting. My husband, who passed away three years ago, was CERTAIN that he was winning amazing sweepstakes and lotteries. He was in the early stages of dementia and no one could reason with him. I'm certain that he was just one of many who thought they would GET RICH quick. I imagine that the promise or expectation of financial reward will always be a way to scam folks....especially the elderly!

I believe that I need help here in FortWorth TX Please help stop! Thieves from escaping Justice.fraudulent misconduct needs to be seriously address here now before things gets worse.I'm so tired of dealing with businesses backing up the criminals and not honest consumers.I'm fighting a war alone and I need help asap. Before I call it quits by ending my world.I can't continue feeling as if Im to blame for things I never did.we need to fight for tougher laws to get back what's ours and not the lirs to get more people involved in taking back what is mines and not those who keeps getting away with their lies because there a bank? Who keeps stealing from me and ruins my life. This nerds to be addressed now. Lock these fraudulent people up.running out of time.I'm willing to so solid evidence included are people I hired to help. But sits back and keeps on collecting fees for thiefts protection. And does nothing? So sad it's just not making me feel normal no more. Ending my world means losing everything I work so hard for to only end up homeless, because no one wants to do the right thing.? I am ready to take a march to go to our law makers do there work. But how when no one believes in doing the right thing? I need help now.So. Fort Worth,Texas needs help in fighting back against fraud identity theft misconduct Fighting Back! Any information to get more involved would be a blessing. Lost trust definitely is tired of waiting on Justices needed now.
Thank you

Looking forward to workshop

the planning people in the state highway administration obviously do not know how to plan for population changes just look at the roads at rush hour in any city

I have to say that a portion of fraud can be prevented by putting a stop to calls with the "Do Not Call Registry." I've tried several times, about 2 hours ago for the second time, and I never receive a confirmation letter. There's also no recourse available for follow-ups other than the receipt of said email. For a program that's supposed to ensure our safety, it seems adequate to assume there would be follow-through begetting trust. Otherwise, it's just blah-blah-blah with people paid to spout it.

FTC and FBI need to make credit card companies investigate and nab the criminals who they alerted me used my credit card number to get airline tickets and made purchases in stores. It doesn't make sense that credit card companies don't go after criminals who created a fake card with my credit card information and boarded an airplane on a ticket that the credit card company knows was purchased with my credit card information which was somehow stolen but I have the physical card in my wallet. The credit card company can get the airline ticket information and the people who made the purchase too at the airport while they are boarding the plane and by investigating with the store where the fraudulent charges were made by the criminals and look at store videos to see the criminals. This is happening to me too many times - Credit card company has alerted me a few times in 2016 about unauthorized charges that they know I didn't make. So, Why don't credit card companies want to capture the criminals who impersonate and make fraudulent charges? Investigating and capturing the criminals would prevent more fraud from happening to me and more people.

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