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Finding Midwestern Common Ground

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Last week, more than 140 people came together across two days in Madison, Wisconsin, to talk about how fraud is affecting their communities – and what we can do together to stop it.

There was an FTC Commissioner, the Wisconsin Attorney General, lots of people from federal agencies, state officials from at least nine states, legal services, local and national non-profits and consumer advocates – all talking about how frauds affect different communities.

So, what are the common frauds? Imposter scams – the calls pretending to be from the IRS, the calls saying your computer is broken, the so-called family emergencies, all asking you to pay money to the person on the other end of the phone. But that person is never who he pretends to be.

Door-to-door alarm system and home improvement scams are common ways scammers get people’s money. In fact, a Wisconsin legal services attorney reported door-to-door salesmen telling people they could call and cancel within five days, when cancellation must really be within three days, and in writing – a lie that’s costing people thousands of dollars.

Many states are seeing aggressive student loan collection practices in for-profit education – and illegal advance fees charged for student loan debt relief. And many states are working to stop short-term lenders who not just ignore the law, but also the ones who look for loopholes to exploit the law.

What do we do about these scams? Well, the people at the event’s first day took away contacts, educational resources, and new ideas to bring back to their community. And, during the second day’s closed-door session, the 50-plus law enforcement officials shared ideas and techniques to better investigate and bring cases against scammers. And if each of those people go home and use something they learned, we’ve already made some progress.

But we need your help, too. When you think you spot a scam, tell us. It makes a difference, because we can’t investigate scams we don’t know about.

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I get door to door sales for phone and energy. I was pushed into buying Fios even though I kept saying no, I don't want it! But the salesman said I could cancel anytime within 30 days. So, I called and cancelled after 2 days. I didn't even wait for the installation! These sales people are so pushy. Is there any way to stop door to door sales?

Our town in Massachusetts requires any solicitors going door to door to have an picture ID made by the police dept. I believe the police dept. does checking on the company they represent and on the individual. This hopefully screens out those who are not legitimate.


What about helping us on the East Coast to aggressively prosecute PUBLICLY, dozens of Dealers' Fraud and force STATES to prosecute also in the Mid Atlantic Areas, PA, MD, VA, DE, NJ., and others similar to your prosecution of those in California before Sept. 2016.

New Jersey Statutes are being totally ignored and victims, like me, are being ignored, forced to fight million dollar dealers on hundred dollars monies and income.

Yep, down here in Texas can't get FTC or an attorney to fight a fraud case. FTC does not and can not fight one complaint--it has to a bunch of people with the same problem Or they will not touch it.

I am happy to report but I stopped because I get a canned response expressing sympathy but indicate there is nothing that can be done. Not exact words, but that is the message that comes across.

GOOD FOR WISCONSIN How how about doing something with Health Care Rip-Off it is way too high This is our Government ?

Last month I taught a two hour scam prevention class at our public library. Only four people showed up. The head librarian said subjects people think they already know such as technology and possibly scams don't get a high turnout.

To reduce the number of scammers, I think arresting them and publicizing it is the biggest deterrent. We are already seeing that with the recent publicized arrest of the IRS phone scammers.

I am using a free service - www.nomorobo to stop calls from companies I am not doing business with and from individuals who want to scam me. The phone rings once or twice and the call ends.Only calls that are relevant get through to me. Research the above website for more information.

I believe that I need help here in California to help stop! Thieves from escaping Justice.fraudulent misconduct needs to be seriously address here now before things gets worse.I'm so tired of dealing with businesses backing up the criminals and not honest consumers.I'm fighting a war alone and I need help asap. Before I call it quits by ending my world.I can't continue feeling as if Im to blame for things I never did.we need to fight for tougher laws to get back what's ours and not the lirs to get more people involved in taking back what is mines and not those who keeps getting away with their lies because there a bank? Who keeps stealing from me and ruins my life. This nerds to be addressed now. Lock these fraudulent people up.running out of time.I'm willing to so solid evidence included are people I hired to help. But sits back and keeps on collecting fees for thiefts protection. And does nothing? So sad it's just not making me feel normal no more. Ending my world means losing everything I work so hard for to only end up homeless, because no one wants to do the right thing.? I am ready to take a march to go to our law makers do there work. But how when no one believes in doing the right thing? I need help now.So. California needs help in fighting back against fraud identity theft misconduct Fighting Back! Any information to get more involved would be a blessing. Lost trust definitely is tired of waiting on Justices needed now.

These are the people who needs to be punished at all extents whoever old like a grannie it doesn't matter

They will use any tact to get us to open door or answer phone. I do not do ether. I let phone ring if number is not recognized or expecting. Having a caller ID is very helpful and safety. Do not answer door or answer telephone unless you know someone is calling. That goes for "Cell Phones". Thanks FTC for your information and protections.

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