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FTC presses Aura over blood pressure app

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Apps can add convenience to your daily routine, keep you organized, and help you learn something new — but only if they provide accurate information. If you’re planning to use an app to monitor health conditions — like your blood pressure — talk with your doctor or health care professional first.

The fact is, some health apps make claims they can’t back up. That’s what the FTC alleges in its lawsuit against Aura Labs, Inc. and its President and CEO, Ryan Archdeacon.

The FTC alleges Aura falsely claimed its Instant Blood Pressure paid app served as a replacement for a traditional blood pressure cuff and measured blood pressure just as accurately. In fact, Aura’s app reported blood pressure based on data calculated by Aura along with the user’s age, gender, height, and weight. The FTC says the blood pressure readings from the app were inaccurate as compared to a traditional blood pressure cuff.

The FTC also alleges the defendants falsely represented that endorsements were from ordinary people when, in fact, one was from Archdeacon, Aura’s President and CEO. The law says that reviewers should disclose their connection to a company.

Going forward, the FTC’s order prohibits the defendants from claiming that the app measures blood pressure or serves as a replacement for a traditional blood pressure cuff without having scientific support to back up the claims. The order also prohibits the defendants from making other health claims relating to the app or any other device without scientific support, or failing to disclose their connections with reviewers.

It’s fine to go online or use an app to learn more about various health issues, but it’s best to check with your health care professional before relying on an app to diagnose, detect or monitor a medical condition.

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I agree, apps, or new technology is not everything in the World. I believe my brains function well, there has to be some measures.

we are in the baby steps of app technology now and coders are not yet perfect to say the least. Never ever believe a retailer or seller of technology that uses your health as the guinea pig

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