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Getting tracked online even after you try to stop it

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How do you feel about being tracked online? Maybe you’re ok with cookies that let websites remember your preferences — like what’s in your shopping cart — from visit-to-visit or across different devices. But how about companies that use cookies and other online tracking methods to send you targeted ads?

To control this kind of targeted advertising, you might take steps like deleting cookies, limiting ads through your device settings, or downloading different ad networks’ opt-out cookies. But what if an advertising company kept tracking you anyway — despite the steps you took to control it?

That’s what happened with digital advertising company Turn, the FTC says. Today the FTC announced that Turn has agreed to settle charges it misled people about their ability to stop it from tracking them online and in mobile apps.

Turn uses cookies, web beacons, and unique device identifiers to track people online and in mobile apps. Based on the information the company gathers, it helps its clients targets ads to people based on their tastes and interests.

In its privacy policy, Turn said people could opt out of tracking by deleting cookies and using the opt-out mechanism on its site. But for people who were Verizon Wireless customers from early 2013 to early 2015, it didn’t always work. Verizon attached a unique header to each customer’s web traffic. Using that header, Turn could recognize and track people even if they took steps to avoid it. Sometimes, Turn even used the header to recreate cookies people had deleted.

And what about the opt-out on Turn’s website? It turns out it only worked for browsers — not mobile apps. Turn has agreed to place clear disclosures about what information it collects and how to opt out on its website, and to respect device settings to opt out.

Read Online Tracking to learn how online tracking works, and what you can do about it.


Good information. I am tired of all the spam!!!

one of the worst of these, in my opinion, is cortina...the built in spying software that comes with windows 10. it's annoying as it pops up unbidden, it promotes bing even if you want to use something else, and it takes information in great gobs for its own use. and you can't get rid of it! if you do, the next time the program updates, it's back! so disgusting and wrong.

Big Brother has lots of tools. This is only the top of the iceberg.

I just received a check from a scammer. Stating he needed care for his mother. That was moving to Florida. What I did was call the bank to verify the cashier's check. They checked and it was a fraudulent check. That is the best way to check. Most people won't check that, the name of the bank is on the check. Pass it on as info for others to see.

I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for confirming it was the company using the usual underhanded methods of tracking regardless of what was checked to opt-out.

I just received a check from a scammer. Stating he needed care for his mother. That was moving to Florida. What I did was call the bank to verify the cashier's check. They checked and it was a fraudulent check. That is the best way to check. Most people won't check that, the name of the bank is on the check. Pass it on as info for others to see.

What keeps occurring over over over and before I am even aware causes more damages and now whatever the real problems cause it how come nobody stops it!

A major problem is that to access web sites or sign up for newsletters or to download app, companies FORCE you to AGREE to their privacy policy and when people do they often give up all ability to protect their privacy. Please REQUIRE companies to give you the option at the beginning of an electronic relationship to either opt in or opt out of tracking or relinquishing all claims to privacy.

A website's privacy policy should tell you what  personal information the website operators are collecting, why, and how they will use the information.

If you can't find a privacy policy, or you don't understand it,  consider taking your business to another site that's more user-friendly.

And I should trust them to tell me the truth, WHY!


This FTC article about online tracking has information about cookies. One section of the article is about controlling cookies, and it has steps you can follow.

During the recent Campaign I donated through "ActBlue" once. They turned it into an on- going automatic donation without my knowledge. I changed my Debit Card and somehow they managed to get the new card number. My bank blocked it but I don't use my Debit card on line anymore.

Anotter way to combat this, which still allows you to make online purchases, is a gift card in the form of Visa/MasterCard, etc. that has a Set amount so limited Use. You can also purchase the reloadable cards of the same type, but only load with a limited amount NEVER ALLOW AUTO-LOAD as that takes away Ur control. Also, beware of cards that charge monty fees for use, and/or thatnbegin to charge monthly fees for "non-use" until they "fee" you monthly right out of all your money! If you stick to the money cards from Credit card suppliers and of SET AMOUNTS (again read the terms & check make sure there is NO monthlynuse fee (OR) monthly NON-USE Fee (which is ridiculous because not only does the bank make money off your money in the form of monthly interest, but to then charge you because you are not using the card, is simply a banking tactic to take people's money for FREE, finanically approved robbery, the same as inactive account fees - Apple Credit Union/used to be Synergy Credit Union used inactive account monthly fees on my account & took $50+!
Yet, would not allow me access w/o comimg in to fill out paperwork, difficult to donliving 3k miles away! *rolls eyes*)

What a disappointment! I grew up going to Walgreens and now they have lost me as a customer! What a greed driven and disrespectful corporation. I just hate I've spent thousands of dollars with such an unethical company. As baby boomers age, we see that corporate America is greedy and very disrespectful of the revenues we have generated for them over the years.

Wow! don't trust your healthcare needs to Walgreens! What a greedy, selfish , and totally indifferent corporation. They make money for years and have no loyalty or respect for their long-time consumers.

This is the worst company and they have been around for years making millions off of Baby Boomers who have been their customers for years and now they treat their customers like crap and if you are a victim of crime inside their store or outside on their property they will not cover your losses. Seniors being mugged and having their car keys stolen inside the stores.

Don't shop at Walgreens and the Corporate is only about greed and their bottom line and they have no interest in their customer's well being or safety. They make millions and we get mugged with no compensation for our losses or injuries from the Corporate end. Their unethical and ridiculous SEDGWICK Insurance includes a lot of incompetent 20 somethings who were even born when Walgreens long time customers spent thousands of dollars at their stores. Greedy unethical company which has lost me as a customer forever !

The "tracking is an invasion of privacy. Along with Hacking by individuals in other nations, it is a threat to security. I do not like "BIG BROTHER" either but I would like to see the United States, United Nations, FCC, FTC, FINSA, IRS, FBI and CIA along with NSA and Homeland Security and others get behind a National electronic firewall! Not impossible, just difficult.

Do you mean like the national firewall censoring Internet traffic used by the Chinese, Korean, and Middle Eastern governments amongst others against their own citizens?
How will a firewall stop tracking when it's purpose is to block out a specific web address and therefore all their traffic, not pick and chose the content of the traffic itself?
Stick to the issue. The solution are laws preventing tracking without a definite and instantly revolvable OPT-IN presented up front. And stiff monetary penalties against sites that place trackers without an OPT-IN.
Targeted Ads don't work anyway. How often do you or anybody else rush to click on some advertising on a web page if you pay any attention to it at all? What IS annoying is moving from site to site and having the same Ad follow you across the web because of a web beacon you picked up when you viewed something else!

When is someone going to make them responsible for the flaw in their data breach

This happens because nowadays,the web is a mash-up and advertising companies are tracking our browsing.Thanks for sharing this informative post.

so what else new! depends on your browser and your experience in order to delete cookies. what I hate is if you are just doing a looking at a site exploring for maybe possible future purchase or what ever, you have to sign in or create a sign in with password.. SO THEY CAN SEND YOU GARBAGE EMAIL!

Headlines show the your company agreed to a settlement on scammers. How do we file for wire transfers lfunds lost via scammers using WU?

I've been robbed lost my house all my savings for over 11 years and they have stolen my personal information and data take take loans credit cards. Why. Just because I'm disabled it's wrong I want compensation for pain and suffering and my life saving stolen with help from people who work on sites like this.

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