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Money Now Funding Refunds: Only from the FTC

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In the summer of 2015, the FTC won its lawsuit against thirty-two telemarketers including Money Now Funding LLC. The defendants took more than $7 million from people through a work-at-home scam. They told people they could earn money by referring local merchants to a non-existent money-lending service. The scammers claimed their “business opportunities” would yield up to $3,000 per month, but only after people paid $499 for the business opportunity and thousands of dollars more for business leads.

Recently, callers have told people who lost money to Money Now Funding that they could help them get refunds — for a fee. Those calls are scams. Only the FTC can provide refunds. In fact, in spring 2017, the FTC will start sending partial refunds to some people who lost money to Money Now Funding, and we won’t charge a fee.

You don’t have to do anything to get a refund. The FTC will use information collected from Money Now Funding, Nationwide Lending, Green Merchant Funding and Cash for Businesses to identify who is eligible. If you believe that you are eligible for a refund and want to see if your name is on the list, please contact the FTC’s refund administrator at 1-800-419-5336. For updates on when the refunds will be available, you can check back regularly on the FTC Refunds page.

If someone calls you and says they can help you get a refund for a fee, please hang up and report it to the FTC.

Note: In February 2017, the FTC is mailing 2,031 checks totaling over $436,000 to people who lost money to Money Now Funding. The average check is $214.68 and recipients should deposit or cash checks within 60 days.

If you have any questions about the case, contact the FTC’s refund administrator, Rust Consulting, Inc., at 800-419-5336. To learn more about the FTC’s refund program, visit

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I've been in Sept ever sence they did this to me please I wAnt my money back

I need my funds and what I am entitled to. Absolutely just as soon as possible if you understand the importance of this most honest request.

dear sir/madam I am Mohammad K, How can I processing to the cash out at this moment. please inform to me.

If you think you might be eligible for a refund, you can call the  FTC’s refund administrator at 1-800-419-5336.

I am 69 years old with kidney cancer. I need my money desperately. They operated in Nevada. I reported them to the Attorney General, Kathleen Mautner. They would shut down and open again in a new location and a new name. I asked Ms. Mautner then if they could ever catch them, and she assured me that there was a Nationwide investigation. They owe me $2000, and I am very distraught that it has taken years to accomplish to what should have been corrected 3 years ago. The government is slow. The FBI has too much to do to investigate like they should. Don't hold your breath that you will receive money back. In all probability, you will not.

Hello, I was reading the comments for the other victims and feel really disgusted about how easily we can be manipulated by people who don't care about our lively hood, how hard we work for the little bit we all have. My situation is slightly different, but I am a victim all the same. I was at work on break and received a call from an individual claiming to be from the federal government and that since i am with good standing with the IRS I am eligible for federal grant in the amount of $9000. You can obviously guess the end result. I gave up my hard earned money, and got nothing. They stopped trying to reach me after a second attempt to squeeze more money put of me.The number they supplied won't even answer my calls anymore. Just waiting too see if this company will be on the FTC Refund page. I am more than certain there are more like me who believed these people. I looked up the # on line after the fact and saw it was considered a scam

Dear LoveMyGranny1923 - I got scammed by the SAME PEOPLE you did. I've never read off the numbers to so many iTunes cards! Of course I feel like a horse's ass but there's nothing that can be done now except hope they get caught so we can get a little of our hard earned money back.

Thank You.

I think a family member claimed one or more of my children. I have still yet to get my tax money from last year how do I get to the bottom of this find out where my money from the last four years has been sent to.

You can find a list of help and resources at The help and resources page tells what to do about fraud and identity theft. You could also contact the IRS to ask about your refunds.

Yes i have received a few phone calls promising a nice sounding loan....i mean if we are applying for loans obviously we are struggling and need help. It is very rude and not good business to put someone through the hope of getting help and knowing u never intended to help

id like my money back scammed as usual call from lenders who weren't lenders

Wow so many ...I'm sorry to was scammed and waiting my husband has renal failure and we need every cent back

The money I gave them was for my kids and I have bills for the month and now I don't have the money so I don't know what I'm going to do please help try to retrieve our money thank you

You can contact the state Attorney General in your state and report this to the FTC at When you report to law enforcement, you give information that the agencies can use for investigations. 

Im waiting for this money to paid my electricity and the loans.i have the rent one day after the dead line so are almost a 100 extra right..when this morning I open the email and start to see wier words in my phone .find one are in the order side hacking my money waiting..for see the light in this black hole..2 more days and I need to leave my house..

If you have a question about the refund checks, call the FTC refund administrator at 1-800-419-5336. 

I saved all my paperwork just in case something like this would happen. Surprisingly shocked when I saw this law suit happening. So is it safe to say this could start anytime since the year is almost up. For Money Gram even though it has been years we are to contact them...CORRECT

Samee Mohammed operating under Walter Drake, sent me a product I ordered on line, with a note to get a CASH-BACK rebate up to $15 by going to www. claimyourrebate. and select "Walter Drake" Which I did but it is to get you to join their free shipping club by entering your cc info.

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