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Announcing the Internet of Things Home Inspector Challenge

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Anyone old enough to remember The Jetsons knows how the futuristic family used their flying car or jetpack to get to their “smart home,” where people movers whisked the family from room to room, lights automatically switched on, food appeared at the touch of a button, and Rosie the robot maid cleaned up.

Today, thanks to all sorts of internet-connected devices, you can create your own smart home. You can remotely turn on lights, music, and appliances, automatically adjust temperatures, and even monitor your pets or children while you’re away. But recent headlines also point to some security risks. Just how safe and secure are these devices? And how can you know whether your internet-connected devices are updated to protect your privacy and security?

We think someone out there has the answer – which is why the FTC is hosting a prize competition called the Internet of Things (IoT) Home Inspector Challenge. The FTC is asking people to come up with a technical solution to guard against security vulnerabilities in software on smart devices connected to their homes. The winning tool would help protect people from security vulnerabilities caused by out-of-date software. There’s $25,000 in prize money for the person – or the team – that comes up with the best technical solution, with $3,000 for each honorable mention winner.

The deadline for registering and submitting entries is May 22, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT. Visit to check out all the rules and FAQs. You’ll also find more information when registration opens, on or about March 1, 2017.


Thank you for being on the frontline for us!

shh--Trump may shut you down.

does someone to have completed code, or are you wanting brainstorming like solutions?

Visit to check out all the rules and FAQs.

Great idea and way to voice people's thoughts than acually see them come to life.

Because here in Canada lots of scammer hacker collecting is not own property

I am very concerned your our smart technology taking over with its own intentions or someone hacking through smart devices such as home TV and cell phones as many gamers are doing through games like far cry or Minecraft. Our country needs a special task force informing n controlling all these open source and start jailing and fining these untouchable corporation's and scam artist until they get the point that they will b held accountable and pennyless in jail....

Quick observation: In these days of pocketable computers such as the Raspberry Pi, it's possible to get preconfigured OS & tool packages which load on these to perform a basic automated "white hat" penetration test on a network or device. I don't know how many of those now include known IoT weaknesses, but that would be as close to a "plug and chug" tester as we're likely to get.

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