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Order free materials for National Consumer Protection Week 2017

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National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) is around the corner! The annual event – March 5-11, 2017 – is a time to help people understand their consumer rights, make well-informed decisions about money, and spot scams.

Thinking about hosting an event? Our new feature page has all the information and resources you need to spread the word. You can personalize an article with your event details, share pre-written social media messages, and use our new Military Tool Kit to help reach out to the military community.

Interested in free consumer education materials for your event? Check out the FTC’s free publications on avoiding scams, managing debt, identity theft, and more. To have your materials in time, just visit and place your order by February 1, 2017. You also can check out the free resources offered by our NCPW partners to share with family, friends, and your community.

Visit for more information. And have a great National Consumer Protection Week!


The information you provide is extremely useful and well written. We use your materials at our various public awareness events. Keep up the good work.

If it is Free Look out

Thanks for the reminder and the service you do

thank you for your diligence and hard work to protect the vulnerable1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks very thorough. Thank you for all of the provided information.

I would like to order only 3 copies of each publications it does not give me that option I keep my two daughters up to date with GREAT INFO THANK YOU

Don't know what type of comment you're looking for but looking forward to reading your info.

Is there anyway something can be done about store owners selling out dated merchandise to consumers? I wittness this unethical disgraceful practice on a daily basis as an Independent Contractor.

Thanks for the info...I plan on getting involved by informing our local tv stations of this and also all the info they can request to educate the people of our city about this event. I also hope to have a presentation for seniors regarding their health care bills and how important it is for them NOT TO PAY their medical bills UNTIL they receive their Medicare Explanation of Benefits (EOMB) and if applicable,(if they have private health insurance to complement their Medicare policy), their private health insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB) - AND THEN, go over the EOMB & EOB and make sure each charge is a true correct charge (you received the care) and that the PROVIDER BILL stating what you owe as payment to the provider is equal and matches the amounts from the EOMB (Medicare)and EOB(private health insurance,if applicable) that were paid on your behalf AND ONLY THEN - IF THEY MATCH AND ARE VALID CHARGES (if you can't figure out the charges - call the provider and ask for a detailed bill with each of the charges spelled out (they HAVE to provide this to you if you ask) and ONLY THEN, make payment to the provider. And if you are unable to pay the total due - simply talk to the provider/billing office and let them know your situation and that you would like to work out a "GOOD FAITH" payment plan. Most providers are happy to comply with this request instead of having to take collection action (this costs them money AND TIME!). And if they say that they are unable to do this - report them to your States Department of Insurance as well as let them know you will be seeking legal assistance and they MUST give you 60 days to accomplish this. Then, take advantage of your state's free legal aid system (USE your library to get FREE info). Don't despair - there are many free websites (AGAIN, Go to your library) that will assist you. And truly, most providers will work with you to get paid. And remember to remind them that you are working with them in "GOOD FAITH". Be pleasant and hang in there and have FAITH.... Thank you for your time and I truly hope that I have been able to help you as you navigate your health care costs. Again, thank you kindly. L.A.Rock

thank you!

I am an 82 yoa PhD semi retired based on specific type projects.
However; over the past 5 years My Daughter and I have been victims of Fraud, DTPA, Scams, Theft.I am encouraged that FTC has the ability to collect some of these losses.
Do You FTC accept more than one case of Fraud submitted by me? eg: Travel Insurance, Airlines, Travel Agencies USA.
Is there a "Statute of Limitations" in reference to the Date of Fraud, etc?

Having issues with One Main Financial company keep calling me referral. and application, that I dis fill out online about getting a loan 25.. giving to me $200 pay for the loan for my credit problem. receving it.

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