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Pass it on in your community

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Pass it On is the FTC’s consumer education campaign designed to encourage older adults to talk to their friends, neighbors, and relatives about scams. Because we’ve learned that sharing what you know can help protect someone who you know from a scam.

Now, we’ve got a new video that highlights how some local organizations are getting in on the act and using Pass it On materials in their communities – all in different ways. For instance, a Massachusetts agency distributes fraud prevention materials at community centers serving older consumers. A Connecticut publisher and state consumer protection office use the Pass it On tips in a community newspaper published in several languages. And a group of older actors performs skits for their peers in Southern California, giving their audience a heads-up on the latest frauds and rip-offs.


What can you do? Well, you probably know someone who could use a few tips on spotting scams. The next time you’re at your local library, church, or temple, or even visiting a relative in a nursing home, take a stack of Pass it On materials with you. You can order them online for free, in bulk, in English and Spanish.

Do you have other ideas on sharing tips in your community? Let us know your take on passing it on.

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How about schools or passing them out when schools are getting out for the day to parents waiting. Just a suggestion.

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That's an excellent idea and program to help make everyone aware of scams.

so many things going on! glad to see you guys on the ball! maybe keep a better eye on what you got Experian for! It's happening all over the place. you are offered a free trial for something and the next thing you know your being billed a monthly charge for whatever you were supposed to be trying out??? It's a very busy racket going on and they all should be brought up on charges just like Experian was! There's also other scams going on with sicko people in the Hollywood area, actors, entertainers, etc., normally really nice people that caught the Rhonda Lipnicki disease of Democrastic??? Absolutely polluted...I'm praying for them! Some of my own family caught the disease. Their trade needs to be commissioned and they need lots of help and Doctors are no where to be found! Thank you for all that you are doing! That whole episode is probably one of the worst scams that's infected not only the country but the world for that matter in heaven only knows how long. I feel sorry for the Jonnys...and the coras are at risk! But they are under a spell of some sort...just horrible! Please continue to help!

Provide information to AARP and IAVA for their webites to all their membership. This is a way for all DOD veterans, active duty and guard to receive it

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