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This tax season, join a webinar, protect your data

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Tax season has just begun, but tax identity thieves already are posting their “gone phishin’” signs: fake emails designed to trick companies into handing over their employees’ personal information. To help small businesses avoid the hook, the FTC and the IRS are hosting a free Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week webinar on Wednesday, February 1, at 4 p.m. EST.

Here’s what happens, according to the IRS. Cybercriminals send an email that looks like it’s from a corporate officer. It asks the company’s payroll or human resources officer for employees’ W-2s “for a quick review.”  But it’s not real, and those who reply are sending employees’ names, Social Security numbers, and income information to scammers, who then file fraudulent returns for tax refunds.

Wednesday’s webinar will give you more information on scams like this, as well as about tax identity theft, imposter scams that target businesses, data breaches, and free resources to help keep your company’s private information secure. Join the FTC and the IRS on February 1, at 4 p.m. EST for Protecting Sensitive Business and Customer Information.

But don’t stop there. Check out Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week for more events and information. And visit the Business Center’s Privacy and Security portal for more resources.


It is an important message to Alert the consumers to be aware to online security as whole.

these webinars are NOT archived! Why??

The AARP and IRS webinars will be archived. When they are ready, they will be available at

there appears to be a communication failure-this feb 1 was a partnership between FTC & IRS not AARP. I have a reference number that I filed with FTC which has still not bee responded to regarding my complaint on NOT being archived. I do not know if this comment is public or goes to you?

The FTC hosted and co-hosted several webinars for Tax Identity Theft week. The webinars co-hosted with the AARP and IRS will be archived. When they are ready, they will be available at

When we reply to the FTC here on this page - where does it go? NO info about replies is posted here-do it go back to the response person or just go into a general comment box?

I write down who I spoke with and the info they gave me. Told me to go a CVS Pharmacy parking lot and wait for someone. Uuuhh not.....

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Alex Daughtry
Government Grant Department
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Crowley Snyder station #122

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