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Yahoo customer service scam

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Need to contact Yahoo customer care? There are a few ways to do so — but, Yahoo warns that phone is not an option. That’s right: any phone number you come across in an internet search, claiming to connect you with Yahoo customer care, is fake.

Here at the FTC, we’ve gotten reports that consumers who called these fake customer care numbers were offered “Yahoo customer care services” for a fee.

But the truth is, Yahoo customer support is always free of charge. That means you should never pay to have your Yahoo password reset, for technical support, or help with security concerns. Also, Yahoo won’t ask to remotely connect to your computer for any support-related request.

For more, read about tech support scams and ways to review your Yahoo account’s security.

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Yahoo disabled their self named community moderation, which did allow users to police spam. Since December 2016, users posting questions within the yahoo! answers site have been required to anchor spam. Additionally, any vocal opposition within the site brings retaliatory rhetoric against users opposing the fraudulent spam.

Yahoo has apparently re-enabled their self named community moderation on a limited bases, at some point in April 2017. This comes after a flood of spam saturating the web site. The fear now is large numbers of spammers having gained the leverage to force other users out of the venue, via account suspension

Addendum to my prior comment made earlier. Yahoo has resumed limited policing of the spammers material. Deleting resolved questions that award a best answer to one of the spammers.

Also, those questions had been moved to the discover tab, allowing greater viability. Very little is done beyond the above. Spammers continue to saturate the site 6 days a week. Any users speaking out against the spammers will be vigoursly attacked by verbal assault

Scam still being posted to y!a uninhibited. Yahoo has apparently restored some of the user report interface. Reporting leverage by users means many users have to report, using personal resources.Perhaps the senate committee on homeland security and governmental affairs could begin an investigation. Consumers using the site seem to be required to use more of their resources by reporting, to mitigate the problem

All yahoo! help is free online, and accessible by clicking on a gear icon displayed on each page. Yahoo has disabled their reporting interface, which allowed yahoo! answers users to remove spam such as the support scams. Since December 2016, yahoo! answers users submitting questions are obligated to anchor the spam-scams, with no warning given by yahoo!.

That must had been you I saw posting the anchor remark within y!a. Situation has worsened since the takeover by Verizon and staff required to focus elsewhere

I can understand at the agony and frustration of these people because I am in a similar situation. My email A/c was blocked because of Security Issues and this done soon after I updated my computer.Now I cannot confirm the code to verify its me because the Cell Phone I registered is no longer in use. I have tried all avenues to reach Yahoo but without success. The last No. I contacted was 1-800-349-1641 and now I regret it because they appeared to be scammers. He asked for my DOB and I gave it to him, now I am very nervous. Yahoo is such a big company, why can"t they go after the scammers who use their trade mark and why can't they establish a unique way to get in touch with them. Community forum is a waste of time. DAVE

If Yahoo offered decent customer service, fewer people would by mining on the Internet for means to get hold of them. I have been a Yahoo Store customer for about 14 years. Their service get worse and worse. I just know that someday it is going to blow-up.

Live in KY. Received a call at 10:30pm last night said they are with Yahoo and they are in California. Call didn't seem right couldn'tt believe a company this large would have people calling this late. This has to be some kind of scam and I want you to be aware. She said she will call back tomorrow and I will call our atty. Generals office.

well yahoo stated to do all kinds of things because they were hacked.. yahoo needs to pay for this scam..

I received an email saying your yahoo account will no longer accept any more emails ......from a johara. ledama@ maxpower. make it stop!

Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action would involve people throughout the world Yahoo apparently enables, disables, and re-enables their user reporting interface on irregular cycles. Regardless of reporting's effectiveness scammers post remain up indefinitely. Yahoo has site rules emphatically stating the spam should be reported. Which encourages users to utilize their own resources to remove the spam If yahoo knows that content will not drop after being reported countless times, then they are close to conspiring with the scammers. That is a criminal offence that should be investigated, charged, and convicted if possible.

Yahoo support phone numbers are fraud. I used an airport pay phone out of curiosity and called a spammed North American number, gotten from the y!a site. Credit/Debit card info is demanded, before the spammers will answer any and all questions. Yahoo itself, is doing virtually nothing to mitigate the situation

I think having yahoo as our homepage and default browser may have allowed spam bots to gain acess to my n my husbands gmail we have gmail together, because our att account was compromised so we had that taken care of now We are using chrome tho ght it'd be better I get bulk porn IRS scams credit scam emails . Ive put filters in place have macafee on my phone etc my husbands phone however does not have macafee bc it is not Abailable anymore through verizons support n protect! Its very upsetting I am just working on getting phones st straight becsuse he fell for the scams saying driver out of date adds saying we couldn't update apps delete apps didn't need or use to free up space wanting u to pay money to update your driver DO NOT FALL FOR those scams!I hope by sharing this info it helps someone out there God Blesd

My husband received emails in his Yahoo mail that if he didn't contact them immediately his account would no longer receive emails. So he called a fellow tech buddy who gave him a Yahoo phone number from the Yahoo website. My husband called and was redirected to a Microsoft technician who apparently deals with these Level 4 problems. Then this new person said that he should secure $300 in reloadable credit cards from Walmart and to use that to pay for the service. Unfortunately, my husband fell for it. So the scammers got away wtih $300 untraceable dollars, and now our desktop computer is probably infected with their virus. This is very frustrating. I have to ask why Yahoo has a phone number on their website if it connects to a scam.

Maybe the first email your husband got was a scam, and the "help" number was a scam too. Sometimes scammers pay extra to make their names & numbers appear close to the top of search results. They make up business names that sound like legitimate company names. You have to double check before you contact someone with information you get online.

I received a message from Yahoo customer care saying that I needed to reactivate my yahoo account because of a problem with the data base. If I didn't, my account would be terminated. It referred me to:
Re-activate my account

I received an email stating:

Dear user,

We received your request to deactivate your Yahoo! account, we are currently processing the request.

If this was not you, please follow here to authenticate your account, else we will put a 48 hold on your account till we hear from you. If you did not request for this kindly cancel it


I did not request to deactivate my account but I don't want to click on the link in case it is a scam.

I'm dumb, I trusted in one of those Yahoo support phone numbers and I got a virus on my computer.
They can get into your computer believing that they are guiding you to get help and recuperate your account or password.
Now I have even seen emails already read from my one of my e-mail account that is not from Yahoo. This is scary, they are freaks! Would I like to know the benefit of doing this to human beings?

Yahoo is doing very little in behalf of consumers to warn then of being defrauded. Self appointed "doctors" on the site apparently harass users openly opposing the scammers. When verizon takes over the yahoo brand on June 8, 2017, if I see one scammer, I'm going to buy a pre-paid phone and cancel my verzion account. Yahoo already lost some of my personal info. The thought of verizon losing even more to a criminal, is too much.

Yahoo has done very little to warn consumers about the scammers. 6 days a week, the site is barrage. Scammers themselves apparently have enough leverage to be openly hostile to members that disprove of the scam and scammers. When verizon takes over yahoo on June 8, 2017 I will be watching. From then, at the first post by a scammer that I see, I will buy a pre-paid phone to cancel my verizon account. One hack with verizon can be far more consequential than the hacking at yahoo.

The site is desperate for traffic, these scammers are paying their way in that regard As a result of daily exposure of these scams to unregistered and registered alike, the site needs to be shut down. At this point, it is little more than a continuing criminal enterprise

THIS SUCKS & SO DOES YAHOO BASICALLY RUINING LIVES VIA LOST unreplaceable priceless information. We need a massive boycott of both YAHOO & VERIZON, clean this mess up you worthless greedy horrible business people!!!

Spammers and their scams are rampant yahoo answers. Users with multiple accounts are openly spawning more high level accounts that spawn more spammers The entire site is fraud and needs to be shut down. Verizon is doing nothing.

I wish I had the name of the jerk from my cell phone company who gave me one of these numbers as I would have reported that person to the FTC. Can't trust anyone. had gone down and I thought it could be because I had clicked on a rogue email link due to yahoo working on my mobile web but not my home web as if I was IP blocked, even though I could still log on to ymail with my mobile connection. Trusting my cell phone co rep, I ended up giving these people who claimed to be from yahoo my account name and birthday info. Then as I was talking to them, yahoo came back on and they said they fixed it for me, which was bogus because it really had been a service wide outage. I realized they were problematic when they were telling me that my account had been hacked by horrid people and the rep people needed access to my computer since my network had been compromised even though my router was working fine and my 2 factor authentication would have picked up on anyone trying to get into my accounts -- even from my computer. They were just giving me all this nonsense. That's when I hung up on them wishing I didn't give out my account and birthday info as I had then found this article on this site. What bothered me was that they had known that someone had logged onto my account from another state a couple of hours before -- which was me due to me using my mobile web that gave out that IP, meaning they must have had some sort of access to my account from the information I had given, which somehow bypassed my password and auth. Begging the question: Is Yahoo web-mail still compromised no matter if you change the password? At least they never had access to my computer. They even have a website that makes them look legit, which my newly installed virus checker had just blocked :( . So bottom line, don't trust anyone who gives you a phone number, always research before you call that number -- even if they appear to also have a legitimate website.

Please help in resetting my account. I called a phone number because I couldn't access the email and then I hung up after I gave them my acct email and DOB. They asked to connect remotely, so I said goodbye and hung up. I want to change the acct. info. if I can keep this email.

You can't reset your Yahoo account by phone. If someone says they can reset your Yahoo account by phone, or asks for remote access to your account, they're a scammer. Yahoo has warnings about resetting your account.

I have been getting e mails saying my e-mail address is going away and its being changed to .att. is this so and is it a scam?

Entire y!a site is corrupt. From the spammers detailed here, to the users with multiple accounts that control content flow. Y!A staff should be investigated for conspiracy, considering how long the spammers have been working the site.

Do not allow remote access they will put a password admin protection on it and if you don't pay you will no longer be able to access your computer

Can you get Yahoo to disable an email account used by a 419-type scammer?

situation: as of today, I am unable to get my mail via outlook or in a web browser. Outlook repatedly asks for password (which has not changed). ipad works fine (both ending andd receiving). has the same setup as outlook (ports, servers, etc). The yahoo.compasswordresetpage fails and pushed you to a "logon troubleshooter", but that fails with an error also "we are having trouble rightnow, try again later error code 652314". called att, they said they were unable to reset the password (and didn't know why). They said call email support directly and gave me the number for ITConnect. The tech there gave me a complete lie as to why it wasn't working (I have managed large IT, including email servie) for almot 20 years). Said the account was locked because it was hacked and for $15.50 per month for a minimumof 12 months contract, they would connect to my computer remotely and fix the issue. I asked how this would work if the account was locked on their side? he gave me a complete lie again at which time i told him i could access via an ipad. he confabulated a bsanswer for that too and insisted i pay so they could connect remotely and fix. I asked for the logs that showed the account was blocked, for what reason, and when. he said he couldn't access that and I then asked how he knew if was locked in the first place. more complete bs. I explained to him how email servers work and then asked how what he is describing was true then. he could not answer me and just kept saying he would fix it for 12months of contracted service. this is a scam and I suggest a classaction lawsuit against att for such behavior. you cannot offer a service (free or not) that holds personal information and then prevent access to that information.

Verizon-Oath-yahoo is doing very little to address criminal scamming on y!a. Management encourages "community moderation" to report and delete that content. At the same time, the reporting interface is disabled, with email and personal messaging for millions of accounts. Effectively misleading users into waste web related resource. By doing that, Verizon-Oath-yahoo has created a scam within a scam, that needs to be shut down

I was caught today. I called Yahoo customer service. Well I thought it was Yahoo customer service, the woman asked me to download show my pc 3555 so she could see my PC screen to see the problem, it seemed legit, once she saw I couldn't sign in to my computer she told me I couldn't sign into my yahoo account because I was hacked by someone in California, she told me I could get virus protection and get it erased for a fee. I said no and she hung up. The problem I now have is, she can probably see my screen and everything. I do. BEWARE

this site is useless to report spam to yahoo where's the links?

I have a scam that says they represent Yahoo. Been calling for two.months. I keep rejecting the call. Today they threatened me with oweine a large payment plus a lawsuit.

Scams are still being posted 6 days a week. All yahoo help is free and online. Users are encouraged to use "community moderation" to report and remove the scams. Verizon-oath-yahoo in the mean time, has allegedly modified users reporting power. It now require more users to remove the scams. The company encouraging multiple accounts, to mitigate fraud. For all practical purposes, fraud perpetuates fraud. Yahoo stopped the same type of spammers promoting prostitution several years ago. The company could do that with the customer service scam also, but chose not to because it benefit the company.

I also am locked out of Yahoo Mail! Cannot find a way to access it! All my important emails are inaccessible! There should be a law! Help!

I'm having trouble with my iphone and my yahoo email inbox loading on it. I contacted apple they talked me through a few things then he sent me a phone number for yahoo that I trusted since it came from apple, I let him remote my PC but as soon as he tried to access my network I disconnected. He fed me a line that account is locked because it's been hacked and someone is sending threats from it. I cleared my history and changed my email passwords. I don't have banking information or credit card information with that account. Should I be concerned? What next steps should I take?

This article about tech support scams has tips on what to do if you think a scammer had access to your computer.

thank you Bridget!

i got scamed by yahoo support

What about the phone number posted on Yahoo's Facebook page?

As long as the on-line help doesn't begin to deal with denial of access or other server-related problem -- such that all options under "what's your problem?" are only general help with individual lost emails -- people will keep trying to find a phone to talk to a human. This is Yahoo/AOLs fault, entirely

They charged me $150 to hold my accounts. It was a Dell support tech that took control of my computer then from there everything started acting up

800-349-1641 IS A SCAM! THEY TRY TO SELL YOU SOFTWARE. I was stupid enough to give them my telephone numbers! My yahoo account is under a fake name and DOB, because I use it as the account I register with websites and such so I can keep my main account clean, but I still hate that they have my real numbers and the (fake) name and DOB of my account. Ugh.


My email address above is block by a scammer. They asked for $399.00 to unblock it. Can Yahoo help to resolve this problem

They got me, and then they got some of my personal information. I got the fake numbers from

I have been watching the spammers in question for almost 2 years. The scams continue unabated. In one scam, financial info is being phished from yahoo! users. The other scam is apparently yahoo, and now Verizon. The company expects users to spend personal resources combatting criminal fraud that the company does nothing against. Consumers best option is simply avoiding yahoo! altogether. Consumers are in harms way otherwise.


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