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Yahoo customer service scam

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Need to contact Yahoo customer care? There are a few ways to do so — but, Yahoo warns that phone is not an option. That’s right: any phone number you come across in an internet search, claiming to connect you with Yahoo customer care, is fake.

Here at the FTC, we’ve gotten reports that consumers who called these fake customer care numbers were offered “Yahoo customer care services” for a fee.

But the truth is, Yahoo customer support is always free of charge. That means you should never pay to have your Yahoo password reset, for technical support, or help with security concerns. Also, Yahoo won’t ask to remotely connect to your computer for any support-related request.

For more, read about tech support scams and ways to review your Yahoo account’s security.

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Too many advertisements, It is slowing up my computer, If the adds don't stop I will change to another search engine

I'm getting viruses and malware, spam attached to my yahoo I'm ready to shut down Yahoo

SO how do you get in touch with yahoo to unlock my email?
Yahoo took it upon themselves to connect my email to my cell phone without my permission. When I deleted the account from my cell phone yahoo will not allow me to use my password again to access my email. I have been trying for 3 days to get in touch with Yahoo. Where are you, Yahoo? Where is your customer service?

These scammers are taking advantage of Yahoo's pathetic customer service. If Yahoo had decent customer service, there would be much less scamming.

1 800-813-1316 is a number I found out to be a fraud! They used fake names and connected to my PC & made up a fake virus! I didn't realize I was being scammed until later on. Glad I didn't give out any personal information. beware

The frequency of spam on yahoo! products has subsided apparently due two reasons...1)software filters implemented by Verizon Yahoo!...if true, it should had been done over 2 years ago, by yahoo! There ought to be a criminal investigation into why it wasn't done earlier. Consumers have been targeted for too long a time. 2)Users and possibly staff manually deleting spam. The company encouraging the public to police yahoo! websites while not doing anything else makes the company nothing but con artist running another scam. Do not call any yahoo help phone numbers, they are scams. All yahoo help is free and online.

Please do a Google search for: 1-800-385-1807 And see 1) how many scam sites show up 2) how difficult it is to find that this number leads to scammers Someone (FTC, Google?) please take these guys down.

You can help law enforcement by reporting this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don’t go into the law enforcement database.

Respectfully, one should file a complaint with local or federal law enforcement firstly. Then follow up with the additional info going to the spam database. American citizens have a right to contact the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, and ask that yahoo be held accountable for this issue that has gone on for close to 3 years

Verizon Yahoo! has minimized the number of spammers broadcasting the customer service scam throughout the yahoo! sites. People should be aware all yahoo! help is free and online at on yahoo! online. Many yahoo! sites are not moderated and consumers,should be wary. Other scams such people people trying to embarrass and extort money from users through online videos are taking the place of customer service scams.

Yahoo mail is AWFUL. I have used it for years but have about given up. Half of my Outgoing mail by phone gets stuck in the Outbox. Have deleted the account and re added twice as advised by Apple but does NOT work. Consumer help is non existent.. Help menu is useless and there is no way to talk or do,a live chat. MISERABLE COMPANY. Hope they fix it or go under.

I just called one of those fake yahoo mail support numbers and they asked me for remote access to my computer. I said no way and the guy hung up.
He sounded like he was from India and said he was in California. Be weary!

I have been scammed with a fake Yahoo customer support number. I was connected to some place in Pakistan or India. They put one disgusting page of child porn on my computer and then offerred to fix my problem for $5,000. I told them that was ridiculous. They told me they would fix the problem, but urged me not to contact law enforcement. They called repeatedly. When I told them I had reported the problem to the FBI, the calls stopped.

My yahoo email account locked, called yahoo email support they said nyvip address thru my emailed had accessed child porn so to get my account back I needed to pat to have security put on account $199 to unlock and $599 for continuous protection. Wanted to remitlt access my computer

That is a scam. Any phone number you see that says Yahoo customer care is fake.

If you call a fake customer care number, they might try to charge you for “Yahoo customer care services” or get access to your computer. That is a tech support scam. If you let the tech support scammer take control of your computer, he might have put malware on the computer. Read about how to get rid of malware.

i am getting pornographic emails in my inbox and my Facebook is on spam.what is the deal with this?

All yahoo sites related help is free and online. Yahoo does not have voice line help. Phone help are scams. Verizon Yahoo! has apparently stopped allowing the spammers to post the scams on yahoo sites. Simple solution to a problem yahoo permitted to exist for almost 3 years. US taxpayers and the FTC should be reimbursed by Verizon yahoo for the services performed on this site.

All yahoo! help is free and online. I know from dealing with yahoo, complaining to yahoo directly about the scams can cause yahoo to terminate the complainants account. Do not call a yahoo help phone number. The best way to avoid problems with yahoo, is to avoid yahoo altogether.

Yahoo downloaded cookies to my tablet that severely impacted its ability to run. After repeatedly asking for help that wa not forthcoming on the yahoo site. I called one of the spam phone numbers. I can verify those phone numbers are scams. They ask for prepayment, and full access to the device. I refused, of course. All yahoo help is free, and in this case, consumers get what they pay for either way. Don't call the help center phone numbers. Beware of yahoo sites, yahoo allows anything without moderation.

Oath popup is outrages. Considering using another homepage and getting rid of yahoo

I have been trying to get into my Yahoo email account for two days now. OATH has a page that comes up that I'm suppose to accept, only there is no I ACCEPT box at the bottom. I have tried everything.

Unable to get into my mail. It is blocked by Yahoo/Verizon. A pop-up window wants me to agree to Verizon terms . The terms state that Verizon can get into my email. Obviously I don't want this. Therefore they are blocking me from reading mom email.

I can't signing in my occount

1-855-282-5525 these persons claim that they Yahoo tech support. In reality they input your computer and ask money for fixing it and protect from all. They try to persuade you that your computer, server, and network is infected, etc. Their Internet site should be closed.

My child has locked herself out of her Yahoo account does not remember any of the recovery information all we have is the username how do I recover her account? she has some important information in there.

This blog post has a link to information from Yahoo to help you with your account.

They are now using a site,, and the number 855-650-0666
Totally a scam, try to remote to your machine

i have got a new phone and i cant get the app to work

Sooo how do we get help with our frozen yahoo account then

I had a problem and I called to change my password and the tech said my account had been comprimized so he would connect me to a company Secur 4 Sure after $199.99 they said they would fix my problem Was this a scam ? Their number is still on my taskbar does that mean they are still on my computer ?

Please can you giv e me a legimate email address to contact you. I can't email or delete emails for the last 2 days. i can read but not delete. i have been sending messages since yesterday and noone gets back to me. i also only have about 7 emails and i have a lot more than this

Was going to buy and item, their paperwork required my email address, typed the first letter of my email address, and it printed out my email address but two other names appeared. I know both men but we have issues. I am a emergency manager of a small city and receive information for my eyes only. What is going on?

IZACCESS INC is one of these scammers claiming to be yahoo support however they can't/won't provide proof of representation. once you buy into their line and allow them access your pc is screwed unless you buy their service.

I have forgotten my password and no longer have the phone number(phone was stolen). I found which appeared to be a legitmant phone number for Yahoo customer service. He stated I was to buy some sort of card a the store and they would fix it. I refused, advised them scamming is illegal and will turn them in. He then said to have a lovely day and hung up.

Scam is still going....1-888-884-1121. Guy sounding from the far east wants me to buy a $200 gift card so they can refund $500 to my credit card account. Did not fall for it. Still impossible to get Yahoo to close my hacked account. I am going to be forced to change my credit card number to get the autobilling to stop. Haven't used the account in eight years. @#$%^&!

do you charge to send an e-mail with attachments, somebody try o'ready

As matter of fact is a question, do you charge $0.05 cents to send an e-mail from the US to Ecuador? Somebody tried on the 16 of this current month. That somebody is holding my mail hostage, can you help me?

I've been getting 2 monthly $4.99 charges that I did not approve:
from Yahoo Account Pro and from Yahoo computer check-up. Is this a scam? the number provided on my credit card is 800-361-5610 and they put me on hold for a long time without resolving the issue.

On August 7 2019, my yahoo account said it was not syncing. On August 8, my yahoo email was changed. I have had my original email for longer than 20 years, because of this change, which I NEVER made, I have lost all my contacts, I cannot pay my bills, I cannot get notices for bills being due, I have lost documents, etc. It goes on and on. I have called 800 numbers, even have a case # from supposedly yahoo and it is still not fixed. My account has been compromised and nowhere to go to get help or to have it fixed. One ( Representative from yahoo) (?) said it is an internal malfunction...or could it be a SCAM? After writing this I am going now to call the FTC to see if anything can be done...I am totally fed up. And has anyone noticed all the 800 numbers Yahoo has and none of them are good? You cannot get in touch with a correct party for help. One party wanted to charge me $4.99 a month, and yahoo says there's never a charge...such LIARS. They had better put their technical experience to more honorable work! Hello FTC!

Be careful. There are two scams for customer service on Yahoo. The first is obviously not yahoo--they want $499.00 to fix your account with a one time charge. The second looked more legit and is advertised on the yahoo help website, at least it was for me. If you are unable to chat, or login to your account after the 12 hour wait time, chances are your email is hacked and scammers are strategizing to corner you into buying a fake subscription to tech support. Secure your account!

FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD. I recently attempted to change my password on my Yahoo account and although I could enter a new password, when it came time to login to my account, the new password would not work. When I went to reset my password after this failed attempt, Yahoo said the new password I had just created earlier could not be used because it had already been used. Yahoo recognized the newly password I had created but did not allow me to use it to access my account. This happened 2 times in a row. This forced me to sign up for the Yahoo paid support which is the only support option available. I consider this a FRAUDULENT practice by Yahoo or who ever owns them now. Forcing users to pay for a subscription to support (which, if you don't cancel it immediately, is a monthly charge) because they don't recognize your changed password without their paid subscription. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD.

i contacted yahoo customer service 844-241-0562 on google search and 408-763-5906...they wanted me to buy $200 ebay gift card and provide it to them. so they solve my hacking problem and said it was fully refundable.

Still at it. My yahoo account was locked out with an out of date recovering link. How simple is that to fix? 844-241 0562 took me to 805 841-4455 and Alex Sheldon who spent the next two hours telling me I had five devices on this account and to identify me properly for my security, they needed a $50 Google Play Card for each one, refundable, of course. Even told me the nearest location where I could buy them. Why are they still allowed to do this? Sound just like the Microsoft scammers. Indian accents, but names are usually two men's first names, like Alex Sheldon. What can be done to stop this?

Yahoo charges $5 to help you reset your password. That is just ridiculous. Trying to charge their email users to pay for the data breach lawsuit they owe.

Just got a call from 212-523-6456 claiming that yahoo got too many complaints from customers about my yahoo account, and I needed to press #1 to be connected to the next scamming representative.

I just got a robo call saying the same thing. The number that called me was not complete....71-462-4656 it's missing a digit. This was my first clue to scam.

I have the Same problem.
I just lost everything.
Yahoo is holding my password for ransom... they want my debit card information and money.
All my passwords keep changing. My Apple ID was stolen. I can create a new email account... and that password will change immediately.
How does that person know what email I create?
I changed everything. The router and password.
I erased I pad air. I know how that person got into the phone.
IMEI number. Do not hook your cell phone up to your home WiFi ever.

Yahoo deleted almost all my inbox emails. I sent two emails to restore. Googling I got the scam phone number - didn’t call. I did call Apple to make sure they didn’t delete the emails, and the woman said they had a number for Yahoo tech support. I believed her! I didn’t figure out the scam until he said the hack was on all my equipment and ask for money- I quickly disconnected my WiFi and he hung up! I called Apple back who made sure all evidence of the ‘yahoo support’ was off my computer.

All I wanted was to edit the document file in my Yahoo mail, couldn't find a real Yahoo customer agent without some kind of fee or charge for a Yahoo pro subscription....what would I want with any of those if I can't get help. Worse yet, there's no edit function for managing documents in my Yahoo account, only download or share. And I just want them to help me delete it or I may have to shut the whole thing down.


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