$2.59 million in refunds for Mercola tanning beds

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Today, checks went out to 1,367 people who bought a Mercola tanning system after January 1, 2012. Why’s that? Well, in April 2016, the FTC announced a settlement with Joseph Mercola and his companies because, according to the FTC, the ads for Mercola’s products had claims that were false or not backed by science. Things like promises that his products were “safe,” would “slash your risk of cancer,” could reverse the signs of aging, and were FDA-endorsed as safe. How many of those things were true and backed by science? None.

Under the settlement, Mercola and his companies were – among other things – banned from the indoor tanning business, and have to refund money to the people who bought his products. The FTC sent out claim forms to everyone who bought a tanning system after Jan 1, 2012, and processed all the claims received by the October 31, 2016 deadline. Which is how 1,367 people are getting between $1,200 and $4,000 back today, or 100% of what they spent on a Mercola tanning device.

Once in a while – like in this case – the FTC gets a settlement or judgement that lets us return to people the full amount they lost. In some cases, we’re able to give back part of what people lost. But rest assured that the FTC always tries to get money back for people who lost it.

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Good work Now look in to Auto Metal Direct ( AMD ) Auto Parts They say the stuff is made is the USA But it is not it all comes from ROC Taiwan I know I Bought some of this Junk , It just don't seem right that they can do this ...

If you think a product doesn't live up to its advertising you can report it to the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The information you give goes into a secure government database that the FTC and other law enforcement use for investigations.

Thank You I will

How can I find out of my claim was approved

Please advise if my claim was approved

When were checks , because no one has receive their checks as of yet

Checks were mailed on February 7, 2017.

I have purchased two Mercola tanning beds since January 1st 2012, however have never been contacted regarding a refund. What can I do now?

Same here!!! Now what?!

I bought one of his indoor tanning units and have never been contacted either. I called the FTC number 1 877 418-8082 associated with this claim and it's not in service. I was told to call this number by an FTC representative. First we get scammed by Mercola now the FTC.

I just found this as I was looking for new bulbs and they weren't on the mercola website anymore. I was never contacted about a recall or refund either!

Please make a copy of the comment you posted here, and send it to BlogInfo@ftc.gov. Someone will contact you.

haven't been contacted and haven't received a refund. Sounds like the FTC kept the money!!!

Please make a copy of the comment you posted here, and send it to BlogInfo@ftc.gov. Someone will contact you.

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