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FTC filters out an inaccurate built in the USA claim

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If you decide to buy a water filtration system, there are a lot of choices. If a company says its filtration products are “Built in the USA,” that might influence your decision. But what would you think if you learned those filtration products were actually imported from overseas?

The FTC announced today that it has settled a lawsuit with iSpring Water Systems, LLC, a Georgia-based distributor of water filtration systems. The FTC alleged that, in many instances, the company’s products included significant imported parts, even though they were labelled as “Built in the USA.” The company sold to consumers on and on websites for Amazon, Sears, and Home Depot.

As part of its settlement with the FTC, iSpring has agreed not to make any country-of-origin claim unless it has evidence to support it.

Here’s the unfiltered truth: If a business chooses to claim that its product is made or built in the USA, the FTC’s Made in USA standard applies. That means any company that makes a “Made in USA” claim without providing further information should have evidence that its product is “all or virtually all” made in the United States.

If you suspect a company isn’t complying with the FTC’s “Made in USA” standard, email, call (202) 326-2996, or write to the Division of Enforcement, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC 20580.

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About time something was done Thanks


Enough bad puns! If you think it shows cleverness, you are mistaken. It's just annoying.

I enjoy the puns.

Any one who believes that commerce in the USA , and I can only speak of what I know as an American citizen not one from any other country, is naive. I depend upon the FTC to check out all these labels and verify their accuracy. Commerce lies and our politicians are probably invested in this commerce so that they may benefit from all these lies.

I strongly believe that the FTC must get a larger staff to protect the American people from a different source of terrorism and that is false packaging along with false labeling packaging that can carry such terrible diseases that we may die from ingesting one of the stuff from these items..

I'm so lost and confused. Can anyone help me with some legal questions about ky auto and deceptive selling

I have one to replace every 6 month

When are we all going to realize that nothing is MADE IN THE USA,anymore and our industries have been and are always outsourced constantly.
China already is controlling us in economics and that's the truth.
Stop already with this assumption of MADE IN THE USA.

Thank you to so much to the FTC for taking care of the victims of these crimes. I ran across this website by accident and am relieved to know that I will finally feel some retribution from the online dating scammer from across the world. My small town police department did an incredible job tracking him and making me feel safe that he was far away, but I feel horrible for the soldier's picture and story that he used to lure me. I have always hoped that the soldier was safe at home with his family.

Tax Form need to know when been Romance Scammed-did report to FBI, fill out FBI Complaint Form, have documents of wired money/transferred money from own saving account to scammer. Thanks.

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