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VW settles over false green claims for 3.0 liter diesel cars

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Today, the FTC announced a settlement with Volkswagen over 3.0 liter diesel cars the company claimed had low levels of harmful emissions, but did not. The settlement affects more than 77,000 cars made by VW, Audi or Porsche. These cars were not covered by the settlement announced last year, which covered similar false advertising for VW and Audi 2.0 liter diesel cars.

Cars covered by the 3.0 liter settlement have been divided into two different “generations.” Older cars (model years 2009-2012) are Generation 1.  Newer cars (model years 2013-2016) are Generation 2. Each generation has different options under the settlement. If you own or lease a 3.0 liter diesel car covered by this settlement, it’s important to know what generation it is.

For cars in Generation 1, owners or lessees have a choice: VW will buy back the car (or terminate the lease) and give you an additional payment, OR VW will modify the car’s emissions system (if a modification is approved) and give you a payment. The modification will improve the car’s emissions, but will not make it fully comply with the original certified standards. There are more than 19,000 cars in Generation 1.

If you own or lease a car in Generation 2, VW will repair the emissions system so that it complies with the original certified emissions standards and give you a payment. If certified emissions repairs aren’t available under the timeframe in the FTC Order, VW will offer to buy back or terminate leases for Generation 2 cars. There are more than 57,000 cars in Generation 2.

The order contains a judgment against Volkswagen for $4 billion. That’s what VW will have to pay if no emissions repair is approved and if the company must offer buybacks for all 3.0 liter models. Including an additional contribution from Bosch, the company that manufactured the device that misled emissions tests, the FTC expects consumers to receive in excess of $1.25 billion from the 3.0 liter vehicle settlement. 

We’ve posted a fact sheet about the settlement that includes approximate payment ranges, as well as information about refunds and detailed tables with estimated payment ranges for various makes, models, and trims.

In the future, you’ll be able to see if your car qualifies and how much you’ll get at We’ll tell you when that information is available – watch this space.


How long does VW have to fix my Q5 before they have to buy it back? I cannot find that information anywhere!

Reuters reports this on 14th of Feb 2017: Volkswagen, the best-selling automaker worldwide in 2016, could be forced to pay up to $4.04 billion if regulators do not approve fixes for all 3.0 liter luxury Porsche, Audi and VW diesel vehicles in the settlement. Breyer will hold a May 11 hearing on whether to grant final approval. So I gather that the elusive "buy back by" date for gen 2 3l may become more clear then...???

Does the $$ amounts reflected in the detailed payment sheet for say, i.e. 2009 VW Touareg Utility (Buyback: $26,255-$30,990) include the additional payment for the cheating device placed in the car?


Gen 2 owners are being forced to accept a modification that can alter the performance of the car. The settlement only requires an Emission Compliant Repair and provides, at section 7.5, that it can reduce the performance of the vehicle reducing fuel economy by 3 mpg and horsepower and torque by 5%. For my 2014 Q7 a 3 MPG reduction represents a 14% reduction in the stated fuel economy on the window sticker, how is this not material? To make matters worse, if the software modifications exceeds the specified limitation there is still no buy back but just a statement that says the Plaintiffs reserve their rights. No buy back.

Why should Gen2 owners be forced to accept a modification that reduces the performance of their vehicle? If VW can not fix without affecting the consumer negatively we should have the option to force the buy back.

I agree Bill. Why did plaintiff counsel agree to this? The TDI upgrade was an expensive add to sticker. Reducing 3 mpg gets performance gets closer to gas. VW either needs to fix to original performance or buyback.

If VW can fix these cars - why didn't they from beginning and avoid this disaster for everyone?

I agree with others that Gen 2 owners have no timeline on fix or assurance that fix won't effect performace. Buyback should have been offered.

Could lawyers be getting a kickback for not holding VW liable for buy backs on the Gen 2 models? You betcha. This is saving VW a huge amount of cash. It's not fair. Could an individual lawsuit result in a more favorable results?

Why should Porsche Cayenne owners accept this settle to not buyback vehicles? The SUV is almost forthless now. Porsche just wants a fix so they can release the 2K more Diesel Cayennes they are holding back and sell them for reduced price. Porsche owners should not accept this settlement!

To All Porsche Cayenne Diesel owners. If we are forced to accept this settlement without a buyback option for our Diesel Cayenne. Pledge to your significant other, friends, family, colleagues, dealership to never ever buy a Porsche again!

I own a 2014 3.0L Q5, but when I put my VIN# in, it says my vehicle is not included. Yet the info states my vehicle is included. How can this be?

The VIN could have been entered in incorrectly. Try it using ones (1) instead of I's, and zeros (0) instead of the letter O. And make sure that it has 17 characters. Very easy mistake.

If the lawyers are in bed with VW, they should be sued personally. I have a 2015 Q7 TDI. I am hearing reports from my neighbor who owns a dealership that the software flash will reduce MPG by up to 7MPG. 7!!! As well as reduce HP by 22. 22!! I have been a loyal Audi customer from the age of 30, having owned A4, S4, S5, now I have an RS5 and rhe wife has the Q7, I will NEVER buy an Audi again if this is what they came up with.

After reviewing the various exchanges, I applaud the patience in us poor fools having to wait so long to formally get hosed. We buy a car in good faith and held hostage for how long while they continue to sell and grow their bottom line. We have to wait and "hope" justice prevails to get car recalled or bought back as this should be only option after having to wait so long..our time and our money has no value...$500 a month so they can hang us out to dry for another 4/5 months?The car sits in the driveway while still making payments

I'm in the same boat as you. It has been frustrating waiting this long, however there are a few things working in our favor. 1, I'm not sure why you say that you are paying $500 and still making payments while the car sits in your driveway. VW clearly stated that the cars are safe to drive. 2, with that said, according to the settlement, the value of the vehicle is frozen as of November 2015. So we are actually in a better position the longer they take. I've been very anxious to get the buyback process started, but I believe soon enough we will be compensated fairly. Today 5/11 is the day that the judge should make the settlement official we will then be able to submit a claim for a buyback.

I leased a 2015 Touareg TDI Executive (2nd generation 3.0 engine) and last week I went to trade it into an Audi dealership for a new SQ5 lease. The dealership appraised the tdi Touareg and turns out I had 2k in equity so of course I was like perfect where do I sign. Turns out VW Credit will not release the title to anyone but me thus I cannot trade the vehicle in without taking possession of the title from VW. If I purchase the vehicle I'm responsible for paying tax and transfer which is close to 5k so of course I'm not doing that. My car is not eligible for an early termination through the VW CLAIM ( because they are "planning" on fixing my car with an update ) and I cannot trade it in so what a wonderful situation. Anyone have any recommendations? I've called VW credit and they're treating it like a typical lease termination. BTW This is my fifth VW lease LOL they have a funny way of showing their appreciation to loyal clients not to mention I'm trying to get into an Audi lease.

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