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Calls asking “Can you hear me now?”

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Your phone rings and the caller ID shows a number you don’t know. You answer it anyway and hear, “Can you hear me now?” It’s a pre-recorded robocall – even though it sounds like a real person – and it’s illegal. We’ve heard from hundreds of people who have gotten calls like this.

Here’s what to do if you get a call from someone you don’t recognize asking, “Can you hear me?”:

  • Don’t respond, just hang up. If you get a call, don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other number to be removed from the list. If you respond in any way, it will probably just lead to more robocalls – and they’re likely to be scams.
  • Contact your phone provider. Ask your phone provider what services they provide to block unwanted calls.
  • Put your phone number on the Do Not Call registry. Access the registry online or by calling 1-888-382-1222. Callers who don’t respect the Do Not Call rules are more likely to be crooks.
  • File a complaint with the FTC. Report the experience online or call 1-877-382-4357.
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I also have passed this info on to family and friends. It is a good thing for all to know. Thanks for your continuing support for all of us.

I wonder what's going on when I get calls from weird numbers, don't answer them, then when I call back to find out who it is, I'm told the number doesn't exist.

Big mistake calling back a # you don't know to be legit (from a known source). Many #'s are spoofed and redirected to an offshore account... which means you could be whacked with a $50 or more toll call - in these cases "curiosity" will cost the cat!

Wow, I just received this call. The number is 646-502-8511. Robo call, "press one to speak to a live agent""Thank you, FTC!

Did all of this and I still get calls. I even report the numbers here every time!

I get these calls weekly. I live in Florida but have a Maine number and they always make their number appear to be from my home state.

I keep getting calls that I don't always answer and when I call back it says this is customer service, but never says from where, just to pick a number to talk to a representative or a number to get put on the do not call list. How am I suppose to know which one to do, if I have no idea who is calling or why. They leave no message.

Don't call them back. I don't answer any numbers that I haven't stored in my phone by a name (family, friends, doctor, etc. If it's a number I don't recognize, I don't answer. I check it on, reverse phone look up. If it's shown as a "scam", I store it under that name. Bottom line is that if it's a legitimate call, they will leave a message. If they don't, 9 times out of 10 it's a scam or telemarketer.

Yes I get calls from everywhere so annoyed

My number is also on the Do Not Call Registry for almost a year now. Also when I fill out questionaires from Arcamax, that says daily freebies or Get It Free. It gives a list of free things to choose from. I have tried this at least 4 or 5 different times. I click on the choice and it states free shipping, but instead of going to the choice, it goes on and on and on, with never ending questionnaires, but they never get to the original choice of getting anything free. I guess this is just Spam, I don't really know for sure. I would like to be informed if it is or not.

I don't even bother to answer if I don't no the number. My phone won't even ring. My phone tells me what kind of call it is. Then I block the number.

I have registered with do not call registry but still I get such calls. What I shoulda ?

I receive at least a dozen robo calls a day with either local numbers or long distance. Once my message machine comes on, they hang up and call back with a different number...I have made several complaints to the FTC and nothing is ever done...I have even received a call with my my name and number in the caller id...HELP

OMG Marie I got that one too! Multiple times! Thought I was going insane!!

So many of us have registered for the Do Not Call Registry, yet the calls come through anyway. I continue to report, but I know others have given up saying it doesn't matter. The local phone companies want a fortune to block calls, so are there devices you could also recommend? Thanks!

Very useful information.
However, I do not use Caller ID and I only have a land line with an answering machine. The msg on the answering machine is "I screen all calls. Please leave a message. If I am available I will pick up. If not, just leave a message.

I set my telephone ring limit to 2 rings.

Most calls I receive the caller either hangs up after the two rings or after the voice message. I wonder if all those calls are robocalls and if they are how would I report them?

Yes I received one of those infamous calls on Feb.17th, and after I said Yes and hung up then I remembered reading about this scam. Did call the phone co..and called credit cards just to be safe, and I am on the no call list for years and its still active...nothing happened since but I am on guard now...

The FTC makes it very difficult to file a complaint. You are forced to listen to the caller in order to answer the FTC's "was it a robocall" etc.
The DO NOT CALL registry seems like a place where bad people get your number.

Hi .can you help me with this..all this numbers calling my cell 310 xxxxxxx and my home lane 424xxxxxxx .I had put my cell as well as my home lane in a dont call list.and still this machines or robots keep call8ng. I also had someone calling my own cell with my own cell phobe number and name. Upon the telephone company. It was a robot. But all this Numbers i dont recognized keep calling my home as well as my cell and keep sending me rext nessages. Example of #calling my home eagle rock 5014062529; matbank texas 903)603-9538; laredo texas 956) 242-0337; manchester 603)637-1827; halfnoon 650)750- 7520; como Tx 903)827-5008chula vista 619) 305-0874.

I had made the mistaje of calling back and # is no working ir said to press a number to ve removed. And i did pressed tge numver to ve remived did called telwphone company and reported .With time warners cabke.its my home lane and at@T my cell. My hone is no stopping phone calls. eventhought its no listed .its private and i pkaced it in dont call list.They start befire 8. Anything i can do.Can you help me please to stop this peolle.what are they trying to do? My cell phone vilks appear with more than 100 calls and text i had never made ?

My number has been on "Do Not Call" list for a number of years, but they call every day.

Royal Seas Cruises refuses to stop bothering us with these robo calls. If it's illegal as stated, why can't the FTC put a stop to these calls. I've filed a complaint w FTC, I've politely asked Royal Seas Cruises to stop the calls to no avail. Royal Seas Cruises phone # 844-313-4816

I received a call from a person who sounded just like my nephew from Mexico, so I called him by his name. Not Good! He proceeded to tell me that he was in town and that he would drop by the following day to visit. He called me the following day to tell me he was on his way from San Diego. 2 hours later he called me to tell me he was in trouble, he had an accident and that his insurance was not in force. He told me the man he hit wanted $1500.00 to fix his car and that he has a $3,000 check that he would pay me the moment he saw me.
I pleaded for me to help him. But his story was conflicting and I told him I was sorry I couldn't help him. I could not give a strange person my money. He then got upset and ask that I send him$500.00 I then hung up on him and called my cousin to confirm where was my nephew. Of course my nephew was no where near California. He had the nerve to call the next day and ask again for the help. When I asked him his birth name of course he could not give me the right answer. what do you think about that?

I've been on the 'do not call list' for years and we still get calls, some from places I've already reported. So what good does it do? Are they actually fined?

I am on the Do Not Call list. With all the calls I get it would not surprise me if the scamers weren't using the Doctor Not Call list as there call list.

Did all that last week and still get calls and tons of emails from Mark Taylor and his wife Lisa and all their friends

I am getting calls from someone telling me that I have an arrest warrant from the IRS and if I don't call a they will come and arrest me. I should have waited and got the number but I didn't want them to have a change to hack my phone so, I just hung up on them.

It's good you didn't return the call. The IRS does not call or send emails! If they need to contact you they will always send a letter! I received several robo calls from the IRS and they left messages on my service. The Elderly worry about the IRS calls, just like my mother did. She wanted to return the call but I explained it to her that it is a SCAM! Many elderly do not have someone to explain how scams work.


I have also received these calls - VERY ANNOYING. The IRS has issued a news release to inform the public that the IRS does not notify taxpayers of enforcement proceedings or warrants via telephone calls. There must be some way to stop scammers from invading our homes though our phone lines. Unfortunately the No Call Registry is ineffective.

I wish it were just that easy to stop annoying calls. My wife and I have been on the "Do Not Call" registry for years and have re-registered a couple of times now, but we are still getting annoying calls. Now if we get a call from an outside area code or a number we don't recognize, we just don't answer.

Please do not recommend the National Do Not Call Registry. It is ineffective - and quite honestly a waste of time. I listed my home and cell numbers years ago. Still getting spam, robocalls & nuisance marketing calls.

YOu really have to go through seven steps to verify you are a person in order to leave a commment? I've seen no evidence that anyone has been ripped off by a "can you hear me" fraud. It would be a big service by the FTC to see if there really are such calls and, if so, if anyone is losing money

What else could happen if you respond? Could your voice be recorded and morphed?

HOW are calls getting past the ROBOCALL? Most are stopped ... somehow a few are getting past! thanks!

So I got the call and I answered "Yes" (like a fool). But what will they do with my answer? Is my credit at risk? Anything else?

I am on the Do Not Call registry - both the Federal and Texas state ones. Does not stop the calls. I can only block 20 numbers on my phone company and another 20 numbers on my telephone itself. AND I still get 10 to 15 calls a day from numbers in Odessa, TX; Alpine, TX; NYC; Jamaica; Local; CVG; etc. with many have more than one number used! Reporting doesn't seem to bother them at all. Especially those 'stealing' the numbers and dialing via some internet app.

We've done all of these things to no avail. The Do Not Call Registry does nothing as far as I'm concerned. Having an unpublished number is a waste of $$ as robo calls just dial in a sequence. Phone companies take zero responsibility for protecting customers. When is the FTC going to make this stop? We're ready to cancel our phone but that's unsafe too. UGH!!

The Do Not Call Registry is a joke. Have been on it for years. Have verified that I'm on it, yet I get multiple robo calls and scam calls every single day of the week. And filing a complaint with the FTC? That's another joke. Have filed several complaints and nothing ever comes of it.

Get a digital recorder then dial a fax machine, usually available at a Dr or library. Record the tones,when you get a call play the recording. Their automated equip will remove your number from their listing.

The phone registry sounds like the go to place for numbers if you are a criminal...why would u continue to use this system that doesn't work band obviously in fact causes what it's suppose to stop...Oh right pay check...I suggest y'all get off the registry and don't take calls from ANY one you do not know..This is egregious elderly people are hit with this the worst...earn your money or close it down.

We have received robo calls shown on caller ID: Walgreen Drugs; Janus Capital; Voice Nation; Denver VA Medical Center. All are local 303- and 970- number exchanges from actual companies. They purport to lower interest rate on credit cards. By calling back these numbers they are all legitimate companies and/or organizations. The past, caller id's shown IRS, FBI, etc. Some how, they have hijacked these numbers. I have reported the misuse of their numbers with security offices. Cannot seem to get these "off shore" or other criminal elements from stopping the actions. PLEASE GET THEM BEFORE SOME Federal magistrate. Thank you.

I am a caregiver for my parent and she gets these calls on her house phone, at least 5 or more times a day. I have told her to not answer the phone if she doesn't recognize the caller ID or lack of one. She thinks answering the phone and not saying anything will make the calls stop. One day they will say something and she WILL start talking. I just hope I am home WHEN it will happen. We are on the DNC list to no avail. Any suggestions???

I have a suggestion for a way to help the FTC with the increase in RoboCalls. Where and how can I submit the idea I have? Please advise.

You can contact the FTC at The information you provide goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

I have the answer!!!! I DO.NOT answer the phone at all!!! People leave a message and I call.back By picking up u r letting them know it's a working number. I am NOT on the list either as I think that's how they get the numbers to begin with Ahhh Silence is golden!!

What I don't understand after reading these comments why anyone with caller ID would answer any of the calls if they do not recognize the name, number, area code, etc. Let them go to voice mail and if they leave a message then you have the time to decide to return the call. Most of these scams are easily avoided if one is careful. These are not the good old days where you can feel safe with any calls you get being legitimate. This is not rocket science and is easy to do.

I said "yes," not paying attention and shame on me for answering the phone. Just wasn't thinking, I did immediately hand up. Oh well. Live and learn and I hope I'll be ready the next time

experienced similar calls just hanged up.

I was fine with not getting too many scam calls but I stupidly tried to eliminate it altogether with the DO Not Call registry, which led to a deluge of four times the number of scamsters. Big Mistake. It appears that scamsters use the Do Not Call list to identify Live phone numbers and they're NOT afraid of any consequences, as it appears that the FTC or other relevant authorities aren't enforcing the Do Not Call registry. I tried calling the FTC and got pissed off instead. What I do now is simply save all these numbers under a contact name "Do Not Answer", so when they call again, I simply decline the call. I've got more than 1,000 such numbers in my "Do Not Answer" contact. Wish some responsible Govt agency would do something about this because all these scamsters come from abroad, mostly India and the Philippines.

consider posting those phone numbers for all of us to see and be aware of. I know that I would want to know them, it might help and would expose those scammers so they can't use those numbers. thx.


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