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Calls asking “Can you hear me now?”

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Your phone rings and the caller ID shows a number you don’t know. You answer it anyway and hear, “Can you hear me now?” It’s a pre-recorded robocall – even though it sounds like a real person – and it’s illegal. We’ve heard from hundreds of people who have gotten calls like this.

Here’s what to do if you get a call from someone you don’t recognize asking, “Can you hear me?”:

  • Don’t respond, just hang up. If you get a call, don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other number to be removed from the list. If you respond in any way, it will probably just lead to more robocalls – and they’re likely to be scams.
  • Contact your phone provider. Ask your phone provider what services they provide to block unwanted calls.
  • Put your phone number on the Do Not Call registry. Access the registry online or by calling 1-888-382-1222. Callers who don’t respect the Do Not Call rules are more likely to be crooks.
  • File a complaint with the FTC. Report the experience online or call 1-877-382-4357.
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I agree that the DNC # is ineffective. FTC gives them out. I read something where they even said that if I'm correct. I commented about it that they were responsible for the calls getting to us. They do good work, like this one. They also do some harm to us.

I have received too many calls from these people, I just received a call within the last hour, saying Hi this is Brook can you hear me OK? I said No & they said that is great & hung-up. They are stating that I won a cruise, such a scam and it is also coming from a Delaware #. I hope you can get these people as I receive them at least 3-4 times a day. Hope this helps everyone and go after these scammers FTC thank you for all your doing to protect us all.

What happens if I already answered "yes" to the question before hearing of the scam?

I did the same and said yes to can you hear me now? , because obviously the call came as school is getting out, and it took a bit to register on my overwhelmed mind. I would like to hear from someone that knows what happens next.

I got a call from a local area code, the woman said my name, I SAID YES, she hung up. I called the # back, it went to voice mail, with a msg stating it was a full mailbox. I reported it to BBB and FTC, Now I monitor bank and credit cards. I feel stupid.

Report it to the FTC & FCC and file a complaint they are willing to work with everyone regarding this ongoing problem that we are experiencing.. It is really getting out of control, and something needs to be done ASAP with these scams.. I hope this helps you..


This is so agravating. I am 72 years old. Sometimes I have to get up to answer the phone and it is this mess. Of all the smart agencies and companies you would think someone could stop this.

I cannot get over the number of people who think the Do Not Call registry is gonna stop calls COMING FROM OVERSEAS (which is where almost all calls like this come from)!!! These calls/callers are NOT beholding to US laws, because they're not from the USA. Wake up, people...think!!

I got the call and the gal said, is this (my name) and I said yes. Then I realized what it was and hung up.To late now, I just hope they don't follow up on me.

Had this one happen to me yesterday. I'm also hoping it won't be a problem but will be checking everything twice now.

This same thing happened to me today. Do you call the phone company or who will help?

Contact your phone provider. Ask what services they provide to block unwanted calls.

I seem to be getting more and more all the time. Robocalls and people. I have a computer virus, I owe the IRS, I have a cousin who's been kidnapped in Korea, I can get better credit card interest. I just hang up. If they're live, I tell them some one has knocked at my door and can they hold for a moment? Then I put them on mute to see how long they'll wait. Some of them start yelling HELLOOO??? lol 15 minutes they're not scamming the next guy.

I get the airhead chick " oh hi you're home hehehe"... all the time, I get calls for timeshares, I never owned or rented in my life, I never even went to a "seminar".. I never had the money or INTEREST to do so and yet, I'm on their call list for "resale". I get calls from cemeteries for vets. I was never military. I get cruise calls, calls from wayward kids saying " MOM"? .. whom I don't ever remember giving birth to, or even getting pregnant with. I get delivery dept, service dept, credit depat, government stimulus ( 15 year old scam) OF course, the computer virus with the Indians okay, who told me they are in OMAN and Yemen okay. Saying their name is Brian or Jared.Okay They say okay alot. ANNOYING!!

I use Nomorobo in conjunction with my internet land line. This is a service, free with land lines, that picks up and diverts robo calls. Check with your service provider to see if they are compatible with this service. It really works.

My grandson handed me the phone yesterday and the caller asked if I voted in the last election. I frequently get bonafide political survey calls, so without thinking, I said yeah, but soon realized there was something off, and the caller said he was using a computer and ended the call. No number registered on my telephone caller ID, so somehow they are reaching my phone through a computer link.

We need a 'beyond borders' swat team to go after the sources of these mindless and extensive criminal enterprises.

on the Cloning of Phones for IRS and other scams. theyve done that on mine.. They installed a package I cant remove it and no one at Verizon believe it or not understands to the level I do .. They look at me dumb founded I can show you what they have done but I cant remove it I cant buy a new phone so Im kinda stuck with them using my device as a baseline. I wont file a complaint and I dont know why i bothered sharing this with you as I tried months ago to alert FTC and the woman was more dumfounded than Verizon same issue with DHS three years ago. so hey.. when ylthe next bomb drops. I wont say I told you so ...I wont say a word.

I would like to suggest that the phone company give us the capability of knowing where the calls are from and giving us full details before we answer. Name, number and location. That should curtail lots of it. If they can manage a number they should be able to manage a source with some new technoligy. And those with computers can look up numbers on ID list and run it through phone sources on computer. I do that sometimes ahd find it is some one I know, if not, keep a column list and see how often one certain number calls. Put any mysterious numbers on a computer search and see what comes up. I sometimes will find out if it is a listed number. You need the area codes. But sometime just searching them will give some idea of location. Then start making your own harrassing calls if possible if it isn't long distance. I have done this many times, sometimes I get an answer, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I think it is just someone who got their finger in the wrong spot and got me instead. But I have had plenty of the kind this conversation is about. You can search area codes, see what the location might be. Computers are full of info with a typed question.

Technology will eventually slow down or even completely stop robocalls. When I get random # calls, I just reject the calls outright. Get them once a week (about), even though I'm on the DNC (Do Not Call) list. Products are available that try to deflect these types of calls. They are legal because they stop illegal activity. Just be patient and the robocalls will be a thing of the past.

Brian gave me invaluable advise on a free us gov;dept of treasury grant call. I never gave any info that they already had/could get from web; and insisted they send by Western Union, and caller said I'd receive within 48 yes it would be nice $8500.00 is not pocket change for me, it's a lot of bills or meds! Kudos to version also for blocking number! Hopefully no repercussions come from this on web or by mail! Don't get scammed! You have to apply for ANY us grants! Mary.

I have been receiving these calls everyday 4-5 calls per day saying this is Brook can you hear me? I say NO they hang up. I have put all my phones on the Do Not Call and it hasn't helped, they are calling from Bridgeville, DE & now a Wilmington, DE #.. This is getting ridiculous all these that I am receiving. I don't always answer & they keep calling I wish someone would get these people they are driving all of us nuts..

Can you hear me,calls mostly recorded line .
If you got these kinds of calls,ask them first&last(mandatory) name..they hang up suddenly (:

This is still ongoing I know that I get more then enough calls from these #'s they keep changing. They say Hi this is Brook can you hear me, again as posted above I say NO and they hang up.. Something really needs to be done about these scammers as it is getting out of control for all of us.. #'s calling me are from Bridgeville, DE 302-232-8278 and there is also a Wilmington, DE # that I deleted sorry but they will call back again today & I will post it here as well..

I've been getting robo-calls that start: "Oh hi! Sorry about that! Hee hee. I am calling because you stayed in one of our . . . I made all the mistakes this site tells me not to make -- pressed the number to cancel calls. They got worse. Then I waited to be connected to an agent and instructed the agent to place me on the do not call list -- didn't slow them down at all. Checked with my phone company (Spectrum) and they do not charge for anonymous and robo call rejections, so I'm hoping that system works. I also added the number from which the robo calls originate to a specific number call rejection. Also no charge service.

Just received a call from an 800 Service No. (?), and was
asked if this was (name) and I said "yes" because I thought it was our insurance company. This guy said "you sure are hold to get a hold of". He had some deal about Kids in school that need help, and said he would send me the DONATION form!! I said not interested and hung up. Will I have a problem by saying yes? Here is the phone number - 1-877-241-8759. Anyone had troubles with these 800 Service numbers?

when my phone broke i left the broken one at this random phone store on decarie street in montreal, i wanted a used phone because my contract was not over and i needed a virgin mobile phone for cheaper then paying for the rest of the broken phone contract so i left it with them to recover my pictures and everything, i suspect someone who works there probably did something because some money was missing from my bank, and i had all these strange things changing like my drivers license thought i did a lot of things that i did not do.

I've been on the DNC since 2007 - still get dozens of robo calls every week and getting worse every day. I screen all calls and only answer if I recognize the number. 1-800-service is a popular one that was a legit offer for discounted services from Xfinity. Now it comes up for all kinds of other scam calls. I get the ditsy woman with the headset "can you hear me now", the IRS is coming to arrest me, my computer has a virus only he can does anyone know what's real? It's time to make the phone companies accountable - we pay for their service and they use it to harass us!

OK People, LISTEN UP. The DNC list means NOTHING to scammers. Its not legit companies that are violating it, ITS SCAMMERS. So stop whining that the DNC list doesn't work. These scammers are usually overseas and probably don't even know what the DNC list is.

What the phone companies need to do is set up our numbers so we can use a four digit number to allow our number to ring. You give out the four digit number only to friends. If a scammer calls your number and fails to put in the four digit code then your number won't ring.

I wish the phone companies would develop a gizmo to stop the scammers and advertisers from doing robo calls to our home. The phone company needs to offer at no cost, three digit numbers as a pin number for your phone. When someone dials your number they would then be asked to dial the pin number. They would have only 6 seconds to punch in the pin. If they didn’t then the call would be dropped and not go through. You could give your pin number to all your friends. It would be called the “anti-robo gizmo”. That gizmo would shut down the robo calls and scammers cold.

Same complaint here. Robo calls constantly, from every state, all kinds of phone numbers U.S. and foreign, all times of day, 24-7-365. I see many solutions listed here, none of which apparently work! It's no surprise at ALL that the immoral, verminous criminal element would capitalize on such a labor-free, consequence-free lucrative con.

I didn't know this trick. If I said yes what should I do??

I heard about the "can you hear me" scam. I don't answer my phone anyway if I don't recognize the number. The number called... I didn't answer, again... I didn't answer. Then when I looked, the number was 12 digits. I punched in the first four numbers and it is a Discover card... So, basically if you answer, they say.. "can you hear me" and you naturally say yes. Now you have authorized the use of this number.. Thank God I heard about it and it's not my credit card either... So be careful!!!

What is the phone # for the FTC Complaint dept

File a complaint with the FTC. Report the experience online or call 1-877-382-4357.

So far I've been lucky not getting this call. My aunt has warned me about it and I usually hang up when I hear their bad English because I CAN already spot a scam before it starts, I never usually give them a full chance to really talk maybe a few seconds then click that's why they never call anymore.

I too don't answer if I don't know the caller, so my default ringtone is silent and I assign a ringtone to people I know. My message also reflects that I don't answer numbers I don't know so let me know via email if they want me to add them. If they don't know my email... I don't know them!

I do not answer any calls that don't identify. If it's important they will leave a message. Nothing to urgent thar you can't call right back!!!

Is unbelievable that scamers growing without law enforcement control....Is that one kind of corruption? My cellphone is my business office I cannot unaswer a call but at least 6 times a day are these scamers...This number is one of several"can you hear me OK...3054248564"...What phones company belongs? Is ridiculos our outhorities been OO. Despite being paid with our taxes we have years only hearing warnings like we are abandoned to our luck...

Got a new one recently, from j5b @ urdoc to my text messages (which uses phone #s.) Sender wants me to reply with a "y." Been saving it so I would have the info to post. Haven't opened it. No reason for me to think this would be legitimate.

I also am on the DNC list. I recently received a notice of a suit being placed against a company that has been calling people on the DNC list. I and others need to make certain to send these back in to be included so that the FTC sees that we are serious about their efforts to help WHEN THEY CAN.

Maybe the DNC list IS working, and without it, your dozens of unwanted calls would be thousands of calls. We don't really know, do we?

I do wish the complaint form would let you format all the answers except for the phone number, the way it keeps your name and address loaded between complaints. Then you could type in just the no-doubt bogus phone numbers, the only thing that changes between complaints.

These scammers use a technology called Caller ID Spoofing; the number that shows up on your phone is NOT the number they are calling from. If you want to find out where the call is coming from, contact your phone carrier and request a trace (*57 works for AT&T, not sure about other carriers) immediately after the call ends. This is a paid service for most (all?) carriers, but it will allow you to trace where the call originates. You can then call the legitimate number, and tell them to stop using Caller ID Spoofing, and stop calling you, or you will contact the police. Spoofing is ILLEGAL.

I have gotten three of these calls today! They come from other countries but use fake phone numbers that look like they come from the US. I got three calls from three different phone numbers, one with a Flagstaff, AZ area code, one with a Phoenix, AZ area code and one with a Hoboken, NJ area code. The last one i received (about 15 minutes ago) had a ton of background noise including people talking in a foreign language. It's so annoying!

Don't even try to stop these annoying calls. It's a lost cause until the phone company uses sophisticated tracing to determine where they are actually coming from. Any number can be spoofed so why bother to report them. Some are not even legitimate numbers.

I had a call they wanted me to do a survey to get a gift card to Target, Walmart or Walgreens The first numbers on the phone were 952-444 and they said the company was Reaserch something. I hope they were honest because I did say yes without even thinking. Because I did know of the scam. Told them no for the survey and hung up.

I get at least three Can you hear me scams a day. They use different numbers each time, but each starts with my area code 325-936-22?? - last two number will be anywhere from 01 to 99. I have installed a block app, and I have blocked everyone I get, but still am getting them. They use three main recordings, Joe, I am a home specialist, Brooke, I am a travel specialist, John, I am a health care specialist ... I am also on the do not call list. I have decided that is the biggest scam of all!

I did answer yes and the caller hung up. Now I wonder what the caller is going to use this for? Any things happen to anyone?

I have been in the DNC list since 2003. While I have seen a reduction in legit calls, I do get way more scam calls. The scammers are technically smarter & the FTC just doesn't have the budget/manpower to stop it. In the grand scheme of things, it rates lower in priority than, let's say, terrorism.

Doesn't make it any less frustrating, just saying.......


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