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Calls asking “Can you hear me now?”

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Your phone rings and the caller ID shows a number you don’t know. You answer it anyway and hear, “Can you hear me now?” It’s a pre-recorded robocall – even though it sounds like a real person – and it’s illegal. We’ve heard from hundreds of people who have gotten calls like this.

Here’s what to do if you get a call from someone you don’t recognize asking, “Can you hear me?”:

  • Don’t respond, just hang up. If you get a call, don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other number to be removed from the list. If you respond in any way, it will probably just lead to more robocalls – and they’re likely to be scams.
  • Contact your phone provider. Ask your phone provider what services they provide to block unwanted calls.
  • Put your phone number on the Do Not Call registry. Access the registry online or by calling 1-888-382-1222. Callers who don’t respect the Do Not Call rules are more likely to be crooks.
  • File a complaint with the FTC. Report the experience online or call 1-877-382-4357.
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I received a call and I thought the number was from my physical therapist. She said can you hear me now? I stupidly said yes and at the same time remembered this scam and said no, I got scared and hung up lol.Hope nothing bad comes of it.

constantly getting all kinds of robo calls surveys credit card scams no problem with your current card, help paying off student loans etc tired of it all it needs to stop out of state no id even had one that said scam wow ballzy people also had one with my name in id all the smart nerds out there this needs a fix now

We are on the Do Not Call list. These callers continue to call. We also tell our local telephone company to block that incoming phone number. Sounds good, right? Nope, because the next call is from another number, next another number so blocking with your telephone service is not working. I have had, just today four of these calls, each from a different phone number. My advice do not answer. If you do answer and hear the words "can you hear me" DO NOT RESPOND. Just hang up.

While this is nothing short of INFURIATING, and I absolutely agree 100% that the fact that this has gotten so completely out of hand and nothing has been done to correct the problem is UNACCEPTABLE, I do believe we are overlooking the obvious here - seriously folks, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CALLER DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL!!!!! Why is it so difficult to follow this simple advice?? They're continuing to call because you continue to answer!! I have heard all sorts of things, the scariest one being that all they need is for you to answer your phone and boom - they now have access to your (I don't remember exactly what, phone line? network? something along those lines) and each time that same number is called and the person answers, it adds to the info they're able able to get - as they can only get info while the line's open. So they're just collecting a bit more each time they call. I remember one of the pieces of info they get this way is your call records. If they know who you're calling, particularly with whom you do your business, then they can then call you pretending to BE that business, and you're less likely to question its legitimacy because you actually do have an account with them! I don't know how much of that is true or the specifics about it, but knowing this is even a REMOTE CHANCE is enough for me never to answer a number I don't know! But even if you think that's not possible, why would you need to answer any number you don't know?? No matter the importance, they WILL leave you a message if they need to speak to you! Then you can check on any questionable caller BEFORE ever giving them any chance of ANYTHING that might be possible! If you stop answering, eventually that gives them no reason to call, they're not getting anywhere, and it all stops!! STOP ANSWERING!!!!!!!!!

What do I do if I said yes?

I just got scammed. Was expecting a call from a company rep whose number I would probably not recognize to set up an appointment. Phone rang, i answered and the caller said "Mrs _____". I said yes and the caller immediately hung up. So much for "Can you hear me", I was expecting to be on guard for that one.

not sure if I just fell for this or not. I'm expecting a call from a head of a business we are starting to do business with so I answered a phone number I didn't recognize which I never do. It was a women asking me if I just called her. When I responded "no" , she responded with "your number came up on my caller id, it must have been a wrong number" I'm not sure but I may have responded with "yup"

Now I think they are sending out final notices to win $100.00. You call the number then it is the same they want you to say yes. I called and hung up. Then I received a call on my cell from a local number immediately after.I believe it is the scam.


I also get the perky girl phone calls. If the number is available I post it on facebook, along with the computer techs, and IRS scammers. And than I block them from calling back

I don't have caller ID on my landline phone. It's mainly used for my security system. When I do answer the landline there usually is a pause before the robocall kicks in. I say hello a couple of times and then hang up. I have a scam alert app on my cellphone. Check with your cellphone provider to see if they have an app. Please be careful if you go to the App Store to download an app for scams since there are scam apps popping up! You just can't win anymore.

I had one call and ask if this was ........... which was my name and I'm expecting people to RSVP to a party and I said yes this is Diana and then they went on to say that I stayed at one of the resorts and then I knew it was a scam what do I do now?

(616) 215-0068 is a can you hear me number beware

I just got a robocall that only said thank you for your time and have a great day. Anyone else have this happen? It was from a local number.

My son asked my phone and said yes will anything happen to me because it's not my voice

Answered a call from a local number. Lady said her name was Sam from Trip Advisor then asked "Can you hear me?" Unfortunately I said yes (so stupid) them I remembered this scam and hung up. Beware!!!

You know what, ive turned this around and pranked the robo-callers. I say some pretty perverted stuff or play sounds over my computer speakers or phone and i swear i only get like 1 every week or two now instead of 3 per day.

To everyone who has gotten calls from unknown numbers:

I would suggest to not pick up at all. Just look at the number, and if you recognize it from your contacts list you can pick up. If not, then don't.

Robo callers can pay a fee to ignore the dnc listing with no consequences

Businesses that are allowed to use the Do Not Call Registry must set up a profile and provide identifying information about themselves and their organization. Any entity that accesses the national registry will be required to certify, under penalty of law, that it is accessing the registry solely to comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule or to prevent calls to numbers on the registry. It is illegal for anyone to use the Registry for any purpose other than preventing telemarketing calls to the telephone numbers on the registry.

I just got a call saying that the person was just checking up on my SSA disability application. Can you hear me ok? I have not applied for disability

I just got the EXACT same call. She said she was calling about my SSA disability application, then said, "Can you hear me?" I said, "No." She asked again if I could hear her, and I said, "I'm not disabled, so why would I be looking into disability?" She hung up.

I have noticed the numbers doing this can be sequential and are always slightly different. Dont you think the phone companies could stop giving them numbers? Surely they know it is scammers mostly who are doing this. Just refuse to issue them numbers.

They are able to get free local telephone numbers online from places like Google voice. The phone number just masks their real phone number. I just got a call from a local phone number and the female voice said "can you hear me?". I forgot to just hang up and said "yeah but I'm not interested" and then hung up. I'm going to stop answering my phone if I don't recognize the number.

The problem is these people use paid services like spooftel or spoofer and the random dial numbers and random generate number to call from. No way to to it other than hunt down and nix the sites. FCC does that and another pops up a few minutes later.

frequently getting the person saying hi this is Dan we're on a recorded line we're calling about your house or some serious business with your house can you hear me? Trying to get a recorded yes out of me. a lot of VoIP toll fraud is done this way

I had a phone call at work when I answered with my usual greeting ending with my first name, the caller said my full name and I said "yes". Then he hung up. Does anyone know what might happen?

Would like to know too. My kid answered the phone and said yes.

Just got one that said it was responding to a job application i had put on one of their sites and asked if i could hear them. then said it was a recorded line and asked if i could hear them again. beware.

Is there proof or any experience of anyone after they accidentally say yes to the perky voices and before they became aware it was a scam? I have said yes in the past month over multiple calls and after blocking-I have new people calling me legit for business.

Welcome to technological advancement. Everyone wants the technology as long as its beneficial to them in their world. Yet upon the release of the great technology, it is accepted regardless of the amount of holes that are in it. You would think the ftc would think preventative prior to allowing release. Maybe instead of being mad at those that use the texhnology in negative ways, people should be suing the people that created or manufactured the technology or allow its use for leaving holes in it and easily used ways to manipulate and scam.
Humerously i must prove I am not a robot before posting, so why not simply make something that forces to prove its a human using the phone? Why not have codes that have to be used related to numbers where fake and cloned numbers would not work or the code would lead directly to a name for responsibility? Surely the government geniuses paid for by taxpayers can come up with better brainstorm ideas than an idiot like me can on anmoments notice. Another off the top of my head... Why not create an algorithym that involves the do not call numbers that just prevents anyone from calling that uses cline number apps, or is tagged as telemarketer. And how are apps allowed to exist that can clone numbers? Shouldnt such obvious deception be tagged as without legitimate use or ultimately used illegally or negatively be shut down and sued and whatever else by the ftc?
Sorry, I just dont get what do not call or the ftc reporting does anything more than store the complaints & numbers, warn of scams the public are subjected to after they have done damage, and continually allow more scam apps to be allowed. Does anyone even leave the office anymore?
But then again, if robo or auto respinse is allowed in legit business, what gives any of us the right to complain in illegit businesses. Most of the greatest intentions and inventions have brought the most negative uses, and some by government military entities. We may as well accept the fact that if something benefits the elite, the damge to the rest of the world matters not.
Have a great day and just say "no". When they ask if you are you, say no. Make em ask more, tell them your name is Fay Kname, the K is silent. Or Hugh Juhthinkiam, Juno Yurfullofit, or just say "no"
Alternatively, how do we know these scams are not callers from businesses that are selling subscriptions to protect your information? What better way to convince masses to by burglary protection than to have a few burglars hit the neighborhood first?

The Do Not Call List is a joke.

Just received one of these calls and now I'm concerned that I responded with the answer Yes I can and now don't know what I should expect? It looked like a local number but they sounded like they were Phillipino in descent.

I don’t believe this is a scam. I don’t know of a single business that keeps records of what my voice sounds like, so the scammer could just say yes using their own voice. My guess is the scammer wants to make sure they’re talking to a real person.

If I get a robo call and if he/she leaves a number, I write it down and key in the number on the internet. Research the number. A lot of these calls originate in CA. Someone pretending to be from the IRS called and left a message for me to call them back. I researched the number and called the sheriff's office. There ware no more calls like this one.

"Hello. This is Joe. I'm calling on a recorded line. Can you hear me?" I'm sick and tired of Joe! He uses a different number every time he calls. Uses a system that let's him use other people's numbers. He even used mine once. If I ever find him I'm suing for invasion of privacy!

I also got the "perky girl with the headset". I didn't realize it was fake until after our third date.

SPREAD THE WORD! - according to the work of behavioral scientist B F Skinner (done with white mice), telemarketing would disappear altogether if people stopped buying from telemarketers. It's called "extinction." If telemarketers remind you that you need to buy a rake, go out and buy a rake; even call or buy from the same company that called you, but do so without buying FROM the telemarketer. If nobody ever again made a purchase from a telemarketer, how long do you think it would take for the entire industry to disappear? Most likely 6-12 months, I would guess, commercial rents being what they are.

The problem is getting EVERYONE to stop buying from telemarketers. Even if you and I are not, enough other people are to make it a billion dollar industry that will hound us forever. Sales rates are well below one percent, but that still generates enough income to make the industry thrive.

The number shown on caller ID are spoofed. They are not where the spammer is calling from. They want you to say yes to get your recorded voice. They want you to acknowledge the call or call them back at a different number to show you have a 'prior business arrangement.
My new phone number is getting the 'employment specialist' at all hours of the day and night. The call ends after about 2 seconds so I never hear the scam.
These are not legitimate businesses, or I wouldn't get the calls because I'm on the DNC list.

I have over 100 blocked number on my call blocker. they just keep changing numbers... I am about to block area codes... that will stop em --not we should be able to charge them for our time..

racketeering and wire fraud come to mind.

So what recourse do I have if I end up making the mistake of saying yes?

Another version is the caller asks "Is (spouse name) available." I am ashamed to say I said "yes". Then the person hung up.

I said yes when asked if I was David , can they dub that in and say I agreed to donate ?

I run the phone and i jistegot that call. Didnt hear what they said the first time, so I said "Could you repeat that?" I then realised what it was.

At work got a call answered and the person replied I'm a hearing impaired translator, before we begin just want to make sure you can hear me, response "yes" then she hung up.

I was expecting a call from a number that I possibly would not recognize, so I answered the call.

They sounded like a real person and asked if I could hear them and because I was expecting a call from a possible unknown number, I said , “Yes” when they asked if I could hear them. Then the call abruptly ended. I am panicking now! I’ve heard horror stories about this… Am I in danger? what do I need to do?


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