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Government imposters want to get to know you

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The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the FTC want you to know about a scam in which callers posing as federal employees are trying to get or verify personal information. This is a government imposter scam.

Sometimes, the caller asks you to verify your name, and then just hangs up. Other times, he or she might ask for detailed information — like the last digits of your Social Security or bank account number. Imposters might say they need this information to help you or a family member. But their real reason is to steal from you or sell your information to other crooks.

Your caller ID might even read “HHS Tips” or “Federal Government” when they call. The phone number could have the “202” Washington, DC area code, the headquarters for many federal agencies. The phone number may even be for a real government agency. But don’t be fooled: Scammers know how to rig their caller IDs to show false information.

So how can you tell the caller is an imposter?

  • The federal government typically will contact you by U.S. Mail first, not by phone or email.
  • Federal agencies will not demand personal information like your Social Security Number or bank account number over the phone. Also, just because the caller knows details about you, doesn’t mean she is trustworthy.
  • The caller typically asks you to send money – often via wire transfer, by using a prepaid debit card, or maybe by sending you a fake check to cash. Federal agencies will not ask you to use any of these methods to send money for any reason.

…and what should you do?


Thank you for continuing to spread the warnings about these scams. Crooks are getting sneakier and smarter all the time. I wish there was a preventative measure in place which would definitely block callers from using false phone numbers on caller ID. There must be a way it could be done. Annonimity is the cause of all these scams. Without that ability the scammers would disappear.

I would like to know why I did not get a phone call ,when a ss person got my filing on ss, the took it and got a larger ss filing and gave it to some else, if I had not found it they would still be getting my money which I had filed for but did not get, but are still getting it. after $ years a scam Asked etc for help no help, I'm on file ,do not talk to any one

Well said - you have the right ideal for this problem.

this is the message I received from Facebook message. suppose to be from a friend referring me to this person. I have rried to contact my friend to ask if she sent rhis message to me.
his name is Daniel Glidewell and this is his message---
This is an empowerment program set up by the government to help the American communities and other countries around the world for the young ,old and retired . The money giving by the federal government it's not a loan, it's free money giving by the Federal government to help the American communities, We will need to confirm some information before we can deliver your winnings to you in your home, the winnings will be delivered to you as soon as the information required are duly filled. then he wants me to get a 500.00 Wal-Mart gift card and give him pin number and that will determine how much money I will receive. IN CASH BY MAIL.

Very informative. I will share scam alert.

New York. He said I had won a prize from Las Vegas, and that money was over 3 or 4 months ago, and many unscurpulous people was trying to steal it. So far, he has not asked me to send any monies in order to recieve my "funds." Although, since I am unable to drive, he wants me to give him a fax # to send me a message from the local FedEx office. I was scammed about 2 weeks ago with a similar action. If the Federal Reserve bank is holding 'my' funds in escrow until they reach me.. the right person! At this point I do not trust anyone.

I have had two calls stating they were with the IRS and the IRS legal team. Both told me there was a criminal lawsuit against me and that I was going to be arrested. The first used three phone numbers, one being local with my city's name. Both left messages that me or my attorney was to call back immediately or else. I returned the first call as I was unaware of this type scam and my husband said it sounded important. I hung up when I was told to go to Walmart and get a voucher. I did not return the call on the second scam. And my computer has been hacked. I believe I have a red flag against my name.

i received a call from someone who claimer they are from irs and i have back taxes and if nor paid tonight i will have there policy come to my house and take me to jail.

I am receiving calls from scam artist who claim my name has been pulled and i can receive a grant for 5000 dollars. they call using a Washington dc phone number calls are made all day with no massages left.

I received 2 phone calls today from 540-205-1713 saying they had my name ,never used my name, it was the IRS and they had an arrest warrant for me. I needed to call them back. Needless to say I did not call just reported to ftc.

It is troubling that you hear the IRS would not contact you by phone or email, but the 1040 asks for both to be provided, so does NY. They should stop asking.

No email, but yes, we will call if you have an issue such as a missing return, balance due, or need a payment plan.

The first contact is by snail mail. Once contact has been established, you can expect the person(s) listed in the letter to contact you by phone. It is when you receive a call from the blue that you should be suspicious.

Please note..I have had 3-5 scams run on me. I thank God for given me a felling inside that something is not right. I'm glad I did not give no info out, but they do know my address & phone number. I now have a blocker on it.They seem to be Indian, I traced the number once and it came from England.The last scam was a 9,000 dollor Grant from the government, by western Union, they wanted me to send them 250 to get the check. The one befor that was a check for $2,836.25 to be a mystery diners& shoppers.. That in there words.. I still have all the papers ,it looks legit but I made calls and found out nothing was real.When in doubt, check it out. Thats something everyone should remember. Thanx Robin

I got the same call about a Government Grant from two different guys on the same day. The second guy said for me to call back with the info he provided and disregard the the first contact... Talk about the scammer trying to scam the scammer

I got the same call and I did not call back. But they knew my name and asked my age.. can they steal any of my info by just having my name and age?

thank you for staying in contact, I did not get any money returned to me, I learned a lesson. I am Deaf so all my info is on line ,no phones. if they are ever found I would like to know. Thank You.

Elizibeth Warrens name was used on mine,free money , nothing is free, so late we learn to wise up. thanks .


Thank you this is very helpful

Thank you for keeping us updated and I hope this email Is legit sorry but today I don't know what is legit and not I do know about the little lock on safe sites but just a matter of time before they figure a way around that I have gotten numerous calls from 202 and I won't answer my home phone if it's important they will leave a message and thanks to the updates we are staying safe from hackers and scam artist

I paid a local computer repair company that I've done business w/before and who help me for a reasonable price. The man who owns it says you cannot fully trust a website even when it says "https" on it. Somehow hackers have found a way to get around that. Who knew? Plus, right now I don't have the $ to buy a new computer, so my computer has Microsoft XP on it; and our public library's computers have Microsoft Vista on them. Neither of those operating systems are supported by Microsoft anymore, so guess what? Big-time risk of being scammed or having ID theft. I live in an apt. complex for disabled/elderly (age 62 and over). These people get scammed regularly, no matter what the property mgr. puts in our monthly newsletter to try to alert others to the most recent scams going around. They often get scammed by mail, as well.

The IRS *will* contact you by phone, but never email. If you owe, if you write, they will call to see if they can resolve your issue more quickly than by mail. In order to verify they have reached the correct person and not give a stranger your personal information, they will ask to verify your SSN, address, birthdate. They will not demand funds or threaten with local law enforcement.
I should know; I've worked there for years and call all of the time.

I just got a call from a 347 NY area code telling me a case number and warrant number because they audited me? I have not received mail because they said I had to be home to sign (I work)then when I asked for supervisor I asked what my social security # was and he said it was black listed? First he said he was with Canadian agency and said sorry he made a mistake and had tu4ned to me now?? And he was with the tax and crime unit.plwaae tell me thi is a scam??

Stormy is a scammer! Don't listen to her reviews.

The IRS NEVER CALLS YOU! All information is sent through US Postal system! This person is a SCAMMER! HANG UP!!!

I ordered something online supposed to be free just PAY S & H Now they have gained access to my bank account I çalled my bank and had my card shut down but the very next day there was another transaction made they also had my savings account shut completely down because of a large sum of money they was trying to deposit to gain access to my checking too I just pray all these frauds are caught!!!

I learned the hard way over 5 years ago, that a "free" item that requires payment for shipping and handling is actually a devious marketing scheme to add people to marketing lists.

The free item is seldom worth much, and the fine print for putting you on a monthly supply of the free item is what the ad is really all about.

If you were using a credit card, I don't understand how the company could access your savings or checking account. Those numbers are not associated with your credit card number.

One way around that is to open a 2nd checking account and keep a VERY low balance in it - like only a dollar or two. When setting up the account, make sure to de-select automatic insufficient funds protection. Have the bank give you a debit card for the account.

Now, when dealing with an unknown or untrusted vendor online, first transfer the exact sales amount into the 2nd account, and give them the card number for that account. After they make the agreed-upon withdrawal, your balance will be back to a dollar or so, and any further attempts to make charges to the account will be denied due to insufficient funds.

I've had so many scams in the last few years that I don't know whether in conning or going, seems like 2 or 3a day, to the point I swear to God I'm losing it. There's bankruptcy, credit cards, lands 2, reverse mortgage. I'm in dire need of some help and an attorney but don't have a clue where to begin, I'm too the breaking point

If you want to find a lawyer, you can use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association or visit this site from the State Bar Associations.

Please don't answer I am off and I made my boyfriend call the Indian guy back and now we can't call the number it's gone. He threatened my boy friend that he was going jail I freaked out!! And he went off on them twice the guy didn't want to talk to my boyfriend because he said he was mean! Thank God I have a smart man becareful

Thanks information me,I am just alert

I have someone is calling me right now from California. They originally wanted to give me a loan of $2,000 to help me get a down payment on my car. With my credit for I didn't qualify so they want to deposit $2,000 into my account and want me to immediately return it. They are saying this will up my credit score because they will report it and say this loan was paid back in full. This is supposed to up my credit. I will qualify for a personal loan. He appears to be from Pakistan or somewhere like that. He says this will help me with my credit report so I can qualify for a loan of $2,000. I'm not comfortable with the transaction at all I would love to know if this is legitimate or not because I'm desperate need for a vehicle. My husband passed away last March the 2016 and I can't get a loan because we have to try to save his life and it demolish my credit. I've been trying to get grants government loans everything and no one will help me. So I don't know if they saw my desperation and somewhere on my email and are using this to hurt me even more or not. It sucks being in a situation like this when there's nobody to do anything for you to help you. I am on medical disability and I'm a Widow plus I'm a senior citizen. I don't know if they're true or not I just have not had ever an experience like this. I I don't want to be scammed again in this just smells like it and taste and feels like it in my spirit. The phone number he is using is+1 818-287-6231. Is there a way to verify this #?? They are saying it's a credit union in California.

This sounds very strange, and risky too.

If someone you don't know  wants to know your bank account number don't tell him. He might say he's going to give you money, but once you tell him your bank account number, he can take your money.

Also, some scammers use people (and their bank accounts) to move stolen money. The scammer convinces a person to accept a deposit, and then transfer the money quickly to someone else. If you get involved in a scam like that, you could lose money and personal information, and get into legal trouble.

The ElderCare Locator is a government-funded website. It has lists of local programs that offer help with finances, home repairs, housing, transportation and other topics for older adults. You can also do an online chat with a representative and ask about help in your area.

Don't deal w/these blood suckers! Scammers will pass on the name of someone who has already been victimized so that a fellow scammer, who pays for their personal information, can scam them again and again! I was in your position (except never married, so not a widow, and I have no kids). I turned to several sources in my community, first of all, my church. There is also a new organization that holds fundraisers so that they can loan amounts like you need to get a car w/o charging the person interest. Our church has what they call the Good Neighbor Fund. Nobody knows who got the $. The need is set before Pastor and the committee that decides if it's a legit need and whether or not to give the person the $. Some food shelves will allow you to get food and personal items (toilet paper, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) even though you don't meet the income requirements. This happens when people still have jobs, but their hours have been cut back so severely that they don't have enough $ to pay for necessities. And yes, they help widows. We also have a local Ministerial Association. Is there a community food bank or, as ours is called, a Mid-Iowa Community Action (MICA) office? Is there a younger person you can trust who could go online and set up a "Go Fund Me" page for you on the internet? People use this for medical needs, or when someone dies and they don't have the $ to bury them with; or other situations, like your situation. Even if you don't have a church, can you consult w/the pastor or the priest of a local church and see if they know anyone who can help you? Secondly - looks to me like that +1 phone number is an international number, not one from the United States!! Beware! You can always Google a phone number and ask as you Google, "Where is phone area code and phone number" (and then enter the number)from? But your call sounds like a scam to me!! Why would some credit union in CA need to call you to drum up business? My mom is 95 years old, and she gets some of this garbage, too. They fooled her over the phone into saying my dad is deceased (true), because they claimed they were arranging for a high school class reunion!! I said, "Mom, how many class reunions are usually held for people who would be 92 years old now?" They sent her these postcards twice in one week, so she responded because it seemed "urgent." I said, "Mom, once they know he's dead, they can take out loans, credit cards, and God knows what else in his name!" She is incapable of understanding how ID theft works; and we live 3 and 4 hours away from her, respectively. And she is in assisted living, to boot! But scammers call the residents to try to scam them all the time. Good luck w/your situation. I'll pray for you.

The "deposit" they make will turn out to be bogus and you will lose $2,000.

The key to this scam is speed. They'll insist you IMMEDIATELY send back the 'deposit' because any delay risks the bank discovering the fraud.

Ive been getting calls where i answer and no one says anything. Im about to start answering the phone and not saying helo at all..if it is a real person they will speak up. Dont answer any call that is unfamiliar if its important they will leave a message. Thank youguys for sharing your experiences and i hope more people report their experiences to help save others from the same frustration. Its truely disgusting for someone to take money from hardbworking people. These people get paid tremendously to lie and ruin lives. Identity theft is not something light, some people never recover from it. This just goes to show what happens when the government makes us all into a number.


I got two calls today. The last one said it was from Medicare. I didn't answer, of course. I know that they don't call and also it was after 5:00 pm. I feel very sorry for the people who get scammed. I wish there was something that could be done to stop it. I know FTC is doing all it can, but there are so many out there. New ones pop-up all the time. I will check the # that called me but I know it was just another scam. It should be illegal for people to put wrong #'s and names on their phones and to call people. It probably will get worse before it gets better.

Isn't it sad that we can't even answer our phones any more? Why is the DO NOT CALL list not working? I think because they are using internet based calls that are impossible to track. In the last year we have had about 5 scams including the IRS, Microsoft, a few "you've won" calls and my mom in law was even threatened if she didn't comply by getting info from Western Union. Phone companies are helpless as is law enforcement. We need to find a way to make that stop.

I wonder if a fake bank verification department can also be used for this kind of scam?

Better yet, give them the phone number of your local Police or Sheriff's office.

you put your numbers on the federal no call list but this doesn't stop the calls the FTC should sue the phone companys for giving these creaps phones since we have computers it has opened the door to thieves

I do not think I will report a scam again, you get more help from.give me a answer to this

Thank you so much for alerting me to these issues. .

I use the website
It uses a database that uses the contributions of all it's members. If I get a crank call, I enter the information in their database. Then, when any of the other members get a call from that number, it is blocked. I have been using it for a couple of years, and it works extremely well.

NoMoRobo has been doing a great job on my land line for the last couple years, but once in a while there is a spurt of of hang-up calls anyway.

I use caller-ID to call these numbers back and have found out they are usually businesses trying to legitimately trying to reach a customer that had my phone number in the past or they were accidentally given my phone number thru no fault of their own.

In each case, I have easily convinced the business to look up the account by phone number and remove it from their data base. My point here, is not all the multiple hang-up calls are total bad guys, although I think it would be better if the business would leave a short message saying they are trying to reach person A for X reason.

I have had several calls claiming to be IRS Agents. I know for a fact the IRS will reach you by mail. I had this to happen to me in 2010. I was audited and I was cotacted by mail not Phone.

I had a phone call "your income tax return is incloplete I can complete it for you if you send 28oo.oo dollars by 3 pm." I have not done my incomtax for this yer yet!!!!!

I have been getting calls from different numbers since 03/06/2017. These numbers include +199999988, (206)209-1664, (360)036-8544. They told me that I qualified for some federal grant due to low income and such things. I am a student and I knew that this was a scam as I have had similar experiences in the past where I knew something was fishy. I kept listening to them for a while just to see what is it that they want from me, but I decided not to waste my time and hung up. I reported it here. They sounded Chinese or some Southeast Asian accent. They say some American name and claim to be from the Federal Government. I told one that I know this is a scam and that person hung up. Another one called today and I told him that I know this is a scam and I going to go ahead and report you. He kept talking and saying how this is not a scam. People in these foreign countries think that in America money grows on trees and sadly, they usually target the most vulnerable. They don't know how hard people have to work here to keep going. It saddens me to know so many people become victims of these scams who are already going through so much. Please be careful. Never give your personal identifying informaiton or bank information to anyone.


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