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It’s National Consumer Protection Week 2017

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Welcome to National Consumer Protection Week 2017! March signals the start of Spring – a time of reassessment, growth and renewal that brings positive change. It’s also a good time to renew our commitment to helping people in our communities be savvy consumers.

Thanks to a vast network of agencies and organizations, both state and local, involved in NCPW, more people than ever have the tools they need to understand their consumer rights and navigate the marketplace. The result is empowered consumers – people who make better decisions about money, and who can spot, stop and report scams.

Our work to help people be informed consumers never stops. As the just-released 2016 Consumer Sentinel Data Book shows, imposter scams, debt collection and identity theft remain the top consumer complaints. Through, we encourage people to use our free consumer education materials to learn about scams and protect themselves year long. We also work with our NCPW partners to create new tools, like – a mobile-friendly financial readiness tool that helps servicemembers and their families stay mission-ready at home and abroad.

Stay involved and informed about consumer protection! Join us tomorrow for a NCPW Facebook Live chat. You also can tune in to an NCPW podcast with the Better Business Bureau, or drop by one of the two Twitter chats later this week where our Acting FTC Chairman, along with other FTC staff, will be on hand to take your questions.


Wells Fargo has recently violated federal laws and only pays financial penalties of less than 1% of their annual revenue. Contrast that to the average citizen who is accused of a crime and their typical penalty as a function of their average revenue stream. Recently largely unknown to the public Wells Fargo has violated their conciliation agreement with HUD and National Fair Housing Alliance as it relates to their REO property purchase program and guide that they post publicly on their website. Please enforce federal laws on the largest banks in our country at least as much and preferably to a greater extent than that which you would enforce upon small businesses and individuals, considering the larger responsibility and impact these institutions banking institutions have on the lives of all citizens and small businesses.

I agree with Concerned Consumer's comments. Please advise on when WFB and other large Financial Institutions we be prosecuted by the FTC.Please publish.

Hello just several months ago I had been contemplating early retirement by age since I have 31 years of government service. My retirement office set me up with Wells Fargo. Later I learned that Wells Fargo had opened up many fake accounts which now made me worry. I informed the agent that processed me and told her about it. She told me not to worry there is nothing that Guam Government workers are experiencing. I informed her that I learned this on You-Tube. Prior that I was under Great West. Even though it already happened what guarantee do I have now that my investments have not been compromised? Need advise.

Thank You

You could ask your human resources department for information about your employee benefits, and whether you have an option to change to a different bank if you want to.

i have tried on several occasions to get my free annual credit report from equifax credit but to no avail why is this? a consumer is entitled to one free credit report a year
from the 3 major credit reporting agencies but equifax seems to be the exception?
why? please may i get your help in this matter?

Get your free credit report at  For more information, please see Free Credit Reports.

I too could not get my credit report online but did get my written request honored via snail mail. Shocking what reports were false.


Still getting robocalls from the same credit card. I use it to wake me up in the morning. I never answer it, ever.
They put different #'s in every day, but it is the same robocall voice. I suppose that with spring coming it will get worse. They keep telling me that they have been monitoring my credit card and that I have excellent credit. I do, but why do they keep calling me. I just delete the message. What else can I do? Nothing, because I don't have a # to call back. I wouldn't do that anyway. I can't give a # to this site to complain because it isn't real.


To listen to the podcast with the BBB and FTC staff, click on the words Better Business Bureau in the 4th paragraph of the blog post. That will take you to a page where you can listen to the podcast.

How can I get a company named Advance Call keep calling us all hours of the day, about every 2 hours. I keep blocking their numbers but they musthave many of them 877.617.4177 is the one that calls us every 2 hours until 8 pm on a daily basis this month. So annoying as it is a robo call and they do not have a name of the individual they want to speak to...tbey want you to supply your name! How stupid do they think we are? Is there anything we can do to have them stop calling us?

This FTC article about blocking unwanted calls may have some tips you can use.

I been getting threaten and harassed everyday for over two year low demanding money and if I don't send it I I'm going to jail or I'm going to die I been told my uncle died and he left me a lot of money and I won the lotto

Have a consult with an attorney so you know your rights. If you live in CA, collectors can not harass you. Check with your Secretary of State. Also, this may be a hoax, since you won the Lottery. Be careful and get advise.

You have rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The Act prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from you.

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Dear Sir I thank you very much For consumer or consumer protection ฺBest Wishes Mr.Takaphan J 7/03/2017 Tell: xxxxxxxx

Please direct me on how I can confirm that roofers did what they were suppose to do.

You may want to contact your local consumer protection agency and ask about this. Or, you could contact the agency that licenses home repair businesses.

Please conduct an investigation on Tranont. This company is an MLM that offers a financial tool to help consumers get out of debt and/or fixed their debt. The associate will persuade individuals to buy index life insurance.

The company/agency offers a business opportunity. Individual that join the MLM, pays a mininum up front cost of $349, plus a $120 monthly payment for access to the financial tool. Payment structure is a matrix. It's so confusing and impossible to make money. Since most of those assoicates will be paying the monthly fees, the business is designed to fail. The individuals that will profit will be the up line and/or those who started the business. Please take a look into this matter before more people are harm.

To report a company to the FTC, go to You can give information that will go into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I have many times no response thank u for your response

I am aware of a custom product business in Las Vegas that has closed unexpectedly after taking money from over 40 customers where the business does not have the ability or intention of completing the order. They business owners have expressed that they are going to declare bankruptcy and not finish the work for these customers. What is our recourse?

You could talk with the city or county consumer protection agency or state Attorney General's office about your concerns.

I been struggling for way to long know. So this guy Martin Alex is telling me I qualified for A Grant. Even sent me the certificate that says something about A grant and lottery, So he keeps asking if I can it the 750.OO YET. To get my 50,000 I'm awarded. When will I have it. Im desperate but not stupid. Not that I have it anyway. Then he says, on messenger at that, can't you borrow it from the bank. Really??? Martin Alex. If for some reason it's for real I will never know.

How can I access marketing "gimmicks" my bank/Mortgage lender promised to us when we obtained a home mortgage from 3/2003? I remember our bank promising 1% APR discount if we paid our (same bank) mortgage with our (same bank) checking acct. AUTO PAY discount was not written into our Loan Settlement. Bank was "acquired" by another bank the next year in 2004 as "XX bank, National" then changed to "XX Bank" in 2009. Our mortgage was Freddie Mac and never sold in this bank change, if that helps. I am determined to uncover what the bank promised to us vs. what the bank delivered to us before our Mortgage Loan is PAID OFF.

You can look for documents that show your bank agreed to the discount arrangement. Do you have paperwork saved from when you took the mortgage?

try a company using the name anna123...looks like a dangerous group many many pages of documents..

I believe that we have been taking advantage of by a person who signed us up for the "HERO PROGRAM". This program was designed to possibly eliminate a person's (Electric Bill) by getting the home owner to qualify for, Solar panels, Dual Payne Windows, Attic Insulation and also for artificial turf to be installed. Well apparently this person added almost $28,000. to our mortgage and now we have to come up with thousands to be added to our property taxes which we were not given that information and also our house payment will be going up another $900. for an entire year. How can someone expect to come up with that kind of mortgage payment. Also, they installed artificial turf in our backyard but was never completed. It absolutely looks horrible. Not only did this person not finish the job but took over $6,000. that belonged to us. He forged my signature on a check that was meant for us. What can we do? Please help. We have been scammed. Now the solar panels that were installed are only 10, which is not enough for the size of our home, we should've had at least 10-more installed. We do not want to lose our home.

You should have some paperwork that shows what you were promised in the HERO program, how much you were supposed to be charged, and what you actually got.

You should also have documents that show how your mortage changed. You could collect your documents contact the your State Attorney General's Office, or contact a legal aid lawyer to see if you are eligible for help, or file a complaint about this with the FTC at

If someone forged your name on a check, you could report that to the police.

I'm disabled with PTSD related to aggravated stalking and harrassment. My mortgage was modified in 2010 by citimortgage. I have all my mortgage papers. I'm unable to every justify the math of what my principal is now vompared to what the documents say it should be, ie citimortgage statements show that I owe more; in Dec 2016, I was sent an end of yr statement which includes my principal. I was sent another letter in Feb 2017, (and not a letter of correction) stating that my principal, ie how much I owe on my home, is even more than the Dec '16 statement, (with no missed or late payments since modification 7 yrs ago. Another concern that I have is that when Citimortgage granted the lian modification, the man in the mitigation dept required a lump sum of money exceeding $15K be wired via Western Union. I do not know who to go to for help to review my circumstances. I was referred to Fl Rural Legal Services, was screened for eligibility & approved, then the atty wouldn't make an appt to see me as "I wasn't in jeopardy of losing my home", which is also false. Any advice?

I checked the CitiMortgage website and found this information.

For servicing your existing mortgage
account with Citi:

Call Customer Service at 1-800-283-7918

You might want to call and ask the representative to help you understand the status of your account.

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